Lesson I Learned From Lucy, The Movie

Do you use all of your brain?

I watched the movie the other day and since that time I’m wondering, how would life be if we could only increase brain-use with 25%!


I finished my education a long time ago. After graduating it never occurred to me to pick up a book. A study book.
No, I started working, because that was what you are supposed to do when you finished your study.

Up until the point that I got stuck in life. Mostly work wise. I was working harder every year, but my income didn’t go up.
Then the moment came that I didn’t wanted to live my life like this anymore.

I started to re- educate myself, so I could tap into other opportunity’s to make money online.

In this great movie, witch I can really recommend to you to watch, Lucy accidentally gets an overdoses of a certain drug. As a side effect her brain-use capacity increases quickly.
Every time that that happens, she has new powers. She can move things, she can hear other peoples thoughts etc etc.
She is in total control!

Imagine if there were no restrictions on what you can do with your brain and therefor what you can do.

Oké, the movie is fiction, but Napoleon Hill said “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve!”

It’s all between our ears….So if you feed your brain with the “right stuff” You will get the “right results”
2 years ago, when I figured out that things had to change. I wanted to learn how I could make money while working in a smarter way. a way that works today and not 10 years ago.
So I search the internet and came across a system that was about blogging.
Trainings about how to create traffic, capturing leads and making sales.

It wasn’t a hype, but it changed my life and it inspires me everyday. I never felled more alive.

Today I make money with this blog.
I f you want to learn more, click the link below and discover the system I use.

Getting Tons of Leads, But no Sales….Now What?

Finally you figured out how to get those leads.

You followed training after training “how to get leads”

You did paid traffic and also concentrated on free traffic.

Leads are coming in every day.

But still no sales…Why

The way I see it is that there are two stages in making money online.

The first one is you learn how to drive a ton of traffic to your website and get targeted leads

She second one is to learn how to convert those leads into sales and therefor into cash.

You probably heard of the phrase “money is in the list”,

well although I believe that is to be true it strongly depends on how that list is build.

One question that people often ask us is

I’ve grown my list to 500-1000 leads but I can’t get them to buy anything.
What am I missing?
Why am I not getting the sales?

And it is a great question.

It takes me back to when we got started online, we didn’t had a clue where to begin and what to do.

But over time we learned that it is so important if not crucial to know your customer avatar, your perfect customer.

You have create and set up your campaigns in a way that they attract the “right” kind of people

People who are actually interested in what you have to offer.



You are in a hot and dry dessert and you are lost.
You are almost dying of thirst.
And then….Dirk and Muriël show up…Riding our camels and carrying bottles of water.
“How much are you willing to you pay for a bottle of water?” would we ask

And you say “everything and anything I have”

Although we are not that harsh and would absolutely give you the water for free, you get the point don’t you?


People will never give you everything they have for pleasure, but
anyone will if the pain is great enough.

So, when you are placing your Facebook ads or any ads at all, think of to whom you are marketing to.

And also, when you are building your landing pages, ask yourself the following question

Who is my customer avatar and what are their darkest pains and how can I use those pains to attract THEM.

And by THEM I mean those people in the middle of the dessert, dying of thirst. THEM who are more then willing to buy….THE BUYERS.

It can be as simple as that.

Just make that little adjustment in you marketing and you will see different result.

Instead of you attracting time wasting wannabees and freebie seekers,
Suddenly you are talking to an audience that is actually interested in what you have to offer.
Why? Because now you are speaking the language of a hyper responsive buyer.

The one dying of thirst, willing to do anything for a drink, for a change.

And when you get the hyper responsive buyers on your list, instead of the same peoplewho are on everybody elses list, that’s the moment you start creating true leverage for yourself.


So if you are creating your landing page: If I may give you a tip…

A simple, but proven to work format that you can use.

Point out the pain and offer them the gain. The benefit, the solution for their problem.

Every landing pages starts with catching headline , a lead magnet

“How To Get (DESIRE) Without (PAIN)”

Take in mind that you are not to literal. Instead think of

The trick is, don’t be literal. Instead, think to real life facts that they attach their strongest emotions to.

“How To Recruit Without Picking Up The Phone”

For somebody how is in the MLM business and is not succeeding, because he or she has to be on the phone all day.


They have to call people all day, people who are not even interested, so they get rejected every time. And no matter how strong a person is, if you get rejected time after time…that hurts.

And now you come along and have a solution for them.

Your product can teach them how to recruit people without picking up the phone.

So think carefully about who you are marketing to.

Make those changes, and know that this is probably the ONLY thing between you and your profits!

