Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway…Can You Do It?

Since Dirk and I  started to listen to our hearts, and NOT to our fears,

our total game plan changed, our lives and that of our children.

Now we’re also surrounded with a n army of entrepreneurs who

are also driven by passion and true desire in staid of what people are telling them what’s good or bad in life.


People have a voice and a will to use it right? Let’s use it?


Make it your time, you have the right, you can get your foot

of the break. And set your passion free!





Have a great day 🙂 


For your inspiration……


Live heart centered!


~Dirk & Muriël


Can You Really Succeed with “Keep it Simple Quotes” ?

Hell yes you can succeed with it!

If you are in a process that you set a huge goal
and you are learning new things,
there will be lot’s of moments that you will get
some kind of mental setback…..

It’s normal,
but you need to look for things that keeps you going.
Giving up will NOT help you to go for your goals,
although the evil voices in your head are telling you to give up.

So what can you do in times of mental setback ??

Well, what about

  • Reading inspirational quotes
  • Watch motivational video’s
  • Talk to people who will listen
    and help you to reset your powers.

This is our message to you 🙂 LOVE to inspire you!!

And we like to present you
a few of our favorite

Keep It Simple Quotes
to help you organizing your mind,
that’s perhaps
complicating things right now.
Here you go

Keep it simple 2


keep it simple 3


keep it simple 4


Keep it simple 5





Keep it simple8


Keep it simple 7

We hope you can benefit from this content?

Let us know what you think of it ………

Thanks !

~ Dirk & Muriël

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Can You Really Succeed With Believe in Yourself?

Of course,
yes you can.

Eric Thomas is one of my favorite motivators!
Need motivation to lift your believe system?
Watch his video here.

So………………..it really helps to watch things
like this when you are losing your energy.

It helped Dirk and I to achieve the unthinkable.
We did it 7 years ago
and now again we will accomplish our new goals!
But that story I will share with you in another blogpost,
or read it here


Love to go to kids movies with our kiddo’s,
because they often have theme’s like
the title of this blogpost.

Unfortunately we often forget to believe
in ourselves as grownups.

Grownups are more scared than kids.

So let my blogpost boost your mindset 🙂
And believe in what you want to achieve in life
Go for it, whatever it takes!

And do share this blogpost
on your social media if you like it,

inspire others!

Talk soon,

~ Muriël