The Secrets To Guaranteed Copywriting Success

When you are writing your blog or your swipe for a solo ad, there is always the question what is better.

Short and a lot of white space or long and very detailed sales piece. What is the way to go?


Well, it comes down to this: What type of buyer are you targeting?


Even if you know your avatar you still need to know about the type of buyers.


Basically there are 2 kinds of buyers, The impulsive buyer and the Analytical buyer.


The Impulsive Buyer

This type of buyer who can afford to buy. He or she has a busy life. They have always places to go, meet friends but just don’t have the time to do it.
When they read a post or your email they will go over the headlines and subtopics. They will glance over the added photo’s and captions.

If they like what they see, they’ll make an instant decision and they’ll buy.


The Analytical Buyer

And secondly we have the analytical buyer. This is where the long and detailed copywriting comes in hand.

These buyers want to see the proof and believe that the proof is in the details. They will go over everything and will even read the small details


But, for example, if you send out a solo ad you won’t who you are talking to.


So how can you create the perfect copywriting?


Lets go over the two buyers and see what we can use to reach the both types of buyers.


How can we reach:


The Impulsive Buyer


  1. Use clear and attention getting headlines and sub headlines
  2. Use CAPITALS and graphics in your message.
  3. Use photo’s and images
  4. Use captions
  5. Use varying fonts and font sizes
  6. Use shading
  7. Use bold headlines
  8. Use shaded areas or bullets to Highlight.


The Analytic Buyer

When you write you sales piece you use not only your headlines and sub-headlines, but also you graphics to guide your impulsive buyer.

Now you will add the detailed information the analytic buyer needs under the proper heading, and you’ve got a winning marketing piece that is guaranteed to be successful!



If you want to have success with copywriting inside knowledge of how your potential buyers react is the key to getting their attention…. and extra income.


The overlapping needs of the impulsive and the analytical buyer is a bonus. You can reach the whole market with on masterpiece!


When I started blogging I had no clue what to do or how to write.
But then I found a blogging system that actually teaches people how write, it all became a lot easier.


If you have a business or looking for a way to make money with your passion, you need a blog.


We, Dirk and Muriël recommend the Kalatu blog. It is a ready to go blog which you can customize to your own taste. The social media integration is awesome.


So, if you want to start blogging, go here


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How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

If you are using the Kalatu blog and you made the decision to map your domain, you’ll notice that it is harder to rank in the beginning.

Because the search engines don’t know your site yet, because there hasn’t been a lot of activities, it takes a long time to get ranked.

Since 2014 the search engines are more focused on ranking domains with authority.

Authority domains are usually old domains and domains with a lot of visitors.

As an intelligent blogger you are most likely using the Kalatu blogging platform. But the steps that we will go through are also applicable with community blogs like Blogger or


If not and you are still using a free service and still wonder why you are not getting ranked…start your ready to go Kalatu blog here.


The Kalatu blog comes with the “ domain name.

This is an old domain name with a lot of authority. This means that you will rank in the search engines really fast.

But especially if you want to use your own domain you have to make sure your domain is indexed.


Let me take you through these 5 simple steps to index your mapped domain with any page that you have as long as it’s mapped to YOUR domain.



1.) Using your OWN Domain; Map your Blog

If you are using a community blogging platform, that means that there are a lot of other bloggers creating content on one specific domain name. Because of this we call it a dynamic website. If you want to know more about dynamic websites and what they can do for you, you might want to read this article.


Because there is a community posting content on one specific domain it will increase the overall authority.

The domain of the community blogging platform is not yours, so therefore you want to map your domain so you can build your own authority.

Most community blogging platforms really want your content. So usually they will offer you the ability to map your own domain.
In the Kalatu blog back office you’ll find a clear tutorial on how to map your domain.

Tip: Don’t use the “free” blogging platforms if you are considering monetizing your blog. It happens that they close down your account if you place affiliate links. They only allow their own advertisement.


Now that you have mapped your domain lets head on to step # 2



2.) Go to Google webmaster and add your domain.

First you want to go to Google Webmaster

I didn’t know about this for a long time, but the best thing you can do for any of your websites or blogs is connect it with webmasters so that you can index your site immediately. You can also submit a sitemap, check crawl rates, see what impressions are given for your pages and lots more.

 How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

Using the community blogging platforms domain won’t allow you to do this. Mapping your own domain allows you to connect with Google Webmasters and officially verify that you have admin access over the content pages.



3.) Verify your domain.

To verify your domain with Google Webmaster tools you need to choose your provider and follow the instructions given to you.


This might get a little bit technical, but just take it step by step.

When you have clicked the Add site and filled in your domain you have to choose your provider. (this is where bought you domain name)

 How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

So pick your provider out of the drop down list and follow the instructions given. They will tell you specifically what to do to verify the domain.

Although it is basically all the same all the providers will have different steps or layouts.

So if you get stuck just go to Youtube and do a search on “how to verify your Google Webmasters domain with…….(your provider) and there will absolutely be some one who made a tutorial for you.


After your verification is complete, you will have access to the admin dashboard all the features.

And… Well-done! You are now officially a Google Webmaster!


4.) Index your new blog instantly

Now that you are a Google Webmaster you can now index your new content instantly.

Normally you would have to wait hours, days and sometimes even weeks, like most people. You would have to wait for the Google spiders to come a long and crawl your pages.

But you have now the advantage of being ahead of the game and get instantly rewarded for your hard work.

So, when you have finished your post, go back to the first page of the webmasters/tools you can click on your link.