And if you are not sure how to apply this in your business. ask yourself:

Do I have the skill set in order to succeed online?

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How To Write a Sales Letter and Finally Do Make Money Online

Many times we talked about how important it is to have your home on the Internet right?

And today I would like to come back on subject ones more.

But the focus will be more on;


1) the two reasons why you have a blog.


And if you do not have a blog, get your “ready to go” blog here.


2) how to write your content if you use your blog to sell.


Why do you have a website / blog


 You can have a website for two reasons.

To provide your audience with

To promote and sell your product.

If you just want to provide your audience with valuable information about a certain subject. Without the meaning of selling it.

Like your hobby or travel tips.

Then you don’t have to persuade anyone and your readers will comeback to read more if you update your content often.

But if you want to promote and sell your products or services, but you don’t have tons of sales.

Well, in that case, this article might just be for you!

Read it carefully and bookmark this page, so you can get back to it and use it as a guide line.


How to sell using the right words

Your words can either make a sale or brake it….

You remember that time when suddenly you figured out that you where sold a program or some item?

You were not planning to buy it, but somehow it crossed your path and after reading the email or after talking to this salesperson, you bought.

And you are happy with it and it is totally justified.

Selling is not some mysterious process that happens in small alleys or some extraordinary gift you have to be born with.


Like almost any other skill, selling is an art that can be learned.


At its basics, its core, selling is really just finding out what people want and than providing them with a way to get it.

You solve their problems

And the way to do that is to take the buyer through a certain logical order before they will buy.


Every sale is build up by these five basic steps.

1) Attention(1) 

A prospect needs to go through five distinct steps in order to get him to say yes 


Tip: Book mark this post or write these steps on an index card and use them as a checklist each time you make a presentation or send out a sales letter.

  • Attention – If you do not grab your prospects attention in the first 3 seconds you will be likely to lose a customer for good. Without your prospect’s full attention, you can’t proceed.
    Make sure that people pay attention to your selling message and not to your cool graphics. Powerful words will do the selling.
  • Engagement – Once you have their attention, get them engaged. One thing you could do is to ask them to fill out a survey.
    Have them do something.
    Ask them to sign up for your newsletter
    If you can get them to take this step. You definitely are heading in the right direction.
  • Conviction – A person needs to be convinced before they deside to buy. You have to make sure that in your email or in your blog post the words include the facts they need to make a logical decision.
    People buy on emotional impulse but only if they can defend their purchase with logic. (especially to their spouse!)
  • Desire – THEY MUST WANT IT!
    This is where the art of selling comes around.
    Use strong emotional ‘hooks’ for people to relate to.
    You should tell them exactly what’s in it for them.
    Don’t forget that people are usually motivated by the promise of
    gain (What’s the benefit) or the fear of loss (for example: act
    now before the price goes up). As I said before people will buy on an emotional impulse. They
    need to be able to defend their purchase with logic. But the biggest reason people buy is because WANT to buy.
  • Close – If you did well on your job in the four preceding points, closing (making that sale) is a matter of getting the details together.
    But, take in mind that it is in this step that also many sales are lost.
    Telling them exactly what to do next and keep them laser focused on doing that one thing.
    That is the key to closing the sale.
    Don’t include links to other products or programs on your order page.
    Keep them focused on taking out that credit card and buying now.
    Make it simple and easy to do.

Now that you have finished the first part of this blog post take a closer look at your website, selling letters or ad copy to see if they take your potential buyer through these five steps.

If not…..Well you now know what to do right?

Take the necessary steps to make your copy stronger and see if there is any change in the results.


Go through this fine tuning process at least a few times and will have a blog that will consistently makes sales


Remember: No matter what you sell, the prospect must complete these steps before they will buy.
The fact that they visit your site at all indicates interest.
Take them by the hand and gently guide them through the other four steps and success will be yours!


Now that we discussed these five basic steps and you have written them down.

Let’s talk about:

how to make more sales.


Did you ever get these emails that when you opened them, you lost track and concentration?
The subject line was interesting, but when you opened the email, it all became blur.

 There is a good change that this will happen too with your emails or blog posts and that is something you don’t want.


There is a simple formula to resolve this.


The Sixty Second Summary Formula

This simple formula helps you to create a sixty second summary page for your readers

A well known problem is that:

_ People don't have time to read long

So, what can you do? How can you solve that problem when you write a sales letter.


Do you have any idea?


Of course.

You solve it with the sixty second summary formula!

After all, everyone has one minute to spare…..


Sorry, that is not fair, but if you think of it, it’s so simple!


Oké, let’s get to work: How to write a sales letter.


1) You have to make a list of all the benefits of your offer

We are talking about the benefits here and not the features. This is a very important difference.

