Dealing With Depression: 10 Tips To Bounce Back

Dealing With Depression: 10 Tips To Bounce Back

Have you ever wondered how to overcome a bad life experience, like depression?
Or situations that could create depression? Or perhaps life is so hard on you right now,

and you feel more and more depressed, and you need help to deal with it?
Well, here you go! …. 10 tips in 37 minutes audio for you !

My advise for now …..

Break the pattern!

I did…

Have you ever had doubts about how to overcome it?

I did…

It’s never to late to overcome it. You can overcome it.

I did…

Tap into the right resources and fight yourself back!

Do you believe you can do it?

I believe you can!




Today I was hosting a Teleseminar, for the Super Women Connection today
AND now publishing the replay.

Let me hear what you think?
Are the 10 tips are helpful for you?

Well, here you go! …. 10 tips in a 37 minutes audio for you!


In my audio you you can learn about how to use these 10 tips


1. Go outside

2. Start a Media Faste

3. Listen to inspirational/ motivational audio’s

4. Exercise

5. Keep regularity in your life – and don’t change day with night.

6. Stop procrastination and start doing things you feel passionate about

7. Ban negative people (temporarily) from your life

8. Connect with positive people offline or online -Social Media- Blogging and build a positive community

9. Say It Out Loud, laugh out loud.

10. Meditation


There is always something you can do.

You can’t control life, but you can control what you do with life experiences.
Learn how to keep the balance between the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical parts of you.

I’m very thankful to be able to listening daily to personal development audio’s.
It helps me a lot to create a strong mindset and stay in charge of my happiness when life gets hard.

Those audio’s you can find in the same system that enables us to improve our financial situation as well.

Money issues is the proven number 1 cause for divorce, stress, depression, low self esteem, social isolation.

If you want to change your life for the better, have an open mind for what IS possible?

Working on the internet and earning profits online
creates our vehicle to do the things we really love. And it helps us to stay on the positive track of life.

Connect with me
by clicking this link

and drop your name and email on the form.

I will bring you to a video that will explain into
detail how you can change your situation as well.

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P.S. Do contact a professional when you are really desperate! – Talk to someone you trust!

Do You Struggle With How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard?? Solution Revealed In This Blog Post!

Do You Struggle With How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard??
Heads up!
I invite you to read my personal story and strike out on new paths.
It will show you a new way of thinking when life gets hard.
It will show you a new path against struggle
up to freedom, happiness and ideal lifestyle.

How To Bounce Back When Life Gets Hard


How does this quote makes you feel?

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”
~ John D. Rockefeller

It makes me feel relieved that Dirk and I took another path, than the “accepted” ones….

But how about you? Are you still stuck in ideas that makes you believe that you have to live the 40 year plan to have all the freedom you deserve? That you have to work your life away?

That you should struggle to pay your bills? Because it’s accepted to be poor ?
And accepted you to talk about what you don’t have in staid of talking about dreams of living a wealthy life….?

Please don’t! There is another way!
Read on I will tell you all about the path of freedom and were you can find it.

I already saw to many people dying to young, for believing in that “old” path to become happy.
My mind already is unleashed, for believing that I should walk in line with people who lost their dreams doing what they love before their kids are grown up.

My mom, 46 years old, ended her own life.
My stepmother, 59 years old, died of cancer.

Life can be over tomorrow.
…are you spending your days doing what you really love ?

Back in time…

I remember for example that I used to have 2 to 3 extra cleaning jobs to pay for my bills, education, food between my of 17-22. It was hard work.

And even after becoming a mom myself, and Dirk started his first restaurant I had to take an extra job, being out of the house, away from our baby to afford life.

I saw NO other way. This was back in 2004….I hated this. I always was looking for a way to be at home with our babies. I tried many different things for as much time at home with them as possible.

I started a pedicure home business to work around the baby schedules. But I almost broke my back carrying all the heavy equipment, because we had no room extra to practice this at home.

What a nightmare….

For 7 years I worked in a overnight-job, slept at work: to enable myself not to miss daytime with our kids, and go to work at the end of their awake day…

When I then new what I know no about ANOTHER way to make profits to pay bills, OMG!

Since the kids went to school I switched to a day job that enabled me to see them at night. But was as well far from ideal: My social worker job does not allow me to earn enough to pay back the BIG financial setback and restaurant bankruptcy Dirk and I suffered from in October 2013 with result: $300.000 in debt.

But as I always love to look forward in staid of looking back with regret….

I feel so thankful for the moment that our path crossed a message with a video and a link: that brought us the online system that helps us now designing our ideal lifestyle.

Your ideal lifestyle might be totally something else than ours.
Bur realize that you NEED to strike out on new paths if want to succeed with creating your ideal life.

There is a path leading towards freedom, being free from any constrains, a life sucking job – although it’s a part-time one-
living life on our terms, to be unleashed and rise up!

