Shortcuts Give Away: How To Become a Millionaire Like Toby And Layla?


how to become a millionaire

How To Become a Millionaire Like Toby And Layla?

Life looked completely different 2 years ago, for million dollar couple Toby and Layla Black.

Listen to their mind blowing transformational story in this replay of our weekly TWTW Hangout, that our business partner Kim and us hosted.

Watch the replay of Tuesday September 22th,
using this link.

How their 7 figure online success journey started?

Their online journey started in noisy, smelly basement of a bar, where they lived, totally broke.

But just like us, they stumbled upon the same business system we’re using, that has now created their ultimate freedom 7 figure lifestyle.

One day, when enough was enough, they decided to rise up, start a family and live a life they always desired with kids and a house and most of all, dreams to live as parents HOME with their kids.

Toby is a musician and his dream was always to be playing and creating as much as possible, WITHOUT the financial struggles, many musicians face.
BOOM! The freedom created with their online business system ALSO created the online income, that set Toby free from that financial pressure artists face very often.

And Layla….. BOOM! She’s the mother of inspiration, a rock singer songwriter, blogger, mother of Toby’s kids and most of all, someone with a huge story.

There is so much we haven’t shared yet about this golden couple…!! We’re saving that for the hangout.

how to become a millionaire

What’s there to learn?

In this hangout you will be able to learn from Layla and Toby’s live training, stories and step by step guidelines

on how YOU can free yourself from the grind. And start living your dream life. Even when you don’t believe you can! Their rich experience in life in all ups and downs will open your mind for what’s possible.

They will teach you why you can walk into their footsteps. And most important HOW!

Soooo…. what are you waiting for?
You have completely NOTING to lose and EVERYTHING tho gain, for the sake of yourself and your beloved ones.

Watch the hangout and have that leap of faith to get started using the same online business system Toby and Layla are using.


how to become a millionaire

Talk soon!

~Dirk and Muriël

how to become a millionaire

Any income discussed in this message or on this hangout, are not average, though neither are we. Be sure to check out this page for the average earnings of affiliates here.

Search Engine Marketing – The 3 Letters That Could Help Your Business Grow Like Uber


No not Sem, our daughter LOL,
but Search Engine Marketing could help your business grow like uber !

In this replay hangout you will be able learn how S.E.M plays a BIG role in the online success of our special guests Bren & Mike.

We invite you to watch the replay of our weekly TWTW Hangouts of Tuesday September 8th, 2015.

TWTW Hangouts, “Lifestyle By Design” – Bren & Mike Exclusive


Search Engine Marketing

Our soul sister and business partner Kim and us will
show you that the unthinkable is possible, using the internet.

You will have the chance here, to meet Power couple
Bren & Mike, in this EXCLUSIVE interview.
We are incredibly honored to have them on!!

It’s exclusive, because this couple is – apart from being parents
& living a family life,
creator of our company training and also
an authority online, dominating Google Search:

They have conquered many #1 Google spots with their stunning
valuable blog posts!

That has transformed their lives, the lives of many others:
Their training is circulating on their blog posts online!! and their
e-wallets for the better.

In this special edition TWTW Hangout, you will be able to learn
how they’re making
a full-time income with their part-time
online business.


** How YOU can crack the internet success “secret”**

….Which is actually not a secret but a strategy which they learned
in our BADASS online business platform!

Are you open to learn and to change your life for the better ?
For escaping the daily Rat Race, and free yourself  for trading
time for money at work?

Watch the blueprint of Bren and Mike’s online business system here.

Looking forward hearing your comments below.

~Dirk & Muriël


Bren and Mike invested in the black Card.
That enabled them to learn all about Search Engine Marketing

and apply it right into their business.

This is how to grow your business like uber….!

Press the button below to start your freedom journey here
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You live today 🙂

Search Engine Marketing

Any incomes discussed in this message and in the hangout are not average, though neither are we. Be sure to check out this page for the income disclaimer here

Little Known Stories That Will Change How You Can Look At Impossible Things To Do

Impossible things to do
Little Known Stories That Will Change How You
Can Look At Impossible Things To Do…..

Learn more in this replay hangout!

Co-hosting this Hangout together with Kim every Tuesday,
is a true highlight of working together online in a warm,
reaching out community.

Again, Tuesday August 11th, it was EPIC.
Stories and trainings, inspire people, who are open for a
idea’s to change their lives. Laying out how.

