How To Start a Business With No Money Successfully Even If You’re Brand New?

How To Start a Business With No Money Successfully, even when you’re brand new?

Tired of hearing yourself say things like:
” I believe in this business, but I don’t have the money to invest in it?”


Small Business Idea’s 🙂

 Stuff can be stuff, but did you ever looked at your stuff this way ??

When you know what you want, but you have no profits to invest, there is a way.

But you have to be sure that you put up your creative glasses 🙂

to be able to see what you normally don’t see.


The Bike That Payed Of a part Of Our Online Business System

We were totally broke 2 years ago, because of bankruptcy with 300K into debt as result.
That never stopped us from investing into our freedom opportunity business.

This bike was standing in front of our house un-used when our kids were about 3 and 9.
The oldest wanted to ride her own bike and the youngest could st at the back of my bike.

So we sold it second hand for a very good price. That we immediately reinvested into our business!


What do you have stuffed in or outside your house that you can miss and sell before
it’s to old to get a good price for it?


starting a business with no money

starting a business with no money


Time flies when you’re a family…. Nick was here about 9 months and Sem 6….
Just an ordinary day, bringing them to school and picking them up.

The other image is a day in our local park,  doing a pick-nick, enjoying Carpe Diem!


Another Tip

And also very helpful is asking yourself the right questions, so called Afformations.

“How did I find the simplest way to invest in my brand new business ?” , or

“Were did I find the profits to invest into my business that helped me hitting my 15 K a month goal?”.

A great book that I can recommend is “The great Little Book Of Afformations” by Noah St. John.

Tired of hearing yourself say things like: “Why is my life such a struggle? Why can’t I find someone to love? Why don’t I have enough time or money?” Change the QUESTIONS, change your LIFE! In this new, updated edition of the original award-winning book, you’ll learn how to transform your life using a simple questioning technique called AFFORMATIONS – empowering questions (not “affirmations”) that change what you focus on – and what you focus on, grows! The authors walk you through every area of your life, including Health – Wealth – Body Image – Conquering Fear – Overcoming Bad Habits & Addictions – Love & Relationships – Work & Career. You’ll discover new questions that will empower you to have more control, more freedom, and more abundance in every area of your life. What are you waiting for?




There is ALWAYS a way… you just got to think creatively and be willing to do whatever it takes.

We were sick and tired of being deeply into debt, listening to others who told us that there was
no way to pay it of in this life.

So we started to sell stuff we didn’t use any more.
That way we could afford for our freedom, our online business system.


how to start a business with no money

Was this blog post helpful for you? Do you see your potential ,although you have not
a lot of figures on your name?

There is always a way!

For any questions or comments, we invite you to write them to me (and Dirk)
in the comments down below.

Talk soon!


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Heads Up! 7 Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs To Keep You On Track


Two years ago Dirk and I didn’t even know what entrepreneurship was……

Entrepreneurial Quotes 1

Becoming an entrepreneur, creating our income and that of others, was the best decision we’ve made.

4 entrepreneur-quotes

Changing our lives, family perspectives, being able to work with our laptops and internet, around the schedules of our kids, earning what we deserve, deciding with whom we work with and that we want to help others to do that as well and SO much more benefits.


We know that it also takes time, guts, energy, investment, passion and a vehicle to create your dreamed success and freedom. Especially the letting go part of “old values ” and opinions of others, can be a tough one …

6 not be done should not interrupt those who are doing it

It always helped us to absorb and understand powerful quotes like these for achieving milestones up to the ultimate goals, and paying our vision forward.


entrepreneur-poster 2

And we want to inspire you by sharing these 7 of our favorite ones, to help you move on and keeping your heads up, tapping into the powerhouse inside of you 🙂 for making YOUR dreams come true.



Focus on the road ahead and your ultimate goal …it can really set you free!!



