Business Success Stories For Learning How To Get Unstuck Today For Life-Changing Results

Business Success Stories For Learning How To Get Unstuck Today For Life-Changing Results


“Already having a ball with these two Muriël Dijkema and Dirk van Waasbergen from the Netherlands… they are just diving into their inspiring story now 🙂 parents of 2, social worker.. restaurant owner.. ending up in 300k debt… turning online and are some of the huge hearted people i know xx on our live hangout right now… to come listen in and be inspired right now. xx”

~ Terri Nicholson, Facebook, Dec 4, 2015


Watch The Replay Below


And learn how we’re not very different than you….

We give away our best tips and some golden nuggets,
that has lead to our recent business success.

Business Success Stories

Dirk & I are grateful to be asked as Special Guests on the
“Empowered Dreams Hangout” of our dear friends
Carol Makowski & Ellie Walsh: 2 Amazing personalities!

It was be LIVE Dec 4 at 6 PM Eastern – Midnight Amsterdam time.

We are proud to say that we saw these baby boomers LIVE speaking
on stages in the US, empowering people from all walks of life,
by sharing their best tips and success stories to help others breaking
through the barriers of their comfort zones, making dreams happen.

Carol and Ellie live their lives according to their design, using the
internet, and a smart business system….

The same system we use

So our day couldn’t end better -the Netherlands is 6 hours ahead
of PM Eastern 🙂
And we can’t wait to contribute to their team in this hangout,
sharing our stories and tips..


And we would love to hear how we contributed to your gameplan
with our story?

Please share it with us below in the comments,
or connect with us on Facebook -friend request us and shoot us a pm-
Muriël Dijkema

Dirk van Waasbergen


Our most recent success ?

Business Success StoriesSchermafbeelding 2015-12-06 om 00.35.03
Not bad in a company with 60.000+ affiliates right?

The reason we share our results is not to brag,
but to show you what 2 regular parents of 2, without
ANY prior experience online, living in the Netherlands
can achieve
– Making online sales GLOBALLY to people
we’ve NEVER met before –

So without home-or hotel meetings it’s possible
to expand your business.

What are you waiting for?
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain….


The Secret Of Happiness: How to Achieve Results Fast

I can’t believe it! It MUST be the Law of attraction!!


“The Secret Of Happiness”,

was the topic of our yesterdays newsletter, LOL.

And somehow I found this Amazing Tony Robbins Video,

without searching for it! It was just there, in front of me.




So what Dirk & I suggested to do, in yesterdays newsletter,

is every morning to listen

to something uplifting, positive.




For starting your day with the best state of mind.

See it as the glasses you put on your nose every morning.

A clean and bright one or dark and doomy one?
Let’s start with this video :-)? To listen to at breakfast,

while you’re driving, or at work?




And let us know if you liked it in the comments below?

And Share Share Share 🙂




Bye from the Netherlands!

~Dirk and Muriël






Search Engine Marketing – The 3 Letters That Could Help Your Business Grow Like Uber


No not Sem, our daughter LOL,
but Search Engine Marketing could help your business grow like uber !

In this replay hangout you will be able learn how S.E.M plays a BIG role in the online success of our special guests Bren & Mike.

We invite you to watch the replay of our weekly TWTW Hangouts of Tuesday September 8th, 2015.

TWTW Hangouts, “Lifestyle By Design” – Bren & Mike Exclusive


Search Engine Marketing

Our soul sister and business partner Kim and us will
show you that the unthinkable is possible, using the internet.

You will have the chance here, to meet Power couple
Bren & Mike, in this EXCLUSIVE interview.
We are incredibly honored to have them on!!

It’s exclusive, because this couple is – apart from being parents
& living a family life,
creator of our company training and also
an authority online, dominating Google Search:

They have conquered many #1 Google spots with their stunning
valuable blog posts!

That has transformed their lives, the lives of many others:
Their training is circulating on their blog posts online!! and their
e-wallets for the better.