A feature is something your product does, a benefit is something it does for me.
Here’s an example.

Feature: Ipas2:  iPAS stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration System. It is a fully automated system.

Benefit: Ipas2 is a shortcut online and helps you to make money online so you can spend time with your loved ones and do the thinks that makes your hart tick faster.


See the difference?

People couldn’t care less about where the word Ipas2 stands for. But the make money online part and the freedom is what they like and want.



List all of the benefits you can.



2) Create a bullet point list

These benefits should be very clear, don’t hide them inside fancy words.

I mean you have to keep in mind that the fact that somebody just might want to read your 60 second summary page, it may indicate that they are in a hurry.


So, be clear and give them just the facts.


People love lists. Not that we are lazy, but a list made by somebody else is the best.
Simply list the benefits you created above in descending order, from the most powerful to the least important.
Every one of the benefits you list will have impact to someone, but do remember to start with the strongest benefit you can offer.


3) Test the page.

Before you send it out in to the world, make time to read your page.
Listen, they are your words so most likely you’ll read through them in no time, probably a lot faster than the sixty seconds. 

 Ask a friend to read the page, and time it.

You said a sixty second summary, so you want to keep your promise.

When, after timing your page seems to long, either shorten each bullet point or remove some until the page is short and concise.


4) Include a clear call to action.

The reason why you are creating this page is because you are selling to people who are in a hurry.
So you can imagine that you don’t want to send them back to the main page and have them go through everything in order to click a buy or join page.

Always include the call to action at the bottom of the list.

You could safely point out your main benefit here again, but please, nothing else. You want people to take action here and not get distracted.


Whether you send them directly to a payment link, or to an order page that recaps the offer, has proven to be an unimportant point.


5) Add A Link To Your Sales Letter.

Oké…… it’s time for the next step. You have to modify your original sales letter and let people know you offer a 60 second summary.

At the top of your letter is what I think the best place to that.
Remember, people are in a hurry. So they probably scan the document. They will see that link first and they are most likely to hit that first.

So creating a long sales letter is useful and smart. Why you ask?

Well a long letter gives the reader enough time to feel comfortable and it gives you the change to tell the whole story.


On the other hand, using a short copy is smart, because online people are in a hurry and more then often long sales letters are to long for them


But now you created a situation where nobody has to choose.

You give them an option!


The whole letter or the summary.


And that’s what we want….We want it all! J


It all comes to this: selling is simple

People buy what they want

The most important thing for marketeers and business people like you and me is to make sure to tell our prospects why they should want what we have.

In other words…benefits!

Understanding the difference between a feature and a benefit is vital, and easy.

 A feature is what your product does

 A benefit is what is does for me

The next thing we are going to look at is how to tell your prospects about the benefits they will get from your product.

It is crucial to understand that buying decisions are made based on emotion and then supported with logic. Remember when we talked about that? People most be able to defend the reason they bought

For your site to sell well, you need to present your visitors quickly with the reasons why they should buy from you.

These reasons are the benefits your customers will enjoy by owning your product or service.

Most of you can quickly tell any prospect what our product does, but many of us forget to tell what is in it for them.

How will it make their lives better?


Internet shoppers want to either save money or make money.

Those are the top two motivations of people who buy online.

And remembering that, be sure your site tells your audience exactly how you will help them do either of these two things.


Does your product save time_  Time is

How to translate your product or service’s features into benefits

After all, everybody wants to know what’s in it for them. 😉

This quick overview that will help you translate features into benefits

 •_List the key features of your product


What you now have created is a feature, advantage, and benefit list.

Again…Bookmark this page and use the lists when you are writing your sales copies.

Your prospect will now understand you because you speak the same language now, the language of saving or making money.



 Now that we come at the end let’s go over what we talked about.


  • Why we have a blog or website
  • How we can sell using the right words
  • We went over the 5 steps in order for some one to say yes
  • The difference between features and benefits
  • The sixty second summary formula.


So, now ask yourself…Why are you on the internet?


To save money or to make money?


I think we both know that you are here because you want to make money online. Right?


Maybe you are trying things out, but you are not there yet and you want more, right?


If I would show you the way we make money online, you would be interested, right?


Because you want to learn more about making money online, you want that 6 figure income success, right?


So check out this interview.


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7 unbelievable cool tips for creating a sales video that does sell


You are into internet marketing and you promote affiliate products. The company will probably provide you the landings pages and sales videos you need to get started.

But there are thousands of other enthusiastic marketeers like you, right?
Most likely they are promoting the same landings pages and use the same sales video.