And you know what?

We are succeeding! And success IS smiling at us.
Because we decided to took an alternative path.


Now we’re guiding our team on the exact same path we’re walking on. That team is called

We’re a group now with a vision and a mission on a journey.
An entrepreneurial journey up to freedom!

Helping others to succeed feels fulfilling and empowering and became our mission.


Learn here where your freedom journey can start:
Click the link
Drop your info and I will sent you the information.

Reach out to me or Dirk for any questions!

I Appreciate your comments down below. Thank you so much!

Always listen to your heart,

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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty – The Solution For The Mind Blowing Issue …

What An Awesome Movie AND Illustration Of
What IS Possible For YOU

Is your mind fighting against your dreams, because you don’t see a way out of your killer rat race?
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – The Solution For The Mind Blowing Issue ...
and what you can learn from it:

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty – The Mind Blowing Issue …

Do YOU ever wander? ………
About the solution for the mind blowing issue? And how to change it?

  • “Is this what’s the purpose of life”?
  • “Do I have the courage to break free”?
  • “Can I live my dreams”?
  • “What are my dreams”Just  a couple of questions…..

That ! ! blows my mind – and that of Dirk- my husband and dad of our 2 kids.
That a lot of people are thinking it, and they are suffering from the prison of their working hours…..
To be at a certain place, at a certain time, to earn a certain amount of money….

I remember a day in summer, sitting at work, looking outside the window, the sun was shining and I was stuck there… My vision came to me.
Our kids were at the house of their grandparents -having a lot of fun though-.
But without their mom or dad to be the most important influence in their childhood.

I was realizing there must be more in life than looking outside the window, at work, desperately want to spend time with my kids, my friends…..
I wanted doing things that matters more, than work for set hours and ask permission for a toilet break at a meeting!

My vision is being able to help others to live their dreams, help them to step into their power, without paying with my own valuable family time, my dreams.

But I never knew how.


Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

I finally jumped into a new online world with free souls: entrepreneurs.
And I never felt so at home than surrounded by like minded free souls, willing to do whatever it takes to build their dream life.

This Amazing Journey

Just a quick view back in time ……
educated as a social worker and my mindset as well:
educated to do what I was told, helping others in a setting of a job, with a small paycheck, while doing tough work.

I realize that working for a boss almost killed my dreams.
I almost believed that it’s acceptable for saving dreams for 67+, when people are “allowed” to travel, to do what they love after a life full of hard work.

That is the accepted value… of the big black mass….of a lot of people around me.

But YOU might be in that mass….
Tying to get out but you don’t know how?

We do know now, this is the road we are walking on.

“There must be more than an unhappy life”, right?

We opened our minds when we found others designing their lifestyles, being able to fire there boss, because they learned how to market online and leverage systems that can work for you, while you are spending time doing things you really love.

-And that is not being stuck at work your whole life, right?-

When people are asking me why are Dirk and I doing this “internet Marketing thing” ?
I always answer:

“Because there is more in life than work your life away.
Would you wash your sheets by hand, when the washing machine can do the job as well?”


There is a way of doing the things you love,
and provide for your family,
and live a life full of abundance and prosperity,


That’s why I love The Secret Life of Walter Mitty –

And The Solution for The Mind Blowing Issue

Is You!

Your willingness to make a change.


What are you going to do with it?


Let me know your thoughts, your dreams, your issues!
They might not be as hard to solve as you believe.

There is ALWAYS a way out.

This social worker mom is a a sales mentor now, a team leader, earning residual income online.
And I’m teaching other open minded, trainable people the exact same things that helped me and my husband to break free from the endless 40 year plan.
Just follow the road to freedom:



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Overcoming Difficulties By Positive And Proactive Thinking, Is It Truth Or Hype?

Overcoming difficulties by positive and proactive thinking, is it truth or hype?
You will find your answer in my blog post if you read on with an open mind for finding a way to make life easier! 
Difficulties are part of life … That is a truth, right? But what about the hype? Is there a prescription that can be used by everyone? The sooner of later, every person will face difficulties as, sadness, pain, sorrow, loss. But how to deal with it? There is a solution … This is what I learned about overcoming difficulties by positive and proactive thinking.

Lets Travel Back In Time For Finding Answers


My personal journey to the truth goes way back in my own family history…
I remember that my schoolteacher once gave me a grade for “laughing” and being a happy and positive kid. I was about 11 years old.

Although I had a lot on my mind and had to overcome huge difficulties at home, somehow I was blessed with a happy character. Or was it an ability for positive and proactive thinking?

My parents’ marriage was tensed and they struggled finding balance together. From time to time, there was a lot of shouting, tears, frustration and anger at home, around me.
Part of the unbalance marriage was due to my moms depressions and her feelings of insecurity. The roots of my moms sorrow went back a long time to her childhood ….

