5 Reasons Why This Smart system Will Help You Stop Failing to Make Money Online

Is this you trying to make money online?

Do you know that feeling, that when you are trying to make money online, that nothing seams to work?

Definitely in the direct sales companies. They promise you freedom and loads of money, but in reality you are only working and make no or little money.
Only 3% of all the people who get started in a company like that will succeed.

Like I said, you have to work you ass of to get everything done. I remember the time that my own brother started with this MLM company and he tried everything to get my in. He would call me just to have a chitchat, something he would never do normally and than suddenly he would present me the offer and why I should really do this. I had to come to a home meeting where somebody else would give a presentation and after that I could sign up immediately.
He was going to build the biggest team in Europe…….. Where did I heard that before!

Luckily for me, I didn’t get in. (what pissed him off because he now didn’t get that bonus) sounds familiar?

The network marketer of today still makes a list of friends and family, bugs them to death, begs them to join, collects business cards, calls strangers, makes appointments, shows the plan, does 3-way calls, and gets disappointed… a lot.

Thinking about that reason why you got started in the first place.
You probably wanted more money or more free time to do the things you love or spend more time with your loved ones.

So it is not a very smart way for you to build a business, but that’s probably all you know, because that’s what you were taught, right?
You don’t know any better, because no one has shown you a better way.

So,  let me help you

Make money online

When we got started, we didn’t know anything about making money online.

When we talked about it to the people  where we were surrounded with, most of them laughed at us. they associated making money online with pyramid schemes.
But that couldn’t be true, we saw so many “normal and regular” people making a lot of money online.

We build our own websites, they crashed. We didn’t know how to drive people to this website and to be honest it took the fun out of it.
We did know that you could use “content marketing” for building a business. Meaning that you could cash in on your passion.

Secretly we then would wish for some kind of automated system that would do the work for us. You know, a system that would introduce the concept for us, show the plan for us, follow up for us, close the deal for us, and even better…. up-sell for us.  So that we could concentrate on running our business and create content.

How awesome would that be?

Well, we found that system! We just discovered (January 2015) an amazing new ‘Smart System’ that can help anyone promoting anything!
If you are in network marketing business, home business, MLM, internet marketing, direct sales, or even traditional business offline, this system can help you and it will.

We are going to show you why with this smart system can do for you.


 It’s easy to use

If you ever did any of the things we talked about above you know it horrible.  Nobody likes doing those things, no matter how good you are at it. And NO ONE would say no to an automated system like this, that would do the work for them.
Here’s why they wouldn’t turn down a smart system… According to a survey of 500,000 people looking to make money from home, more than 70% were classified as advanced home business entrepreneurs. The same percentage said they had been working on their home business for at least 2 years. And of that group, over 90% admitted they were making less than $500 a month! Can you believe that?? I’m sure you can; you’re probably in that group. It’s a big group.

You started a business to make money online of offline, but with an outcome of freedom. What ever freedom means to you of course.

Now you are thinking “a system that does all the work?” Yes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything.  But now you actually work from home. You drive traffic to you home on the internet. But I’ll talk about that later in this blog.

It’s a high demand product in a booming business

Wow! did you know that according to internetworldstats.com, over 3 billion people use the internet everyday?

Of all those 3 billion people, 30% say their primary reason for using the internet is to make money online. So about 900 million people, that is thirty percent of 3 BILLION PEOPLE. I was shocked, because that’s a REALLY big number.

And according to Google, nearly 100,000 people type in ‘make money online‘ EVERY DAY!

make money online

And if you compare that to other popular niches like:

Weight loss

lose weight

Or skin care

skin care

So, you can see how big this market is. But don’t freak out because this pond is big enough for everybody. There are always people looking for people like you.


