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The Secrets of Successful Financial Help For Single Moms


Attention Single Moms Out There!

Are you looking for a way to make your life easier
as a single mom?

-This mom has a couple of life changers for you!
And I can’t wait to share it in this blog post with you.

First of all, I want to welcome you, and I’m happy you’ve found me
in the jungle of other articles and video’s, out there on the internet 🙂

I believe that everything has it’s  reason to happen, so let your visit here
be a valuable one right?
My goal is to helping you with finding the information you are searching
for right now: “Financial Help For Single Moms”

And I don’t know who you are, where you live and in what kind of situation
you’re in….
As a mother I can relate to all the single moms out there who are struggling
with time management and finances: mostly connected problems….

Are you still with me?

The financial setback after my husband hit bankruptcy in 2013 created an
unknown power in me, that changed my “vulnerable” social worker’s, hard working mindset,
in a super marketing online mompreneur!

What Transformed Me?

Inspired by a large group feminine online entrepreneurs, I found out that
working hard- not seeing my kids while my bills piled up
– proved NOT to be the solution
for my problems.

Finding an extra job seems often the only way out, but end up with stress,
sad kids and a mom with a broken mothers heart: leaving your kids while
you have to trade time for money just doesn’t feel right…

Working smart brought me new perspectives and created the
online home based business
that has been the solution for my nest.
I want to encourage you to open your mind for what is possible!

~ “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kyosaki created my
and it taught me to
really SEE that money can work
for you.
In staid of the accepted way of thinking that you
have to work hard
for your money.

I want to encourage you to read this book!


Overcoming your problems might seem very difficult,
but it is not! When you feel like you can’t see the beauty of the ocean,
because you almost drown in it, it’s time to lift yourself up seeing the amazing
view of it!

Financial Help For Single Moms

#1 Work on your believe system:
believe you can climb out of your situation! Connect with people who overcame their setbacks
in staid of holding on to people who are talking more about their problems then their plans
and idea’s to overcome them.

#2 Focus on Long term solutions:
A loan to pay off debs or to paying your bills is an understandable action….

But after you’ve read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, you will understand that investing money
can create more income and can save the time investment you would put into a job.

But where to invest it in?

Okay, good question 🙂
I had no idea how to invest before I got started with the online business system:
That makes it possible to earn the same amount in one single day as my monthly
social workers paycheck.

This other blog post that Dirk & I wrote, will lay out
the online business system I’m using.

#3 Invest in knowledge and trainings:
…to teach you what’s needed for another way
of solving your money issues.

If you keep on doing what you always did, your results will be never change…
Dare to step outside your comfort zone, take another path.

#4 Take action !
Great idea’s, learning new skills and reading great books will not change your situation.

You need to take action for change.
Go for it! Think about your biggest reason why you need
help for single moms.

And realize that stepping into your power will take you every where
you want to be!

Financial Help For Single Moms

~>Reach out to me for any questions!<~

P.S. Have you seen this amazing Google Hangout
where you will hear other
women’s success stories ?


~ Muriël

From Online Marketing Tips – How To Become Successful Online – To Unleashed Freedom

Begin With The End In Mind For Unleashed Freedom

Are you looking for online marketing tips and do you want to learn how to become successful online?

I invite you to watch my video above and implement the provided information into your business.
It is used by 7 & 8 figure earners! I learn from them and study what they do.
Success leaves clues,

Since the start of my online journey I started from rock bottom and from scratch building my online business.
On my way on the entrepreneurial path, I learned a lot: like the importance of reading daily personal development books. Which I really advise you to daily for 30 minutes.

And I forced myself to set my goals first, begin with the end in mind, – inspired by Stephen R. Covey-
Than reverse and choose which information, tools, tips and systems I needed to accomplish my unleashed freedom.

“Start with the end in mind. ”
― Stephen R. Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

The Constant Process In Learning How To Become Successful Online

Anyone, from newbie to elite online entrepreneur, can benefit from the constant process in learning how to become successful online.

Working as an online entrepreneur and mentor, I teach other people about a proven sequence of steps you can follow to guarantee your success when you’re starting a business online.

I’ve seen thousands of people starting online with dreams … only 2 percent create the top earners status.

Since I’ve started to transform my life working in affiliate marketing, I learned which 3 important things you need to become successful online as the result of an unstoppable determination, the will to learn and to win and combined with taking action.

In my video I will share with you 3 tips, and also will I explain exactly which resources you can use as well to become an expert on how to become successful online.
With building any new skill-set, especially on the Internet, the most experienced obstacle ordinary people just like you face, is the “techi” aspect.

One of the greatest lies ever told in my opinion, about starting online businesses is that you need to have a technical skills, or be a web designer to make money on the Internet.

Online success starts with some fundamentals I am laying out in my video.
One of my personal missions is teach others what I’ve learned.
That makes my efforts qua triple worth it 🙂

It’s no lie that I only could copy paste on my PC, and I didn’t know what a link was …..
But the 3 online marketing tips given to you in my video, helped me along my way traveling this amazing path to unleashed freedom, celebrating to have now 4 figure days in staid of living from paycheck to paycheck.

Are you ready to unleash?


Are you with me?
If this this social worker can create the vehicle to prosperity and abundance ….
….. You are going to be better!

Click the button

learn more button

Listen to your heart,
and start your journey!


For life changing success resources, visit:

Introduction 3 of 3 – Internet Traffic Training

If you have read our previous blogposts with video 1
video 2,
you understand what this message is about.

Have fun with this great inspiror and ”Traffic Master ” Vick Strizheus’ video 3.

After watching it,
you will understand why you are competent
to get the most high quality Internet Traffic.

And without for example beïng dependant on other people’s lists and pay for them that as well !