She never overcame losing her dad in the second World War:
my grandfather was taken away by German soldiers and was finally sent to Auschwitz, a destroying camp for Jewish people, like my grandfather.

Her mom, my grandmother, married to another man after the war, who already had 4 children. And they didn’t got along well with my mom and her sister. My mom’s childhood was not happy seeing her mother being dominated by her new husband. And regularly, he punished my grandmother with a painful hit in the face, in front of the children.
Not being able to get over this, the marriage of my parents became tensed.

What I’ve Learned, What You Can learn

Overcoming Difficulties By Positive And Proactive Thinking, Truth Or Hype?

I learned at a young age to find a solution for serious difficulties, like for my almost divorcing parents and a mother that didn’t want to live any more from time to time.

…. Somehow my mind was always my best friend and it always whispered solutions, how weird that may sound!
I never ever gave up, found ways that made me feel happy. When I felt sad I didn’t sad down in despair, but went out to take action and searched for activities that made me feel better. Like positive brain fuel.

I was blessed with finding a lot of friends and hobbies.
And somehow, I always knew that one day I would be able to look back on overcoming my difficulties that I was facing that time.

Now I can say: “I DID!”
And this can be done by you as well. But you need to tap into the right resources, find the right books to read, audio’s to listen to.

Btw ….Here you can read Dirk’s blog post about how to deal with failure.

-Are you still with me here?
One key for making life easier is personal development!

-Please continue reading …….

How Everything Will Fall Into Place

Overcoming-Difficulties-By-Positive-And-Proactive-ThinkingLater in time, growing up, I learned how everything was related: and that my taking action and positive could be labeled as “Proactive Thinking”.

I started to read personal development books, like “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” , by Stephen R. Covey.

And in there I discovered how overcoming difficulties can create new personal strengths! Understanding this process, now enables me to teach others how to overcome difficulties by positive and proactive thinking.

I discovered that being part of a family tragedy, I learned as a very young girl to think Proactive: One of the 7 Habits, mentioned in this book. Which means more than merely taking initiative.

Let me explain what Proactive Thinking means and how it can help you make your life easier.

Ready? Here it comes ….

Pro-activity and Reactivity, Explained
~ by
Stephen R. Covey

Overcoming Difficulties By Positive And Proactive Thinking, Truth Or Hype?

It means that as human beings we are responsible for our own lives. Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions. We can subordinate feelings to values. We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen”. Look at the word “responsibility” – “response – ability”- the ability to response. Highly pro-active people recognize that responsibility. They do not blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning their behavior. Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice, based on values, rather than a product of their conditions, base don feeling.

Reactive people are often affected by their physical environment: If the weather is good they feel good. I it isn’t, it affects their attitude and their performance. Proactive people carry their own weather with them. Whether is rains or shines, makes no difference to them.


Overcoming Difficulties By Positive And Proactive Thinking

Step Into Your Power

Feeling sad never solved my childhood difficulties- it was beyond my powers as a kid, because it were my parents’ problems –
By creating situations that would make me feel happy, like spending time with my friends, sports, and work hard and create good results in school and helping others,
I practiced pro-activity! I decided to find happiness. I took responsibility for my feelings.
THAT overcame my difficulties in life! And can be done by you.


It’s a understandable, BUT in my opinion a weak mindset to say that you always have to “go with the flow”.
Without taking course of the direction in a situation where you face difficulties, life will live you! I found out that you will be easily victim of problems and difficulties doing that.

Flipping the situation over by pro-activity, I’m positive that you will be able to change the direction of your life!


What my mom couldn’t do, I learned! That changed my kids future, it saved my marriage. It makes me a happy person, a better mom and lover. It makes me a much nicer person to share our planet with :-).

My early learned life lessons thought me that holding on to positive thoughts, taking action with pro-activity, I’m able to take be in charge of the direction of my life and my beloved ones.
And it is such a wonderful feeling that by writing down my personal history, others can learn from what it gave me.

It’s my mission to show other individuals the way …
overcoming difficulties by positive and proactive thinking.

Overcoming Difficulties By Positive And Proactive Thinking, Truth Or Hype?

If you want to learn more about personal development, about

 …. how you can learn to design your lifestyle, doing the things you feel passionate about?

…. about being able to eliminate the things in life, that makes you feel unhappy?

Like a job, that’s holding you back from doing the things you love?

Step into the world of online entrepreneurs, online knowledge, online systems and a community of like minded people, ready to lift you up!
Contact me here.

My husband Dirk wrote a blog about why and how to make changes in life,
here you can read it.
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If You know How To Ride A Bike, You Can Build Any Business

As some of you may know, I love to ride my Surly Moonlander Fatbike.  And just a few days ago we went for a ride on the beach.

Think about it, if you know how to ride a bike the destinations are limitless!
In a straight line it is only a 10 minute bike ride to the beach but that is not really exiting, now is it.