On the left hand side of the Webmaster Tools you’ll see a few options.

How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps. 

To index your blog post follow these 4 simple steps:


  1. Click on Crawl
  2. Click on Fetch as Google
  3. Submit your URL (only the last part)
  4. Click on Fetch


Tip: You can use links that you just published or go back and re-index all the links that you have on your domain individually.

5.) Submit to Index and Crawl this URL

Are you ready?

Because, this is what will keep you in the game.


The final step…

You have mapped your domain.

You have added your site to Google Webmaster tools.

You have verified that you own the domain.


You have fetched your page using the Google spiders.


Are you ready for instant indexation?

Click “Submit to Index.”

A screen will pop up and ask you if you want to Crawl this URL…..Yes!

Two options will be offered and one will have the option to crawl with all of the direct links.

You can use 10 of these submissions a month and advice you to use at least one of them for your home page.

The other option will give you 500 submissions so go and index all of the pages that you have.

After about five minutes copy the URL of the blog post and do a search.

If you see your page listed, then you are officially indexed.


Tip: make sure that you are logged out of your Google account to get a objective outcome.


Another option is to go to Google Chrome and click on the icon of a “little man” and in the drop down menu you will see “go incognito”

 How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

You will be directed to a new page.


In the URL you will write your blog post title and hit “enter”

How to Index Your Mapped Domain with Google in 5 simple steps.

Your post will be there and if you used the right keywords it good just as well be on the first page!

This is about getting indexed, getting ranked for certain keywords is about many factors including your on page SEO and off page SEO.

If you do not have a blog yet and you are considering using a blog to make money online, start with the right tools and use a Kalatu blog.




How To Get People To Join Your Team

If you just get started with your internet marketing business and you want people to join your team.

You must get them to know, like and trust you.

Building trust

Building relationship

That is what marketing is all about.
How do you do that? Watch the video

How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.

I always wondered how I could be a stay at home dad……the cool version that is. After years of slaving in my own restaurant missing out on my children’s milestones in life, because basically I was never around, I made a decision.

I wanted to be a stay at home dad.

As you can imaging, I looked for other ways to make money. I desperately wanted to provide for my family and spend time with them at the same time.
I found the answer online.

Internet marketing / affiliate marketing was something that really appealed to me. I was just missing the right skill sets. I believed 100% that is would be possible because there is enough proof out there.

But how to market?

There are many tools you can use for marketing, but I wanted to know how to use Instagram.

How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.

Instagram is a social media platform with more then 200 million users. It is a platform that uses images. You can post you pictures and people can like them and decide to follow you and visa versa.

Instagram is designed to use from your smartphone.

The platform is based on attraction marketing. People see what the like and connect.
There are so many tools out there you can use to improve your images.
You can add text or different colors. Their filters to be placed over you image etc etc.





 How to use Instagram and become a stay at home dad


First of all you need a Instagram account.

Go to the Itunes store or Google Play to download the Instagram app on to you smartphone.

When you click on download you will be prompted to create an account. You have to put in your email and select your username and of course you profile picture.

Make sure you profile picture is a headshot of yourself and that you look into the lens of the camera. Wearing sunglasses or looking the other way will disconnect you with your audience.


When you select your username it must be unique and it has to stand out. Preferably touching your audience because you people to click on it.
If you are in the affiliate business or promoting a business opportunity stay away from company names.

You are not that company and it is not worth getting sued for copywriting .


Ones you created your account it is important to set up your Bio, your ad-space.



Maybe you heart people say that you have 10 seconds to make an impression. Well I think with Instagram it’s more like 3 seconds.

Your bio should be clear and gives your prospect a call to action.

Like in this example from a new Instagram account I just started

How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.

The link you are using in your bio…

You should use a landingspage, because you want to capture someone’s email address.

In this article you will find more information about listbuilding.
But basically people usually don’t buy the first time and having their email address enables you to follow up and send them more information about your product.

I recommend we use leadpages for our landing pages. If you don’t have an account yet, Click here to get it now

How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.








Posting pictures

Images are what it is all about. They are what makes Instagram.

People come to instagram to be entertained and……to buy.

Even if they don’t know it yet.


How to use Instagram for your marketing you say?

Well, first you have to know your Avatar. Who is it that you are talking to? I mean with marketing it’s like this:

  • People have a problem
  • You have the solution.
  • That’s it.

Go here to learn more about creating your Avatar

You have to know who you are “talking” to.

If you market to everybody , you might as well market to nobody

Now that you know who your Avatar is, you have to make sure that when posting it is based on what your followers will like to see.
Because you want them to keep following you and make them curious what you are doing.


I post 3 types of pictures:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Results/customer testimonials
  3. value (quotes, funny stuff, etc etc)


How To Use Instagram and Become a Stay At Home Dad.Use a tool called Word Swag to add text into your images.

You can find it in your App store, but it is only for Iphones.


And for me being a Apple user I’m not sure what to recommend  for Android users. But if you go here, you will be oké.

You can now take your own pictures and put famous quotes into it.


How to find your targeted market online?

This is actually really easy on Instagram. If you go to the search option and type in a certain keyword, related, to your audience, Instagram will show you all the persons an Hashtags connected with that keyword.

Now what….

Well it is like with all the Social media platforms. Interact! Like the picture, leave a comment. Start to following people and if your images are appealling enough and relate to them, they will follow you back.

This is how you build an audience.

What keywords could you use?

Let’s say you are in the working from business, because you want to become a stay at home dad…or mom.

