How to make your affiliate link sexy

How To Make Your Affiliate Link Sexy?

Not only sexy, but also clickable.
Sometimes links are being blocked on the different social media platforms. Why? Well that is because they are to much business related.
Creating a redirect can solve this problem.

Pick a sexy domain name, like and forward this link to your affiliate link or even better to your landingpage.

You can get your domain name with

To your success!



BOOM! 2 Online Marketing Legends United


Hey, it’s Dirk and Muriël,

We have some really exciting news for 
you today that I’ve been keeping a big BIG

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Lifestyle By Design – Brian Couch

Lifestyle by design – Brian Couch

Do you want to learn how to live life on your terms?
And do you desire a lifestyle by design?

It was a special day, this June Tuesday, 2th.
Our TWTW hangout sister Kim Justice started her around the world trip TODAY!

So Kim could not co host this amazing hangout…

My hubby Dirk lay with our son in a deep fever sleep…

Marisol her internet crashed due to a big accident in her town…

It was Brian and me hanging out together as we were talking in a bar sharing valuable golden nuggets.
Gosh I love the internet and the ability to be able to have easy conversations oversees 🙂

Just watch this hangout for learning from the best of the best from the online business industry!

LIfestyle by design

About the hangout

As online entrepreneurs we learned that our online businesses has been the solution for our problems.

We all had great break troughs, lifting our businesses to the next level.

We want to share our results and tips with you… since starting from day one:
Because we know that we have a lot people watching who are newbies to the industry here.

And you are here because you just want to learn and you are open for new idea’s
and how you can follow into our footsteps.

Because you want to hear how an online business can be your solution,
for creating that change in your life, right?

Get started in our community of globally united entrepreneurs!

Get started now
and let’s connect!

LIfestyle by your design

We have to mention that we have an earning disclosure:
Results are not typical, we are not typical.
See income disclaimer


How to cloak your affiliate links – using hostgator or Cpanel

It’s all about making things pretty,

No serious, don’t you think that those affiliate links are ugly?,
or something like that 🙂

Or you are promoting this business opportunity and wants to stand out, well than this might be something for you.

Watch the tutorial below and learn how to cloak your affiliate links.

 You see, as far as I know there are two reasons to cloak your affiliate link.

  1. As I said before, most affiliate links are ugly. So in order for you to make them pretty and nice looking you will have to cloak your links.

  2. Secondly…it is just very helpful. Imaging this, your cloaked link is everywhere, but you want to change your offer.
    Well then you only have to change the links behind your custom domain.

This is the HTML code I’m talking about:




</head><frameset rows=”100%scrolling=”0″>

<frame src=”“>



You can also use it to put any disclaimer pages of the company behind it or sales and join pages. Well sky is the limit.

Personally I would ignore number two, because sticking to your plan until the end gives you a lot of credibility.

If you are interested in an opportunity where you can learn how to market anything and making automated sales, well then this might be for you:

The Secrets To Guaranteed Copywriting Success

When you are writing your blog or your swipe for a solo ad, there is always the question what is better.

Short and a lot of white space or long and very detailed sales piece. What is the way to go?


Well, it comes down to this: What type of buyer are you targeting?


Even if you know your avatar you still need to know about the type of buyers.


Basically there are 2 kinds of buyers, The impulsive buyer and the Analytical buyer.


The Impulsive Buyer

This type of buyer who can afford to buy. He or she has a busy life. They have always places to go, meet friends but just don’t have the time to do it.
When they read a post or your email they will go over the headlines and subtopics. They will glance over the added photo’s and captions.

If they like what they see, they’ll make an instant decision and they’ll buy.


The Analytical Buyer

And secondly we have the analytical buyer. This is where the long and detailed copywriting comes in hand.

These buyers want to see the proof and believe that the proof is in the details. They will go over everything and will even read the small details


But, for example, if you send out a solo ad you won’t who you are talking to.


So how can you create the perfect copywriting?


Lets go over the two buyers and see what we can use to reach the both types of buyers.


