Dealing With Depression: 10 Tips To Bounce Back

Dealing With Depression: 10 Tips To Bounce Back

Have you ever wondered how to overcome a bad life experience, like depression?
Or situations that could create depression? Or perhaps life is so hard on you right now,

and you feel more and more depressed, and you need help to deal with it?
Well, here you go! …. 10 tips in 37 minutes audio for you !

My advise for now …..

Break the pattern!

I did…

Have you ever had doubts about how to overcome it?

I did…

It’s never to late to overcome it. You can overcome it.

I did…

Tap into the right resources and fight yourself back!

Do you believe you can do it?

I believe you can!




Today I was hosting a Teleseminar, for the Super Women Connection today
AND now publishing the replay.

Let me hear what you think?
Are the 10 tips are helpful for you?

Well, here you go! …. 10 tips in a 37 minutes audio for you!


In my audio you you can learn about how to use these 10 tips


1. Go outside

2. Start a Media Faste

3. Listen to inspirational/ motivational audio’s

4. Exercise

5. Keep regularity in your life – and don’t change day with night.

6. Stop procrastination and start doing things you feel passionate about

7. Ban negative people (temporarily) from your life

8. Connect with positive people offline or online -Social Media- Blogging and build a positive community

9. Say It Out Loud, laugh out loud.

10. Meditation


There is always something you can do.

You can’t control life, but you can control what you do with life experiences.
Learn how to keep the balance between the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical parts of you.

I’m very thankful to be able to listening daily to personal development audio’s.
It helps me a lot to create a strong mindset and stay in charge of my happiness when life gets hard.

Those audio’s you can find in the same system that enables us to improve our financial situation as well.

Money issues is the proven number 1 cause for divorce, stress, depression, low self esteem, social isolation.

If you want to change your life for the better, have an open mind for what IS possible?

Working on the internet and earning profits online
creates our vehicle to do the things we really love. And it helps us to stay on the positive track of life.

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I will bring you to a video that will explain into
detail how you can change your situation as well.

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P.S. Do contact a professional when you are really desperate! – Talk to someone you trust!