You might want to ask yourself ” if I promote these tools, do I than stand out o they crowed?” I don’t think so.

And keeping in mind that people buy from people who they know, like and trust, it s wiser to make sure that you stand out of that crowed.

How can you stand out of the crowed

For one: you should have an awesome, custome made landings page.
Another word for landings page is squeeze page, capture page or opt in page. It is a web page where people can leave their email address in exchange for what your are offering.

Another very important tool you should have is your sales video. Or better said your own bridge video. This is the video that will comfortably transport people to the sales video of the company.

Most often if you promote other peoples products, they have a great sales video. Look at this sales video example

Ask yourself the following:

How to create a great sales video that sells in a way that’s TRUE and AUTHENTIC to yourself?

This morning I was on my Facebook and I ran into a great post from David Sharp. He is the the former co-founfer of the Empower Network.

I want to share this post with you, because it helped me a lot in my business and not only in a way I look at a sales video now, but also in a way I shoot a video myself.

David Sharp:

I was about to shoot a sales video yesterday and I thought…”Let me just share with people exactly how I prepare to shoot a sales video!”

SO many entrepreneurs have a hard time getting out of their own way in order to produce a quality product, let alone sell that product.

Because we think our sales video has to be perfect, and unless we follow the exact formula from “the latest and greatest sales book”, it will bomb. We think it needs to appeal to everyone, and that everyone needs to “like it” so we feel validated and accepted. We catch, what I call “the disease to please.” When we do this, the authenticity of our TRUE message gets lost and our purpose becomes muddled.

Your voice, your message, the reason why you’re an entrepreneur and how you can impact the life of your customer – THAT’S what matters. With some gentle structuring, it’s easy to make that happen.

Here is the structure I use (in some variation or another) in videos, letters and public speeches. It really helps me forget about “rules” and communicate a message from my heart…and it’s always turned out to be amazingly successful.

ONE: Get their attention. With a joke, something they wouldn’t expect you to say or do, or by jumping into a story. At the beginning of a talk, video or letter there’s no need to qualify what you’reabout to do or overstate what you’re about to tell them.

TWO: Simply tell them what you have. This lowers the awkwardness and pressure of you “dropping” your pitch on them at the end. You’re immediately building trust by letting them know there won’t be any surprises here. They’re safe with you.

THREE: Tell a story that relates to a difficult experience they may have had and ties in well with what you’re talking about. Here’s the most important part about your story: speak to their actual, daily reality. Not your “high level” view of things. Be specific. What people want most is to feel heard, seen and understood. If you can illustrate to them that you understand them and what they’re going through by sharing a story that they can identify with, your message will be 10x more impactful.

FOUR: Educate them.

But first, I need to say this to you: stop devaluing your knowledge and experience. Many of you will say, “But Dave, I don’t have anything to teach.” Stop that. Yes you do. And you need to start giving your experiences, your struggles and your knowledge the value that it deserves.

With that out of the way – here’s the golden rule: Leave them better off than you found them. The way I look at it is if someone doesn’t buy or convert into my program or product, I want them to walk away with something they can use immediately in their life and business. Obviously, your education should relate to what it is you’re offering.

Here’s another golden rule: If you’re wondering what you should teach, go inside what you’re selling and take the best or one of the best things that you’re selling and give it away for free. Don’t worry about your customer saying “Well, I already got what I came here for, now I don’t need to buy.” Most people won’t do that. Demonstrate your value by helping them up front – before you ever ask for the sale.

FIVE: Tell them again what you’ve got and what they will get when they invest.

SIX: Address objections that are floating around in their head. The best way to handle this part is to be authentic. Don’t try to be slick. This is where reading too many sales books get people in trouble. Get the hell out of your head and get into your heart – and remember that the person you’re talking to is a human being with a family, aspirations and legitimate concerns just like you.

They may have a spouse that doesn’t see the value in what they’re doing – yet. They may realistically be in financial turmoil because of bad decision-making on their part, or a health issue, or a death in the family. They may have kids screaming in their ears if they work from home, or they may be feeling extremely guilty because they’re spending so much time working and home life and personal relationships are suffering because of it. They may have just gotten divorced and are feeling drained and hopeless and scared about starting something new only to find out later it isn’t working out just like their relationship.

Be compassionate.

Handle their concerns and questions the same way you’d like someone to handle your concerns. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you be asking? Then answer them up front before they have to ask.

FINALLY: Tell them what to do next and ask them to move forward with signing up or purchasing your product. And do it with conviction. If YOU don’t believe in what you’re doing why should they?