In this special edition TWTW Hangout, you will be able to learn
how they’re making
a full-time income with their part-time
online business.


** How YOU can crack the internet success “secret”**

….Which is actually not a secret but a strategy which they learned
in our BADASS online business platform!

Are you open to learn and to change your life for the better ?
For escaping the daily Rat Race, and free yourself  for trading
time for money at work?

Watch the blueprint of Bren and Mike’s online business system here.

Looking forward hearing your comments below.

~Dirk & Muriël


Bren and Mike invested in the black Card.
That enabled them to learn all about Search Engine Marketing

and apply it right into their business.

This is how to grow your business like uber….!

Press the button below to start your freedom journey here
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You live today 🙂

Search Engine Marketing

Any incomes discussed in this message and in the hangout are not average, though neither are we. Be sure to check out this page for the income disclaimer here

How To Manifest Anything – The Art Of Asking The Right Questions


How To Manifest Anything

 Do you know that People can literally create their own reality?


Quantum Physics covers how that works, there’s a lot to read about…
This article for example.

Dirk and I would like to help you taking your fist steps towards realization of your desired life.

Have you ever dreamed about a life in financial-, creative-, geographic-, time-freedom?

  • With money as vehicle/ financial freedom to pay for things you love, find important or mean a lot to you (presents for your kids, spouse, family, holidays, education, medication etc…), you’re able to drop your financial stress, and have the freedom to quit your job>>>
  • Now you have the actual time/ time-freedom to do the things/ work on projects you’ve always waited for. Not only able to take action on it in weekends, but just whenever you like! >>>>> up to …….
  • Geographic freedom, to travel the world, visit friends and family on the other side of the world: You have no financial issues when you are for ordering your tickets.
    Do don’t have an issue with your boss who’s telling you that you can’t spent your free time whenever you desire. >>>>>
    You can’t own the time, you can spend it only once. How happy would you feel as your boss of your time? To do whenever, whatever and with who you desire….
    Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

    Making dreams come true and achieving success and happiness on your terms can be done 90% by mindset and 10% by skill set.The video above is an excellent exercise as a start!
    Do you know that many famous successful people are using the technics of visualization in daily life?

    Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and various others have testified that the  Law O.f Attraction was a huge part of their success.Its time you learn this wonderful secret by using this exercise.

    We hope you can benefit from it.
    When there’s a will, there’s a way right?

    Just close your eyes…………. and imagine that it can really ALL come true!

    Talk soon,


    P.s  You might also like this blog post

    Oh! And as a bonus we’ve found this amazing audio for you,
    for helping you towards your goal!
    ~ How to live the life you desire ~

    The Strangest Secret -Earl Nightingale- The Classic!


    Change this Monday into your day of decision, TO CHANGE & FREEDOM!

BOOM! 2 Online Marketing Legends United


Hey, it’s Dirk and Muriël,

We have some really exciting news for 
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In less than 24 hours – everything is 
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See you soon,~Dirk & Muriël~

Life Changing Stories – Lifestyle By Your Design Hangout

Life changing stories

Listening to life changing stories can effect your life for the better.
And that’s why it’s important to listen to positive life changing stories
of people who already overcame struggles, who became successful.
Stories of people who are now ready to share it with the world
helping you believe that you can do the unthinkable in life!

Welcome, this is what it’s all about ….

Are you searching for that mindset shift,
for making a BIG change in your life?

Are you looking for answers and proof that
you have to power to create your ideal lifestyle,
starting from today?

I’m here to help you by presenting this hangout edition!

Because in this Hangout you’re able to learn from
our panel,
our guests from all over the world.
Working together with our friend Kim is so amazing!
(Together we host these weekly hangouts.)

We interview successful entrepreneurs who
changed their lives,
because they have the will to win!

They all decided to take action to create a life on
their terms.
To be able to travel, spend more time with their

family and being able to lift the results of their excising

I invite you to watch the hangout and see
what’s possible,

the unlimited possibilities for you, for your family,
for your life!