How can we reach:


The Impulsive Buyer


  1. Use clear and attention getting headlines and sub headlines
  2. Use CAPITALS and graphics in your message.
  3. Use photo’s and images
  4. Use captions
  5. Use varying fonts and font sizes
  6. Use shading
  7. Use bold headlines
  8. Use shaded areas or bullets to Highlight.


The Analytic Buyer

When you write you sales piece you use not only your headlines and sub-headlines, but also you graphics to guide your impulsive buyer.

Now you will add the detailed information the analytic buyer needs under the proper heading, and you’ve got a winning marketing piece that is guaranteed to be successful!



If you want to have success with copywriting inside knowledge of how your potential buyers react is the key to getting their attention…. and extra income.


The overlapping needs of the impulsive and the analytical buyer is a bonus. You can reach the whole market with on masterpiece!


When I started blogging I had no clue what to do or how to write.
But then I found a blogging system that actually teaches people how write, it all became a lot easier.


If you have a business or looking for a way to make money with your passion, you need a blog.


We, Dirk and Muriël recommend the Kalatu blog. It is a ready to go blog which you can customize to your own taste. The social media integration is awesome.


So, if you want to start blogging, go here


How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

If you are using the Kalatu blog and you made the decision to map your domain, you’ll notice that it is harder to rank in the beginning.

Because the search engines don’t know your site yet, because there hasn’t been a lot of activities, it takes a long time to get ranked.

Since 2014 the search engines are more focused on ranking domains with authority.

Authority domains are usually old domains and domains with a lot of visitors.

As an intelligent blogger you are most likely using the Kalatu blogging platform. But the steps that we will go through are also applicable with community blogs like Blogger or


If not and you are still using a free service and still wonder why you are not getting ranked…start your ready to go Kalatu blog here.


The Kalatu blog comes with the “ domain name.

This is an old domain name with a lot of authority. This means that you will rank in the search engines really fast.

But especially if you want to use your own domain you have to make sure your domain is indexed.


Let me take you through these 5 simple steps to index your mapped domain with any page that you have as long as it’s mapped to YOUR domain.



1.) Using your OWN Domain; Map your Blog

If you are using a community blogging platform, that means that there are a lot of other bloggers creating content on one specific domain name. Because of this we call it a dynamic website. If you want to know more about dynamic websites and what they can do for you, you might want to read this article.


Because there is a community posting content on one specific domain it will increase the overall authority.

The domain of the community blogging platform is not yours, so therefore you want to map your domain so you can build your own authority.

Most community blogging platforms really want your content. So usually they will offer you the ability to map your own domain.
In the Kalatu blog back office you’ll find a clear tutorial on how to map your domain.

Tip: Don’t use the “free” blogging platforms if you are considering monetizing your blog. It happens that they close down your account if you place affiliate links. They only allow their own advertisement.


Now that you have mapped your domain lets head on to step # 2



2.) Go to Google webmaster and add your domain.

First you want to go to Google Webmaster

I didn’t know about this for a long time, but the best thing you can do for any of your websites or blogs is connect it with webmasters so that you can index your site immediately. You can also submit a sitemap, check crawl rates, see what impressions are given for your pages and lots more.

 How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

Using the community blogging platforms domain won’t allow you to do this. Mapping your own domain allows you to connect with Google Webmasters and officially verify that you have admin access over the content pages.



3.) Verify your domain.

To verify your domain with Google Webmaster tools you need to choose your provider and follow the instructions given to you.


This might get a little bit technical, but just take it step by step.

When you have clicked the Add site and filled in your domain you have to choose your provider. (this is where bought you domain name)

 How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

So pick your provider out of the drop down list and follow the instructions given. They will tell you specifically what to do to verify the domain.

Although it is basically all the same all the providers will have different steps or layouts.

So if you get stuck just go to Youtube and do a search on “how to verify your Google Webmasters domain with…….(your provider) and there will absolutely be some one who made a tutorial for you.


After your verification is complete, you will have access to the admin dashboard all the features.