Hope we inspired you!

-Dirk & Muriël

you will find more info about the training

Introduction 2 of 3 – Internet Traffic Training

Hi again 🙂

If you missed our previous blogpost with video 1,
we recommend you to watch that one first.
==> Click here to see it

Hopefully you took the discision to watch all 3 of the video’s.
We know that there will allways be more urgent things that will ask your attention. 
But some things need to take care of when you need a
breakthrough and learning curve in your biz.

Here you can see video 2

About how to get Internet Traffic

We know the training is working for us.
& We are people just like you.
So there is nothing weird about this campaign ;-).

Our next blogpost will include video 3.
If you are waiting for a ”aha moment”
click here to read it


-Dirk & Muriël

Sorry if you want to start right now with the training!
We refer you to this page
for more personal info about the waiting list.


Introduction 1 of 3 – Internet Traffic Training


You might have heard us talking about this
brand new training that is on the market
about getting Internet Traffic.

We are students of this training ourselves right now.
All things we are learning from it,
we are implementing it in our offline and online business.

Allready we are very exited by the results !
And we only did about 5 percent of all we learned until now.
Can you imagine what doors are opening for your business when you also will learn from the master of Traffic…. Vick Strizheus !

The creator of this training Vick,
is the best person to give you his personal introduction about what this training is all about.

This video is a 1 of his 3 introduction video’s.
about this brand new training that teaches you al ins and outs of getting Internet Traffic.

People who are taking their business very serious will take time to watch this first video and then the other 2 as well.
(We will include them out our next 2 blogposts.)

Becoming successful starts with taking the decision to spent time exploring info that will help you with reaching another level, a higher level in your biz.

& Definitely you will have more urgent things to do right now to watch this video (and all 3 of them !)

But then ask yourself the question if your priorities are in right order?
Do you really want to learn and develop yourself getting more results with doing what you are good in, but a 1000 times better?

We hope that we did not overexcited you allready ……….

The online training is closed to buy right now,
because of the tremendous success allready.
Doors will open soon for new students.

You do can put yourself on the waiting list by using this link
====> Click here
And you will be informed as soon as possible.

In our next blogpost- (click here to read it)
more info will be given you about what this training can do for your biz.

Hope we can bring you new doors to open yourself 🙂

Dare to think big if you are passionate about your business.
Becoming successful is a good thing.

-Dirk & Muriël



How To Create Your Vision With the Easiest Tips Ever

Having a strong Vision is the fundament for your Biz.
Working on it is essential, but not difficult.

With the easiest tips ever
you will learn about how to build your Vision.

Without a vision it will be difficult to hold on to your inner dreams, passion and principles,
when you are in the entrepeneur rollarcoaster.

Take your profit out of this video.
We love to share this with you!

Talk soon 🙂

-Dirk & Muriël

The Power of Vision

The Importance of Vision


What Your Strong Vision Can Bring You In Your Biz

Setting goals is important,
but, people dont’t buy into your goals,

 They buy into your vision.

A vision creates a certain aura &
A vision speaks into other’s imagination.

When you can work with the imagination of people you have a very powerful tool!

(Why do you think that the lottery has a great and well created marketing in their back-office?
 > Because they stimulate people’s imagination ”What if I win……?”
Recognizable isn’t it?


Vision Is The Art Of Seeing What Is Invisable For Others

You can see your goals as milestones along the way to accomplish something.
Your vision is the deeper ”Why” and will help you and others to go for it with inner power and belief.

At first,
it is important that your vision must inspire you before it can inspire somebody else ofcourse :-).

Then, create your vision and your Biz can reach higher levels.
People will be more attracted to it because their imagination can be activated by real vision!

By screeming for attention for your products
people rather run in staid of approach you… 🙁 …..

Look out for our next blogpost,
Where we will help you to create your vision.


Bye for now,

-Dirk & Muriël

if you want to work with us,
you can join us here.
But be sure you have a serious intention to
go for the biggest succes you ever dreamed of,
like we do.


And nothing else matters


This is my family in Sardinië, september 2013.
They are the most important people in the world for me.
And nothing else matters more to me than their health, future and happiness.
I love to spend as much time as I can to be with them.

Love to hang around with them,
Love to laugh and to cry with them,
Love to make great memories with them while traveling around the world …..
I love to bring my children to school every single morning and I love to be there for them when they need me.

If you saw an opportunity to spend more time with the people you love, would you take it?
And if I would tell you that this could be the way to create that opportunity ?
What would you do?
Your desk could be everywhere, whenever there is a laptop and internet……..

And only a few hours a day would be enough to do some work…….
Being able to work around their time-schedules.
AND your money would also fly to your bank account !

You would feel like a *  *  *  *  when you would say NO to that opportunity.

When people laugh at me when they hear my story about making money online, and nothing else matters than my decision to be successful.

My vision is:
Live today like it’s your last day of your life!
Do the things that REALLY make you happy.
Live the lifestyle you want and deserve.
Don’t hate,
but spread love around and give to others.
Don’t cry about what is going wrong in your life,
but fight for your dreams.
And take ACTION NOW  to accomplish your goals in life
and nothing else matters……
But ok,
if you want to work hard and spend more time at work for a lousy salary,
with no energy left to have fun with your friends and family.
Don’t dream your life, but live your dream and take action!

If you are really attached to your financial problems.
And if you want to put your destiny in the hands of your boss…
Fine. Than go back to the e-mail I’ve sent you, scroll down and unsubscribe.
Wake up!!
Life is to short.
Life has great opportunities,
we are making creating an income new style 🙂

would that be something that would interest you?


Join our team now, for
working directly with us

Muriël (& Dirk)