We live in a information and technology age

Do you know anybody using an old fashion phone book or the Yellow pages? Can you even remember them, those thick books.  Are they even being printed still? I don’t know. But I do know that less and less people own a landline, a home phone. or even listen to CD’s. Even our daily groceries many of us order online.
People are online!
We see so many online marketers without a website. a website of their own. I don’t mean the promotion website of the company the joined or the landings page of that company. I mean a website where you brand yourself, a website where people can learn about you and your product, your home on the internet.
As I said before “People buy from people who they know, like and trust.

Even business owners who have an offline business. Like us, we have a restaurant on the site. But all of the promotion is done online.
I you want to make money online, you have to be online! Period!


This Smart System is like Your own MacGyver Tool

You remember that time that when you left your home. you would carry a walkman or MP3 player (depending how old you are :-)) a phone, a notebook, a agenda maybe a torch. And on your desk would a calculator and a Rolodex!
A today we walk out that door with just one item…..your smartphone

It’s the same with this smart system. It’s a all-in-one system.

People like easy, I know we do. What about you, wouldn’t it be great if things where made easy for you?

And that’s exactly what the Smart System does. It’s finally been released as an all-in-one, like multi-purpose tool… MacGyver would have love it.

Think about:

The share on social media buttons
The feature that helps you to create compelling HeadlinesThe feature that helps you to find a topics

All different kind of widgets, so it is easy for you to customize you blog. That is why everybody can use this smart system, because no matter what business your in, you can customize it to your likes.

Keep in mind, this system generated $150 million in sales over the last couple of years…but it is now perfected and really easy to use for everybody.

The Smart System is designed to simplify your life. To help you create traffic, capture leads, and convert more sales. And all YOU have to do, is introduce it to people. And whatever you’re selling, you’ll sell more of. Whatever you’re promoting, you’ll promote it better.

Did you ever heard the Phrase “Work smarter, not harder”?

Even our ten year old can do it

What do we I mean by that? Well, this system is not only designed to make money online easy, but also designed in a way that everybody can work with it. That’s why they call it a SMART system… it does the work for you.
All you have to do is get people to see it. And that’s not very hard. There’s no technical know-how required, no previous internet or network marketing experience, and it can be accessed and utilized anywhere in the world.

Look, anybody can use this system. We asked our ten year old daughter to set it up and I can tell you….NO problem.
The only thing that you have to do is to get people to see it. And that’s where the content marketing come in.

They also call it “Cash in on your passion”, because you can actually write about your passion everyday. There are people searching the internet for every topic you can think off.
This is how you get to your blog everyday.
Don’t know what to blog about? Didn’t figure out what you passion is yet? No worries, it is a smart system! It will even provide you with the necessary topics for you to write about.


So, let’s see what we talked about.

  1. We talk about how dumb it is to keep marketing in the old way. Like collecting business cards, call strangers, make appointments, showing the plan and doing 3-way calls.
  2. We talked about our struggles and the struggles off many others and how our wish for an automated system came through.
  3. We introduced you to the Smart System and basically how dumb it would be not to use.
  4. We talked about how easy it was to use.
  5. We talked about the cool features that are build in this system and what makes it like a Swiss Army knife
  6. We talked about how everybody is online these days and if you want to make money online or offline, you have to be online.
  7. O! and I almost forgot, we talked about what a booming business the Make Money Online business is. Over a 100.000 people are searching on Google alone for the words “Make money online”. so you can imagine how big that market is and that you don’t have to worry about interested people.
  8. and again that things are made so simple for you. Even out ten year old can do it.


But still I can imagine that you are a little bit skeptical. I mean I know I was, when I ones got started online. Al these schemes and tricks. What is real and what isn’t.

The cool thing is that the truth or Hype Tv show has an episode, completely dedicated on this smart system.
They interview the CEO  ,Jonathan Cronstedt, of the company, The CMO Mars Burden and many success stories of people, normal people like you and me, making money. A lot more then the average of $500

They also explain all the tools and features that are included in this system and the cool bonus you get when you get started.

But the best part comes now!