So we always try to find new routes to get to the beach and in a crowded city that is not always that easy.

Anyway, I found this hidden path that was running IMG_7284along a fence at one side and on the other side it was basically a long way down covered with trees and thorns and nettles.

Awesome! We had to get out of our comfort zone and just go with the path laid out for us. There were fallen trees and bumps in the road.

At the end of this path we had to go straight down. This way tricky because there was a ditch below.

But if hang towards the back of your bike a little and use your back brake to keep control, you will be oké. Just let the bike do it’s job.

We stayed dry!

Adrenaline was pumping through our veins and we headed full speed to the next challenge.


But…My friend lost a paddle!

We had two choices, turn back home and that would it for that day or find a solution.
Luckily we were nearby my parents house and my father is somebody who always loved his bikes and never throws anything away that can be used.

YES! I was right!

My dad had a pair of paddles. The perfect match for my friends bike.

So 30 minutes later we were back on track…

Through the dunes, but over the cycling paths. And, because it was still light, I saw this path. It was a clear and open path under a tunnel of trees.
I said to my friend

We need to go in here, we never tried this path before! Who know what it will bring us.

So we didhow to ride a bike

And it took us further and further into the unknown. But because the sun always sets into the west and we have beautiful sunsets at the beach, we knew exactly what direction we needed to go.

With the end in mind, we kept going.

After a lot of ups and down we came to an open aria and I recognized where we were.

Again we had to choose…

Going back was not an option, going to the left or straight would bring us back to the cycling paths. Or we could turn right into an aria that was not only unknown to us but there was also a sign that said

No access, service road

Now, I’m not saying that you should brake the law or something like that, but sometimes you have to bend the rules a little. I thought as long as we stay on the road and make sure nobody is hurt and nothing is damaged, we might discover new ways!

And my friend didn’t see that sign and I forgot to mention it 🙂

It was a beautiful and breathtaking ride. It was so quiet and the only thing you could hear were the birds.

Everything was just perfect! The dirt road was hard so it was easy to ride on and the weather was perfect, there ere birds, foxes, rabbits and dears crossing the road ones in a while.

And…I felt like I was 9 again doing something that I knew that was not allowed but did anyway! Can you remember that feeling?

After following this path for about 30 minutes…..there was a dead end!

Again we had to choose…

Going back is never an option.

There was an electric fence and we heard something big grazing behind the bushes! We could easily open the fence and close it behind us.

But there was no road, just small trails leading to all directions! But with the end in mind we took of.

Sometimes it was a dead end, sometimes there was a pond, sometimes we had to walk and sometimes we came back at the same point.
Mean while it was getting dark, so we had to find the way out.

Finally, after a lot of scratches on my leg of all the bushes we arrived on an open space again and we could clearly see where we had to go.
After crossing this field there was another fence with a thick forest behind it. We followed the fence and we took a leap of faith that this fence would eventually bring us to our destination.

Was I right? Yep, there was a tarmac road that I recognized. It would bring us straight to the beach.

After climbing the fence and getting back on the bike I noticed that my front tire was soft. Having  4,8 inch thick tires, it is not easy to handle the bike when the a soft, almost flat.

I said to myself

Just a little bit further, you can do it! When you arrive at the beach we will get the pump out.

Well, on the beach I put new air in the tires and at that moment I had no idea that there was something wrong.

It was high tide and the sand was soft and sucking the bikes in. This makes it even for a fatbike hard work. After a mile or so I noticed that something was wrong. It was not the sand that made it hard to ride, there was simply no air left in my front wheel.

Yes I know it was dumb not to bring any equipment to fix the tires….

So…There we were. By now the sun went under and it was dark and we where just half way on our journey. What to do?

The reason why we do this is because not only it is fun, but it is also a great way to stay in good shape.
I’m the kind of person who likes to make the best of things. So, with the fatbike in one hand and the other person the other bike we started jogging.

First the beach was our goal and although we had a lot of “struggle” on the way, we made it. We never gave up.

And during that first mile riding on the beach, when we hit that drifting sand, I just knew that if I keep pushing those paddles, no matter what, I will get home.

But… BOOM…Flat tire!

Now, I could keep on pushing those paddles, but that will only damage my bike.

Sometimes you just have to get of your bike, make sure it gets home so you can fix it.

We ran all the way home and I can assure you running 15 miles with a fatbike in your hand was a whole new challenge for me 🙂

What does knowing how to ride a bike got to do with building a business?

If you know how to ride a bike it means that you can keep your balance, you have strong legs, because you keep pushing those paddles and your are not afraid to take some risk.

When you are building your business you will encounter many similarities.

