The Secrets To Guaranteed Copywriting Success

When you are writing your blog or your swipe for a solo ad, there is always the question what is better.

Short and a lot of white space or long and very detailed sales piece. What is the way to go?


Well, it comes down to this: What type of buyer are you targeting?


Even if you know your avatar you still need to know about the type of buyers.


Basically there are 2 kinds of buyers, The impulsive buyer and the Analytical buyer.


The Impulsive Buyer

This type of buyer who can afford to buy. He or she has a busy life. They have always places to go, meet friends but just don’t have the time to do it.
When they read a post or your email they will go over the headlines and subtopics. They will glance over the added photo’s and captions.

If they like what they see, they’ll make an instant decision and they’ll buy.


The Analytical Buyer

And secondly we have the analytical buyer. This is where the long and detailed copywriting comes in hand.

These buyers want to see the proof and believe that the proof is in the details. They will go over everything and will even read the small details


But, for example, if you send out a solo ad you won’t who you are talking to.


So how can you create the perfect copywriting?


Lets go over the two buyers and see what we can use to reach the both types of buyers.


How can we reach:


The Impulsive Buyer


  1. Use clear and attention getting headlines and sub headlines
  2. Use CAPITALS and graphics in your message.
  3. Use photo’s and images
  4. Use captions
  5. Use varying fonts and font sizes
  6. Use shading
  7. Use bold headlines
  8. Use shaded areas or bullets to Highlight.


The Analytic Buyer

When you write you sales piece you use not only your headlines and sub-headlines, but also you graphics to guide your impulsive buyer.

Now you will add the detailed information the analytic buyer needs under the proper heading, and you’ve got a winning marketing piece that is guaranteed to be successful!



If you want to have success with copywriting inside knowledge of how your potential buyers react is the key to getting their attention…. and extra income.


The overlapping needs of the impulsive and the analytical buyer is a bonus. You can reach the whole market with on masterpiece!


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