You are a person who wants to know the full details of this opportunity before you make a decision to join.
You want to know what it is, how it works, how it will work for you, and how well is it working for others.

truth or hpeIf this is you? Go here

You get access: 7 days for $9 with 60 days free use of the affiliate program



But if you are a person that knows that it’s possible to make money online.  You have seen that others are doing it and you believe that you can do it too if you would be part of the right opportunity.

smartsystemYou are more trustworthy and have less objections because you know making money online is possible.

Is this you? then just go here.

You can try the system for free for 5 days! And get free high quality training


Both options will lead to the same result, but the explanation is a little different. Longer or shorter.
None is better, but we really want you to succeed for ones in your life with this make money online. Because you deserve it.


So, Pick a link and lean back and enjoy the right.

Is everything clear? Are you as enthusiastic as we are???  Making money online is now really been made “easy”

Let us know in the comment below what your opinion is about this system.







Three Simple Steps on How to Start a Blog That Ranks


How to start your blog

We always thought that starting a blog was very difficult.

That you had to know how to build a website and that you needed to know everything about coding and HTML.

Or that you have to pay somebody else to build that website for you. This will cost you easily hundreds of dollars.

This is not very encouraging.

So? What are your options?


There are three simple steps to follow

Step one:

You’ll need a blog. a place where to tell your story

There are free options and paid options.

Free options:

Blog.com, Blogger.com, Penzu.com, wordpress.com are just a few examples of free blogs.

Lets say that you build your own WordPress blog and you started blogging.
You want people to find you story, but before your blogs are “ranked” in Google you have to make sure that your SEO is right and have to create many “backlinks”.

Backlinks are links on other websites back to your blog, preferably sites that Google sees as very important and create a lot of content and more links.

It can take you up to 18 months to get some good results and I don’t think you want that.


Paid option:

The only one I know of  is the Kalatu blog. Kalatu stands for “telling your story”

This is a Viral Blogging System.

See it like this:

Your own WP blog; one URL and one blogger (you)

A viral Blogging System; one URL and thousands of bloggers. (You can use your own custom domain name and still benefit from the authority of the system)

Can you imagine how many links are going are going back and forth?


Step two:

Choose a custom domain name.

An domain name or URL or web address is just like a real address, your home address. In the offline world, if you give people your address, they’ll know where you live.

It’s the same thing on the internet. There are many places where you can buy your domain name. Personally I buy my domains at Hostgator.
It is a process that is not difficult, the website will guide you through it.

If you click on “domains” you’ll find a search bar. There you can type in your domain ideas and hostgator will check if it is available.

Step three:

Decide what you want to blog about. Pick a topic that your are really passionate about.

Why? Because you want to create an audience, you want people to follow your work and comment on your articles.
Not only that, writing about your passion makes it more fun and easy to do.

So, pick a topic that suites you.
A topic that you really love and know a lot about.
If people come to you blog they come there with a reason, to learn about something where they were searching for.


Start blogging today

Without a blog, you are basically homeless on the internet.
A blog  is a great way to get your story out and it helps bloggers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers an other E commerce businesses adequately and rapidly to advertize there product or services online.

The Viral Blogging system we are talking about is a done for you blog.
You just have to make it pretty, give it that personal touch that makes it yours.
It is literally set up in minutes.

It is also a blogging system that is easy to monetize. You can promote your own product or you can promote and sell the blogging system itself.

The only thing you have to do is to create good and unique content and get people to your blog.

If you want to know what blog we use, go here and learn how to build a profitable blog in 21 days or less.

Or fill in the form and start blogging today.


~Dirk and Muriel


Bankruptcy….The Best Thing that Can Happen to You

What do you think?

Isn’t bankruptcy the worst thing that can happen to you?

I always thought so, but to be honest, it’s the best thing ever!



Life was pretty good.
My business was running well, not excellent, but well.

I had a lot of free time.
Debts were almost paid of etc etc.