And… Well-done! You are now officially a Google Webmaster!


4.) Index your new blog instantly

Now that you are a Google Webmaster you can now index your new content instantly.

Normally you would have to wait hours, days and sometimes even weeks, like most people. You would have to wait for the Google spiders to come a long and crawl your pages.

But you have now the advantage of being ahead of the game and get instantly rewarded for your hard work.

So, when you have finished your post, go back to the first page of the webmasters/tools you can click on your link.

On the left hand side of the Webmaster Tools you’ll see a few options.

How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps. 

To index your blog post follow these 4 simple steps:


  1. Click on Crawl
  2. Click on Fetch as Google
  3. Submit your URL (only the last part)
  4. Click on Fetch


Tip: You can use links that you just published or go back and re-index all the links that you have on your domain individually.

5.) Submit to Index and Crawl this URL

Are you ready?

Because, this is what will keep you in the game.


The final step…

You have mapped your domain.

You have added your site to Google Webmaster tools.

You have verified that you own the domain.


You have fetched your page using the Google spiders.


Are you ready for instant indexation?

Click “Submit to Index.”

A screen will pop up and ask you if you want to Crawl this URL…..Yes!

Two options will be offered and one will have the option to crawl with all of the direct links.

You can use 10 of these submissions a month and advice you to use at least one of them for your home page.

The other option will give you 500 submissions so go and index all of the pages that you have.

After about five minutes copy the URL of the blog post and do a search.

If you see your page listed, then you are officially indexed.


Tip: make sure that you are logged out of your Google account to get a objective outcome.


Another option is to go to Google Chrome and click on the icon of a “little man” and in the drop down menu you will see “go incognito”

 How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

You will be directed to a new page.


In the URL you will write your blog post title and hit “enter”

How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

Your post will be there and if you used the right keywords it good just as well be on the first page!

This is about getting indexed, getting ranked for certain keywords is about many factors including your on page SEO and off page SEO.

If you do not have a blog yet and you are considering using a blog to make money online, start with the right tools and use a Kalatu blog.




How To Quit Your Day Job And Achieve Results Fast

If you want to learn about how you can earn a month income in 1 single day like us,
please continue reading!
This is exactly what we did and what you can consider doing as well.

#1 Combine Dreaming With Setting Your Goal !

A goal is a dream with a deadline
-Napoleon Hill

Often people dream of winning the lottery all the time, right?
And most people already know what they would love to to with $1.000.000.
What would you do with it?

Just today, while I was listening to the radio, I heard a couple of times the commercial
of  the Lottery and the dream they are selling.
They were not dictating to buy, but telling pretty stories about being able to quit jobs
and the free enjoyable life that would be the result of winning it.

Yes! I did buy lottery tickets in the past, to hold on to the dream
quitting my job as a social worker, being able to spend all the time
in the world being there for our 2 kids.
But nothing actually changed without setting my clear goal.

Setting a goal helps you to create milestones
that will be the steps to take to get there.
Your mind will actually search for ways to accomplish
goals when you repeat your goals daily.

The mind will respond to clear questions by digging deep
into the unconscious mind to find answers.
Your senses will be able to see creative ideas thanks to setting goals.
For more inspiration, read this

The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was a tremendous
eye opener and I really recommend you to read it.


#2 Tap Into The Right Resources And Systems



Dirk and I never saw our hard work ethics “at work” resulting in a growing chance
to quit our jobs and live a life in abundance and wealth as a family. Not at all!
The -living -from -paycheck -to -paycheck -way -of -life – was  reality.

Working hard didn’t either result into a way to save enough money to be able to retire
before our kids are grown up.



There was this post on Facebook that woke us up from believing that spending
time at work was the only way to pay our bills.

It redirected us to this page, that showed us a life changing video
after entering our e-mail address

It made us realize that we were sold the dream that working hard during life
would enable us to life a comfortable life at the age of 65.
But by then we would be to old to do the things we love to do NOW ?!?!