Get inspired, seeing social proof, to hear stunning results …..
in our TWTW Hangouts!
Tuesday’s at 4 PM EDT.

What’s “behind” it

When we first started our online business,

we just wanted to pay off our debt and free up
our schedules to have more family time and
family travel. Since then our vision has grown
so much that a year ago we would have been
incredibly intimidated
of the thought of the definite
change of our lifestyle
and values. This business is not about us anymore,

its about the people that we inspire to build a life
on their terms. Freedom from financial pressure.

Freedom from a job they hate.
Freedom to pursue their passions.
We’ve finally found a way to build a business

around our ideal lifestyle – family, living simply but
comfortably, time freedom, and location

Its time to pay that knowledge forward!

We’re so pumped about this Hangout, not just
because it’s sharing true inspiring stories,
but this hangout is going to change the believe
system of others to unbelievable heights.

That can include you!

After the hangout, seeing positive comments coming
is part of our purpose in life… Having the ability to
reach out to people online, to every corner of the world,
means everything to us.

We don’t mention these things to brag, but honestly,
if you do not like the situation you’re in. Change it.

Learn the skills you need to build something that will
reward you the life you deserve. Time is going to pass
by anyways. It is not slowing down. You might as well
start LIVING.

Watch the replay of our latest Hangout

by clicking this link

Meet Our Today’s Hangout Panel

***Terri *** living next to the Australia rainforest
with her husband and kids. She’s an activist for
making the world a better and passionate place for
all of us … razing her voice for human’s, animal’s
and nature’s rights…. She’s ALSO cashing in on her passions about music and
blogging about her family life as a work from
home mom.

, an Chinese Canadian office girl,

who traded her boring office life and cold Canadian
for overwintering in Hawaii, and traveling the world,
and earning her income with her laptop and the
internet.She also uses the internet for empowering women
around the world with her blogs and video’s about
how to steppin’ into their powers, and becoming
independently and free individuals, loving themselves!Oh! And not to forget… she’s hitting the leader boards
in our company and we’re really REALLY proud of our
driven “team sister”.
What can we say more than….


Dirk and I have an online home business, and is has been the solution
for our family life, and how to make :”impossible things to do” possible.

We would like to show it to you.
And you can, by clicking this link

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

So go here, and get started and learn how
impossible things to do,
can become possible.
Simple by taking action!

Talk soon,

Life Changing Stories – Lifestyle By Your Design Hangout

Life changing stories

Listening to life changing stories can effect your life for the better.
And that’s why it’s important to listen to positive life changing stories
of people who already overcame struggles, who became successful.
Stories of people who are now ready to share it with the world
helping you believe that you can do the unthinkable in life!

Welcome, this is what it’s all about ….

Are you searching for that mindset shift,
for making a BIG change in your life?

Are you looking for answers and proof that
you have to power to create your ideal lifestyle,
starting from today?

I’m here to help you by presenting this hangout edition!

Because in this Hangout you’re able to learn from
our panel,
our guests from all over the world.
Working together with our friend Kim is so amazing!
(Together we host these weekly hangouts.)

We interview successful entrepreneurs who
changed their lives,
because they have the will to win!

They all decided to take action to create a life on
their terms.
To be able to travel, spend more time with their

family and being able to lift the results of their excising

I invite you to watch the hangout and see
what’s possible,

the unlimited possibilities for you, for your family,
for your life!

Most people learned that you have to work hard to be
successful, right?

Well does it says that you have to live your life away?
To be away from your kids, your beloved ones?

NO not at all…. !
That’s how this “accepted value” created itself!
And started a life on its own in your mind.
In the minds of people around you.

There is another world, right now, at the exact same
moment as you are feeling tired of being sick and tired,

of working, stressing, running the Rat Race….
seeing time flies by without the ability to do the things
you feel REALLY passionate about.

Can you relate?

Do you wander,
DO you want to learn more,
If you have an open mind, because
-This is not for everybody-

Only for people who have the will to win!

and learn to earn with passion, in freedom being
your own boss,

working together a this warm and reaching out


Life Changing Quote

“Like the air you breathe,
abundance in all things

is available to you.
Your life will simply be as good
as you allow it to be.”

-Abraham Hicks



Life Changing Stories

I believe in you,
follow your heart!

Talk soon,

Life Changing Stories

You might like this short video about how I managed to overcome a lot of negative experiences,

it can be life changing stories for you.
Because, what I can do, you can!






