If You know How To Ride A Bike, You Can Build Any Business

As some of you may know, I love to ride my Surly Moonlander Fatbike.  And just a few days ago we went for a ride on the beach.

Think about it, if you know how to ride a bike the destinations are limitless!
In a straight line it is only a 10 minute bike ride to the beach but that is not really exiting, now is it.

So we always try to find new routes to get to the beach and in a crowded city that is not always that easy.

Anyway, I found this hidden path that was running IMG_7284along a fence at one side and on the other side it was basically a long way down covered with trees and thorns and nettles.

Awesome! We had to get out of our comfort zone and just go with the path laid out for us. There were fallen trees and bumps in the road.

At the end of this path we had to go straight down. This way tricky because there was a ditch below.

But if hang towards the back of your bike a little and use your back brake to keep control, you will be oké. Just let the bike do it’s job.

We stayed dry!

Adrenaline was pumping through our veins and we headed full speed to the next challenge.


But…My friend lost a paddle!

We had two choices, turn back home and that would it for that day or find a solution.
Luckily we were nearby my parents house and my father is somebody who always loved his bikes and never throws anything away that can be used.

YES! I was right!

My dad had a pair of paddles. The perfect match for my friends bike.

So 30 minutes later we were back on track…

Through the dunes, but over the cycling paths. And, because it was still light, I saw this path. It was a clear and open path under a tunnel of trees.
I said to my friend

We need to go in here, we never tried this path before! Who know what it will bring us.

So we didhow to ride a bike

And it took us further and further into the unknown. But because the sun always sets into the west and we have beautiful sunsets at the beach, we knew exactly what direction we needed to go.

With the end in mind, we kept going.

After a lot of ups and down we came to an open aria and I recognized where we were.

Again we had to choose…

Going back was not an option, going to the left or straight would bring us back to the cycling paths. Or we could turn right into an aria that was not only unknown to us but there was also a sign that said

No access, service road

Now, I’m not saying that you should brake the law or something like that, but sometimes you have to bend the rules a little. I thought as long as we stay on the road and make sure nobody is hurt and nothing is damaged, we might discover new ways!

And my friend didn’t see that sign and I forgot to mention it 🙂

It was a beautiful and breathtaking ride. It was so quiet and the only thing you could hear were the birds.

Everything was just perfect! The dirt road was hard so it was easy to ride on and the weather was perfect, there ere birds, foxes, rabbits and dears crossing the road ones in a while.

And…I felt like I was 9 again doing something that I knew that was not allowed but did anyway! Can you remember that feeling?

After following this path for about 30 minutes…..there was a dead end!

Again we had to choose…

Going back is never an option.

There was an electric fence and we heard something big grazing behind the bushes! We could easily open the fence and close it behind us.

But there was no road, just small trails leading to all directions! But with the end in mind we took of.

Sometimes it was a dead end, sometimes there was a pond, sometimes we had to walk and sometimes we came back at the same point.
Mean while it was getting dark, so we had to find the way out.

Finally, after a lot of scratches on my leg of all the bushes we arrived on an open space again and we could clearly see where we had to go.
After crossing this field there was another fence with a thick forest behind it. We followed the fence and we took a leap of faith that this fence would eventually bring us to our destination.

Was I right? Yep, there was a tarmac road that I recognized. It would bring us straight to the beach.

After climbing the fence and getting back on the bike I noticed that my front tire was soft. Having  4,8 inch thick tires, it is not easy to handle the bike when the a soft, almost flat.

I said to myself

Just a little bit further, you can do it! When you arrive at the beach we will get the pump out.

Well, on the beach I put new air in the tires and at that moment I had no idea that there was something wrong.

It was high tide and the sand was soft and sucking the bikes in. This makes it even for a fatbike hard work. After a mile or so I noticed that something was wrong. It was not the sand that made it hard to ride, there was simply no air left in my front wheel.

Yes I know it was dumb not to bring any equipment to fix the tires….

So…There we were. By now the sun went under and it was dark and we where just half way on our journey. What to do?

The reason why we do this is because not only it is fun, but it is also a great way to stay in good shape.
I’m the kind of person who likes to make the best of things. So, with the fatbike in one hand and the other person the other bike we started jogging.