I would search for words like entrepreneurs, homebusiness, workfromhome and even just stayathomedad.

But also words like freedom, internetmarketinglifestyle etc etc.

Or if your market is golf.

You could go for; cubs, golfcourse, golfernames places etc etc

I think you get the picture

How to become a stay at home dad, automation style.

Being on social media can take up a lot of your time and that is also the reason way not many people succeed.
But with a service called you can now automate your business. Ones or twice a week you upload you Pictures.  It costs $12 a month, but it is definitely worth it.

Engaging, the key to success

The posting itself you can automate. The getting followers, likes and clicks you have to do yourself, unless you are already making a lot of money and you will outsource everything to lets say someone in India.


Remember that we are using attraction marketing. So you have to get their attention without being annoying. Don’t start spamming your affiliate link, but lead with value and pretty pictures.

If you click on the keywords you found, it will bring up the images in your target market. Now you can go on to like, follow and comment the pictures.

Doing that will alert your prospects in their activity feed. And when that happens, he or she will probably go and check ut who you are and go to your bio.

There they will click your link and fill out the form. BOOM they became a lead!

The more leads you get into your funnel, the more sales you finally make.


Watch the  tutorial I made for you and set up an account and start sharing.


Are you already using Instagram?


Ones your prospect comes through you landings page, you have to have a system set up. A system that will present them with a cool sales presentation and have a follow up sequence.

You don’t need to be a technical wonder these days, I’m not 🙂

If you want to become a stay at home dad….or mom, but don’t have the right skill set to start online?
I recommend you tap into a proven system that allowed us to go from zero to now have $1647 days.


How To Master Yourself; The 5 Step Formula

We talk a lot about the technical stuff when building a business online.
The autoresponders, the landingpages or a blog. That is all very important but if you don’t master yourself it is hardly possible to master your business.

Self doubt and fear might take over and just kill your dream without you even noticing it.

Possible in the world, possible for me, it’s just a question of how
Tony Robbins

 May I present:

The 5 step formula:How to master yourself, your life and your business so you can burn your mortgage and live your life in freedom.

Step 1 Going within


“You are the result of your thoughts”
Napoleon Hill


When we started our adventure in the internet marketing industry and entered the home based business arena, we started with were we where at.

Maybe you recognize yourself in this. We were struggling to pay the rent, we had a lot of debt and we were sinking deeper and deeper.

 A lot of stress may be in your life, maybe already for months or for years.

Of course I don’t know your story or where you’re at, but being around in this industry most people start from a “enough is enough” point in their life.

Starting to build your business with a worried and anxious mindset is not going to work.
How are you going to free up the space between your ears to be creative to get people to join you or your business?

Your creative mind will be completely blurred and foggy.

If you ask around and talk to successful people they will tell you the when they stopped blaming other circumstances or other people and started to look at themselves, the success started to happen.

Creating an awareness and actually do some work on your inner self and taking full responsibility for your own actions, is essential for your success.

Everything you have now and everything that is coming to you is the direct result of the way you look at life.

And the way you look at life is a direct result of your past.

So, if you don’t have the income you desire or you don’t have the results in your business where you were hoping for, change

Change the things you are doing.

 Some tips:

If you wake up in the morning and now you are listening to the news and you only hear depressing stuff. You mindset will be the same.

I never listen to the news because it makes me feel miserable. I can’t change anything about it and it has already happened.

How do I stay updated? If it is really important, you’ll hear people talk about it and then you just ask people.

Change your daily formula, instead of listening to the news, listen to inspirational audio’s listen to an audio book, change it to something that is empowering you, something that helps you grow.
Instead of coming home from work, seeing your kids briefly before they go to bed and hit the couch all evening and watch television.
It is about changing your daily routine so why not invest that time in bettering yourself, into trainings, into meditation or exercising. Something you didn’t do before.

 Especially the art of meditation will help you a lot. Really winding down and learn how to breathe.

I ones heard the crazy number that about 90% of the world population is not breathing properly.

Just out of your neck and your chest instead out of your stomach. Because when you learn to breathe correctly, from deep within, then you will unwind and truly relax.

If you don’t breath you don’t exist
Deepak chopra

When I started practicing Vipasanna meditation years ago, things slowly started to change.
I learned the art of looking at things as they are and not as I want it to be.

Everything comes and everything goes, so why worry?

You are a genius, you have everything you need to succeed within your ears. You only covered it with a lot of junk, with bad news in the morning, with unhealthy food, with luggage from the past.

It’s like having a six pack hidden under a soft jelly belly. Lose the Fat, lose the junk.


Step 2 finding a mentor

With a mentor I don’t mean someone who will take your hand and do the work for you or where you have to deliver your homework to every week.

A mentor is someone who already has the results you want.

A mentor can be somebody like Tony Robbins. He will give his guidance through his books and audio’s.

And is willing to show you how to get there.
Probably with every new level you reach a new mentor will appear.
Having a mentor in your business is key. But having a mentor in life is maybe even more important.
My mentor in life who taught me a lot is S.N. Goenka. No, I never met him in person and he passed away a few years ago.
But I watch many video’s and listen to his voice a lot and he definitely brought me to a next level in life.

If you don’t have a mentor it is because you didn’t looked hard enough.

And when you did find your mentor, don’t just listen to them, don’t just read the books, but actually do what they say.
Empty your cup and learn, because they already have the success you want.

Knowledge is useless without putting it into action.


Step 3 Success is a decision

Deciding to be successful is something different than flirting with the idea of success. Or talking about that guy they saw on YouTube with that big boot or fast car and how awesome it would be to have the same.