Like the average person we did not know anything about creating online products.
And that brought us to affiliate marketing; selling other people’s products for a commission.

We learned that by setting up an affiliate business to sell other people’s products,
a door opened to our goal.
Working online means being able to market the hours that the internet is active.
Well…. that’s 24 hours a day :-).
That means that YOU can pick the time that suits you best!

First you have to do research about this subject of course before you can start taking action.
This article might give you good insights about affiliate marketing.

#Taking Action

After you decided which products and company fits you best
there are many ways to promote your affiliate products.

Worst Case Scenario is that you are so desperate to sell your stuff, that you will throw with your affiliate links, and sells pages,
spam your friends and family ……without any knowledge of HOW to market online.
Best changes are that you will sell but you will still be dreaming for the LIVE CHANGING BIG numbers.

Implementing  up to date knowledge about marketing online
is essential for creating that life changing amount of income that can set you free
from your day job.
So you have to be willing to invest in your knowledge to learn all this.
And DO what you’ve learned & be CONSISTENT doing it …like us.

The platform which provides our affiliate products also provides trainings marketing
that changed our average sales numbers into DYNAMITE numbers. It does not only
enables you to learn what’s working right now marketing on Social Media and e-mail,
but it provides a compensation plan for maximum results.
Check it out.


Most of all, Dirk and I love to inspire people who are searching for a way to
be able to design their dream lifestyle.
And with this post we love to share with you proof that we are able
to earn more a day than Muriël earned in a month at work,
so keep this in mind before you will think it’s not possible.

Just visualize how it can change your life being able to make days like this!
Go for it!

Results are not typical see income disclaimer

We love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment down below.
And when you are ready
To Quit Your Day Job and Achieve Results Fast…..
Start here like we did and follow all steps.
Most of all ……. Follow your dream and blog about it!
It all started with blogging our stories into the world.

Talk soon,

~Muriël (& Dirk)



Your Banners Don’t Work? Here Are 7 Tips for Getting Better Results

Did you ever wonder who makes those banners you see on all the different sites you visit?

Of course there’s one person particular who does it, but if you would decide to market online and make use of banners, where do you go?

Can you make them yourself? is it expensive you have them made?

Marketing with banners can be really powerful. But before you can start creating traffic like that, we need to get some banners ready.

Depending what you are promoting is where you get your banners from.

For example if you are promoting somebody else’s product, like an affiliate, then most of the times the product vendor will provide you with the necessary banners.


The product vendor way

They are pre-made for you, so you can start marketing right away.

In my opinion there two problems with this method

  1. Most of the time, not all, but most of the time these banners look like crap. They are put together quickly and not really designed for converting in to sales.
  2. Particular if it is a popular product there are probably thousands of other people who are marketing and using the same banners. You don’t want that. It’s the same as your website or your landing pages, you want you banners to standout.
    So you can position uniquely in the marketplace.

Another way to get your banners is to create them yourself.

If you are a designer by trade or have a lot of experience with creating banners, this get be affordable way to create your banners. 
But if you don’t know what you are doing and if you don’t how to make your banners to convert, they are of little use.

Hire a Freelancer

Personally I like to go to places like

Or a website that is specialized in creating banners
 They are very experienced and understand marketing.


Banner creation tips

  • Minimum animation
    Don’t go crazy on using arrows flying around and flash everywhere. One, it will distract your audience and it will most likely backfire on you.
    Besides that most media buy networks won’t accept banners that are to flashy or animated.
  • Arrows pointing to “click here” button 
    The experience is that arrows pointing to the call of action will increase the click through rate of your banners.
  • Use subtle arrows
    Instead of using big flashy arrows it works better if you use subtle arrows. Some designers can create those banners that even your conscious mind won’t even detect immediately. But you unconscious mind will and therefor people will respond more likely.
  • Text banners
    Especially  if you are promoting new sites, using a banner that looks more like an article. people can read the first bit and if they want to read they rest they have to click on it and opt in in order to read the rest.