Talk soon,

~ Dirk & Muriël ~

P.S. This is where our road to freedom started, the free way of living ……

Are you ready to take a leap of faith?

You have noting to lose and everything to gain.

Just click here, get in and open the door to your freedom lifestyle!

Vision Quotes – Our Vision Includes You!

Vision Quotes – Our Vision Includes You!

Believing in someones vision helps people to accomplish BIG
milestones. It can be that one thing to fight all objections
to go for that something that is extremely important for
Searching for Vision Quotes I found this one,

as perfect introduction for my video message for you,
laying out, how our vision includes you !….

Here it comes:

“Vision is the art of seeing
what is invisible to others.”

~Jonathan Swift

Do you like it?

Just think about how the vision of Martin Luther King,
and Gandhi changed the future of millions of people!

Change can hurt. Specially when your dreams are not supported
by people
you’re surrounded with. Beloved ones, friends, family…
And stepping out of your comfort zones can be VERY scary and painful…

Others can be the brake on your gas to your success.
Or the fuel and vehicle for high speed ..

I found the above quote of “vision” nicer than this official
business description:

“An aspirational description of what an organization would like
to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future.
It is intended to serves as a clear guide for choosing current
and future courses of action.”



Vision Quotes

The Power of Vision

When we just started online, building our brand new home based
we fell in love with the vision of our mentors.
It gave us the mental power
we needed to make real big changes for our family lives.

Connecting with someones powerful and attracting vision,
can be the rise or fall of your ideal life…
if that’s what you want to accomplish. For example

* living your dreams or not,
* staying right where you are -like every body else- building the
and business of your boss …. or yours
* breaking free from the “accepted way of livin'” or not
* breaking free from others people’s  fears and unbelief or freeze in the
“comfort of habits” – I would like to call it “death of your creativity and

About Our Vision

Dirk and I truly want to inspire others, when it comes to passionate
living and following your heart, doing what you really love most.
Spending more time at work is NOT how it supposed to be right?

Work will always be there childhood won’t ……

There are so many families separated because of financial stress
(top #3 reasons for divorce),
bringing the kids to daycare because the job
requires it- so you’re missing all the important milestones -,
bad economics, financial pressure and fear of losing a job and so on…..

Our vision is to help 100 families a year, to escape their financial pressure,
being able to bring parents home, being able to show their kids the world as part as their education, being able to be there at every milestone, braking free from the Rat Race …

…by teaching others how the internet can be the vehicle to accomplish
a Freedom Lifestyle.



Are you ready to see the blueprint of the online business system
that Dirk and I are working with, for living life on our terms….

Then Simple CLICK HERE for more information,
and see how it can work for you!

Talk soon!

~Muriël (and Dirk)

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Lifestyle By Design – Brian Couch

Lifestyle by design – Brian Couch

Do you want to learn how to live life on your terms?
And do you desire a lifestyle by design?

It was a special day, this June Tuesday, 2th.
Our TWTW hangout sister Kim Justice started her around the world trip TODAY!

So Kim could not co host this amazing hangout…

My hubby Dirk lay with our son in a deep fever sleep…

Marisol her internet crashed due to a big accident in her town…

It was Brian and me hanging out together as we were talking in a bar sharing valuable golden nuggets.
Gosh I love the internet and the ability to be able to have easy conversations oversees 🙂

Just watch this hangout for learning from the best of the best from the online business industry!

LIfestyle by design

About the hangout

As online entrepreneurs we learned that our online businesses has been the solution for our problems.

We all had great break troughs, lifting our businesses to the next level.

We want to share our results and tips with you… since starting from day one:
Because we know that we have a lot people watching who are newbies to the industry here.

And you are here because you just want to learn and you are open for new idea’s
and how you can follow into our footsteps.

Because you want to hear how an online business can be your solution,
for creating that change in your life, right?

Get started in our community of globally united entrepreneurs!

Get started now
and let’s connect!