They flirt with what they would buy or what their family would think of them.

But they haven’t made that decision, the decision to be successful no matter what.

If you make that decision and you convince yourself that there is no other option than to succeed, you’re bound to be successful.

What is a strong decision to say? Next time you wonder just think of this story.

A guy who has smoked a package a day for the last 25 years goes to the doctor with pain in his chest. After the examination the doctor tells the man that if he doesn’t stop smoking today he will die within 6 months.
He wouldn’t be able to see his kids grow up or his grandchildren and miss out on all the fun life has to offer.

Guess what…he stopped that day and never looked back.

Take a good look at the situation you are in and if you don’t like what you see?

Make the decision right now! And back this decision up with finding and choosing a mentor.

 Tell yourself

“This is not the way I want to live my life and I’m going to change it and live my life different, starting today. “

 It should be a life or death decision filled with deep emotions.

And back this decision up with finding and choosing a mentor.

Maybe you are not in a life or death situation right now and things are oké.  But to by not making that decision you will miss out on all the beautiful things life has to offer. By saying things are OK you will miss your kids grow up, because you bring them to daycare.

I think that not making progress is the same as dying.

  • You want to be a roll model for you kids
  • You want to make a difference
  • You want to build water pumps
  • You want to build churches
  • You want to be the best person you can be

And you can’t do that if you go to a job for eight hours a day and having to do things to actually don’t like to do surrounded with people you actually don’t even like. And being paid the money that hardly gets you by at the end of the week.

The cubicles are where the dreamers go to die…..

You are where you are supposed to be in life right now. Maybe by your own doings or by somebody else and that is OK.
Everything happens for a reason, it’s the learning curve of life. But you are in control, you can make that decision.

And when you do? Magical things happen

If you combine your decision with a “I’m in heaven business” your halfway there.

What do I mean by that? Well if you can create your success with something you are really passionate about it makes things a lot easier.

Having a business with the only goal of making money, unless of course that’s your biggest passion in life, it won’t work on the long run.

Why? Because when you don’t start to make money in the beginning or when the money goes down later on, you’ll lose focus and most likely quit.


Find something you are truly passionate about.


For us that is helping others on their journey to success. Invite them to join us on our journey and empower each other, because we think it is better to be united than to work alone.

With our background as social workers and restaurant owners we love to motivate and help people.

Even if it doesn’t make money all the time we are still fulfilled.

When you find something you love, you’ll never work again.


Step 4 Focus

Focus firmly on course, until successful

Sounds simple right? Staying on course, learning new skill sets, implement them and keep repeating this everyday until you reached the success you desire.

If you have this simple mindset of focus with everything you did, you bound to be successful and finish everything you start.

Starting a business is easy, but finishing is the hard part. And by finishing I mean not quitting. The only way to fail is by quitting

It is difficult to stay motivated if the wanted results stay away.

But if you are focused on everything you are doing, with your business, with your family, with your meditation amazing things will happen.

You will suddenly see results, because you are focused on NOT quitting.
If you eliminate the word quitting from your vocabulary you can’t fail and you can only keep working towards your success.

You will feel confident in yourself, even if the money in not poring in yet. Knowing that quitting is no option, there is no way you can fail.

And feeling more confident, you will take more action and by taking more action you’ll have more results and having better results you will feel more confident and you will even take more action etc etc.

And before you know you’ll be this bad-ass internet guru taking massive action.


Step 5 Remind yourself

Remind yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing.

Something simple as that can make a huge difference.

  • Is it your family?
  • Is it security
  • Is it your children
  • Do you want to travel
  • Do you want to be free

Clearly divine it.
Before you even start, before finding a mentor, before you start to focus write down your WHY.

Your WHY will help you to get through the challenging times.

Close your eyes and think of an image or a symbol that represents your success.   It should be an image that if you look at it, tears will show up, it has to make you cry.

Write it down or draw it and keep it with you.

But also very important, when you close your eyes and see that symbol, stretch your imagination.

  • What is the weather like?
  • Is it warm?
  • Is it cold?
  • Who else is there?
  • What are they talking about?
  • What does it smell like?
  • Etc etc

Make it as real as possible.

Did you know that your mind can’t see the difference between what is real and what you make it think is real?
Reminding your WHY is the difference between quitting on your dream and having the success you desire.
I hope this will help you on your journey and that you’ll stay focused and never give up.

Just know this:

You are always three feet away from gold!

We found our “heavenly business” and got out of the 9 to 5 and the ongoing Rat Race.

We were able to plug into a proven system where people, like us, parents, newbies online without any marketing skills created incredible successes.

I thought if they can do it I can.

This is the video that showed me how to earn income from home with my laptop and internet, while spending more time with my kids.


show me video ipas


Click the picture on the right to watch the video that changed my life forever!




Who is your mentor in life?

Please leave your comments down below!


Talk soon!


Get To Know Your Number In 9 Easy Steps

I hear people talk about their dream car or the dream house they want to live in.

But when I ask them what it would actually cost to posses those items?

Almost every time I get the same answer and you can probably guess what that is.

 Yep, they do not have a clue.


I want to ask you the same question, because I really want press upon you the importance of knowing your number.


Well if don’t know what is takes to actually buy that dream house or car, then they will probably just stay….a dream.

You will be surprised, if you figure out what the price tag is of your dreams how easy it actually is to for fill them.

Don’t be embarrassed, for years I didn’t think of this.

But the moment I sat down and calculated my number, I felt relieved, because now I knew what I needed to earn for me to live my dream life.