    The call to action can like: READ FULL STORY. The text should be very catching.
  • Model what is working
    Go to sites like
    And see what is working. Companies pay a lot of money to be on those sites, so you can assume that they have a high click through rate.
    Look what the banners look like and the products they market.



The thing is that you have to learn to think outside of the box, be different, but you have to have a reference to start with.

Check out the sites provides and do a search on the freelance sites for banners. you’ll see that there is a lot of competition.
Especially 20dollarbanners are very helpful. You can either tell them how you want it or they are more then happy to help you out.

A great place to use your banners is of course your own Blog/website.

A blog is the best and most steady way to create a following.
People look for certain content and will come on your blog, because you provide the answers.

They will automatically see you banners. This is free traffic and a good way to test your banner.

If you don’t have a blog,

Start your ready to market blog here if your take your marketing serious.
Having a blog is as important as having a phone.

More important if you want to market your products online is that can tap into a system.
A system that provides the training needed to market in a proper way.
This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

This is the system that I recommend you can use. Or read the review first
Talk soon and best regards,


Awesome you visited my blog post here!

Feel free to share it, comment down below in the comment section
and have a look around on this blog, by clicking on the banners you will see there.

There are all customizable !

So just imagine how your banners will look like on YOUR blog  ?

Redirecting people to your video, offer, training, whatever you like.


3 Must Have Things For Starting Your Online Business

Just a question from me to you

Is there anything that you can relate to in the text below?

Once upon a time there was a mother who was dreaming about changing her life because things were not working out for her (and her family) financially ……….
She was not happy about the amount of free time compared with her work effort at work.

Her 2 kids were more with other people than with her, although she loved to spend all the time in the world with them and doing fun things with them and see them growing up.
Bills were piling up although she had a low spending pattern and
a job as a social worker.

There were a lot of things she liked to do but couldn’t:
Like traveling, going to the theater, spending holidays in foreign countries  with her husband and 2 kids,
building up savings for her growing up kids and being able to support her dad and parents in law when they would need it.

And yes, she liked healthy food but could not afford the biological foods that she would like to buy for her kids.
She had no experience online but needed something to brake free from her unhappy life living the Rat Race no time for doing the things she really feels passionate about ….

Anybody you know who’s going through this?
Or it could be you?

You see,
I was brought up with values that you have to be happy with what you have in life.

I tell it as well to my kids…
But when I was young there was no internet yet.

And the internet makes life nowadays easy right?
You don’t have to leave your house these days to buy something, to book a holiday
for connecting with other people.

For all there is a way online, if you like it or not,
there is so much possible in the internet space!
It can create freedom roads, for who learns how to leverage the internet trough systems.
It can help you build your online business without to leave your house.

I don’t know in what situation you are right now or in what kind of life you are living in.
Although we might be very different,
our problems can be quit similar, right?

Would you want to hear about my best secret to escape a slow killer ?

“Huh, a slow killer”, you might think? “Where is that Dutch mother talking about” ?

With that, I mean
the slow killer of living a passionate, free and abundance life
without living from paycheck to paycheck ….

The life you once dreamed about before you grew up and started a family or your career, or both.

That is what I see all around me, that is the social network where I was always living in ……

People are rushing from work to daycare, driving like madmen in traffic, not being able to live the life they truly desire.

I realize that there will be always work,
but childhood of your kids won’t!

There is a way I can help you, escaping the daily Rat Race.

You are living in the time that there are possibilities online, thanks to the Internet.
And you found my blog post here :-).
And I learned how to change my life and that of my family, through the Internet.

My husband Dirk did many other tutorials and blog posts about all kinds of aspects of an Online Business,
for example this one,
or this one.

I would like to present you a very basic video about

The 3 Must Have Things For Starting Your Online Business.

This will show you how people without any online skills can build a profitable online business,
unless they now which systems they have to use.

This is the summary of what I talked about in the tutorial:

~3 Must Have Things For Starting Your Online Business are

#1 Landings page

This is also called a “Capture Page” or “Squeeze Page”.

