The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty – The Solution For The Mind Blowing Issue …

What An Awesome Movie AND Illustration Of
What IS Possible For YOU

Is your mind fighting against your dreams, because you don’t see a way out of your killer rat race?
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – The Solution For The Mind Blowing Issue ...
and what you can learn from it:

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty – The Mind Blowing Issue …

Do YOU ever wander? ………
About the solution for the mind blowing issue? And how to change it?

  • “Is this what’s the purpose of life”?
  • “Do I have the courage to break free”?
  • “Can I live my dreams”?
  • “What are my dreams”Just  a couple of questions…..

That ! ! blows my mind – and that of Dirk- my husband and dad of our 2 kids.
That a lot of people are thinking it, and they are suffering from the prison of their working hours…..
To be at a certain place, at a certain time, to earn a certain amount of money….

I remember a day in summer, sitting at work, looking outside the window, the sun was shining and I was stuck there… My vision came to me.
Our kids were at the house of their grandparents -having a lot of fun though-.
But without their mom or dad to be the most important influence in their childhood.

I was realizing there must be more in life than looking outside the window, at work, desperately want to spend time with my kids, my friends…..
I wanted doing things that matters more, than work for set hours and ask permission for a toilet break at a meeting!

My vision is being able to help others to live their dreams, help them to step into their power, without paying with my own valuable family time, my dreams.

But I never knew how.


Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

I finally jumped into a new online world with free souls: entrepreneurs.
And I never felt so at home than surrounded by like minded free souls, willing to do whatever it takes to build their dream life.

This Amazing Journey

Just a quick view back in time ……
educated as a social worker and my mindset as well:
educated to do what I was told, helping others in a setting of a job, with a small paycheck, while doing tough work.

I realize that working for a boss almost killed my dreams.
I almost believed that it’s acceptable for saving dreams for 67+, when people are “allowed” to travel, to do what they love after a life full of hard work.

That is the accepted value… of the big black mass….of a lot of people around me.

But YOU might be in that mass….
Tying to get out but you don’t know how?

We do know now, this is the road we are walking on.

“There must be more than an unhappy life”, right?

We opened our minds when we found others designing their lifestyles, being able to fire there boss, because they learned how to market online and leverage systems that can work for you, while you are spending time doing things you really love.

-And that is not being stuck at work your whole life, right?-

When people are asking me why are Dirk and I doing this “internet Marketing thing” ?
I always answer:

“Because there is more in life than work your life away.
Would you wash your sheets by hand, when the washing machine can do the job as well?”


There is a way of doing the things you love,
and provide for your family,
and live a life full of abundance and prosperity,


That’s why I love The Secret Life of Walter Mitty –

And The Solution for The Mind Blowing Issue

Is You!

Your willingness to make a change.


What are you going to do with it?


Let me know your thoughts, your dreams, your issues!
They might not be as hard to solve as you believe.

There is ALWAYS a way out.

This social worker mom is a a sales mentor now, a team leader, earning residual income online.
And I’m teaching other open minded, trainable people the exact same things that helped me and my husband to break free from the endless 40 year plan.
Just follow the road to freedom:



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