Business Success Stories For Learning How To Get Unstuck Today For Life-Changing Results

Business Success Stories For Learning How To Get Unstuck Today For Life-Changing Results


“Already having a ball with these two Muriël Dijkema and Dirk van Waasbergen from the Netherlands… they are just diving into their inspiring story now 🙂 parents of 2, social worker.. restaurant owner.. ending up in 300k debt… turning online and are some of the huge hearted people i know xx on our live hangout right now… to come listen in and be inspired right now. xx”

~ Terri Nicholson, Facebook, Dec 4, 2015


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And learn how we’re not very different than you….

We give away our best tips and some golden nuggets,
that has lead to our recent business success.

Business Success Stories

Dirk & I are grateful to be asked as Special Guests on the
“Empowered Dreams Hangout” of our dear friends
Carol Makowski & Ellie Walsh: 2 Amazing personalities!

It was be LIVE Dec 4 at 6 PM Eastern – Midnight Amsterdam time.

We are proud to say that we saw these baby boomers LIVE speaking
on stages in the US, empowering people from all walks of life,
by sharing their best tips and success stories to help others breaking
through the barriers of their comfort zones, making dreams happen.

Carol and Ellie live their lives according to their design, using the
internet, and a smart business system….

The same system we use

So our day couldn’t end better -the Netherlands is 6 hours ahead
of PM Eastern 🙂
And we can’t wait to contribute to their team in this hangout,
sharing our stories and tips..


And we would love to hear how we contributed to your gameplan
with our story?

Please share it with us below in the comments,
or connect with us on Facebook -friend request us and shoot us a pm-
Muriël Dijkema

Dirk van Waasbergen


Our most recent success ?

Business Success StoriesSchermafbeelding 2015-12-06 om 00.35.03
Not bad in a company with 60.000+ affiliates right?

The reason we share our results is not to brag,
but to show you what 2 regular parents of 2, without
ANY prior experience online, living in the Netherlands
can achieve
– Making online sales GLOBALLY to people
we’ve NEVER met before –

So without home-or hotel meetings it’s possible
to expand your business.

What are you waiting for?
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain….


Do You Struggle With How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard?? Solution Revealed In This Blog Post!

Do You Struggle With How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard??
Heads up!
I invite you to read my personal story and strike out on new paths.
It will show you a new way of thinking when life gets hard.
It will show you a new path against struggle
up to freedom, happiness and ideal lifestyle.

How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard


How does this quote makes you feel?

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”
~ John D. Rockefeller

It makes me feel relieved that Dirk and I took another path, than the “accepted” ones….

But how about you? Are you still stuck in ideas that makes you believe that you have to live the 40 year plan to have all the freedom you deserve? That you have to work your life away?

That you should struggle to pay your bills? Because it’s accepted to be poor ?
And accepted you to talk about what you don’t have in staid of talking about dreams of living a wealthy life….?

Please don’t! There is another way!
Read on I will tell you all about the path of freedom and were you can find it.

I already saw to many people dying to young, for believing in that “old” path to become happy.
My mind already is unleashed, for believing that I should walk in line with people who lost their dreams doing what they love before their kids are grown up.

My mom, 46 years old, ended her own life.
My stepmother, 59 years old, died of cancer.

Life can be over tomorrow.
…are you spending your days doing what you really love ?

Back in time…

I remember for example that I used to have 2 to 3 extra cleaning jobs to pay for my bills, education, food between my of 17-22. It was hard work.

And even after becoming a mom myself, and Dirk started his first restaurant I had to take an extra job, being out of the house, away from our baby to afford life.

I saw NO other way. This was back in 2004….I hated this. I always was looking for a way to be at home with our babies. I tried many different things for as much time at home with them as possible.

I started a pedicure home business to work around the baby schedules. But I almost broke my back carrying all the heavy equipment, because we had no room extra to practice this at home.

What a nightmare….

For 7 years I worked in a overnight-job, slept at work: to enable myself not to miss daytime with our kids, and go to work at the end of their awake day…

When I then new what I know no about ANOTHER way to make profits to pay bills, OMG!

Since the kids went to school I switched to a day job that enabled me to see them at night. But was as well far from ideal: My social worker job does not allow me to earn enough to pay back the BIG financial setback and restaurant bankruptcy Dirk and I suffered from in October 2013 with result: $300.000 in debt.

But as I always love to look forward in staid of looking back with regret….

I feel so thankful for the moment that our path crossed a message with a video and a link: that brought us the online system that helps us now designing our ideal lifestyle.

Your ideal lifestyle might be totally something else than ours.
Bur realize that you NEED to strike out on new paths if want to succeed with creating your ideal life.

There is a path leading towards freedom, being free from any constrains, a life sucking job – although it’s a part-time one-
living life on our terms, to be unleashed and rise up!

And you know what?

We are succeeding! And success IS smiling at us.
Because we decided to took an alternative path.


Now we’re guiding our team on the exact same path we’re walking on. That team is called

We’re a group now with a vision and a mission on a journey.
An entrepreneurial journey up to freedom!

Helping others to succeed feels fulfilling and empowering and became our mission.


Learn here where your freedom journey can start:
Click the link
Drop your info and I will sent you the information.

Reach out to me or Dirk for any questions!

I Appreciate your comments down below. Thank you so much!

Always listen to your heart,

Muriël handtekening(2)

Happy Weekend Message From Muriël !

Hi my friend,

Sometimes we forget to show ourselves to you …..
being busy creating blog posts full of value
you can use for your online business.

So here I am with a happy weekend message  !

What plans do you have for tomorrow?
We love to hear all about it!

Talk soon 🙂


How I Saved My Business and Skyrocked Again.

