Do You Struggle With How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard?? Solution Revealed In This Blog Post!

Do You Struggle With How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard??
Heads up!
I invite you to read my personal story and strike out on new paths.
It will show you a new way of thinking when life gets hard.
It will show you a new path against struggle
up to freedom, happiness and ideal lifestyle.

How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard


How does this quote makes you feel?

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”
~ John D. Rockefeller

It makes me feel relieved that Dirk and I took another path, than the “accepted” ones….

But how about you? Are you still stuck in ideas that makes you believe that you have to live the 40 year plan to have all the freedom you deserve? That you have to work your life away?

That you should struggle to pay your bills? Because it’s accepted to be poor ?
And accepted you to talk about what you don’t have in staid of talking about dreams of living a wealthy life….?

Please don’t! There is another way!
Read on I will tell you all about the path of freedom and were you can find it.

I already saw to many people dying to young, for believing in that “old” path to become happy.
My mind already is unleashed, for believing that I should walk in line with people who lost their dreams doing what they love before their kids are grown up.

My mom, 46 years old, ended her own life.
My stepmother, 59 years old, died of cancer.

Life can be over tomorrow.
…are you spending your days doing what you really love ?

Back in time…

I remember for example that I used to have 2 to 3 extra cleaning jobs to pay for my bills, education, food between my of 17-22. It was hard work.

And even after becoming a mom myself, and Dirk started his first restaurant I had to take an extra job, being out of the house, away from our baby to afford life.

I saw NO other way. This was back in 2004….I hated this. I always was looking for a way to be at home with our babies. I tried many different things for as much time at home with them as possible.

I started a pedicure home business to work around the baby schedules. But I almost broke my back carrying all the heavy equipment, because we had no room extra to practice this at home.

What a nightmare….

For 7 years I worked in a overnight-job, slept at work: to enable myself not to miss daytime with our kids, and go to work at the end of their awake day…

When I then new what I know no about ANOTHER way to make profits to pay bills, OMG!

Since the kids went to school I switched to a day job that enabled me to see them at night. But was as well far from ideal: My social worker job does not allow me to earn enough to pay back the BIG financial setback and restaurant bankruptcy Dirk and I suffered from in October 2013 with result: $300.000 in debt.

But as I always love to look forward in staid of looking back with regret….

I feel so thankful for the moment that our path crossed a message with a video and a link: that brought us the online system that helps us now designing our ideal lifestyle.

Your ideal lifestyle might be totally something else than ours.
Bur realize that you NEED to strike out on new paths if want to succeed with creating your ideal life.

There is a path leading towards freedom, being free from any constrains, a life sucking job – although it’s a part-time one-
living life on our terms, to be unleashed and rise up!

And you know what?

We are succeeding! And success IS smiling at us.
Because we decided to took an alternative path.


Now we’re guiding our team on the exact same path we’re walking on. That team is called

We’re a group now with a vision and a mission on a journey.
An entrepreneurial journey up to freedom!

Helping others to succeed feels fulfilling and empowering and became our mission.


Learn here where your freedom journey can start:
Click the link
Drop your info and I will sent you the information.

Reach out to me or Dirk for any questions!

I Appreciate your comments down below. Thank you so much!

Always listen to your heart,

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