TWTW Google Hangouts Live – How To Find A Mentor ?

 How to find a mentor

How To Find A Mentor?

Perhaps you are wandering, how to find a mentor, to help me get unstuck?

Or perhaps you are just searching online, for finding guidance along your way changing your life, making a difference for yourself, your family, your friends by making your business profitable and successful? And you don’t know where to start, or how to get to the next level?

TWTW Hangout$

On this beautiful Tuesday I would like to share the replay of today’s edition of our Tuesday’s
TWTW hangout.
We do this weekly hangouts live every Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern/ EDT.
Use this link, and you can hop on live next week 🙂

Our target every single week, is to inspire and help as much people as possible, to start believing they can achieve unlimited success online, making their lives easier and joyfuller, less stressed and most of all, successful!

While Kim, and I can keep on talking about the amazing online business system we all use, for living life on our terms, making online profits…. we like to introduce you – every week- to other people, who have amazing results and who all started from day one, willing to show you how.

We all are mentors and have mentors ourselves. And this Hangout will be able to show you the way to your mentor:
by entering our online business system :
Fill out the form and your mentor will connect with you.

The hangout will show you that we are a truly powerful and helpful community, connecting with each-other globally online, lifting each other up and help others to succeed.

And because success has a different meaning for every individual…. we want to assure you that mentoring you for becoming the best version of yourself, is one of our goals. Skills can be learned, mindset is your drive to keep on going!

In fact, achieving success is 80% mindset and 20% skill set.

What is done by others can be done by you!

Also in today’s live hangout, we will cover real live success stories, shared by successful entrepreneurs, for lifting your believe system AND work on your skill set:
Our guest Carol and Ellie will share step by step marketing tips and tricks, for newbies and for advanced online marketers,
for getting you started in your success modes!


Do you have the Will To Win?

Do you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe?
Are you willing to go for a life on your terms, working a few hours a day, earning unlimited profits?
Are you still wandering how to find a mentor?

Open your mind and your laptop to watch this powerful replay above.

Talk soon!

P.S You might like this other blog post, written by Dirk,
for learning more ….

how to find a mentor



Results are not typical, see Income Disclaimer:


Lifestyle By Design – Brian Couch

Lifestyle by design – Brian Couch

Do you want to learn how to live life on your terms?
And do you desire a lifestyle by design?

It was a special day, this June Tuesday, 2th.
Our TWTW hangout sister Kim Justice started her around the world trip TODAY!

So Kim could not co host this amazing hangout…

My hubby Dirk lay with our son in a deep fever sleep…

Marisol her internet crashed due to a big accident in her town…

It was Brian and me hanging out together as we were talking in a bar sharing valuable golden nuggets.
Gosh I love the internet and the ability to be able to have easy conversations oversees 🙂

Just watch this hangout for learning from the best of the best from the online business industry!

LIfestyle by design

About the hangout

As online entrepreneurs we learned that our online businesses has been the solution for our problems.

We all had great break troughs, lifting our businesses to the next level.

We want to share our results and tips with you… since starting from day one:
Because we know that we have a lot people watching who are newbies to the industry here.

And you are here because you just want to learn and you are open for new idea’s
and how you can follow into our footsteps.

Because you want to hear how an online business can be your solution,
for creating that change in your life, right?

Get started in our community of globally united entrepreneurs!

Get started now
and let’s connect!

LIfestyle by your design

We have to mention that we have an earning disclosure:
Results are not typical, we are not typical.
See income disclaimer


Why Lifestyle By Design – Earning Residual Income Online IS Possible

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-15 om 00.50.11

TWTW Hangout, May Tuesday 12th

No worries if you’ve missed it!

Here’s your replay

And here is the panel:

  • Chad is an top income earner, a great leader and helps an enormous amount of people changing their lives for the better.
    He helps by leverage the internet to be free and to pursue their dreams.
    He’s a trainer, a speaker and also just a cool an nice guy!
  • Polina is total into laptop lifestyle, she broke free from her 9-5 job to create a life full of travels every single month.Although English is not her first language she build her online business as a visionary, and is a magnet for people. Just being herself she manages to help change the lives of many people…
  • Shenan, a integer guy from New Zeeland, once started to dream about more time freedom to travel in his free time. Since the day that he decided to take action on this, he managed to have $3000 days: that created freedom to do what he loves compared the profits making with his job. It’s his mission to teach other people the same!

