If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger

If it doesn’t kill you, it will only make you stronger!
That is what my mom always told me 🙂

We all make decisions based on “why’s” and “why not to’s”.

And often if the “pain” is getting to big, we start to question the why not to’s.

The turning point was when I found myself working 70 hours a week in my own business and never got to see my kids and hear myself arguing with Muriël​ mostly about the things we didn’t have.

ENOUGH! I said.

And I made a promise that day to make a change.
We would get out of debt.
I would free myself out of the restaurant so I could focus on the more important things. Working on my business instead of in my business

At the same time I started to educate myself and started to search for ways to provide for my family.

A lot of resistance, people will try to talk you out of it, but if you have goal and a clear vision, nothing can stop you.

Our vision is about helping at least 100 families per year to create their freedom.
Kids shouldn’t be taken to daycare only because there is no other option.

During the school holidays families should go for trips and have fun together.

I hear you thinking; “I don’t see them doing that”

You’re right, we are not there yet, but I do know 1 thing for sure and that is that we WILL get there, no matter what.

Because don’t you think that life would be a lot nicer
-if you could go on holiday without asking your boss or
-just take a few days off because you feel like it and
-knowing that at the end of that day, you’re still getting paid?

My Family is my Why, What is yours?