Most people learned that you have to work hard to be
successful, right?

Well does it says that you have to live your life away?
To be away from your kids, your beloved ones?

NO not at all…. !
That’s how this “accepted value” created itself!
And started a life on its own in your mind.
In the minds of people around you.

There is another world, right now, at the exact same
moment as you are feeling tired of being sick and tired,

of working, stressing, running the Rat Race….
seeing time flies by without the ability to do the things
you feel REALLY passionate about.

Can you relate?

Do you wander,
DO you want to learn more,
If you have an open mind, because
-This is not for everybody-

Only for people who have the will to win!

and learn to earn with passion, in freedom being
your own boss,

working together a this warm and reaching out


Life Changing Quote

“Like the air you breathe,
abundance in all things

is available to you.
Your life will simply be as good
as you allow it to be.”

-Abraham Hicks



Life Changing Stories

I believe in you,
follow your heart!

Talk soon,

Life Changing Stories

You might like this short video about how I managed to overcome a lot of negative experiences,

it can be life changing stories for you.
Because, what I can do, you can!






And nothing else matters


This is my family in Sardinië, september 2013.
They are the most important people in the world for me.
And nothing else matters more to me than their health, future and happiness.
I love to spend as much time as I can to be with them.

Love to hang around with them,
Love to laugh and to cry with them,
Love to make great memories with them while traveling around the world …..
I love to bring my children to school every single morning and I love to be there for them when they need me.

If you saw an opportunity to spend more time with the people you love, would you take it?
And if I would tell you that this could be the way to create that opportunity ?
What would you do?
Your desk could be everywhere, whenever there is a laptop and internet……..

And only a few hours a day would be enough to do some work…….
Being able to work around their time-schedules.
AND your money would also fly to your bank account !

You would feel like a *  *  *  *  when you would say NO to that opportunity.

When people laugh at me when they hear my story about making money online, and nothing else matters than my decision to be successful.

My vision is:
Live today like it’s your last day of your life!
Do the things that REALLY make you happy.
Live the lifestyle you want and deserve.
Don’t hate,
but spread love around and give to others.
Don’t cry about what is going wrong in your life,
but fight for your dreams.
And take ACTION NOW  to accomplish your goals in life
and nothing else matters……
But ok,
if you want to work hard and spend more time at work for a lousy salary,
with no energy left to have fun with your friends and family.
Don’t dream your life, but live your dream and take action!

If you are really attached to your financial problems.
And if you want to put your destiny in the hands of your boss…
Fine. Than go back to the e-mail I’ve sent you, scroll down and unsubscribe.
Wake up!!
Life is to short.
Life has great opportunities,
we are making creating an income new style 🙂

would that be something that would interest you?


Join our team now, for
working directly with us

Muriël (& Dirk)


How to visualize the things you want

Visualize yourself how you want to be



Slowly I’m changing my lifestyle into something else. It took me a while to figure out that my old life is a life that doesn’t suite my anymore. But, the change doesn’t come by it self. So, on a daily base I try to visualize how my new life has to look like.

I start to find out that if you visualize, it’s by far one of the most powerful tools attracting what you want. In one of my other blogs I write about the law of attraction. But somehow few people know how to properly visualize. I didn’t, I always that it was just abracadabra.
But now I know better!  With the right technique you can begin to see outstanding results in successfully attracting what you want, granted you full apply what you learn.

How to visualize starts like this; the easy part.

First you start to visualize everything all the time.  Even when you are speaking on the phone to someone you can try to visualize in your mind what they are telling you. You can visualize when you are deep in thought. And also when you are worrying about paying your debt or worrying about the way you would really like to live your life you are also visualizing what you want.

The hard part however is to use that creative force to actually attract the things you want. This is the difficult part and I think this is where many people go wrong.