First the beach was our goal and although we had a lot of “struggle” on the way, we made it. We never gave up.

And during that first mile riding on the beach, when we hit that drifting sand, I just knew that if I keep pushing those paddles, no matter what, I will get home.

But… BOOM…Flat tire!

Now, I could keep on pushing those paddles, but that will only damage my bike.

Sometimes you just have to get of your bike, make sure it gets home so you can fix it.

We ran all the way home and I can assure you running 15 miles with a fatbike in your hand was a whole new challenge for me 🙂

What does knowing how to ride a bike got to do with building a business?

If you know how to ride a bike it means that you can keep your balance, you have strong legs, because you keep pushing those paddles and your are not afraid to take some risk.

When you are building your business you will encounter many similarities.

Let’s go over them:

  • Finding new routes; When you are building your business, online or offline, you will be challenged to find new ways of doing.
    It is possible that you are doing something that was working for a long and suddenly it stopped working for you.
    You have to look for other ways to succeed. Because quitting is never an option.
    If necessary start over. Test different ideas until you are back on track. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things.
    Ones you do, you’ll that everything will go smooth again, like that beautiful ride on the forbidden road.
    And  then again you might hit a dead end. But now you are so many steps further and no one can take that away from you.
  • BOOM a flat tire… Your Youtube channel with all your marketing video’s is flagged and shutdown.
    Or your website crashed and you are out of business at that time.
    Are you going to give up?
    No, you’ll walk!
    You’ll make new video’s on a new Youtube channel and if necessary you will call people  to tell them the site is down…
    I don’t know, but you’ll find ways to get to your destination.

    Always work with the end in mind.

As I said before if you know how to ride a bike , you know how to keep balance. Well if you are building your business you need a lot of balance.
Not only financially but what I mean is mentally.
I always say

Everybody can build a business if they would really want to.

But not everybody wants to and therefor not everybody can. And besides that, you need to be a strong character, you need to have balance.
There will be times that you have to climb long and steep dune tops and straight after that you will go downhill fast.

how to ride a bikeThere will be times that you face big challenges in your business and suddenly, after all the hard work things start to take of and you will sky rocket!

But there will always be another dune top to face and that’s where the balance comes in handy.



Strong legs!
If you ride your bike a lot, you will get strong legs, there is no discussion possible about that. First somebody has to hold you.
Remember? When your father or mother or god knows who hold on to your neck and without even knowing they had let go. Only because your skills improved. You legs got stronger, you knew how to keep your balance etc etc.

Building a business is not much different.
If never give up and just keep moving forward,  your skills will improve and and you will get better in what you do. It’s about having the right education and the right mentors.

And you must not be afraid of taking some risk. If you are riding that path along the fence. You have the fence on your right hand side and on the other side it is a deep drop down.  At the end of the path there is this steep way down.

You could get of your bike and try to walk down, but because of all the drifting sand you’ll probably fall. Staying on your bike and just have a little trust will get you down faster and safer in the long run. And I’m sure if you take that road a dozen times, you’ll probably will not even use the brakes!

Anyway, as you can see there are a lot of similarities in how to ride a bike and how to build a business.

There is one more thing we didn’t talk about…The bike itself!!!

Having access to the right tools is maybe the most important aspect of all.  I mean did you ever tried to ride your road bike on the beach through the soft sand.
Or tried to ride 20 miles on the tricycle of your little brother or sister?

It’s the same with building a business. Having access to the right tools, the right education and the right mentors is crucial for you success.

When we started to build our business online, we didn’t know where to start.
Questions like

Where to start.
How to market
How to do anything online

came to our mind.

We knew that you could make money and brand yourself with a blog. But witch one?

Do we build one ourselves or do we use a free service? Or do we choose the right tool and take a subscription for a Viral Blogging system were you can learn everything there is to know about blogging.

We choose the viral blog. It is the one you see right now.

How to market?

We didn’t know anything. Again, choosing the right vehicle was crucial.

We were able to tap into a system that taught us everything to know about marketing online. Because of all this knowledge and education we were able to build a successful affiliate marketing business online and step away from the rat race.

If you are interested in building a business online so you can be your own boss and decide for yourself what you want to earn every month then I strong recommend for you to check this out <<<

Talk soon,