Lesson I Learned From Lucy, The Movie

Do you use all of your brain?

I watched the movie the other day and since that time I’m wondering, how would life be if we could only increase brain-use with 25%!


I finished my education a long time ago. After graduating it never occurred to me to pick up a book. A study book.
No, I started working, because that was what you are supposed to do when you finished your study.

Up until the point that I got stuck in life. Mostly work wise. I was working harder every year, but my income didn’t go up.
Then the moment came that I didn’t wanted to live my life like this anymore.

I started to re- educate myself, so I could tap into other opportunity’s to make money online.

In this great movie, witch I can really recommend to you to watch, Lucy accidentally gets an overdoses of a certain drug. As a side effect her brain-use capacity increases quickly.
Every time that that happens, she has new powers. She can move things, she can hear other peoples thoughts etc etc.
She is in total control!

Imagine if there were no restrictions on what you can do with your brain and therefor what you can do.

Oké, the movie is fiction, but Napoleon Hill said “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve!”

It’s all between our ears….So if you feed your brain with the “right stuff” You will get the “right results”
2 years ago, when I figured out that things had to change. I wanted to learn how I could make money while working in a smarter way. a way that works today and not 10 years ago.
So I search the internet and came across a system that was about blogging.
Trainings about how to create traffic, capturing leads and making sales.

It wasn’t a hype, but it changed my life and it inspires me everyday. I never felled more alive.

Today I make money with this blog.
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