How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.

I always wondered how I could be a stay at home dad……the cool version that is. After years of slaving in my own restaurant missing out on my children’s milestones in life, because basically I was never around, I made a decision.

I wanted to be a stay at home dad.

As you can imaging, I looked for other ways to make money. I desperately wanted to provide for my family and spend time with them at the same time.
I found the answer online.

Internet marketing / affiliate marketing was something that really appealed to me. I was just missing the right skill sets. I believed 100% that is would be possible because there is enough proof out there.

But how to market?

There are many tools you can use for marketing, but I wanted to know how to use Instagram.

How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.

Instagram is a social media platform with more then 200 million users. It is a platform that uses images. You can post you pictures and people can like them and decide to follow you and visa versa.

Instagram is designed to use from your smartphone.

The platform is based on attraction marketing. People see what the like and connect.
There are so many tools out there you can use to improve your images.
You can add text or different colors. Their filters to be placed over you image etc etc.





 How to use Instagram and become a stay at home dad


First of all you need a Instagram account.

Go to the Itunes store or Google Play to download the Instagram app on to you smartphone.

When you click on download you will be prompted to create an account. You have to put in your email and select your username and of course you profile picture.

Make sure you profile picture is a headshot of yourself and that you look into the lens of the camera. Wearing sunglasses or looking the other way will disconnect you with your audience.


When you select your username it must be unique and it has to stand out. Preferably touching your audience because you people to click on it.
If you are in the affiliate business or promoting a business opportunity stay away from company names.

You are not that company and it is not worth getting sued for copywriting .


Ones you created your account it is important to set up your Bio, your ad-space.



Maybe you heart people say that you have 10 seconds to make an impression. Well I think with Instagram it’s more like 3 seconds.

Your bio should be clear and gives your prospect a call to action.

Like in this example from a new Instagram account I just started

How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.

The link you are using in your bio…

You should use a landingspage, because you want to capture someone’s email address.

In this article you will find more information about listbuilding.
But basically people usually don’t buy the first time and having their email address enables you to follow up and send them more information about your product.

I recommend we use leadpages for our landing pages. If you don’t have an account yet, Click here to get it now

How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.








Posting pictures

Images are what it is all about. They are what makes Instagram.

People come to instagram to be entertained and……to buy.

Even if they don’t know it yet.


How to use Instagram for your marketing you say?

Well, first you have to know your Avatar. Who is it that you are talking to? I mean with marketing it’s like this:

  • People have a problem
  • You have the solution.
  • That’s it.

Go here to learn more about creating your Avatar

You have to know who you are “talking” to.

If you market to everybody , you might as well market to nobody

Now that you know who your Avatar is, you have to make sure that when posting it is based on what your followers will like to see.
Because you want them to keep following you and make them curious what you are doing.


I post 3 types of pictures:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Results/customer testimonials
  3. value (quotes, funny stuff, etc etc)


How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.Use a tool called Word Swag to add text into your images.

You can find it in your App store, but it is only for Iphones.


And for me being a Apple user I’m not sure what to recommend  for Android users. But if you go here, you will be oké.

You can now take your own pictures and put famous quotes into it.


How to find your targeted market online?

This is actually really easy on Instagram. If you go to the search option and type in a certain keyword, related, to your audience, Instagram will show you all the persons an Hashtags connected with that keyword.

Now what….

Well it is like with all the Social media platforms. Interact! Like the picture, leave a comment. Start to following people and if your images are appealling enough and relate to them, they will follow you back.

This is how you build an audience.

What keywords could you use?

Let’s say you are in the working from business, because you want to become a stay at home dad…or mom.

I would search for words like entrepreneurs, homebusiness, workfromhome and even just stayathomedad.

But also words like freedom, internetmarketinglifestyle etc etc.

Or if your market is golf.

You could go for; cubs, golfcourse, golfernames places etc etc

I think you get the picture

How to become a stay at home dad, automation style.

Being on social media can take up a lot of your time and that is also the reason way not many people succeed.
But with a service called you can now automate your business. Ones or twice a week you upload you Pictures.  It costs $12 a month, but it is definitely worth it.

Engaging, the key to success

The posting itself you can automate. The getting followers, likes and clicks you have to do yourself, unless you are already making a lot of money and you will outsource everything to lets say someone in India.


Remember that we are using attraction marketing. So you have to get their attention without being annoying. Don’t start spamming your affiliate link, but lead with value and pretty pictures.

If you click on the keywords you found, it will bring up the images in your target market. Now you can go on to like, follow and comment the pictures.

Doing that will alert your prospects in their activity feed. And when that happens, he or she will probably go and check ut who you are and go to your bio.

There they will click your link and fill out the form. BOOM they became a lead!

The more leads you get into your funnel, the more sales you finally make.


Watch the  tutorial I made for you and set up an account and start sharing.


Are you already using Instagram?


Ones your prospect comes through you landings page, you have to have a system set up. A system that will present them with a cool sales presentation and have a follow up sequence.

You don’t need to be a technical wonder these days, I’m not 🙂

If you want to become a stay at home dad….or mom, but don’t have the right skill set to start online?
I recommend you tap into a proven system that allowed us to go from zero to now have $1647 days.