Why You Want To Be A Stay At Home Dad


Well I don’t think that it is me who should answer that question, right?

It is an answer you should ask yourself.

But, oké I could share a little bit of my story.

As you may know I was brought up with the finish your study, find a J.O.B. and work for the rest of your life mentality.
And in between you find yourself a partner and make two baby’s and struggle to pay the bills in the years to come. Only to find out by the time you are 65 that there is no such thing as retirement and you have no idea how to afford growing old.

Let alone tread you grandchildren on a day to the zoo.

The worst thing of all is that you probably teach your kids to do the same.

Oké, I admit, it is a bit exaggerated, but I think that this is what the majority of people do.
Of course there are all the happy moments in the few weeks of holiday you are allowed to take from your BOSS.

Or even if you are self employed. Being stuck in your own business, the better the business is going the more work you have and the less time there is to enjoy the small things in life.

Don’t take me wrong, there are a lot of people who actually enjoy what they are doing and are fine with the thing as they are.
Perfect, no worries, but then this blog post might not be for you.
I write this post for you.

You who is a father, who works his butt of for his family and who is longing for the weekend, because he just wants to be with his family.

You see not that long ago I was working 60 to 70 hours a week. I missed out on the first few years of my oldest.
Although Muriël would come and visit me in the restaurant we owned at that time. A small place where people would come for lunch and High Tea.

She would ran in and I would place her on top of the bar between the dishes. While I was working we would chat and make jokes.

Yes, I think this beats day care, but still.

It where the important milestones I started to miss. You know the first steps, the swimming diploma’s, riding a bike. stuff like that never comes back EVER!

But I didn’t know any better.

After selling this beautiful little restaurant we traveled through Thailand for about 10 weeks. I’ll never forget this time. Waking up early with Muriël and Sem who three at the time.
And just see what the day brings.

Because I didn’t know what I do now I bought a new restaurant when we came home.

Years went by with hard working. I thought that if you put the hours in and do everything yourself FREEDOM would come.

I was so wrong!

My son was born and again I was missing out!!!


How I became a stay at home dad

After buying a second restaurant and working even more hours…BOOM… I hit bankruptcy.

So what can you do?

You are a father, the provider of the family and the only thing you know is that what you have been doing for years. And that didn’t bring you the results you really wanted.

So what now?

To be honest…

I never wanted to be the stay at home dad that only took care of the kids, did the laundry and changed the diapers and meanwhile Muriël would be working long hours in a J.O.B.

No I wanted to provide for my family, retire my wife first and be home when the kids come back from school.

So, what are your options, without prostituting yourself or fall into illegal drugs growing and selling 🙂

Of course there are many crafts you could do from home. Like building furniture or if you are very good in a language or math you could do some tutoring.

But this means that you have to do the work in order to get paid. I mean if you don’t build a chair, you won’t get paid. Or if there are no kids for tutoring, you won’t get paid.


What else can you do as a stay at home dad

I ones heard of something that is called “residual income” or “passive income”. I don’t if you ever have but what it basically means is that you have an income that, even when you decide not to work for a day, will be there every month.

Some examples:

  • If you would write a book, a best selling book. Ones you did the work it will be sold for many years to come. And for every book sold you get paid. Meanwhile you are one the beach or writing another book.
  • Gumball machines. Imagine you have 500 gumball machines all over the city. The only thing you have to do is have somebody fill the machines. Let’s say you profit $1 per day per machine 7 day a week. That is $3500 per week!

It’s about leveraging time.

First you put in the work and then time will do the rest.
But I’m not a writer and I wouldn’t know how to set up a gumball empire and beat the competition.

Maybe it is something that you are a bit hesitant about, but using the internet to provide for your family is not unrealistic.

Stranger danger!

I always like this term! But so true! Who can you trust online? Yes there are a lot of schemes, but in real life too!

You are not the only one who likes football or fishing or spending time with his family, so does that mean that everybody else who is using the internet with those dreams is a crook? Of course not!

They are, just like you, searching for ways to provide for their loved ones.

How to use the internet to become a stay at home dad.


stay at home dadEverything you put out there online is there to stay. I don’t know when you are reading this post, it could be months from now, but it is the proof that I’m right, right?

There are many ways to use the internet to make money.

You can click on advertizements or fill out surveys. My experience is that this isn’t making making you the real money. The money you need to live your dreams.

And again…you have to do the work every day. If you don’t click, you won’t get paid.

Another option is to sell products…

You don’t have a product, you say?

Neither did I.

After making many mistakes like this I was introduced to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means that you are selling and promoting other peoples products. And when you do make a sale, you get a commission. Sounds simple right?

The next challenge did arise….How do you market online and what is a good product?

I really want to encourage you to read this article about choosing the right product and it’s criteria.

stay at home dadNext you need a system that teaches you how to market online and leverage your time. And at the same time enable you to make money.You see when I was introduced to the affiliate marketing world I was told to build my own website and figure out how you rank on page nr one of Google.Well, as a restaurant owner, what did I know?

So after a dozen attempt I gave up, because this was becoming to technical.

We want to provide for our family, right? and we want to have the time freedom to actually be with them as well, right? And we want to that rather today then tomorrow, right?

So if we first have to learn how to build websites, backlinks, landingspages, autoresponders and so on and so on….We are not getting closer to our dream life, right?

About a year ago I was introduced to a system that provided me with everything I needed. It taught me how to market, it provided me with beautiful products that met all the criteria .

And most important it gave me the time freedom I needed to become a stay at home dad.
We are now building a residual income. The experience of playing on the beach and getting a notification that you earned a commission is life changing.

I do want to add one more thing and that is that you must not think that it is something that goes by itself. That you don’t have to do anything.
No, there are a lot of late nights and there are many things to discover and you have to work you butt off.

But in my opinion it always beats working at a job knowing that you will always be working from paycheck to paycheck.

Kids cost money and the older they get the more the cost. That means that even if you do make a promotion and your income increases that you problem is still not solved.When I started online I couldn’t do it full time. And that is what I think the beauty of it.

Being an part time entrepreneur building a full time income.So be the father and provider of the family you ought to be and start to explore other opportunities.

There is a reason why you read this post. You want to change the situation your in.


What are the challenges a stay at home dad must overcome?

stay at home dadI think the biggest challenge is ourselves.

In order for you to succeed you have to start believing in the fact that it is possible and that you can do it.

Go and do the research, see how other people are doing it.
Educate yourself so you grow more confidence. Connect with people on social media and just ask.

Another big challenge are your friends and family.
The forces of evil the call it!

Making money online is not what is accepted by most people and they will project their fear on you. “Go find a real job”and remarks just like that will be made. And it is your duty to ignore them.

If you are serious and really want to change the situation your in, I strongly recommend you to check out the system I use to provide for my family.

If this post was of any help to you, please let me know in the comment section below. And if it was helpful for you, it might be helpful for others. Please share on your social media. You never know who’s life you will change.


Talk soon