How to increase traffic to your website

How to increase traffic to your website

Having your own website or blog is essential if you want to have a presents online, but that is something you already know right?

But how to get more visitors to your website?

The goal of every successful site should be to drastically increase traffic for a long and reliable and sustainable period of time.

In order for you to achieve that you must dedicate all of your time, efforts and resources towards building a brand, a recognizable brand.

Not only your content but also your website name and logo play a crucial part in the recognition of your brand.

So….how do you increase traffic to your site.


How to increase traffic to your website

Social Media Buttons

Having social media buttons present on your website will increase your traffic dramatically.
You give people the opportunity to share your great content so other people will hear about it and visit your site as well.

The most common are

Of course there are many more, but make sure these are on your site


On-Page Strategies

There are many things you can do to make sure you rank in the search engines on the site itself. Lets go over them one by one.

Optimize your website for the search engines.

This may sound a little techy but remember, you can find everything you need to know on Youtube.

  1. use accurate and descriptive titels for your pages and or articles
  2. Only use tags that are relevant to the article. The should clearly describe the content.
  3. Make sure that the Permalink has a clean and clear structure.
  4. Improve your website speed and performance. If people have to wait a long time to load, they tempt to leave early.

Publish new and fresh content on a regular base.

  1. Make sure your have a blog ( if you don’t have a blog, get your ready to go blog here)
  2. The content should relate to your niche. Be consistent in your topics.
  3. Categorize your content in a clear order.
  4. Your content should add value to the marketplace.
  5. It should be well written.
  6. It should be informative.
  7. It should be original.

Utilize Social Media Tools

  1. Utilize tools and plugins that allow your visitors to easily and effortless share your content with the world on the most popular Social Media Sites. (for a list see above).

Start a mailing list

  1. Create the possibility for people to subscribe to your newsletter so they get a notification when you post a new article.
  2. Refer to other posts. Use links so it is easy to click though to your other blogs.
  3. Use catchy and attractive headlines for your news letters AND for you article itself.


Best Free Off Page strategies

There are many strategies you can apply, lets go over the most important ones.

Social Media

  1. Make sure to create and maintain a strong present on the the different social networking media sites.
    Sites like: Facebook, Pinterest, linkedIn, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Google+ etc. etc.
  2. Grow a fan base on these platforms. Interact with people, build relationships
  3. Share your content on a regular basis and ask for comments
  4. Don’t pitch, always lead with value

Create Backlinks

  1. Backlinks are links from authority site (big and important sites with a lot of traffic) back to your blog / website.
  2. You can do this manually. The best way to do it is by sharing your content on social media
  3. You can speed up the process by buying backlinks. is a great place to go to. But do your research first.

Guest Blogging

  1. Many popular blogs offer the opportunity for you to post on. Now you are directing there traffic to your blog.

Participation in online forums and communities

  1. Interact with people and help out by answering questions
  2. Share content from your site
  3. Make sure that the link to your site is visible in the footer

Make use of free press release services like:

  1. PRlog
  2. Newsvine
  3. Pitchengine

YouTube marketing

  1. Create interesting and appealing videos for your niche
  2. Always put your link into the description
  3. Youtube is the perfect way to brand yourself and demonstrate your expertize


These are all free strategies and can create a lot of traffic to your site.

If you don’t have a website but do have a story to tell or you want your business to have a strong presents online, then make sure you make use of the right tools.

Using free website services is something I don’t recommend.

Why not?

Well, most of these services don’t allow you to market anything and if you do there is the chance that one day suddenly all your valuable content is deleted.

A Viral bogging system is what I recommend you to use.

This is why

Ones you are set up and your blog is running don’t forget to index your site with Google. Go here if you want to learn how.
If you apply this, then every article you right is indexed by Google in matter of minutes.


(Did you know that with this Viral Blogging System you also get  a lot of training and tips on how to put these strategies in action?)


Let me know in the comments below if this post was of any help to you.