How To Use Social Media For Promoting Your Business Effectively?


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Life Changing Stories – Lifestyle By Your Design Hangout

Life changing stories

Listening to life changing stories can effect your life for the better.
And that’s why it’s important to listen to positive life changing stories
of people who already overcame struggles, who became successful.
Stories of people who are now ready to share it with the world
helping you believe that you can do the unthinkable in life!

Welcome, this is what it’s all about ….

Are you searching for that mindset shift,
for making a BIG change in your life?

Are you looking for answers and proof that
you have to power to create your ideal lifestyle,
starting from today?

I’m here to help you by presenting this hangout edition!

Because in this Hangout you’re able to learn from
our panel,
our guests from all over the world.
Working together with our friend Kim is so amazing!
(Together we host these weekly hangouts.)

We interview successful entrepreneurs who
changed their lives,
because they have the will to win!

They all decided to take action to create a life on
their terms.
To be able to travel, spend more time with their

family and being able to lift the results of their excising

I invite you to watch the hangout and see
what’s possible,

the unlimited possibilities for you, for your family,
for your life!

Most people learned that you have to work hard to be
successful, right?

Well does it says that you have to live your life away?
To be away from your kids, your beloved ones?

NO not at all…. !
That’s how this “accepted value” created itself!
And started a life on its own in your mind.
In the minds of people around you.

There is another world, right now, at the exact same
moment as you are feeling tired of being sick and tired,

of working, stressing, running the Rat Race….
seeing time flies by without the ability to do the things
you feel REALLY passionate about.

Can you relate?

Do you wander,
DO you want to learn more,
If you have an open mind, because
-This is not for everybody-

Only for people who have the will to win!

and learn to earn with passion, in freedom being
your own boss,

working together a this warm and reaching out


Life Changing Quote

“Like the air you breathe,
abundance in all things

is available to you.
Your life will simply be as good
as you allow it to be.”

-Abraham Hicks



Life Changing Stories

I believe in you,
follow your heart!

Talk soon,

Life Changing Stories

You might like this short video about how I managed to overcome a lot of negative experiences,

it can be life changing stories for you.
Because, what I can do, you can!






Cheap Marketing Technics To Advertise Your Business

het: Heden
bar restaurant en tuin
is one of our businesses!!


And Retargeting
is one of our favorite
Cheap Marketing Technics To Advertise our Business.

others pay big money for their banner space on highly ranked pages.
& we overrule them with retargeting.

Did you see the 4 pictures & our logo on high ranking pages?

It could have been your logo over there 🙂

If you are curious how you can learn this smart,
easy and cheap internet marketing technic,

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Dirk & Muriël
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How to get more customers for your restaurant.


For the past 9 years I’m running my own restaurants. I always wondered how to get more customers in.

Advertizing in newspapers and magazines or on citymaps.
Now I know that that is a waist of money.

You want more customers for you business?
Get online and learn the techniques.

For the past year Muriël and I have been very interested in how things work online.
And we can say that we have been successful in implementing al the strategies in our restaurant Het Heden.

In my other blog you can read about the success with the world champion soccer in the summer of 2014.

But now it’s almost christmas and how do you make sure that you get
a lot of customers?


The technique I used is called “retargeting”.

You see, ones people come your website, they wander around and if they didn’t buy anything or in this case made a reservation, you ‘ll lose them.

What you want to do is remind them. So you retarget them. You have to use a platform that has a big network. (For our restaurant we use a Dutch platform, but if your market is international it’s wise to use a global platform.)

They will see your ad on big websites, where you normally have to pay big money for your bannerspace.

Retargeting is very cheap and only big companies do it.


See above the example of retargeting.
Our restaurant Het Heden is visible on another page!!
This was just a few days ago.

Imagine how many more publicity this gives to your business :-).


  • Very easy to do.
  • Very cheap
  • Big results

Do you want to (qua)tripple your income?
Click on the banner besides this blog and start today learning and applying the same technics too.
All awsome trainings are there waiting for you in the same blogging system we are plugged into.