If somebody would ask me today what my dream life costs, I can happily say that it would take $36.530,00/month to live that dream.


We are not there yet, but we’re on our way.


How to calculate your number in 9 easy steps

If you go through these steps, let all your limiting believes go.
You are calculating your dream life, so that means that there are no limitations.

Just think about that perfect house, your dream car and your dream holidays.


1.) Mortgage / rent payment

What does your dream house cost? Maybe it is an apartment in the center of the city or a villa next to the beach or a house in the woods.
I don’t know where you live, but there must be a website where all the houses for sale are been registered.
Go find that dream house and figure out what your mortgage would be.
Or if you like to rent, find out what the rent is.Very important!
If you know the price of that dream house don’t forget the extra costs like insurance, taxes, electric, water etc. etc.
Of course you can do your research further, but if you add a mere 20% you’ll be fine. 


Write the price down here:…… and divide by 12 =

Now you have the number needed per month


2.)Your Dream Car

A lamborgini, a Ferrari or a BMW?
Or…land Rover

Everything is possible.
Go to the website of the car brand of your desire.
Most brands will give you the opportunity to configure your car.
Add all the extras you want and the website will calculate the price.
Again, the same as with your dream house, add a mere 20% for insurance, license, gas and maintenance and you’ll have your number.

Write the price down here:…… and divide by 12 =
Now you have the number needed per month


3.) Your Personal Expenses

Healthy food is so important. It will give you the energy to keep going. The energy you need to hit your number.
Unfortunately a lot of people have bad eating habits, not because they want, but because healthy food is just more expensive.Go to your local supermarket or check online what the products cost you really like to eat.

Or if you don’t like to cook and you can order your food.
There are companies that will cater healthy meals.
They will come ones a week and deliver all your meals for about $8,50/day.
What does it cost to take your family to a Sunday brunch or your friends to that special restaurant that you always pass by?

Add all the other expenses like school, insurances, savings and or giving to your favorite charity.

Write your price down here:…


4.) Your Business Expenses

Running your online business is the quickest way to hit your dream income.
Because anybody with the right training can be successful in this industry.

If you are serious in creating your dream income and dream life, but have no idea how to achieve it, you might want to check out this proven system.

But if you are already running your online business you have to reserve a budget for marketing and advertising.

Take the budget you have now and multiply by 5.
And don’t forget to add other business expenses like tools, education, phone and internet.If you are not currently building an online business then leave this number out.

Write the price down here:……


5.)How Much Do You Need For Lifestyle


Your lifestyle…Think of the holidays and the weekend getaways.

The dates, the gifts, the toys or trips to the Spa etc etc.
Personally I like to have a one-hour massage every week.

Write down everything you can think and put a price tag to it.


Write the price down here:……


Add up all the expenses and you will have the income needed for your dreamlife.


Think of it like this…the more taxes you need to pay, the more you have made!Your estimated tax payment is 30%.Add this number to your income and you’ll have your Your Dream Lifestyle Number.


Your Number is:


Write this number down somewhere you can see it every day so you will be reminded every time you pass by.


Do this exercise every two, three months, because your dreams may change.


Stay on top of your game!


Let me know what your number is in the comment box below or if you need help reach out to us on Facebook

To your success!


Our life changing online journey started with this video.

And since taking action on it, we’ve never looked back moving forward!
up our personal number.
We invite you to come along! If we can do this …..

Use your time well, it flies by…
watch this video and go for your number!

The Reason Why You Don’t Know How to become wealthy

Being a family man and seeing my two kids grow up is absolutely the most beautiful thing ever.

I consider myself lucky, because I woke up and decided that things had to change one day.

Only a few days ago I was on my way to the gym when I was crossing the road that is leading to the freeway, around 5:30 pm.

And you can probably guess what I saw there. Right, a lot of traffic.

Better said, one big traffic jam!

Thousands of people leaving from their work, going back home. This whole concept of doing the same thing day in and day out, really freaks me out.

I always questioned myself “why do we people do that?”

I guess it is because people are convinced that they don’t have a choice. They feel that they are trapped.

Because their expenses are higher than what they earn.


How to escape from the Rat Race?

When my son Nick was born, it really hit me. The time went by so fast.

Sem, my daughter was 5 years old at that time and I missed out on a lot of important milestones in her life.

Just because I was so busy. Busy with what I thought or hoped to get me rich or at least free.

In my journey to freedom I started to read a lot personal development books. I believe that if you do not feed your mind on a daily base it can not come up with new and bright ideas.


The Book that Changed my life

The book that really changed my life was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” from Robert Kiyosaki.
I always had difficulties reading, because I get distracted fast. But, there is a solution for everything!

So I have a subscription on So I listen to books.
The greatest thing I like about that you can listen to your books on the moment you wouldn’t be able to read.
Like when you are riding your bike.

In Rich dad poor dad, Kiyosaki tells the story of him growing up.

His own dad (poor dad) was a well educated school teacher with a good income. But despite all the education and the well paid job, his poor dad was always struggling to get by.
Always struggling to pay the bills.

His rich dad on the other hand. The father of his best friend was a high school drop out and owned multiple businesses.

In his book Robert Kiyosaki spends the first few chapters about the concept of the “Rat Race”

He describes it as a self defeating cycle that goes like this:


An employee works hard for an employer to receive a salary. He will put in the extra work to get a raise or a promotion and as their income increases.
But when their income increases so do their expenses.They buy a house, a new car and stretch their creditcard.