It is a page where you ask people to fill in their email address so they become your “lead” and in return you deliver something valuable.
That can be some kind of offer, like an e-book with information on a specific topic they are interested in.
It can be the answer to a question they have. And there are much more examples.

I always love the example of Groupon.
I think they have an incredible ugly website, but they managed to get hundreds of millions of email adresses.
So they have an amazingly large list of people they can sent offers to.

And one day or another someone sees a offer that he buys.
He would have buy it anyway somewhere else, but Groupon is sending catchy emails with this kind of offers.
So he buys it with Groupon!

Are you getting my point?

What Groupon can do, you can do!
You don’t have to have the most beautiful website to get people on you email list.
Having a large email list will give you the ability to sent follow ups with valuable content AND offers.

To design your own Landings Pages and Thank You Pages, we recommend using a system that’s called
Here you can see their amazing features for building your Online Business

#2 Auto Responder

After people trusted you with their best e mail, you need a system that will save you time and efforts sending follow up messages.
In there you can focus on creating a connection with the people who trusted you with their best email address.
You can sent them information related to the offer on the landings page.

You will save time when this happens as autopilot,
just after someone left an e mail address at your landings page.

An auto responder is a system that will do that work for you.
You can set it up easily and give you the freedom to focus on other activities while your auto responder will sent messages.

The one that we use is Get Response.
It is known as one of the most popular and easiest auto responder to work with.


#3 Blog

For your online business you need a home on the internet.


Most people are familiar with a website, that people can visit when they want to learn about your business.

But with with your blog you can create dynamic content about your business, that will help you rank high in the search engines like Google.
That will give you the eyeballs you want on your products you sell.
You have to sell something, or you won’t be able to create an income of course!

By sharing video’s, audio’s and value about you and your business, you can personalize your business more than you can with a “static” website.
People are more willing to buy from people who they know, like and trust.
Your blog is the perfect place to create content about you, and what’s making you different from others who sell the same products.

And by market like this online,
you can be “the hunted” in staid of “hunt for customers”.

I will explain this ….

You can use your blog for solving other people’s problems by giving value and answers people are looking for in Google.
Using keywords for writing your blogs where people are looking for online will make you the hunted:

People find YOU in staid of “cold marketing” to people who are not interested at all in your offer or information.

You can also use your blog to sent messages with to your e mail list.

The Kalatu blog you are reading my article on right now, is Dirk & my house on the internet.
If you look around this blog and click here and there,
you will find space to place your own customized banners and links, photo’s and video’s.

Kalatu is known as the most powerful blogging platform in the world. It has more than 250.000 users, and a lot of them you can find on Google pages #1.

Using The Kalatu Blog has lifted up our Online Business.
It is the place on where we (Dirk and I) create leads and even sales with, when we are playing outside.
Your blog will be exposed online forever, including the landings pages and sales links.
There fore you can sell when you are sleeping.
Now that is what we call freedom!
Imagine what this will mean for you?

That’s the beauty and power of Kalatu: It’s already set up for you!
So after buying it here, it allows you to use it right away and share it on social media platforms, in e mails and link it back to your original website.



Starting your online business can be a great new start, escaping the Rat Race.
But it can be discouraging as well, struggling doing it the hard way.

With those 3 must have things I explained above building your online business,
can create a fast start with fast results.
And therefore you can focus more on marketing your product, and the strategies you can use for your marketing.

Did you found your answers in this blog post about the 3 must have things for your online business?

thank you For reading my blog post!

Please let me know if you have any questions according to my video or online systems that I referred you to?

You can place them in the comment section below, where I will respond to you with love and pleasure.

I also invite you to work with me directly.                                                                                 the_lonely_lighthouse_II_by_andrekosslick
Since Dirk and I plugged in an online system that helps us to make online sales,
while we are sending time with our kids our live changed from suffering to enjoying free time.

By clicking the picture on the right side, you will be redirected to
our review on that amazing, life changing system.

Bye from the Netherlands 🙂

~ Muriël