You will be able to learn how your journey as entrepreneurs can start, working online, learning how to write your own paycheck, designing your desired lifestyle.

NOT Possible?
Hell yes it is!

These people are human 🙂 and not very different than you!

Dirk and I believe that you can start making changes in your life as well.
When it’s done by others it can be done by you even better!
We are grateful to not only hang out with them in Google Hangouts,
but every singe 90 days on our company events.
You are invited to come along with us!

Chad, Polina, Shenan,
They all started with dreaming and taking baby steps towards their goals.

But they found their power to strive making their biggest wishes come true:
And they DID.

Just think about what it would mean to you to change your life for the better?

These examples are the mean facts that people fill in our survey questions
Fire the boss, travel, pay off debs, 12 holidays a year, be able to take care of parents, pay expensive medicine, be able to buy healthy and biologic foods, pay for private schools for the kids, be able to work around the time schedules of the kids, follow that language course without being to busy, shopping without looking at the price labels, buy dream car,  dream house, visit far away family members.

Do you miss a couple of your examples?
Please share them with us in the comments, down below!

And  you really should have a seat, and watch this Hangout until the very end.
Learn where to start and what to do, learn from their stories.

It is such a powerful Hangout, with the panel interacting with each other, magnificent golden nuggets that they all GIVE away to our guests …..

That should give you a great start with moving forward, creating YOUR Lifestyle By Design
– By Earning Residual Income Online.

We are looking forward to hear thoughts about this one, down below in the Comments!

And if we helped you to overcome your objections with this Hangout,
you know what to do, right?

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-15 om 00.50.11
We’re ready to mentor you along your way,
Let’s meet!

~ Dirk and Muriël

Want more ?
Watch another TWTW hangout here


P.S. Results are not typical, we are not typical either….
See income disclaimer here


How To Gain Financial Freedom – Your First Step To Break Free

Are You Serious About Breaking Free From The Strings That’s Holding You Back?

Surround yourself by success stories,

Watch today’s The Will To Win Hangout!


Welcome to our world of entrepreneurs: Where people are designing their lifestyle, their freedom.

These individuals ONCE decided to take that ONE step into a new world, the world of freedom and breaking free from jobs, time consuming businesses, passion killing overwork, daycare culture, living from paycheck to paycheck mindset ……..

We believe that when YOU found this blog post, it’s time for you to make a commitment:

Change your mindset from suffering from life with trading time for money, to winning your life back in financial freedom!

Go ahead and take a look at the online business system that changed the lives of many.

Do you have an open mind ?

Than go ahead and let it change yours as well!



Follow your heart!

~ Dirk and Muriël

Make Money Doing What You Love – Design Your Dream Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how others ARE able to live their dream lifestyle?

You will be blown away by today’s panel
in the replay of our Monday’s Live Google The Will To Win Hangout$.

It’s time for new insights, when YOU are ready for change.
You CAN design your dream lifestyle as well…

Because the HOW is simple! Just surround yourself with inspiring and successful people.
That will feed your mind! Welcome @ our replay :-).



Watch this EPIC panel, who will teach you how to live in daily freedom and living your desired lifestyle.

5 Very different people will share today with you,
where they were in life,
before success started to follow them…..
and were they are now celebrating freedom victory!

They will tell you HOW they did it and give YOU advice on how you can make money online, automate your business, and start designing your ideal lifestyle.

They will speak from when they started DAY 1.

Here’s the panel

Michelle – automated her business
to spend more time with kids and just bought
their one way ticket
for moving to dream destination -Thailand!

Kaspars – automated his blogging
and Instagram businesses to travel
the world and help people do the
Walt – automated his businesses
to be his own boss and for working from
the comfort of his
own home AND is able to
take mini-retirements all the timeBrian – automated his business
and travels first class around the world
visiting dream locations.
Kim – automated her
online business to quit her life sucking
personal training job and travel
the world starting in June!Dirk & Muriël (us) – automated our
businesses to get out of bankruptcy,
spend more time with kids, and
travel long-term.
We come from all walks of life and are normal people who have found a way to design the lifestyle of our dreams.
Hangout with us in this replay.


How to be able to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want, without ever worrying about who’s gonna say what, or to who.

Sounds interesting, right?

Let us know what you found the most inspiring story?
And please chat with us in the comments below if you have ANY questions.
We love to hear from you.

Your journey can start right here


Talk soon

Do you want more inspiring stories?
Watch another TWTW Hangout here