As the employee’s debt increases, he will become further tied to their job and highly depended upon their pay check.

They will work even harder in order to get that next promotion or raise which they need to pay of that debt.

Only to find out that the whole cycle starts from the beginning.


The introduction

The introduction to the “Rat Race” begins as a child.

From an early age, most of us are told that we should work hard in school to get good grates so we can get into college.

After graduating from college, your are supposed to find a secure job with generous benefits.

You should put sums of money aside to buy a house and luxury items in the future.

Over the years your debts will grow and you will fall deeper into the trap that is called the Rat Race.


Assets and liabilities, the difference.

Mister Kiyosaki also talks about why the rich are rich and the poor and middle class will not.

This bit opened my eyes and I was shocked, realizing the amount of liabilities I own!

He explains the difference between liabilities and assets in a way that is to understand for everybody.


An Asset is something you buy that puts money INTO your pocket. And a liability is something you buy that costs you money, money that goes OUT of your pocket.

 The rich focus on buying assets and the poor and middle class keep focusing on buying liabilities.

He points out that a house is not a asset as most people think. When you buy a house you will increase you debt and therefore your costs will rise.


How to get out of the Rat Race

Even though it feels like there is no way out of this Rat Race, Robert Kiyosaki believes in the power of freeing yourself from the “Rat Race,” from the cycle of dependence upon your employer for economic welfare and reliance upon credit to buy luxury items.

What he points out is that it is very important to mind your own business, acquire assets, and develop a financial intelligence and a strong sense of discipline in order to free yourself from the “Rat Race.”


The Reason Why You Don’t Know How to become wealthy

Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, the author of the volume’s introduction, both recognize financial intelligence as a keystone to getting rich.

They wonder why so few people invest time in developing a financial IQ and instead intentionally avoid talking or thinking about money.

I never had a “rich dad” and on school they never taught me anything about money.

“Money is not important” they would say or “concentrated on your study and the money will come” But by the time it comes, you are stuck in the Rat Race.

Why don’t they teach you anything about money?

Simply because, leaving out the exceptions, the teachers don’t know either, so how can they teach you?

The authors also questioned the fact why financial literacy is not taught in schools. They say if children learned financial concepts at an early age, they would be more likely to succeed in the future.

Instead, many kids never hear their parents discuss money or they see the struggle and the stress and fights it brings it along ( because the lack of money)


It is considered rude to bring up the topic of money in social situations.

Kiyosaki keep pointing out the importance of financial intelligence. He describes ways to develop a solid financial IQ, including understanding and mastering the principles of accounting, understanding markets and how they work, and understanding the law (especially tax law).

He goes on explaining that it is perhaps easier set some time aside to develop your financial IQ than it is to keep following the traditional model of generating an income. (working for an employer who provides your income and saving money on the side after paying expenses


Taking Risk Vs Staying in safely in your comfort zone

It’s about the choice between risk and safety. Kiyosaki and his rich dad believe that without risk, you can never be rich.

Almost every rich person in the world has his or her share of failure in the form of losing a lot of money.

Accepting risk is essential on the path to becoming rich.

On the opposite “playing it safe” never leads to wealth.

In the book Robert Kiyosaki talks about several examples.

Examples of people in his life who missed out on great opportunities because they stuck to safety, instead of exposing themselves to any degree of risk.

One example made thing very clear for me.
To point out what can happen if you are playing it safe, he relates to a specific incident.
During this incident he advises his friend, who was looking to get into the real estate business, to say yes to a potentially lucrative deal. He could buy himself in for $5,000.

His friend bailed at the last minute because he was concerned that he would lose all of his money.

The property he rejected later became worth $95,000.

His fear and desire for safety prevented him from taking a deal that would have made him a lot of money.

This doesn’t mean that you just take blind risk and you’ll be rich. Of course not, that’s why he hammers on developing a strong financial IQ.

First you must accept the risk as a necessary part of your financial life, and secondly, you must learn how to MANAGE the risk.

Once you developed your financial IQ and you are confident with your skill set and learned how to manage your risk, you can now invest and avoid potential financial disasters.

When I read the book it really hit me how little I knew about finance.
I always said

You do what you are good in and hire somebody else to do the finance for you.

Now I know how silly that must have sound! Putting your financial future into the hands of somebody else.


How to get out of the Rat Race.

Knowing your numbers is where it all begins.

What are your expenses? And what is your income?

First you have to focus on your assets. You have to grow your assets. Think about bonds and stocks or money generating real estate etc etc.

Let’s say your expenses are $2000 a month and the money you make with your assets is a $1000, you will last 2 weeks if your income would disappear (in case you would lose your job)

But if the money you receive from your assets extant your expenses you are wealthy.


Creating multiple streams of income

It is important to create multiple streams of income so you won’t have to depend on just one.

So if something was suppose to happen, for example you get laid off, then your financial situation wouldn’t be effected and you would still be able to grow financially.

One of the models Kiyosaki really endorsed heavily was the network marketing industry.

It has low investment start up costs and there were endless opportunities.

Building multiple streams of income online is possible and being online takes away all the borders.

Like this blog.

All the articles written here are there to stay. Even after years people will find this post, like it and look further on our website. They can click on the banners or scroll through all the other posts.

Using a viral blogging platform like this Kalatu blog is crucial, because you don’t want to be losing time creating back links and other stuff in order to be found on Google.


Improving your skill set, a summary

We talked about improving your financial IQ, your financial skill set, so you know how to manage your risk.
The risk that you must be willing to take for to get to the financial level of your desire.