The hardest part about influencing anyone to do anything is getting past the stories they’ve created in their own mind. Here’s an example of a story: “All sales people are sleazy.” Most cultures have ways they “hypnotize” people into believing things. A traumatic and devastating example is how Hitler convinced people that anyone who wasn’t blond haired and blue eyed should be killed. Some people grow up in homes where being ambitious and having big goals and dreams is looked down upon – so they have anxiety about being an entrepreneur and investing in their own personal growth.

If you are someone who has a product or service that can make a positive impact and it’s your job to break through these barriers so your customer can see that.

What’s the takeaway?

When you keep your structure loose and your message strong, authentic, and convicted – you’re unstoppable.

It’s YOUR time, my friend.


Don’t you just love these tips?! Do you think the will help you to be better in shooting a sales video?

I know for sure that if you implement these tips, your business will skyrocket and you will be able to shoot sexy and compelling videos.


 Hé, by the way, did you know that we make money with this blog? We never thought it could be possible but it is actually very easy.

Check out this tv show and see what they have to say about making money online with your blog.

57 Famous Alibis Why People Do Not succeed making money online

Procrastination, your biggest enemy.


static.squarespace.comYou know that feeling, that feeling of when you know that you have to do something, but you are not doing it.
It looks like your whole body is resisting.
For the last couple of days, I have been reading “Think and Grow rich” from Napoleon Hill, witch by the way I highly recommend to read.
He talks about the power of thoughts and that the one thing you have control of in your life are your those thoughts.
Don’t you find it a tricky thing, your thoughts?
Before I started reading all the personal development books it never occurred to me that you actually  are able to influence to own thoughts.
Did you know that your mind can’t see the difference between what is real and what’s not? That is why it is so important when you want something in live you have to visualize the outcome of your goals every day and you’ll see that you will start to believe. But more important that you’ll be able to see the opportunity’s that are leading towards your goal.
I tried it with this simple exercise. I felt a little bit sad last week, I don’t know why, just for no reason.  But in order for to get things done, it is a lot easier if you are in a happy state of mind, right?
So what I did was looking into a mirror and I started to laugh! And I kept doing that for as long as it was necessary for me to be feeling happy again 🙂
I tricked my mind. I was sad for no reason and after the laughing session I felt happy as one can be. You should try this, it’s really fun.

So if this possible, what else is?

As I announce in the tittle of this article, we would talk about reasons why people do not succeed.
This can be in their personal life.
This can by in their business.
This can be in all parts of your life.
The reason why people do not succeed is because the allow their thoughts to influence them.  It’s a matter of
“do your thoughts control you or do you control your thoughts?”
One thing that all people who do not succeed have in common. They all know the reasons why they did NOT succeed. They know all the reasons for their failure and come with all these alibi’s for why they didn’t.
In this book of Think and Grow rich, there is a list of 57 excuses/reasons that people use for when they didn’t do something and keep procrastinating.
I read them all and so many of them I recognize. I hear other people use them so often.
Not that I’m perfect….but if you look closely to all these alibi’s you will notice that they are all “outside” excuses. They don’t have anything to do with the person itself.
It’s always because of some one or something else.
The fact that you are reading my blog makes you different. You search online for ways to escape these  alibi’s.
And if not…It’s never to late
You know, mind control is not easy. It’s the result of a lot of self-discipline and it must become a habit. And as I said before you either control your mind or it controls you.
There is nothing in between. You can’t say that you have only half control over you own thoughts!

How do we control the mind

If you have ever practiced meditation ( I practice Vipassana meditiation, your can read here how that changed my live and helped my on my journey towards success) you know how your mind keeps playing tricks with you.
With Vipassanna meditation you close your eye’s and focus on your breathing and the sensations on your body. Your only task is to observe. But somehow your mind keeps wandering of and you have to force your mind to go back and focus ones more.
This will repeat itself again and again.
So, the most practical of all the methods you can think of is the habit of keeping your mind busy with a definite purpose which is back by a definite plan.

According to Napoleon Hill:

