How To Quit Your Day Job And Achieve Results Fast

If you want to learn about how you can earn a month income in 1 single day like us,
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This is exactly what we did and what you can consider doing as well.

#1 Combine Dreaming With Setting Your Goal !

A goal is a dream with a deadline
-Napoleon Hill

Often people dream of winning the lottery all the time, right?
And most people already know what they would love to to with $1.000.000.
What would you do with it?

Just today, while I was listening to the radio, I heard a couple of times the commercial
of  the Lottery and the dream they are selling.
They were not dictating to buy, but telling pretty stories about being able to quit jobs
and the free enjoyable life that would be the result of winning it.

Yes! I did buy lottery tickets in the past, to hold on to the dream
quitting my job as a social worker, being able to spend all the time
in the world being there for our 2 kids.
But nothing actually changed without setting my clear goal.

Setting a goal helps you to create milestones
that will be the steps to take to get there.
Your mind will actually search for ways to accomplish
goals when you repeat your goals daily.

The mind will respond to clear questions by digging deep
into the unconscious mind to find answers.
Your senses will be able to see creative ideas thanks to setting goals.
For more inspiration, read this

The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was a tremendous
eye opener and I really recommend you to read it.


#2 Tap Into The Right Resources And Systems



Dirk and I never saw our hard work ethics “at work” resulting in a growing chance
to quit our jobs and live a life in abundance and wealth as a family. Not at all!
The -living -from -paycheck -to -paycheck -way -of -life – was  reality.

Working hard didn’t either result into a way to save enough money to be able to retire
before our kids are grown up.



There was this post on Facebook that woke us up from believing that spending
time at work was the only way to pay our bills.

It redirected us to this page, that showed us a life changing video
after entering our e-mail address

It made us realize that we were sold the dream that working hard during life
would enable us to life a comfortable life at the age of 65.
But by then we would be to old to do the things we love to do NOW ?!?!

Like the average person we did not know anything about creating online products.
And that brought us to affiliate marketing; selling other people’s products for a commission.

We learned that by setting up an affiliate business to sell other people’s products,
a door opened to our goal.
Working online means being able to market the hours that the internet is active.
Well…. that’s 24 hours a day :-).
That means that YOU can pick the time that suits you best!

First you have to do research about this subject of course before you can start taking action.
This article might give you good insights about affiliate marketing.

#Taking Action

After you decided which products and company fits you best
there are many ways to promote your affiliate products.

Worst Case Scenario is that you are so desperate to sell your stuff, that you will throw with your affiliate links, and sells pages,
spam your friends and family ……without any knowledge of HOW to market online.
Best changes are that you will sell but you will still be dreaming for the LIVE CHANGING BIG numbers.

Implementing  up to date knowledge about marketing online
is essential for creating that life changing amount of income that can set you free
from your day job.
So you have to be willing to invest in your knowledge to learn all this.
And DO what you’ve learned & be CONSISTENT doing it …like us.

The platform which provides our affiliate products also provides trainings marketing
that changed our average sales numbers into DYNAMITE numbers. It does not only
enables you to learn what’s working right now marketing on Social Media and e-mail,
but it provides a compensation plan for maximum results.
Check it out.


Most of all, Dirk and I love to inspire people who are searching for a way to
be able to design their dream lifestyle.
And with this post we love to share with you proof that we are able
to earn more a day than Muriël earned in a month at work,
so keep this in mind before you will think it’s not possible.

Just visualize how it can change your life being able to make days like this!
Go for it!

Results are not typical see income disclaimer

We love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment down below.
And when you are ready
To Quit Your Day Job and Achieve Results Fast…..
Start here like we did and follow all steps.
Most of all ……. Follow your dream and blog about it!
It all started with blogging our stories into the world.

Talk soon,

~Muriël (& Dirk)