LIfestyle by your design

We have to mention that we have an earning disclosure:
Results are not typical, we are not typical.
See income disclaimer


Do You Struggle With How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard?? Solution Revealed In This Blog Post!

Do You Struggle With How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard??
Heads up!
I invite you to read my personal story and strike out on new paths.
It will show you a new way of thinking when life gets hard.
It will show you a new path against struggle
up to freedom, happiness and ideal lifestyle.

How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard


How does this quote makes you feel?

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”
~ John D. Rockefeller

It makes me feel relieved that Dirk and I took another path, than the “accepted” ones….

But how about you? Are you still stuck in ideas that makes you believe that you have to live the 40 year plan to have all the freedom you deserve? That you have to work your life away?

That you should struggle to pay your bills? Because it’s accepted to be poor ?
And accepted you to talk about what you don’t have in staid of talking about dreams of living a wealthy life….?

Please don’t! There is another way!
Read on I will tell you all about the path of freedom and were you can find it.

I already saw to many people dying to young, for believing in that “old” path to become happy.
My mind already is unleashed, for believing that I should walk in line with people who lost their dreams doing what they love before their kids are grown up.

My mom, 46 years old, ended her own life.
My stepmother, 59 years old, died of cancer.

Life can be over tomorrow.
…are you spending your days doing what you really love ?

Back in time…

I remember for example that I used to have 2 to 3 extra cleaning jobs to pay for my bills, education, food between my of 17-22. It was hard work.

And even after becoming a mom myself, and Dirk started his first restaurant I had to take an extra job, being out of the house, away from our baby to afford life.

I saw NO other way. This was back in 2004….I hated this. I always was looking for a way to be at home with our babies. I tried many different things for as much time at home with them as possible.

I started a pedicure home business to work around the baby schedules. But I almost broke my back carrying all the heavy equipment, because we had no room extra to practice this at home.

What a nightmare….

For 7 years I worked in a overnight-job, slept at work: to enable myself not to miss daytime with our kids, and go to work at the end of their awake day…

When I then new what I know no about ANOTHER way to make profits to pay bills, OMG!

Since the kids went to school I switched to a day job that enabled me to see them at night. But was as well far from ideal: My social worker job does not allow me to earn enough to pay back the BIG financial setback and restaurant bankruptcy Dirk and I suffered from in October 2013 with result: $300.000 in debt.

But as I always love to look forward in staid of looking back with regret….

I feel so thankful for the moment that our path crossed a message with a video and a link: that brought us the online system that helps us now designing our ideal lifestyle.

Your ideal lifestyle might be totally something else than ours.
Bur realize that you NEED to strike out on new paths if want to succeed with creating your ideal life.

There is a path leading towards freedom, being free from any constrains, a life sucking job – although it’s a part-time one-
living life on our terms, to be unleashed and rise up!

And you know what?

We are succeeding! And success IS smiling at us.
Because we decided to took an alternative path.


Now we’re guiding our team on the exact same path we’re walking on. That team is called

We’re a group now with a vision and a mission on a journey.
An entrepreneurial journey up to freedom!

Helping others to succeed feels fulfilling and empowering and became our mission.


Learn here where your freedom journey can start:
Click the link
Drop your info and I will sent you the information.

Reach out to me or Dirk for any questions!

I Appreciate your comments down below. Thank you so much!

Always listen to your heart,

Muriël handtekening(2)

How to Save Yourself From Dying Dreams

Look out for strong Quotes 🙂



If you are suffering from the dying-dreams-syndrome ;-)…..
Watch this [Video]

And after seeing it,
We are pretty sure that you will have the power to realize them.

Life is short, make the best out of it.
To you!

-Dirk & Muriël



Power of Positive Thinking

Please never forget the power that you have to make positive things to happen.

This is our vision……


~ Dirk & Muriël

Did you know that we created a positive and free lifestyle after seeing this video?

You can see it if you click here