But only if you want to be successful in what you do.


~ Dirk

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What is a viral blog and what can it do for you in 2015

A Viral blog

If you have a business you can never have to many clients and you can always benefit from marketing, definitely the advanced forms.

In my years as a restaurant owner, many times I have been approached by companies who would gladly do my marketing. Of course for a nice price. But to be honest? I never had the feeling that the things I tried actually worked. It was like throwing away money.

So what did these companies do that I couldn’t do and how can I boost my business? Old fashion advertising in magazines or newspapers, it’s hard to measure if it has any effect.

I came to the conclusion that the internet is the answer.  There where also al these companies that did SEO stuff for you. I never understood what that was. But, anyway I started reading and searching online and I found out that blogging was powerful. But how to start a blog and how does that SEO thing works.

I tried to build my own word press sites. The actually worked, but no one could find them online.

After more research I stumbled upon the Viral Blog. This is where I wanted to write about, because I get the following question a lot.

What is a Viral blog?

A viral blogging system is one of the quickest ways to increase business exposure, because of the leverage.

Whether  you want to get more exposure for your website, your ideas or your brand using a viral blog will definitely help you grow your business.

So what is a Virla blog and how can it help you get higher rankings in the search engines?

The power behind a viral blog platform is that of community blogging. That means that a lot of writers, the more the better, are all posting there content on the same platform. All using the same domain name.

The Viral blogging platforms are there to help business owners advertise adequately and rapidly there products or services online. And it doesn’t matter what business your in.

There are many platform around and the vary in a lot of different ways. Some are easy to use and others require a lot of technical skills.

If you are new to the blogging and internet marketing world but you do want to benefit from the leverage it can create a viral blogging systems that is completely is set up for you.
Here is a great example from a ready to go blogging system.


So why not start your own blog?

The biggest benefit of a Viral blogging System is the leveraging power of domain recognition and authority.

If you start your own blog it normally takes you a while before you start receiving traffic to your website/blog. This is because your new domain name has no seniority or authority in the search engines. As a new blogger you would have to consistently post to your blog for at least ninety days to begin receiving their first streams of search engine traffic. To begin to get significant blog traffic, you would have to post consistently for six months to a year while doing an extensive amount of back-linking to gain some site authority.

This is a lot of work, especially if you are a beginner and it usually results in quitting.

A viral blogging platform already has the authority of a domain name that has been around and therefore has recognition in the search engines.

How did it come by it’s authority? It’s because of the large number of back links. ( a back link is a link from a website back to the blog)


Whenever you use a specific keyword in your blog on a viral blogging platform, it will quickly get ranked in Google and the other search engines. Sometimes even within 24 hours.

If you just got started it can take a little longer, even up to a month and even longer to make it onto the first page of the search results.

And the first page of the search engine, that is where you want to be with you business. The leveraging power of a Viral blog makes it possible to get content rank on the first page quicker and easier and without the expensive marketing companies you can hire.


The more people blog on the platform the more authority and ranking power the domain has. And therefore  the more traffic you will receive.

It’s like the saying; two people know more than one, or in this case, a thousands of bloggers on the same domain, is better than one blogger on one domain.


What can it do for you?

Imagine what this means for your business, or even if you don’t have on, it’s great to get your story out there.

So how can you make money with your blog?

If you get traffic to you blog, it means you have potential customers.  For example, if you love golfing and you write passionate about it, people will love your story and they will follow you.

At your blog is room for banners. You write about this great tool you use in your game and this tool is what you promote through the banners.

Now people want to buy this tool, so they click on the banner and they are send to a web shop where they can buy that tool. And if they buy you get a commission.

They great thing about that is, this can happen while you are a sleep, while you are on holiday. I love that idea!  


So, get started today and click on one of the banners you see on this blog.

Fill out the form here and start your blog today!

See you


~Dirk and Muriël