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Leslie Calvin “Les” Brown is a motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former television host, and former politician. As a politician, he is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives.



His motivational audio’s has helped us a lot to move forward,
even when we hit bankruptcy for ALMOST surrender to losing.

Now we can look back…. from a completely different angle,
to that situation of dreaming about  solution, about paying off
debt, building up a life again, a life our 2 kids deserve, a future
were our dreams manifest as reality…. A life that we
deserve, that we managed to create by our design.

We pay forward what worked for us to climb out
that deep dark hole and celebrate success to the fullest.
And it’s our mission to help other people!

If you think that you can’t do it…
That changing your situation is impossible….
That your problems are too complicated,
that you’re not good enough,
strong enough,
smart enough


We believe that you can escape your stuck situation.

Start listening to personal development like Less to start

To inspire you,

You Live Today,
use your time well.

We followed a specific plan…
Get informed as best as you can.
& See if it works for you too?

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Top 5 Best Motivational Videos of Mateusz M

Top 5 best motivational videos of Mateusz M


Number 1

This motivational video of Mateusz M is about having a vision. Always think in the future, as if you are already there. Did you know that your brain can’t “see” the difference between reality and fiction?

So, act as if you are already there.


Number 2

This motivational video of Mateusz M is about your dreams.

Most people have a family, make a living an then die. They stop growing, they stop working on themselves, they stop stretching and pushing themselves to the limits.

And a lot of people like to complain, but at the same time they don’t anything about it.

Most people don’t work on there dreams. Why?

One reason is fear. The fear of failure. “What if thinks don’t work out?”

Or the fear of success! “What if I succeed, but I can’t handle it?”

But be honest…What could actually happen?


Number 3

This motivational video of Mateusz M is about why we fall.

Without failure there is no progress.

Keep falling forward!


Number 4

This motivational video of Mateusz M is about that you be who you are supposed to be!

Just because you failed, doesn’t mean that you are a failure!


Number 5

This motivational video of Mateusz M is about the road to success.

There are many people who have taken the same road, but a lot of them gave up before they reached there dreams.

You will see a lot of carcasses on your road to success. Don’t get demotivated! See your goal, stick to your vision.

GO after your dreams!

We believe in you! 🙂