Going from the network marketing to the internet network marketing is a small step, but a very lucrative one. There are a lot of people who have made millions in this industry.


But, there are even more people who didn’t make any money with it. 99% of the people do not succeed in this industry. Why? because they do not take the action necessary.

Improving your skill set and be consistent until your have reached your goals. Like Tony Robbins points out:

There is no such thing as failure, there are only results.


But how or where can I learn the skills needed for internet network marketing you ask?

Well, there are many roads to Rome as we like to say, but personally I like to take shortcuts.

And by shortcuts I don’t mean, “click on button and get rich quick”, but a way that makes things easier.

What if you were able to tap into a system that would teach you everything there is to know about online marketing and knowing your numbers?

A system where you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff, like building websites.

A system where you are taken by the hand and that will guide you through the process step by step, until that point where you can walk on your own.

This is the system what I recommend you use. It is the system that took me from being stuck in the Rat Race, hitting bankruptcy in 2014, to now owning my own online business and learning every day still.

Please get out of that Rat Race, before you either die of a heart attack or before you realize that you missed out on seeing your children grow up.



Work will always come again, Childhood won’t.





How To Quit Your Day Job And Achieve Results Fast

If you want to learn about how you can earn a month income in 1 single day like us,
please continue reading!
This is exactly what we did and what you can consider doing as well.

#1 Combine Dreaming With Setting Your Goal !

A goal is a dream with a deadline
-Napoleon Hill

Often people dream of winning the lottery all the time, right?
And most people already know what they would love to to with $1.000.000.
What would you do with it?

Just today, while I was listening to the radio, I heard a couple of times the commercial
of  the Lottery and the dream they are selling.
They were not dictating to buy, but telling pretty stories about being able to quit jobs
and the free enjoyable life that would be the result of winning it.

Yes! I did buy lottery tickets in the past, to hold on to the dream
quitting my job as a social worker, being able to spend all the time
in the world being there for our 2 kids.
But nothing actually changed without setting my clear goal.

Setting a goal helps you to create milestones
that will be the steps to take to get there.
Your mind will actually search for ways to accomplish
goals when you repeat your goals daily.

The mind will respond to clear questions by digging deep
into the unconscious mind to find answers.
Your senses will be able to see creative ideas thanks to setting goals.
For more inspiration, read this

The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was a tremendous
eye opener and I really recommend you to read it.


#2 Tap Into The Right Resources And Systems



Dirk and I never saw our hard work ethics “at work” resulting in a growing chance
to quit our jobs and live a life in abundance and wealth as a family. Not at all!
The -living -from -paycheck -to -paycheck -way -of -life – was  reality.

Working hard didn’t either result into a way to save enough money to be able to retire
before our kids are grown up.



There was this post on Facebook that woke us up from believing that spending
time at work was the only way to pay our bills.

It redirected us to this page, that showed us a life changing video
after entering our e-mail address

It made us realize that we were sold the dream that working hard during life
would enable us to life a comfortable life at the age of 65.
But by then we would be to old to do the things we love to do NOW ?!?!

Like the average person we did not know anything about creating online products.
And that brought us to affiliate marketing; selling other people’s products for a commission.

We learned that by setting up an affiliate business to sell other people’s products,
a door opened to our goal.
Working online means being able to market the hours that the internet is active.
Well…. that’s 24 hours a day :-).
That means that YOU can pick the time that suits you best!

First you have to do research about this subject of course before you can start taking action.
This article might give you good insights about affiliate marketing.

#Taking Action

After you decided which products and company fits you best
there are many ways to promote your affiliate products.

Worst Case Scenario is that you are so desperate to sell your stuff, that you will throw with your affiliate links, and sells pages,
spam your friends and family ……without any knowledge of HOW to market online.
Best changes are that you will sell but you will still be dreaming for the LIVE CHANGING BIG numbers.

Implementing  up to date knowledge about marketing online
is essential for creating that life changing amount of income that can set you free
from your day job.
So you have to be willing to invest in your knowledge to learn all this.
And DO what you’ve learned & be CONSISTENT doing it …like us.

The platform which provides our affiliate products also provides trainings marketing
that changed our average sales numbers into DYNAMITE numbers. It does not only
enables you to learn what’s working right now marketing on Social Media and e-mail,
but it provides a compensation plan for maximum results.
Check it out.


Most of all, Dirk and I love to inspire people who are searching for a way to
be able to design their dream lifestyle.
And with this post we love to share with you proof that we are able
to earn more a day than Muriël earned in a month at work,
so keep this in mind before you will think it’s not possible.

Just visualize how it can change your life being able to make days like this!
Go for it!

Results are not typical see income disclaimer

We love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment down below.
And when you are ready
To Quit Your Day Job and Achieve Results Fast…..
Start here like we did and follow all steps.
Most of all ……. Follow your dream and blog about it!
It all started with blogging our stories into the world.

Talk soon,

~Muriël (& Dirk)



How To Break Free From The Rat Race and Turn Your Passion into Profits

Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it is realistic or not.

-Deepak Chopra


It was the year 2004 when Muriël and I left to travel the world.

We just got on a train that brought us from our home town The Haque all the way to Moscow.
The original plan was to go south and east through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, but the war in Afghanistan just started and we were strongly advised not to go.

So we traveled from Moscow South to Uzbekistan and Kirghistan and continued our journey into China.

After That countries like Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand where next.
Having seen enough south East Asia brought us to India. After a few months of India we were desperately in need of some peace and quiet time.