Let’s go over them:

  • Finding new routes; When you are building your business, online or offline, you will be challenged to find new ways of doing.
    It is possible that you are doing something that was working for a long and suddenly it stopped working for you.
    You have to look for other ways to succeed. Because quitting is never an option.
    If necessary start over. Test different ideas until you are back on track. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things.
    Ones you do, you’ll that everything will go smooth again, like that beautiful ride on the forbidden road.
    And  then again you might hit a dead end. But now you are so many steps further and no one can take that away from you.
  • BOOM a flat tire… Your Youtube channel with all your marketing video’s is flagged and shutdown.
    Or your website crashed and you are out of business at that time.
    Are you going to give up?
    No, you’ll walk!
    You’ll make new video’s on a new Youtube channel and if necessary you will call people  to tell them the site is down…
    I don’t know, but you’ll find ways to get to your destination.

    Always work with the end in mind.

As I said before if you know how to ride a bike , you know how to keep balance. Well if you are building your business you need a lot of balance.
Not only financially but what I mean is mentally.
I always say

Everybody can build a business if they would really want to.

But not everybody wants to and therefor not everybody can. And besides that, you need to be a strong character, you need to have balance.
There will be times that you have to climb long and steep dune tops and straight after that you will go downhill fast.

how to ride a bikeThere will be times that you face big challenges in your business and suddenly, after all the hard work things start to take of and you will sky rocket!

But there will always be another dune top to face and that’s where the balance comes in handy.



Strong legs!
If you ride your bike a lot, you will get strong legs, there is no discussion possible about that. First somebody has to hold you.
Remember? When your father or mother or god knows who hold on to your neck and without even knowing they had let go. Only because your skills improved. You legs got stronger, you knew how to keep your balance etc etc.

Building a business is not much different.
If never give up and just keep moving forward,  your skills will improve and and you will get better in what you do. It’s about having the right education and the right mentors.

And you must not be afraid of taking some risk. If you are riding that path along the fence. You have the fence on your right hand side and on the other side it is a deep drop down.  At the end of the path there is this steep way down.

You could get of your bike and try to walk down, but because of all the drifting sand you’ll probably fall. Staying on your bike and just have a little trust will get you down faster and safer in the long run. And I’m sure if you take that road a dozen times, you’ll probably will not even use the brakes!

Anyway, as you can see there are a lot of similarities in how to ride a bike and how to build a business.

There is one more thing we didn’t talk about…The bike itself!!!

Having access to the right tools is maybe the most important aspect of all.  I mean did you ever tried to ride your road bike on the beach through the soft sand.
Or tried to ride 20 miles on the tricycle of your little brother or sister?

It’s the same with building a business. Having access to the right tools, the right education and the right mentors is crucial for you success.

When we started to build our business online, we didn’t know where to start.
Questions like

Where to start.
How to market
How to do anything online

came to our mind.

We knew that you could make money and brand yourself with a blog. But witch one?

Do we build one ourselves or do we use a free service? Or do we choose the right tool and take a subscription for a Viral Blogging system were you can learn everything there is to know about blogging.

We choose the viral blog. It is the one you see right now.

How to market?

We didn’t know anything. Again, choosing the right vehicle was crucial.

We were able to tap into a system that taught us everything to know about marketing online. Because of all this knowledge and education we were able to build a successful affiliate marketing business online and step away from the rat race.

If you are interested in building a business online so you can be your own boss and decide for yourself what you want to earn every month then I strong recommend for you to check this out <<<

Talk soon,




Why Lifestyle By Design – Earning Residual Income Online IS Possible

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-15 om 00.50.11

TWTW Hangout, May Tuesday 12th

No worries if you’ve missed it!

Here’s your replay

And here is the panel:

  • Chad is an top income earner, a great leader and helps an enormous amount of people changing their lives for the better.
    He helps by leverage the internet to be free and to pursue their dreams.
    He’s a trainer, a speaker and also just a cool an nice guy!
  • Polina is total into laptop lifestyle, she broke free from her 9-5 job to create a life full of travels every single month.Although English is not her first language she build her online business as a visionary, and is a magnet for people. Just being herself she manages to help change the lives of many people…
  • Shenan, a integer guy from New Zeeland, once started to dream about more time freedom to travel in his free time. Since the day that he decided to take action on this, he managed to have $3000 days: that created freedom to do what he loves compared the profits making with his job. It’s his mission to teach other people the same!

You will be able to learn how your journey as entrepreneurs can start, working online, learning how to write your own paycheck, designing your desired lifestyle.

NOT Possible?
Hell yes it is!

These people are human 🙂 and not very different than you!

Dirk and I believe that you can start making changes in your life as well.
When it’s done by others it can be done by you even better!
We are grateful to not only hang out with them in Google Hangouts,
but every singe 90 days on our company events.
You are invited to come along with us!

Chad, Polina, Shenan,
They all started with dreaming and taking baby steps towards their goals.

But they found their power to strive making their biggest wishes come true:
And they DID.

Just think about what it would mean to you to change your life for the better?

