The Secret Of Happiness: How to Achieve Results Fast

I can’t believe it! It MUST be the Law of attraction!!


“The Secret Of Happiness”,

was the topic of our yesterdays newsletter, LOL.

And somehow I found this Amazing Tony Robbins Video,

without searching for it! It was just there, in front of me.




So what Dirk & I suggested to do, in yesterdays newsletter,

is every morning to listen

to something uplifting, positive.




For starting your day with the best state of mind.

See it as the glasses you put on your nose every morning.

A clean and bright one or dark and doomy one?
Let’s start with this video :-)? To listen to at breakfast,

while you’re driving, or at work?




And let us know if you liked it in the comments below?

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Bye from the Netherlands!

~Dirk and Muriël






Secret of Asking the Right Questions Revealed for Achieving Success



While I was reading the book ”Awaken the Giant within”
by Anthony Robbins,
I almost fell of my chair when I discovered
one of the secrets for achieving success in business!

Also did I discovered
what I did VERY wrong …..
trying to become successful with making money online.
But now I know 🙂 how to take action.

And you can learn it as well,
because it’s simpler than you ever imagined!

here is your answer:
Guess you never thought about asking the right questions
to achieve the success you always dreamed about!?

You really have to ask questions that triggers your brain
to find the answers that will help you achieve your goals!
By asking clear and deep questions,
your thoughts, feelings and actions will focus on
what you ask.

So never ask questions like: ”Why am I so lonely”?
Then, your brain will focus on that answer and find references
to back up the idea that there is a reason that you’re lonely.

Do ask :” How can I make a new friend this week”?
And your brain computer will trigger all your senses to
find the answers.

Of course it’s also the art to be able to
recognize the answers and how to take action.
Therefore you must stay concentrated on your goals.

Write them down,
say them to yourself daily, loudly,
visualize them,
believe in them!

Our brain is an amazingly beautiful
d computer.
Use it well!

This is the system we found
after asking the right questions


it increased our level of online success immediately
after we took action on it by starting the 7days trial for $7!

Perhaps it is something for you too?
Here you can start your 7 days trial,
check it out before this $7 offer expires!

Really hope this blogpost will benefit you.

Love to hear what you think of it.

and read Anthony Robbins!

Great for a strong mindset-
the core of success.

~ Muriël