A great test I red about a while ago to help you understand the most effective way how to visualize goes like this:
Think of the last time you were deep in thought. Now try to remember what that felt like. Can you recall that time?  Maybe you noticed that you were deep inside of yourself. You probably were unaware of anyone or anything and as you were allowing yourself to visualize you could feel clearly that you were having the experience as if it were real. That is the power of visualization!

How do you visualize the things you want? It’s the same way you visualize the things that you don’t want. And that is what everybody is so good at! So am I….
You see, when you are feeling anxious and fearful you lock yourself away in your inner mind with those images. And that is also what you attract!  And than you can tell yourself, you see!
You loose sight of other possibilities and if it is something that happened to you, then you recreate it in its full detail with all your emotions all over again.

Try to immerse yourself with full emotions when you are trying to create the things you want. Many thoughts may come to distract you but if you will redirect your mind to what you do want your mind will be trained to hold that thought.

There are many tools and techniques that can help you to visualize. One of the most powerful tools is to write down that what you really want and read it two or three times a day. Or create you one moodboard with pictures!

I know what I want, I write it down, I keep reading it. I’ll get there

What ever it takes!



Je allesbepalende mindset




3 maanden geleden ben ik begonnen met bloggen. Bloggen met als doel? Ik kan zeggen mijn droom verwezelijken, maar het komt neer op geld verdienen.

Geld verdienen, Het lijkt een alles heersende factor.

Beginnen met empower network is een uitdaging. Het lijkt eenvoudig, gewoon bloggen, zorgen dat je elke dag content plaats op je blog. Hoe meer hoe beter.  Stap twee was de innercircle, audio’s, interviews met succesvolle mensen. Ik moet zeggen dat werkt inspirerend!  Je mindset wordt er zeker door gevormd.

In werkelijkheid is het een grote uitdaging. Een uitdaging met jezelf, je ondergaat als het ware een transformatie. Het is je mindset die bijgeschaafd moet worden

Je bent gewend om alles op een bepaalde manier te doen. Het werkt al jaren voor je op deze manier. Of misschien eigenlijk niet. Er is tenslotte een reden waarom je een nieuwe uitdaging aangaat.

Maar stap 1 is de keuze maken. Er voor kiezen dat je het anders wilt.

Stap 2 is beginnen. Want stap 1 is misschien zo gemaakt, stap twee is waar veel mensen afhaken.

Ik ben al regelmatig afgehaakt bij stap twee. Op een of andere manier gaat je eigen systeem je overtuigen dat het niet hoeft, dat alles toch goed is zo. Zeker als er niet direct resultaat is.. “Zie je wel het werkt toch niet” dat is het stemmetje achter in je hoofd dat je zal overtuigen dat waar je mee bent begonnen tot niets zal leiden.

De enige manier om iets te bereiken, om iets voor elkaar te krijgen is, stomweg volhouden. Blijven proberen. Er zullen periodes zijn dat je er elke dag vol mee bezig bent en er zullen dagen zijn dat je er net niet aan toe komt of dat je jezelf aan het overtuigen bent dat het niet hoeft.

Waar het op neerkomt is dat je in de eerste instantie moet weken aan je mindset. Altijd weer die mindset.


Wat is nu eigenlijk die mindset.

Je mindset is eigenlijk simpel gezegd de manier waarop je tegen dingen aankijkt. Je eigen overtuigingen in het leven.

Als jezelf vind dat je bepaalde dingen niet waard bent, dan is de kans dat die bepaalde dingen je gaan lukken vrijwel nihil.

Maar waarom niet? Waarom lukken bepaalde dingen bij andere wel en bij jouw niet? Dit is wat ik mezelf afvraag.  Het ligt uiteindelijk aan wat je jezelf waard vind.

En tuurlijk vind je dat je die nieuwste Rang Rover waard bent, Maar het zijn de diep gewortelde normen en waarde die je in het verleden hebt verzameld die het uiteindelijk bepalen.

Geen paniek, je mindset staat niet vast! Maar het gaat niet vanzelf.