Being on the door of Social Service

Many of you don’t know, but today one year ago we were knocking of the doors of Social Services to save our business as a last resort.
Everything was accepted and arrangements had been made.
Luckily I am surrounded by good friends how were there to help and saved us from bankruptcy.
I knew something had to change.
I changed my way of working. Smarter instead of harder.
Het Heden grew almost 20% in 2014.

And now a year later business is booming, online and offline.
A steady stream of income that we make online is growing.
Just want to say thank you to all of you for sticking around and believing in us.
What did we do?
Well, we clicked on a link like this:
We have put our email down and watched the free video.
After that we started our risk free our 7 day trial.
And from there we never stop and everything changed.
Sounds easy right, well it is!

WoW, life is great and so much can change in a year.
Talk soon

How You Can Make Blogging the Time Saving Tool to Promote Creative Content

We love helping people on the path to success.

And we love to tell others about
how to leverage the internet,

with easy – ready – to – go – systems.

Like the Kalatu Blog Platform

In this tutorial you can see some amazing features,
like the 21 blogging challenge.

Dirk and I are surrounded by small offline
and online business owners.
They all need to attract customers to make money
to provide for their families.

In one week we heard at least 5 people telling us
that they are building a website to get eyeballs
on their business to promote it.

And that it takes them a lot of time and effort
and NO eyeballs in the building up stage
of their business….

We see that people use a lot money and stress going into
this process.
Paying for SEO to website builders and expensive designers.

This can be done much easier with this $25 Kalatu blog.

A done for you mini website &
a dynamic website to share your content on and
to get eyeballs with.
Search engines love the Kalatu blog !

And be honest, your content deserves to be
on Google’s first page !

It is really amazing how blogging can be
done now in 10 minutes

by our 10 year old daughter,
since we are working with the Kalatu Blog
for our online business.

Simply click the image below,

enter your details
and start blogging for lifting your business,
for sharing your passions,
for freedom and eyeballs.


21 day blogging challenge


        You can use your time only once…
Challenge yourself !


          ~Dirk & Muriël


5 Tips for a Better Work Life Balance 2015


As a mom and dad of two,
we can truly say that spending time with this family
is our greatest passion!
Just to be able to be there when we need each other,
makes us feel rich!

And because in our world most parents see their kids and spouse
not so often as they would love to see them,
And they take it for granted!! ….
We’re writing this blog post to wake people up !!


  People have jobs, people have businesses.
  There is kids daycare and spending many hours somewhere else
   than people would rather be is so common 🙁



People are counting the days for the weekends and holidays.Monday
There is a whole “I hate Monday” culture,
with quotes, stickers and YouTube Videos.

This is not how is HAS to be dear friends!

We live in 2015 and there is a complete parallel online world,
right now going on.
The only thing you need to do now is
to read our 5 tips here and let a new lifestyle begin.


This is important : How to transform your work life balance

  1.  Have an open mind.
    Change your glasses and focus on
    how you want your life work balance to be

    and not how you are used it to be.
    An internet life style is done by thousands of people.
    You can make money online.
    There is a huge online 24 hours online market out there waiting for you.
    If others can leverage the internet to make an income with it…
    So it can be done by you. Period.
  2. Make a decision
    to make your Internet Lifestyle your biggest goal
    with the highest priority.

    Because you are able to make money online to provide for your family.
    You want to work in your own hours, around the time schedules of your kids ?
    You want to fire your boss ?
    You want to decide when your week-end starts?
    You want to decide how much you get paid?
    ——————> DECIDE that you will and you can.
    Again, if others can do it, YOU can do it!
  3. Research for the best opportunity
    Do not think that you can make a substantial income online,
    with doing nothing, or with a few clicks on a button.
    There a many scams and bad people out there who only think about themselves.
    To be able to leverage the internet, you need to learn a lot of new skills!
    But we say, choose well!
    Find an opportunity where you will be able to learn skills,
    implement them immediately in to your online business,
    and earn money with it,
    and get better every day!
  4. Take action on your plan
    Start, do it!
    With only dreaming and buying
    lottery tickets,

    procrastination …..
    Tomorrow and next month and next year,
    you will still drive to work,
    pick your kids up late from daycare.
    What are you waiting for ?!
    Take action, whatever it takes.
  5. Be consistent
    This is where most people fail.
    They are not consistent, or they stop taking massive action.
    All begin is hard, but you need to create routine and be consistent in
    learning how you can leverage the internet.

So now what to do?

Join us on this journey and start sharing your passion.
See this presentation to get started.


Talk soon,

~Dirk and Muriël



Hi everyone!

Perhaps a bit of proof might help you
to REALIZE this train is running.
But you have to decide
to come along with us or not.

Our international team is growing.
Many very different people are
getting the online success
they dreamed of and never had before.

They are newbies and
there are veterans among them.
It can be you !

The first foto is our Gmail backoffice
on the

Third of Januari 2015 :-).





cathy poits










Our system is amazing
and for all of us
there’s no way back !

Why giving up when something is really
working amazingly well.
The sky is the limit!
Working around the schedules
of our kids did it for us.
But HE!
Building our team and
earning commissions is
just great….. 😀

There’s lot’s more to show you.
What are you waiting for ?

Join our great community of
blogging internet warriors .

Talk soon!

~Dirk & Muriël

Results not typical but we are
not typical either.
See full income dicslaimer here

Live Your Dreams and Come on Board!

1) Watch this video first

2) Click on the
start now button

start-now3) Welcome on board !!

You’ve opened the window and we love to welcome you.

We will connect with you
as soon as you’ve really started!

We can’t wait you join us
and start sharing your passion with the world.

Learn now how to cash in on your passion and talent
and start now getting payed for your ideas!

~Dirk & Muriël

Results are not typical,
we are not typical too.
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