How to cloak your affiliate links – using hostgator or Cpanel

It’s all about making things pretty,

No serious, don’t you think that those affiliate links are ugly?,
or something like that 🙂

Or you are promoting this business opportunity and wants to stand out, well than this might be something for you.

Watch the tutorial below and learn how to cloak your affiliate links.

 You see, as far as I know there are two reasons to cloak your affiliate link.

  1. As I said before, most affiliate links are ugly. So in order for you to make them pretty and nice looking you will have to cloak your links.

  2. Secondly…it is just very helpful. Imaging this, your cloaked link is everywhere, but you want to change your offer.
    Well then you only have to change the links behind your custom domain.

This is the HTML code I’m talking about:




</head><frameset rows=”100%scrolling=”0″>

<frame src=”“>



You can also use it to put any disclaimer pages of the company behind it or sales and join pages. Well sky is the limit.

Personally I would ignore number two, because sticking to your plan until the end gives you a lot of credibility.

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