These examples are the mean facts that people fill in our survey questions
Fire the boss, travel, pay off debs, 12 holidays a year, be able to take care of parents, pay expensive medicine, be able to buy healthy and biologic foods, pay for private schools for the kids, be able to work around the time schedules of the kids, follow that language course without being to busy, shopping without looking at the price labels, buy dream car,  dream house, visit far away family members.

Do you miss a couple of your examples?
Please share them with us in the comments, down below!

And  you really should have a seat, and watch this Hangout until the very end.
Learn where to start and what to do, learn from their stories.

It is such a powerful Hangout, with the panel interacting with each other, magnificent golden nuggets that they all GIVE away to our guests …..

That should give you a great start with moving forward, creating YOUR Lifestyle By Design
– By Earning Residual Income Online.

We are looking forward to hear thoughts about this one, down below in the Comments!

And if we helped you to overcome your objections with this Hangout,
you know what to do, right?

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-15 om 00.50.11
We’re ready to mentor you along your way,
Let’s meet!

~ Dirk and Muriël

Want more ?
Watch another TWTW hangout here


P.S. Results are not typical, we are not typical either….
See income disclaimer here


Why You Want To Be A Stay At Home Dad


Well I don’t think that it is me who should answer that question, right?

It is an answer you should ask yourself.

But, oké I could share a little bit of my story.

As you may know I was brought up with the finish your study, find a J.O.B. and work for the rest of your life mentality.
And in between you find yourself a partner and make two baby’s and struggle to pay the bills in the years to come. Only to find out by the time you are 65 that there is no such thing as retirement and you have no idea how to afford growing old.

Let alone tread you grandchildren on a day to the zoo.

The worst thing of all is that you probably teach your kids to do the same.

Oké, I admit, it is a bit exaggerated, but I think that this is what the majority of people do.
Of course there are all the happy moments in the few weeks of holiday you are allowed to take from your BOSS.

Or even if you are self employed. Being stuck in your own business, the better the business is going the more work you have and the less time there is to enjoy the small things in life.

Don’t take me wrong, there are a lot of people who actually enjoy what they are doing and are fine with the thing as they are.
Perfect, no worries, but then this blog post might not be for you.
I write this post for you.

You who is a father, who works his butt of for his family and who is longing for the weekend, because he just wants to be with his family.

You see not that long ago I was working 60 to 70 hours a week. I missed out on the first few years of my oldest.
Although Muriël would come and visit me in the restaurant we owned at that time. A small place where people would come for lunch and High Tea.

She would ran in and I would place her on top of the bar between the dishes. While I was working we would chat and make jokes.

Yes, I think this beats day care, but still.

It where the important milestones I started to miss. You know the first steps, the swimming diploma’s, riding a bike. stuff like that never comes back EVER!

But I didn’t know any better.

After selling this beautiful little restaurant we traveled through Thailand for about 10 weeks. I’ll never forget this time. Waking up early with Muriël and Sem who three at the time.
And just see what the day brings.

Because I didn’t know what I do now I bought a new restaurant when we came home.

Years went by with hard working. I thought that if you put the hours in and do everything yourself FREEDOM would come.

I was so wrong!

My son was born and again I was missing out!!!


How I became a stay at home dad

After buying a second restaurant and working even more hours…BOOM… I hit bankruptcy.

So what can you do?

You are a father, the provider of the family and the only thing you know is that what you have been doing for years. And that didn’t bring you the results you really wanted.

So what now?

To be honest…

I never wanted to be the stay at home dad that only took care of the kids, did the laundry and changed the diapers and meanwhile Muriël would be working long hours in a J.O.B.

No I wanted to provide for my family, retire my wife first and be home when the kids come back from school.

So, what are your options, without prostituting yourself or fall into illegal drugs growing and selling 🙂

Of course there are many crafts you could do from home. Like building furniture or if you are very good in a language or math you could do some tutoring.

But this means that you have to do the work in order to get paid. I mean if you don’t build a chair, you won’t get paid. Or if there are no kids for tutoring, you won’t get paid.


What else can you do as a stay at home dad

I ones heard of something that is called “residual income” or “passive income”. I don’t if you ever have but what it basically means is that you have an income that, even when you decide not to work for a day, will be there every month.

Some examples:

  • If you would write a book, a best selling book. Ones you did the work it will be sold for many years to come. And for every book sold you get paid. Meanwhile you are one the beach or writing another book.
  • Gumball machines. Imagine you have 500 gumball machines all over the city. The only thing you have to do is have somebody fill the machines. Let’s say you profit $1 per day per machine 7 day a week. That is $3500 per week!

It’s about leveraging time.

First you put in the work and then time will do the rest.
But I’m not a writer and I wouldn’t know how to set up a gumball empire and beat the competition.

Maybe it is something that you are a bit hesitant about, but using the internet to provide for your family is not unrealistic.

Stranger danger!

