How To Deal With Failure

How to deal with Failure


I think the biggest obstacle in your way in accomplishing anything extraordinary could be the fear of failure.

 If you are really honest? What can happen?

If you think about it, without failure you would not be able to get any further in life. It’s because your mistakes that you grow, right?


Ask any successful person and they will tell you, they got to where they are now by a long series of trail and error. A long journey of falling and rising again.


You see, when ever you fail at something, you have to find out what went wrong during the last attempt and fix it in the next. If you keep repeating this process, you will get better and better every time.


This is what you can call a Success Formula!


Remember when you couldn’t even walk as a baby? First you could only lie down and then there was that moment you started to crawl and the tried to pull yourself up. And after a lot of “falling back on your knees” you finally where able to stand!!! And after that came walking and running!


Again with riding a bike or even the way around your Iphone ( or android J)


So if success is that easy then why isn’t everybody successful?
Simply because some people experience their failure as such a painful episode in their life that their whole system will just shut down.

They simply forget to rise after they fall and so they never reach success.



How to deal with failure so that you can become successful in your life.


Lets go over the approach for dealing with failure, Step by Step.


In order to go around your beliefs of failure you have to actually change those beliefs.

Get rid of the old ones and implement the new beliefs.

Understand that failure is just a method of your “system” to avoid danger. Doing something new….Your body will object, it will want to stay in that secure surroundings. It’s your system that want to prevent you from get into trouble.


You must be aware that success is a matter of failing many times until you find out what works.


But how to change your beliefs about failure?


And how to embrace it instead of fearing it


Tip #1? Surround yourself with successful people. Read about success stories of successful people. People who live the life you want.

Your subconscious mind will absorb the idea. Did you know that your mind can’t see the difference between what you tell your mind (your thoughts) and reality?

So if you keep telling your mind a different and successful story, it is likely that it will act upon.

If others can do something, then so can you. Because they are no different then you they have certain better skill sets.


And a skill set is something you can approve, learn.

I mean, before I started this online money making adventure with Muriël I didn’t know anything.

And now? After failing hundreds of times? We have a team of like minded people working with us. We can now share these experiences and turn them in something beneficial.



You have to learn how to become emotionally stronger: Lots of people fail to continue trying because they find failure emotionally devastating. But in order to have success it looks like that you have to fail. So it makes a lot of sense to develop emotional strength so that you can withstand failure.


What helped me is meditation. Years ago I started practicing Vipasanna meditation.

I practice daily for about 20 minutes. Longer is better, but that doesn’t fit into my life right now or at least I choose to not let it fit.


Vipasanna meditation helps you to see the thing how they are and not as you want them to be.


And when you do fail, allow yourself to feel miserable. But know longer then a few days. Stay in bed and feel miserable, but get up an get your act together. Express your emotions after failure: Express your emotions, don’t suppress them but put in mind that you must rise again


 Getting back on your feet.

After the few days of feeling miserable it’s time to get up on your feet.

Find out what went wrong and try again, with the end in mind.


After you accept what happened its time to go for the second attempt but first you should find out what went wrong during the previous attempt then try again while putting this information in mind.




So, dare to dream big and go after it. And when you Fail? Always Fail forward and you’ll be oké.

Surround yourself with like minded people and find a mentor. Who is willing to guide you through the process.

Be consistent and you’ll bound to be successful.



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