How To Break Free From The Rat Race and Turn Your Passion into Profits

Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it is realistic or not.

-Deepak Chopra


It was the year 2004 when Muriël and I left to travel the world.

We just got on a train that brought us from our home town The Haque all the way to Moscow.
The original plan was to go south and east through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, but the war in Afghanistan just started and we were strongly advised not to go.

So we traveled from Moscow South to Uzbekistan and Kirghistan and continued our journey into China.

After That countries like Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand where next.
Having seen enough south East Asia brought us to India. After a few months of India we were desperately in need of some peace and quiet time.

This brought us to Nepal where we walked the Annapurna Circuit just by ourselves. It took us 23 days to complete. If you were to take a guide, you’ll be back in 17 days.

Not that we were that slow, but we had the time.

And time is what got lost over the years.

We fantasist about traveling the world with our kids.
But coming back home, we soon ended up in working, a lot!

I started my own brick and mortar business, a restaurant. I did this because I always wanted to be my own boss and although I studied something else, this was what I was good at. And above all, I loved doing it.

Years past and two kids were born, I sold my first business and bought a second one. I was working for about 60 sometimes 70 hours a week, because I thought I had to.

But I never had the financially freedom, let alone the time freedom. 

After buying a third restaurant I reached my limits and I hit bankruptcy within seven months.

Looking back, I’m grateful for that struggle, because I wouldn’t have had a deep desire to change my life and find THE SOLUTION to getting OUT OF DEBT, earning a passive income online, and providing the best lifestyle that my family deserves.

Now I can see my kids grow up and be there for every milestone; birthdays, holidays, elementary school graduations.

In addition, I’m able to BE THERE FOR THEM EVERYDAY; after school we go to the playground, skate around the neighborhood, or if it rains, we go to a museum.

So you see, hard times are there for a reason!

I was brought up with the idea of “go to school, get a job, work hard until 65, and then retire. But somehow I always went against that idea. I knew I had to go my own way.
Though I finished my social studies I never applied for a job. I always worked at bars and restaurant and I loved the idea of having my own.
Helping and serving others was something I loved doing.

So I turn my passion into reality. My Restaurant was what I loved and it was all I knew at that time.

Then we started our family and Sem was born, this was ten years ago. And because all the work I missed out on a lot of important milestones.

I was stuck!

I had a lot of debt and I couldn’t get the place sold, so there was no other way then to keep on going.

My passion for helping others was crushed…..

After hitting bankruptcy, things got worse. And when my daughter asked me if she could go on horseback riding camp for the weekend I had to tell her no, because I couldn’t afford it. (It was only $200)

My heart broke.

But what was I suppose to do? Restaurant work was all I knew!

Most people I knew were hard working folks with brick and mortar businesses so I really had to start thinking outside of the box.

My brother took me to the Millionaire mind intensive of T Harv Eker. That taught me that everything is possible if you set your mind to it.

I needed to find to provide for my family, without a really big investment and without trading all my time for money.

And most important get back in touch with my passion.

The internet felt like the right thing to do but I was intimidated about all the success stories.
All these people showing their exotic lives and talking about all their successes.
This really discouraged me.


How was I supposed to compete with these “guru’s” ?


I discovered that all these “guru’s” were just normal people like me and the only difference was that they had the right skill set.

But when I had to tell my daughter NO, I was determined, she deserved better!

And if they could learn how to do it, so could I.

I started reading books like

“Awaken The Giant Within”


“The Four Hour Work Week”

Besides the missing knowledge there was one thing we had in common.

We shared the same desire to be successful and I was willing to do what ever it took to create my so desired lifestyle.

Determined I started talking small steps towards my dreams. Learning new things every day.

But what to sell? I didn’t had a product? And hadn’t no experience in creating an online product. I wanted to make money starting today, so I looked into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing basically is when you sell and promote other people’s products. And when you make a sale, you receive a commission.

I knew nothing about this type of business, how to create a website, how to promote, who to target the right audience.

After trying a lot of things by myself, not really knowing what I was doing and wasting a lot of money, I was introduced to a system online that finally taught me how to market online.

Oké, I was skeptic and to be honest I didn’t take it really serious in the beginning, thinking that it was to good to be true.

Our sponsors who introduced us to this system gave up on their journey and went a different direction so to say and we were left on our own. But I was determined for success, still remembering the expression on Sems face.

One of the commitments we first underestimated was going to events. And when we finally went to Orlando Florida last year everything changed!

There were thousands of other people from all over the world who had the same dream, the same goals. Freedom

And I know this is not the same for everybody, but that is a different story.

For us is means being able to spend time with your kids, being their for them when they get back from school. Travel to beautiful places in the world during the school holidays. And…not having financial worries.

Coming back home from the event we knew exactly what we needed to do to make money in affiliate marketing. Now we knew how to promote and help a specific target audience with the products we were selling.

And the best thing is that we are now able to serve and help other people, but now not just for one evening, but for a lifetime.

 And the best thing is that it pays a LOT better than the restaurant business and it is something we can do from anywhere in the world.

And more important, we can do it around the schedule of our kids.

Listen: Even though you may not know how to create more freedom or earn a passive income right now, doesn’t mean you cannot learn and start getting results sooner than later.

It is a matter of learning the RIGHT information from the RIGHT people.

The internet is already the future! and it is a endless market place which is truly big enough for everybody.

Don’t wait until you get laid off or til your children leaving the house because they are grown up.

Do what you love today and don’t wait until tomorrow!

Below you can watch the replay of yesterday’s Hangout (March the 30th 2015). you’ll meet: (from left to right)

  • Todd and Tiffany who learned how to take their own products and services to the next level using the skills learn inside.
  • Pavel, an awesome artist who sky rocket after he learned how to brand and market himself. He can now truly concentrate on being an artist and does not have work shity jobs.
  • The star of the evening and our business partner and friend Kim who turned her passion for the fitness and health industry into profits and last but definitely not least.
  • Amy, a 6-figure affiliate marketing earner and a leading expert on “Cash in on your passion.


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