This brought us to Nepal where we walked the Annapurna Circuit just by ourselves. It took us 23 days to complete. If you were to take a guide, you’ll be back in 17 days.

Not that we were that slow, but we had the time.

And time is what got lost over the years.

We fantasist about traveling the world with our kids.
But coming back home, we soon ended up in working, a lot!

I started my own brick and mortar business, a restaurant. I did this because I always wanted to be my own boss and although I studied something else, this was what I was good at. And above all, I loved doing it.

Years past and two kids were born, I sold my first business and bought a second one. I was working for about 60 sometimes 70 hours a week, because I thought I had to.

But I never had the financially freedom, let alone the time freedom. 

After buying a third restaurant I reached my limits and I hit bankruptcy within seven months.

Looking back, I’m grateful for that struggle, because I wouldn’t have had a deep desire to change my life and find THE SOLUTION to getting OUT OF DEBT, earning a passive income online, and providing the best lifestyle that my family deserves.

Now I can see my kids grow up and be there for every milestone; birthdays, holidays, elementary school graduations.

In addition, I’m able to BE THERE FOR THEM EVERYDAY; after school we go to the playground, skate around the neighborhood, or if it rains, we go to a museum.

So you see, hard times are there for a reason!

I was brought up with the idea of “go to school, get a job, work hard until 65, and then retire. But somehow I always went against that idea. I knew I had to go my own way.
Though I finished my social studies I never applied for a job. I always worked at bars and restaurant and I loved the idea of having my own.
Helping and serving others was something I loved doing.

So I turn my passion into reality. My Restaurant was what I loved and it was all I knew at that time.

Then we started our family and Sem was born, this was ten years ago. And because all the work I missed out on a lot of important milestones.

I was stuck!

I had a lot of debt and I couldn’t get the place sold, so there was no other way then to keep on going.

My passion for helping others was crushed…..

After hitting bankruptcy, things got worse. And when my daughter asked me if she could go on horseback riding camp for the weekend I had to tell her no, because I couldn’t afford it. (It was only $200)

My heart broke.

But what was I suppose to do? Restaurant work was all I knew!

Most people I knew were hard working folks with brick and mortar businesses so I really had to start thinking outside of the box.

My brother took me to the Millionaire mind intensive of T Harv Eker. That taught me that everything is possible if you set your mind to it.

I needed to find to provide for my family, without a really big investment and without trading all my time for money.

And most important get back in touch with my passion.

The internet felt like the right thing to do but I was intimidated about all the success stories.
All these people showing their exotic lives and talking about all their successes.
This really discouraged me.


How was I supposed to compete with these “guru’s” ?


I discovered that all these “guru’s” were just normal people like me and the only difference was that they had the right skill set.

But when I had to tell my daughter NO, I was determined, she deserved better!

And if they could learn how to do it, so could I.

I started reading books like

“Awaken The Giant Within”


“The Four Hour Work Week”

Besides the missing knowledge there was one thing we had in common.

We shared the same desire to be successful and I was willing to do what ever it took to create my so desired lifestyle.

Determined I started talking small steps towards my dreams. Learning new things every day.

But what to sell? I didn’t had a product? And hadn’t no experience in creating an online product. I wanted to make money starting today, so I looked into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing basically is when you sell and promote other people’s products. And when you make a sale, you receive a commission.

I knew nothing about this type of business, how to create a website, how to promote, who to target the right audience.

After trying a lot of things by myself, not really knowing what I was doing and wasting a lot of money, I was introduced to a system online that finally taught me how to market online.

Oké, I was skeptic and to be honest I didn’t take it really serious in the beginning, thinking that it was to good to be true.

Our sponsors who introduced us to this system gave up on their journey and went a different direction so to say and we were left on our own. But I was determined for success, still remembering the expression on Sems face.

One of the commitments we first underestimated was going to events. And when we finally went to Orlando Florida last year everything changed!

There were thousands of other people from all over the world who had the same dream, the same goals. Freedom

And I know this is not the same for everybody, but that is a different story.

For us is means being able to spend time with your kids, being their for them when they get back from school. Travel to beautiful places in the world during the school holidays. And…not having financial worries.

Coming back home from the event we knew exactly what we needed to do to make money in affiliate marketing. Now we knew how to promote and help a specific target audience with the products we were selling.

And the best thing is that we are now able to serve and help other people, but now not just for one evening, but for a lifetime.

 And the best thing is that it pays a LOT better than the restaurant business and it is something we can do from anywhere in the world.

And more important, we can do it around the schedule of our kids.

Listen: Even though you may not know how to create more freedom or earn a passive income right now, doesn’t mean you cannot learn and start getting results sooner than later.

It is a matter of learning the RIGHT information from the RIGHT people.

The internet is already the future! and it is a endless market place which is truly big enough for everybody.

Don’t wait until you get laid off or til your children leaving the house because they are grown up.

Do what you love today and don’t wait until tomorrow!

Below you can watch the replay of yesterday’s Hangout (March the 30th 2015). you’ll meet: (from left to right)

  • Todd and Tiffany who learned how to take their own products and services to the next level using the skills learn inside.
  • Pavel, an awesome artist who sky rocket after he learned how to brand and market himself. He can now truly concentrate on being an artist and does not have work shity jobs.
  • The star of the evening and our business partner and friend Kim who turned her passion for the fitness and health industry into profits and last but definitely not least.
  • Amy, a 6-figure affiliate marketing earner and a leading expert on “Cash in on your passion.


If you want to get out of the 9 to 5 life style and truly live your life your way then scroll down to the button that says

“Click here to learn more “