I had nothing to complain, but still I did.
It just was not enough.

Not having enough was the drive to expend my business. You might thinks that that is a good thing.
It is, but not if you are not financially strong and the risk is to big.

I thought that if I bought another restaurant would bring me good fortune and that all my financial worries would be over.

WRONG!!! 🙂

There are only so many hours in a day. I could only be at one place at a time. It was horrible, I was only working and working and working.

My other businesses, I build with my own hands. The last one? was already there, I just cleaned it. But later I figured out that everything was all broken. So a lot more money was needed.
There wasn’t a bank to help me, they refused.
After seven long months I was able to get rid of the place. I turned in the keys and that was that?
No, it had cost me over $140.000 and personally I was a wreck.

I couldn’t call in sick, because I didn’t pick up the phone….

Even though Het Heden went really well, it was not enough to deal with those debts.
At the end of 2013 and in the beginning on 2014 I was talking to social services to see if there was something left to do.

Hitting rock bottom was the best thing ever. It got me going again!

Hitting rock bottom gave us the drive to look further, to look for other options.
There was a family to provide for!

Het Heden survived because of two generous people who borrowed me money.
Next to that I started to look for opportunities online, because I saw other people around me having success doing business online.

I was looking for a business opportunity that:
was easy to do
had no or little investment needed
was not about three way calls en doing home meetings ( My brother tried to trick me for something like that and only the idea horrified me)
I could be passionate about.

And it should be something that I could started right away and combine with my daily tasks like saving a restaurant…

I started blogging.
I started to cash in on my passion.

My wife Muriël joint me and now we are cashing together.

How? check this link.

This is how I got started… I bought the trial

and never gave up.

Now a year later business is booming! online and offline.

I grew as a person and I am still learning every day.

So many things can happen in a year.
Don’t give up….ever

This post is not to brag, but the press upon you that bankruptcy is not the end of the world.

I strongly believe that everything is for a reason and that in the end good will come of it.

Everything comes and everything goes…..Anicha


I hope this post helps you in believing in the future, if so, please leave a comment.


What successful People Know About the Importance of Routine

To learn new skills,
you need a routine to go help yourself
through the learning curve.

If you want to change or achieve BIG things
you really must hold on to routine,
without making excuses!

Listening to your excuses
and not taking action on your routines ………..
will get you to half or no results and
a ticking clock that won’t stop
and more time will go by
before you reach your goal
no matter what it is!
And I bet it will make you feel bad, sad,
or even unhappy.

The greatest ballet dancers,
most successful business people, best actors ………..
their routine helped them to achieve
the success they always wanted.
They focused & took action.


routine 2

So let me help you here
and coach you in the right direction.
By telling you my story
[3.33 minute YouTube video above]

Step into your energy,
use it and focus on your goal.


So after a long intensive day
EVEN today after a funeral,
Dirk and I will be there for our team
and for our online business.
And it doesn’t costs us a lot of energy,
because we use our routine to keep us going.

For all entrepreneurs who need a boost:
–> Did you listen to the Empower Hour yesterday ??
Lisa asked Meredith what strategy she used to
sponsor 62 people in her first 90 days online …………
Guess what her “secret” is?
answer ————————————-> Routine

This is our daily routine in our online business
And let us inspire you to create a routine like this as well 🙂


  • We are thankful for the new day
  • We shoot a video
  • A daily blog post will be written
  • that we will syndicate online.
  • A daily e-mail message will be sent
    to our team/ people in our email list
  • And after responding our e-mails
  • Connecting with our FB friends
  • Connecting with our team members
  • We will listen to a training
    that will teach us new things
  • that we will implement tomorrow
    in our online business
  • Before we fall a sleep
  • We will read for at least 30 minutes
    a personnel development book
  • We meditate for 30 minutes

And that is that 🙂

Hope you will benefit from this blog post.
Please tell us?

Talk soon,


Do You Struggle with keywords? Solution Revealed In This Blog Post!