“Study the record of any man who achieves noteworthy success, and you will observe that he has control over his own mind, moreover, that he exercises that control and directs it toward the attainment of definite objectives. Without this control, success is not possible”
The following list of famous alibis comes straight out the the book “Think and Grow Rich” from mister Hill.
These are the reasons or alibis people use to justify themselves towards others but most certain also towards themselves.
Do you recognize them? did you hear others, or maybe even yourself say them?
I know I have.
But I have to say to from early age on I came to the conclusion that you are responsible for your own actions and therefor also for your own thoughts.
IF I didn’t have a wife and family . . .
IF I had enough “pull” . . .
IF I had money . . .
IF I had a good education . . .
IF I could get a job . . .
IF I had good health . . .
IF I only had time . . .
IF times were better . . .
IF other people understood me . . .
IF conditions around me were only different . . .
IF I could live my life over again . . .
IF I did not fear what “THEY” would say . . .
IF I had been given a chance . . .
IF I now had a chance . . .
IF other people didn’t “have it in for me” . . .
IF nothing happens to stop me . . .
IF I were only younger . . .
IF I could only do what I want . . .
IF I had been born rich . . .
IF I could meet “the right people” . . .
IF I had the talent that some people have . . .
IF I dared assert myself . . .
IF I only had embraced past opportunities . . .
IF people didn’t get on my nerves . . .
IF I didn’t have to keep house and look after the children . . .
IF I could save some money . . .
IF the boss only appreciated me . . .
IF I only had somebody to help me . . .
IF my family understood me . . .
IF I lived in a big city . . .
IF I could just get started . . .
IF I were only free . . .
IF I had the personality of some people . . .
IF I were not so fat . . .
IF my talents were known . . .
IF I could just get a “break” . . .
IF I could only get out of debt . . .
IF I hadn’t failed . . .
IF I only knew how . . .
IF everybody didn’t oppose me . . .
IF I didn’t have so many worries . . .
IF I could marry the right person . . .
IF people weren’t so dumb . . .
IF my family were not so extravagant . . .
IF I were sure of myself . . .
IF luck were not against me . . .
IF I had not been born under the wrong star . . .
IF it were not true that “what is to be will be” . . .
IF I did not have to work so hard . . .
IF I hadn’t lost my money . . .
IF I lived in a different neighborhood . . .
IF I didn’t have a “past” . . .
IF I only had a business of my own . . .
IF other people would only listen to me . . .
IF – and this is the greatest of them all – I had the courage to see myself as I really
am, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a
chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of others, for I know that there is something WRONG with me, or I would now be where
I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I had spent more time analyzing my weaknesses, and
less time building alibis to cover them.
Have heard people say them out loud? I know I have.
Look, success is something different for everybody, but in the western world ( and everywhere else) success is measured in terms of money.
On of mans biggest fear is the fear of poverty. Not being able to provide for yourself and your loved ones. We are all in pursuit of money, because we know that it will bring happiness.
And maybe the people who do not pursuit money and live a hippie lifestyle soon figure out that all the healthy and biologic food is way to expensive for them so in order to maintain that lifestyle the need to make more  money.

Why using these alibis

If you think of it….The reason why people are using these alibis is because they are not happy with where they are now.
But in the same time they are comfortable.
And that is your biggest success killer 🙂
Your not happy, but it is oké….
Sometimes drastic things need to happen first before people get out of their comfort zone.
It like you have being forced out of your comfort zone.
The reason why I started to think differently and to start to get into the habit of controlling my mind, was when I hit bankruptcy in 2013.
I made a very bad decision business wise. I owned a restaurant and I thought it was a very good idea to buy another one.
Why? because I thought back then that if I worked harder I would get rich.
Now I think, how dumb can you be right.
There weren’t enough hours in a week and it was a bit to much, so to say.
Within 7 months the business was bankrupt. To make a long story short (read the longer story here) the other restaurant was saved in the end by 2 investors. But I was broke, financially back five years before.
I even went to social services!
I started to think….I always have been in the situation of not having money.
I wanted more for my family, for me and for everybody around me.
I knew that I had to work smarter and not harder.
But I am brought up in a way that you have to work hard and in my case hard for little…
I always had money problems / stress.
I knew if I wanted things to change, I had to change.  I had to learn to control my thought and direct them in a different direction.
My goal is for our family to go on holiday, every school holiday. To have a life without financially worries or stress. To be there for our kids and to do what we want to do.
I visualize my goals every day and I just know that it will happen, because I believe in it for it to be possible. I tell myself this everyday.
Controlling your thoughts is of course not enough. In order to succeed you have to take action.
But one thing….NO MORE RESTAURANTS! We still have one, witch is run by a good team of staff.
We automated the business and the place runs itself. We only have adjudge once in a while
But during the bankruptcy of the other business, it wasn’t clear wether  or not  the first restaurant would survive.
So I had to change my way of thinking and look for other business opportunities I could start without a lot of money.
I started looking online and I found a lot of crap 🙂
I didn’t have any experience, hens I came out of the restaurant business!
But now a year later I make my money online, how? and Why?
Because I changed my way of thinking. I opened myself towards the thought of making money online.
How did we started making money online? With blogging.
Writing about the things I like.


So, if you want to succeed, you must stop blaming others fore your failure.

Failure doesn’t exist only lessons do.