Wat hebt is om doelen voor jezelf op te stellen. In één van mijn vorige blogs schrijf ik over doelen en hoe belangrijk ze zijn.

Ik een volgend blog zal ik vertellen hoe je op een effectieve manier je mindset kan aanpakken.

Maar voor nu, doe mee en leef je droom!






Het leven van een ZZP er


Zzp er, hoe wordt je dat?

Dit is een vraag dit ik wel eens voorbij hoor komen. Volgens mij kan je dat helemaal niet worden. Zzp staat voor zelfstandige zonder personeel. Volgens de Nederlandse wet ben je dan gewoon een prive persoon die een eigen bedrijf start en dus ondernemer wordt.

Ik vind dat de zzp er vaak als een lijdend voorwerp wordt neergezet in de media. Zeker nu met alle voornemens om het belasting voordeel voor de zzp er te schrappen.

Op vond ik het volgende:

“Duizenden zelfstandigen stoppen hun onderneming en kloppen aan bij de sociale dienst als de belastingaftrek voor eenmansbedrijven wordt afgeschaft. Die verwachting uiten ZZP Nederland en FNV Zelfstandigen woensdag in Trouw.

De FNV berekende dat negen procent van de bijna 800 duizend zzp’ers overweegt de handdoek in de ring te gooien.

Als de helft van deze ondernemers daadwerkelijk stopt, kan dit de sociale diensten ruim vijfhonderd miljoen euro extra kosten, schrijft Trouw op basis van eigen berekeningen. Het kabinet wilde juist dit bedrag besparen.

ZZP Nederland stelt in het dagblad dat er geen harde cijfers zijn te noemen, maar de belangenvereniging is ervan overtuigd dat duizenden ondernemers van plan zijn te stoppen.

“Voor mensen die nu vijftienhonderd euro per maand verdienen en door de afschaffing van de zelfstandigenaftrek driehonderd euro kwijtraken, komt de bijstandsnorm in zicht”, aldus directeur van ZZP Nederland Johan Marrink in Trouw.

Alsof al die 36.000 ex zzp ers dan automatische naar sociale dienst gaan? Er zijn toch genoeg andere opties? Ben je niet ooit voor jezelf begonnen om vrijheid te creëren? Is het ooit niet ontstaan uit een droom? Waar is die droom dan gebleven? Ik probeer het in dit geval bij mezelf te houden, wat zou ik doen als het niet meer zou lukken.

Je bent zzp, zelfstandig zonder personeel. Zolang er geen grote investeringen zijn geweest of dure huisvesting is, kan je dan niet overstromen naar iets anders?

Uit ervaring weet ik dat er meer wegen zijn die naar Rome leiden.

Als zzp er aan de slag met empower network

Ik ben dan wel geen zzp er, maar wel zelfstandig ondernemer en wat ik inmiddels wel heb geleerd is dat het beter is om verschillende geld stromen te hebben. Altijd handig als het met ergens minder gaat, dan kan het aan de andere kant worden opgevangen. Als je dit goed op zet, dan hoef je dus ook geen uitkering aan te vragen, want dat doe je ook niet voor je plezier.

In een van mijn vorige blogs vertel ik over het empower networdk en waarom ik er zo enthousiast over ben.
Zie het als een uitdaging, een opportunity. Een manier om het heft in eigen hand te houden en misschien wel om je trots te behouden. Wat het dan ook mag zijn, het empower network is voor iedereen. In mijn directe omgeving zijn mensen met Empower network begonnen die eerst bijna een computer angst hadden en heel hard riepen “dat kan ik nooit, dat is niks voor mij!”, maar er nu aan verslaafd zijn en goede resultaten boeken.

De enige reden waarom dit niet werkt is omdat je er niets mee doet. En zolang je doet wat je deed, krijg je wat je kreeg.

Deze woorden waren voor mij genoeg om er mee te beginnen.

Niet overtuigt? Jesse deed het ook!