How to find the right keyword with a

free keyword search tool


 The free keyword search tool from Google

Google has a free keyword search tool.

If you google  “keyword planner” you’ll will find.

Watch my 16 minute tutorial.


Hopefully your questions are answered.

Please let me know what you think of my tutorial so I can improve my skills.




The Habits of successful people vs unsuccessful people

Successful people vs

We all have this friend who is always complaining.   Where nothing seems to work and never gets   anything done.

On the other hand you probably also have this friend where magically everything seems to work perfectly  One full of energy and magically able to accomplish so much in very little time.



What do unsuccessful people often do?


1.Unsuccessful people usually blame others for their failure;

It’s always easier to point to somebody or something else. By not taking any responsibility for there actions, they won’t learn anything and therefor they won’t succeed not even the next time. Unsuccessful people are devastated by their failures and look for ways to blame it on something else.

2.Unsuccessful people have a negative attitude;

It’s like this: everybody has a filter behind their ears and eye’s. That filter determines how you process everything.
If it’s a dark filter, you’ll see everything very dark indeed.
Let’s say you won a million $, You have won the lottery!!!.
Response…O no, now I have to pay all these taxes and everybody wants to be my friend, just for my money. etc etc.
You get the point?

3.Unsuccessful don’t show any gratitude. 

Saying “Thank you” is the same as saying”sorry”. Saying “thank you” or something similar is  considered to be a weakness.
It’s all about them, they feel that the world owes them something and that they deserve everything they get.

4.Unsuccessful people secretly hope that others fail;

Knowing that they are not successful they don’t want anybody else to be. So it is better as other people fail, so they look better and therefor feel better.

5.Unsuccessful people think they know it all.

If you think you know it all, means that you are not willing to learn new things. Therefor you won’t grow as a person and you won’t change anything, because you don’t know any better.


What do successful people do?

1.They take responsibility for their actions;

In case of failure, a successful person will always take credit for it. They look back and ask themselves “what could I have done different to avoid this?”

2.They have a positive attitude and always try to improve;

That same filter is now bright and light. No matter what obstacle, always see the bright sight of things.  successful people come out of their comfortzone, they are comfortable with taking risks.

3.They are always grateful;

Grateful towards other people, grateful for where they are now. Having a peaceful mind with where you are at now will give you room to grow and get even further.

4.They are happy when others succeed

And they want others to succeed. celebrating success together is a lot better! At the same time they can model after the success of somebody else and get there faster.

5.Successful people empty their cup;

They are willing to learn, to grow. They make room for new things to learn. By doing so they will see things differently and see new opportunity’s


successful list



See how we create our success and develop

ourselves to the next

millionaire couple!


The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With website banners And How to Fix It

Don’t you just love this headline?

In yesterday’s post you can read about ” how to come up with a catching headline or…”

In the next video  want to show you how easy it is to change the banners on your Kalatu blog.

There are about 70 different custome made banners ready for you. So this blog is just upgraded itself to the next level.


In combination with the different themes you can choose from, you really can great your own blog. What ever business your in.


 As I said in the video. The Kalatu blog is not open for the public yet. We have the privilege to by one of the Beta testers.

Make sure you are on the early birds list! So that you are one of the first people who can benefit from the spin of.

See you tomorrow


How to come up with a catching headline or topic for my Kalatu blog




We are blogging for a while now and we wrote a lot of posts.

But still there are moment that I have no idea what to write about.

With the new KALATU blog that no longer an issue. Why?

Well, they build in this great feature that helps you figuring out what to right about.

I just wanted to give you this quick peek into the back office of Kalatu

Isn’t it awesome? Doesn’t this make life easier?

Having a blog is crucial for your business, but having access to a marketing tool like the Kalatu blog is great.

Many times a new blog post ranks in Google withing a matter of days. Imagine what that can do for your business.


If you want more information about the Kalatu blog and what it can do for you Go here