But that failure you always will bring to something better.

And that the combination of controlling your thoughts  and taking massive action will bring you any where you like.


A last few tips:

  • Read daily
  • Listen to motivational audios every day.
  • Write down clearly what your goals are, where you see yourself in a period of time and read them out loud every day.
This way you will trick your mind and control your thought.
Do this in combination with meditation and you’ll bound to be successful.
If you want to know what saved us and how we survived the bankruptcy and how we are now making money online and live the life we had always visualized. I suggest you check this out
Can you think of any more alibis? Let me know in the comment box below

5 Reasons Why This Smart system Will Help You Stop Failing to Make Money Online

Is this you trying to make money online?

Do you know that feeling, that when you are trying to make money online, that nothing seams to work?

Definitely in the direct sales companies. They promise you freedom and loads of money, but in reality you are only working and make no or little money.
Only 3% of all the people who get started in a company like that will succeed.

Like I said, you have to work you ass of to get everything done. I remember the time that my own brother started with this MLM company and he tried everything to get my in. He would call me just to have a chitchat, something he would never do normally and than suddenly he would present me the offer and why I should really do this. I had to come to a home meeting where somebody else would give a presentation and after that I could sign up immediately.
He was going to build the biggest team in Europe…….. Where did I heard that before!

Luckily for me, I didn’t get in. (what pissed him off because he now didn’t get that bonus) sounds familiar?

The network marketer of today still makes a list of friends and family, bugs them to death, begs them to join, collects business cards, calls strangers, makes appointments, shows the plan, does 3-way calls, and gets disappointed… a lot.

Thinking about that reason why you got started in the first place.
You probably wanted more money or more free time to do the things you love or spend more time with your loved ones.

So it is not a very smart way for you to build a business, but that’s probably all you know, because that’s what you were taught, right?
You don’t know any better, because no one has shown you a better way.

So,  let me help you

Make money online

When we got started, we didn’t know anything about making money online.

When we talked about it to the people  where we were surrounded with, most of them laughed at us. they associated making money online with pyramid schemes.
But that couldn’t be true, we saw so many “normal and regular” people making a lot of money online.

We build our own websites, they crashed. We didn’t know how to drive people to this website and to be honest it took the fun out of it.
We did know that you could use “content marketing” for building a business. Meaning that you could cash in on your passion.

Secretly we then would wish for some kind of automated system that would do the work for us. You know, a system that would introduce the concept for us, show the plan for us, follow up for us, close the deal for us, and even better…. up-sell for us.  So that we could concentrate on running our business and create content.

How awesome would that be?

Well, we found that system! We just discovered (January 2015) an amazing new ‘Smart System’ that can help anyone promoting anything!
If you are in network marketing business, home business, MLM, internet marketing, direct sales, or even traditional business offline, this system can help you and it will.

We are going to show you why with this smart system can do for you.


 It’s easy to use

If you ever did any of the things we talked about above you know it horrible.  Nobody likes doing those things, no matter how good you are at it. And NO ONE would say no to an automated system like this, that would do the work for them.
Here’s why they wouldn’t turn down a smart system… According to a survey of 500,000 people looking to make money from home, more than 70% were classified as advanced home business entrepreneurs. The same percentage said they had been working on their home business for at least 2 years. And of that group, over 90% admitted they were making less than $500 a month! Can you believe that?? I’m sure you can; you’re probably in that group. It’s a big group.

You started a business to make money online of offline, but with an outcome of freedom. What ever freedom means to you of course.

Now you are thinking “a system that does all the work?” Yes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything.  But now you actually work from home. You drive traffic to you home on the internet. But I’ll talk about that later in this blog.

It’s a high demand product in a booming business

Wow! did you know that according to internetworldstats.com, over 3 billion people use the internet everyday?

Of all those 3 billion people, 30% say their primary reason for using the internet is to make money online. So about 900 million people, that is thirty percent of 3 BILLION PEOPLE. I was shocked, because that’s a REALLY big number.

And according to Google, nearly 100,000 people type in ‘make money online‘ EVERY DAY!

make money online

And if you compare that to other popular niches like:

Weight loss

lose weight

Or skin care

skin care

So, you can see how big this market is. But don’t freak out because this pond is big enough for everybody. There are always people looking for people like you.


We live in a information and technology age

Do you know anybody using an old fashion phone book or the Yellow pages? Can you even remember them, those thick books.  Are they even being printed still? I don’t know. But I do know that less and less people own a landline, a home phone. or even listen to CD’s. Even our daily groceries many of us order online.
People are online!
We see so many online marketers without a website. a website of their own. I don’t mean the promotion website of the company the joined or the landings page of that company. I mean a website where you brand yourself, a website where people can learn about you and your product, your home on the internet.
As I said before “People buy from people who they know, like and trust.