I always like this term! But so true! Who can you trust online? Yes there are a lot of schemes, but in real life too!

You are not the only one who likes football or fishing or spending time with his family, so does that mean that everybody else who is using the internet with those dreams is a crook? Of course not!

They are, just like you, searching for ways to provide for their loved ones.

How to use the internet to become a stay at home dad.


stay at home dadEverything you put out there online is there to stay. I don’t know when you are reading this post, it could be months from now, but it is the proof that I’m right, right?

There are many ways to use the internet to make money.

You can click on advertizements or fill out surveys. My experience is that this isn’t making making you the real money. The money you need to live your dreams.

And again…you have to do the work every day. If you don’t click, you won’t get paid.

Another option is to sell products…

You don’t have a product, you say?

Neither did I.

After making many mistakes like this I was introduced to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means that you are selling and promoting other peoples products. And when you do make a sale, you get a commission. Sounds simple right?

The next challenge did arise….How do you market online and what is a good product?

I really want to encourage you to read this article about choosing the right product and it’s criteria.

stay at home dadNext you need a system that teaches you how to market online and leverage your time. And at the same time enable you to make money.You see when I was introduced to the affiliate marketing world I was told to build my own website and figure out how you rank on page nr one of Google.Well, as a restaurant owner, what did I know?

So after a dozen attempt I gave up, because this was becoming to technical.

We want to provide for our family, right? and we want to have the time freedom to actually be with them as well, right? And we want to that rather today then tomorrow, right?

So if we first have to learn how to build websites, backlinks, landingspages, autoresponders and so on and so on….We are not getting closer to our dream life, right?

About a year ago I was introduced to a system that provided me with everything I needed. It taught me how to market, it provided me with beautiful products that met all the criteria .

And most important it gave me the time freedom I needed to become a stay at home dad.
We are now building a residual income. The experience of playing on the beach and getting a notification that you earned a commission is life changing.

I do want to add one more thing and that is that you must not think that it is something that goes by itself. That you don’t have to do anything.
No, there are a lot of late nights and there are many things to discover and you have to work you butt off.

But in my opinion it always beats working at a job knowing that you will always be working from paycheck to paycheck.

Kids cost money and the older they get the more the cost. That means that even if you do make a promotion and your income increases that you problem is still not solved.When I started online I couldn’t do it full time. And that is what I think the beauty of it.

Being an part time entrepreneur building a full time income.So be the father and provider of the family you ought to be and start to explore other opportunities.

There is a reason why you read this post. You want to change the situation your in.


What are the challenges a stay at home dad must overcome?

stay at home dadI think the biggest challenge is ourselves.

In order for you to succeed you have to start believing in the fact that it is possible and that you can do it.

Go and do the research, see how other people are doing it.
Educate yourself so you grow more confidence. Connect with people on social media and just ask.

Another big challenge are your friends and family.
The forces of evil the call it!

Making money online is not what is accepted by most people and they will project their fear on you. “Go find a real job”and remarks just like that will be made. And it is your duty to ignore them.

If you are serious and really want to change the situation your in, I strongly recommend you to check out the system I use to provide for my family.

If this post was of any help to you, please let me know in the comment section below. And if it was helpful for you, it might be helpful for others. Please share on your social media. You never know who’s life you will change.


Talk soon


Why working 9 to 5 is dumb and why you should quit

Why ?

Only three years ago I could never have imagined that we would actually be building a business online. And now we are flying all the way to the other site of the world to attend events and meet like minded people.

We started because we needed an alternative.

You see, I hit bankruptcy with my brick and mortar business in 2013.
Left with one restaurant, $250.000 debts and a family to support I was forced to look for alternatives.

Although it was the most stressful time in my life I’m very grateful that it happened.


Because it brought me to where I’m now.

That sound a bit cliche, I know, but it is still true.

Don’t you recognize this?

You’re drooling around in you comfortable situation and just want something to happen, even if you don’t know it yet.

In my story this something was buying a second restaurant and soon to discover that it is impossible to work even more hours.

Before I tell you where it brought me today I will tell you a little bit more about myself.

I was brought up with the idea that you finish your studies, find a job and work the rest of your life.

Well…that idea is exactly what I’m trying to get rid of.

You see, there are three types of people.

  1. The employee: Someone who trades his or her time for money. Somebody who has a job, the 9 to 5.
  2. The employer: Someone who creates jobs for him or herself. The more money he makes, the busier he is and the more hours he works.
  3. The entrepreneur: Somebody who creates jobs for others.

I have never been an employee, I have been a employer for a long long time and now slowly I’m becoming an entrepreneur.

It’s all about the journey.

How to get from being an employer to an entrepreneur?

This is something that is not done overnight. It is a transformation…

It starts with the mindset, because it is a whole different level. It is a different level of thinking and a different level of acting.
It took me a long time to figure this out, I mean I understood the concept, but actually acting accordingly was a different story.
We still own the restaurant, but instead of working 60 to 70 hours a week, we have put very capable people in to work and now I only have to be there 2 days a week.

