How To Master Yourself; The 5 Step Formula

We talk a lot about the technical stuff when building a business online.
The autoresponders, the landingpages or a blog. That is all very important but if you don’t master yourself it is hardly possible to master your business.

Self doubt and fear might take over and just kill your dream without you even noticing it.

Possible in the world, possible for me, it’s just a question of how
Tony Robbins

 May I present:

The 5 step formula:How to master yourself, your life and your business so you can burn your mortgage and live your life in freedom.

Step 1 Going within


“You are the result of your thoughts”
Napoleon Hill


When we started our adventure in the internet marketing industry and entered the home based business arena, we started with were we where at.

Maybe you recognize yourself in this. We were struggling to pay the rent, we had a lot of debt and we were sinking deeper and deeper.

 A lot of stress may be in your life, maybe already for months or for years.

Of course I don’t know your story or where you’re at, but being around in this industry most people start from a “enough is enough” point in their life.

Starting to build your business with a worried and anxious mindset is not going to work.
How are you going to free up the space between your ears to be creative to get people to join you or your business?

Your creative mind will be completely blurred and foggy.

If you ask around and talk to successful people they will tell you the when they stopped blaming other circumstances or other people and started to look at themselves, the success started to happen.

Creating an awareness and actually do some work on your inner self and taking full responsibility for your own actions, is essential for your success.

Everything you have now and everything that is coming to you is the direct result of the way you look at life.

And the way you look at life is a direct result of your past.

So, if you don’t have the income you desire or you don’t have the results in your business where you were hoping for, change

Change the things you are doing.

 Some tips:

If you wake up in the morning and now you are listening to the news and you only hear depressing stuff. You mindset will be the same.

I never listen to the news because it makes me feel miserable. I can’t change anything about it and it has already happened.

How do I stay updated? If it is really important, you’ll hear people talk about it and then you just ask people.

Change your daily formula, instead of listening to the news, listen to inspirational audio’s listen to an audio book, change it to something that is empowering you, something that helps you grow.
Instead of coming home from work, seeing your kids briefly before they go to bed and hit the couch all evening and watch television.
It is about changing your daily routine so why not invest that time in bettering yourself, into trainings, into meditation or exercising. Something you didn’t do before.

 Especially the art of meditation will help you a lot. Really winding down and learn how to breathe.

I ones heard the crazy number that about 90% of the world population is not breathing properly.

Just out of your neck and your chest instead out of your stomach. Because when you learn to breathe correctly, from deep within, then you will unwind and truly relax.

If you don’t breath you don’t exist
Deepak chopra

When I started practicing Vipasanna meditation years ago, things slowly started to change.
I learned the art of looking at things as they are and not as I want it to be.

Everything comes and everything goes, so why worry?

You are a genius, you have everything you need to succeed within your ears. You only covered it with a lot of junk, with bad news in the morning, with unhealthy food, with luggage from the past.

It’s like having a six pack hidden under a soft jelly belly. Lose the Fat, lose the junk.


Step 2 finding a mentor

With a mentor I don’t mean someone who will take your hand and do the work for you or where you have to deliver your homework to every week.

A mentor is someone who already has the results you want.

A mentor can be somebody like Tony Robbins. He will give his guidance through his books and audio’s.

And is willing to show you how to get there.
Probably with every new level you reach a new mentor will appear.
Having a mentor in your business is key. But having a mentor in life is maybe even more important.
My mentor in life who taught me a lot is S.N. Goenka. No, I never met him in person and he passed away a few years ago.
But I watch many video’s and listen to his voice a lot and he definitely brought me to a next level in life.

If you don’t have a mentor it is because you didn’t looked hard enough.

And when you did find your mentor, don’t just listen to them, don’t just read the books, but actually do what they say.
Empty your cup and learn, because they already have the success you want.

Knowledge is useless without putting it into action.


Step 3 Success is a decision

Deciding to be successful is something different than flirting with the idea of success. Or talking about that guy they saw on YouTube with that big boot or fast car and how awesome it would be to have the same.

They flirt with what they would buy or what their family would think of them.

But they haven’t made that decision, the decision to be successful no matter what.

If you make that decision and you convince yourself that there is no other option than to succeed, you’re bound to be successful.

What is a strong decision to say? Next time you wonder just think of this story.

A guy who has smoked a package a day for the last 25 years goes to the doctor with pain in his chest. After the examination the doctor tells the man that if he doesn’t stop smoking today he will die within 6 months.
He wouldn’t be able to see his kids grow up or his grandchildren and miss out on all the fun life has to offer.

Guess what…he stopped that day and never looked back.

Take a good look at the situation you are in and if you don’t like what you see?

Make the decision right now! And back this decision up with finding and choosing a mentor.

 Tell yourself

“This is not the way I want to live my life and I’m going to change it and live my life different, starting today. “

 It should be a life or death decision filled with deep emotions.

And back this decision up with finding and choosing a mentor.

Maybe you are not in a life or death situation right now and things are oké.  But to by not making that decision you will miss out on all the beautiful things life has to offer. By saying things are OK you will miss your kids grow up, because you bring them to daycare.

I think that not making progress is the same as dying.

  • You want to be a roll model for you kids
  • You want to make a difference
  • You want to build water pumps
  • You want to build churches
  • You want to be the best person you can be

And you can’t do that if you go to a job for eight hours a day and having to do things to actually don’t like to do surrounded with people you actually don’t even like. And being paid the money that hardly gets you by at the end of the week.

The cubicles are where the dreamers go to die…..

You are where you are supposed to be in life right now. Maybe by your own doings or by somebody else and that is OK.
Everything happens for a reason, it’s the learning curve of life. But you are in control, you can make that decision.

And when you do? Magical things happen

If you combine your decision with a “I’m in heaven business” your halfway there.

What do I mean by that? Well if you can create your success with something you are really passionate about it makes things a lot easier.

Having a business with the only goal of making money, unless of course that’s your biggest passion in life, it won’t work on the long run.

Why? Because when you don’t start to make money in the beginning or when the money goes down later on, you’ll lose focus and most likely quit.


Find something you are truly passionate about.


For us that is helping others on their journey to success. Invite them to join us on our journey and empower each other, because we think it is better to be united than to work alone.

With our background as social workers and restaurant owners we love to motivate and help people.

Even if it doesn’t make money all the time we are still fulfilled.

When you find something you love, you’ll never work again.


Step 4 Focus

Focus firmly on course, until successful

Sounds simple right? Staying on course, learning new skill sets, implement them and keep repeating this everyday until you reached the success you desire.

If you have this simple mindset of focus with everything you did, you bound to be successful and finish everything you start.

Starting a business is easy, but finishing is the hard part. And by finishing I mean not quitting. The only way to fail is by quitting

It is difficult to stay motivated if the wanted results stay away.

But if you are focused on everything you are doing, with your business, with your family, with your meditation amazing things will happen.

You will suddenly see results, because you are focused on NOT quitting.
If you eliminate the word quitting from your vocabulary you can’t fail and you can only keep working towards your success.

You will feel confident in yourself, even if the money in not poring in yet. Knowing that quitting is no option, there is no way you can fail.

And feeling more confident, you will take more action and by taking more action you’ll have more results and having better results you will feel more confident and you will even take more action etc etc.

And before you know you’ll be this bad-ass internet guru taking massive action.


Step 5 Remind yourself

Remind yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing.

Something simple as that can make a huge difference.

  • Is it your family?
  • Is it security
  • Is it your children
  • Do you want to travel
  • Do you want to be free

Clearly divine it.
Before you even start, before finding a mentor, before you start to focus write down your WHY.

Your WHY will help you to get through the challenging times.

Close your eyes and think of an image or a symbol that represents your success.   It should be an image that if you look at it, tears will show up, it has to make you cry.

Write it down or draw it and keep it with you.

But also very important, when you close your eyes and see that symbol, stretch your imagination.

  • What is the weather like?
  • Is it warm?
  • Is it cold?
  • Who else is there?
  • What are they talking about?
  • What does it smell like?
  • Etc etc

Make it as real as possible.

Did you know that your mind can’t see the difference between what is real and what you make it think is real?
Reminding your WHY is the difference between quitting on your dream and having the success you desire.
I hope this will help you on your journey and that you’ll stay focused and never give up.

Just know this:

You are always three feet away from gold!

We found our “heavenly business” and got out of the 9 to 5 and the ongoing Rat Race.

We were able to plug into a proven system where people, like us, parents, newbies online without any marketing skills created incredible successes.

I thought if they can do it I can.

This is the video that showed me how to earn income from home with my laptop and internet, while spending more time with my kids.


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Who is your mentor in life?

Please leave your comments down below!


Talk soon!