Even business owners who have an offline business. Like us, we have a restaurant on the site. But all of the promotion is done online.
I you want to make money online, you have to be online! Period!


This Smart System is like Your own MacGyver Tool

You remember that time that when you left your home. you would carry a walkman or MP3 player (depending how old you are :-)) a phone, a notebook, a agenda maybe a torch. And on your desk would a calculator and a Rolodex!
A today we walk out that door with just one item…..your smartphone

It’s the same with this smart system. It’s a all-in-one system.

People like easy, I know we do. What about you, wouldn’t it be great if things where made easy for you?

And that’s exactly what the Smart System does. It’s finally been released as an all-in-one, like multi-purpose tool… MacGyver would have love it.

Think about:

The share on social media buttons
The feature that helps you to create compelling HeadlinesThe feature that helps you to find a topics

All different kind of widgets, so it is easy for you to customize you blog. That is why everybody can use this smart system, because no matter what business your in, you can customize it to your likes.

Keep in mind, this system generated $150 million in sales over the last couple of years…but it is now perfected and really easy to use for everybody.

The Smart System is designed to simplify your life. To help you create traffic, capture leads, and convert more sales. And all YOU have to do, is introduce it to people. And whatever you’re selling, you’ll sell more of. Whatever you’re promoting, you’ll promote it better.

Did you ever heard the Phrase “Work smarter, not harder”?

Even our ten year old can do it

What do we I mean by that? Well, this system is not only designed to make money online easy, but also designed in a way that everybody can work with it. That’s why they call it a SMART system… it does the work for you.
All you have to do is get people to see it. And that’s not very hard. There’s no technical know-how required, no previous internet or network marketing experience, and it can be accessed and utilized anywhere in the world.

Look, anybody can use this system. We asked our ten year old daughter to set it up and I can tell you….NO problem.
The only thing that you have to do is to get people to see it. And that’s where the content marketing come in.

They also call it “Cash in on your passion”, because you can actually write about your passion everyday. There are people searching the internet for every topic you can think off.
This is how you get to your blog everyday.
Don’t know what to blog about? Didn’t figure out what you passion is yet? No worries, it is a smart system! It will even provide you with the necessary topics for you to write about.


So, let’s see what we talked about.

  1. We talk about how dumb it is to keep marketing in the old way. Like collecting business cards, call strangers, make appointments, showing the plan and doing 3-way calls.
  2. We talked about our struggles and the struggles off many others and how our wish for an automated system came through.
  3. We introduced you to the Smart System and basically how dumb it would be not to use.
  4. We talked about how easy it was to use.
  5. We talked about the cool features that are build in this system and what makes it like a Swiss Army knife
  6. We talked about how everybody is online these days and if you want to make money online or offline, you have to be online.
  7. O! and I almost forgot, we talked about what a booming business the Make Money Online business is. Over a 100.000 people are searching on Google alone for the words “Make money online”. so you can imagine how big that market is and that you don’t have to worry about interested people.
  8. and again that things are made so simple for you. Even out ten year old can do it.


But still I can imagine that you are a little bit skeptical. I mean I know I was, when I ones got started online. Al these schemes and tricks. What is real and what isn’t.

The cool thing is that the truth or Hype Tv show has an episode, completely dedicated on this smart system.
They interview the CEO  ,Jonathan Cronstedt, of the company, The CMO Mars Burden and many success stories of people, normal people like you and me, making money. A lot more then the average of $500

They also explain all the tools and features that are included in this system and the cool bonus you get when you get started.

But the best part comes now!


You are a person who wants to know the full details of this opportunity before you make a decision to join.
You want to know what it is, how it works, how it will work for you, and how well is it working for others.

truth or hpeIf this is you? Go here

You get access: 7 days for $9 with 60 days free use of the affiliate program



But if you are a person that knows that it’s possible to make money online.  You have seen that others are doing it and you believe that you can do it too if you would be part of the right opportunity.

smartsystemYou are more trustworthy and have less objections because you know making money online is possible.

Is this you? then just go here.

You can try the system for free for 5 days! And get free high quality training


Both options will lead to the same result, but the explanation is a little different. Longer or shorter.
None is better, but we really want you to succeed for ones in your life with this make money online. Because you deserve it.


So, Pick a link and lean back and enjoy the right.

Is everything clear? Are you as enthusiastic as we are???  Making money online is now really been made “easy”

Let us know in the comment below what your opinion is about this system.







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