Get To Know Your Number In 9 Easy Steps

I hear people talk about their dream car or the dream house they want to live in.

But when I ask them what it would actually cost to posses those items?

Almost every time I get the same answer and you can probably guess what that is.

 Yep, they do not have a clue.


I want to ask you the same question, because I really want press upon you the importance of knowing your number.


Well if don’t know what is takes to actually buy that dream house or car, then they will probably just stay….a dream.

You will be surprised, if you figure out what the price tag is of your dreams how easy it actually is to for fill them.

Don’t be embarrassed, for years I didn’t think of this.

But the moment I sat down and calculated my number, I felt relieved, because now I knew what I needed to earn for me to live my dream life.


If somebody would ask me today what my dream life costs, I can happily say that it would take $36.530,00/month to live that dream.


We are not there yet, but we’re on our way.


How to calculate your number in 9 easy steps

If you go through these steps, let all your limiting believes go.
You are calculating your dream life, so that means that there are no limitations.

Just think about that perfect house, your dream car and your dream holidays.


1.) Mortgage / rent payment

What does your dream house cost? Maybe it is an apartment in the center of the city or a villa next to the beach or a house in the woods.
I don’t know where you live, but there must be a website where all the houses for sale are been registered.
Go find that dream house and figure out what your mortgage would be.
Or if you like to rent, find out what the rent is.Very important!
If you know the price of that dream house don’t forget the extra costs like insurance, taxes, electric, water etc. etc.
Of course you can do your research further, but if you add a mere 20% you’ll be fine. 


Write the price down here:…… and divide by 12 =

Now you have the number needed per month


2.)Your Dream Car

A lamborgini, a Ferrari or a BMW?
Or…land Rover

Everything is possible.
Go to the website of the car brand of your desire.
Most brands will give you the opportunity to configure your car.
Add all the extras you want and the website will calculate the price.
Again, the same as with your dream house, add a mere 20% for insurance, license, gas and maintenance and you’ll have your number.

Write the price down here:…… and divide by 12 =
Now you have the number needed per month


3.) Your Personal Expenses

Healthy food is so important. It will give you the energy to keep going. The energy you need to hit your number.
Unfortunately a lot of people have bad eating habits, not because they want, but because healthy food is just more expensive.Go to your local supermarket or check online what the products cost you really like to eat.

Or if you don’t like to cook and you can order your food.
There are companies that will cater healthy meals.
They will come ones a week and deliver all your meals for about $8,50/day.
What does it cost to take your family to a Sunday brunch or your friends to that special restaurant that you always pass by?

Add all the other expenses like school, insurances, savings and or giving to your favorite charity.

Write your price down here:…


4.) Your Business Expenses

Running your online business is the quickest way to hit your dream income.
Because anybody with the right training can be successful in this industry.

If you are serious in creating your dream income and dream life, but have no idea how to achieve it, you might want to check out this proven system.

But if you are already running your online business you have to reserve a budget for marketing and advertising.

Take the budget you have now and multiply by 5.
And don’t forget to add other business expenses like tools, education, phone and internet.If you are not currently building an online business then leave this number out.

Write the price down here:……


5.)How Much Do You Need For Lifestyle


Your lifestyle…Think of the holidays and the weekend getaways.

The dates, the gifts, the toys or trips to the Spa etc etc.
Personally I like to have a one-hour massage every week.

Write down everything you can think and put a price tag to it.


Write the price down here:……


Add up all the expenses and you will have the income needed for your dreamlife.


Think of it like this…the more taxes you need to pay, the more you have made!Your estimated tax payment is 30%.Add this number to your income and you’ll have your Your Dream Lifestyle Number.


Your Number is:


Write this number down somewhere you can see it every day so you will be reminded every time you pass by.


Do this exercise every two, three months, because your dreams may change.


Stay on top of your game!


Let me know what your number is in the comment box below or if you need help reach out to us on Facebook

To your success!


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