I’m there more often, but that is because of the office space 🙂
It is the internet marketing industry that gives you the possibility to create that true leverage, money wise and time wise.

Why quitting your 9 to 5 is the best thing to do and why you will be oké?

If I think back, everything that I really wanted in life I accomplished.
When I was younger and still at school and teachers would tell me that I couldn’t do something I just had to prove them wrong. And that worked every time!

When I wanted to start my own restaurant it worked out just as I planned.
I always began with the end in mind, I could clearly see the outcome.

And this is something you can do to. Just picture what you desire and start talking and acting as if it was already true.
Suddenly you’ll see different opportunities and you will be able to respond to them.
Yes, you probably will have to come out of your comfort zone and do things you don’t like, but ones you are passed those you will be a whole different person.

Think about the things you can do if you are not stuck in a 9 to 5  job.
If you don’t have to ask your boss to go on vacation or have a day off, just because you feel like it.

Think about all the new experiences you can have.

We still have debts and we still own a restaurant, but compared with a year before we are so much better of.And besides that, our future looks so much brighter.

Instead of just working to pay our bills we now work towards our dreams. And suddenly it is not about the money any more, it’s about the freedom.

Why are people scared to make that change to get out of that 9 to 5?

Most people are driven by fear, by the fear of the unknown. And I can understand, especially if you have waited to long.

  • You bought a house, so you have a mortgage
  • You are about to make a promotion.
  • You are just engaged and who will pay for the wedding.

It is just like having children, there is never THE right time.

But one very important thing is that as long as you are procrastinating you will miss out on a lot of important opportunities.
Not to mention all the extra excuses and possessions you acquire along the way.


The golden cage

9 to 5

This is a term that my father always used to describe the situation my brother and his wife were in.

They both had great jobs that paid very well.

So they bought a big house, a car, two motorcycles and a lot more expensive stuff.

But maintaining this stuff cost a lot of money and therefor they needed to work even harder in order to pay for everything.

Even when they decided that they wanted out, they just couldn’t.

If you have every read they book “rich dad poor dad” written by Robert Kyosaki you know what I’m talking about.

The Rat Race…

I often wonder, why do we do the things we do, even when it makes us unhappy.
For years I thought that working your but off was the answer. I was surrounded by people who would say it was cool if you worked 80 hour a week.

But finding myself crying on the stairs because I just didn’t see a way out. The bills where piling up and I felt all alone. I missed the happy times with my family and especially my kids.

Being in a situation like that, I was desperately searching for a way to provide for my family, without having to invest a lot of money.

I was introduced to the online marketing world by a friend. Knowing this person for a long time there was no reason for me to doubt anything she told me.

So I started, I took leap of faith.

For the first 12 months we had no success and believe me, that is very frustrating. But the moment we started to do exactly what we where told to do, commissions started to roll in.

Today we actually earn money online we have enough proof for ourselves to stay on this path. Yes we still have the restaurant, it is not something that is easily sold.

But 2015 is our year, it is the year that we will hit the 20K a month.


Because I believe it is true,
because I work with the end in mind.

Because there is no time to wast. My children are growing up and childhood is something that will never comeback.

Our vision is not about us, it is about you. It’s about freedom.

It’s about being able to go on holiday with your family during every school brake. It’s about seeing your kids grow up and not bringing them to day care. Always have time to listen…

And maybe my English is not perfect or I don’t know all the answers, but one thing I do know: We will never give up on ourselves or on our teammates until everybody reached their goal.

Remember two things

  1. It is 90% mindset and 10%skill set
  2. Work will always come again, childhood won’t


Talk soon!



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Follow your heart!

~ Dirk and Muriël

How to cloak your affiliate links – using hostgator or Cpanel

It’s all about making things pretty,

No serious, don’t you think that those affiliate links are ugly?,
or something like that 🙂

Or you are promoting this business opportunity and wants to stand out, well than this might be something for you.

Watch the tutorial below and learn how to cloak your affiliate links.

 You see, as far as I know there are two reasons to cloak your affiliate link.

  1. As I said before, most affiliate links are ugly. So in order for you to make them pretty and nice looking you will have to cloak your links.

  2. Secondly…it is just very helpful. Imaging this, your cloaked link is everywhere, but you want to change your offer.
    Well then you only have to change the links behind your custom domain.

This is the HTML code I’m talking about:




</head><frameset rows=”100%scrolling=”0″>

<frame src=”“>



You can also use it to put any disclaimer pages of the company behind it or sales and join pages. Well sky is the limit.

Personally I would ignore number two, because sticking to your plan until the end gives you a lot of credibility.

If you are interested in an opportunity where you can learn how to market anything and making automated sales, well then this might be for you: