Mythbusters For Overcoming Common Problems With Starting Your Online Business

It happens quite often that people are starting very excited with their online business BUT,
get stuck with feelings of skepticism and doubt just before the moment of taking action.
And it makes sense!

This happened to us when we started our online business ……….
That’s why we understand that this happens and we understand questioning people.
We know how to overcome it.
Therefore we love to share our insights with you if you are at this point right now.

We realize that thinking from a perspective of an “outsider” or “newbie”
-of the system that we’re working with- ,

there is often little social proof  & a community close YET to back people up in making a decision to get all in with their business.
(Oops, long sentence sorry!)

In our case, there were only 2 people we knew before starting and that were our mentors.
We knew them both and trusted them. They researched the system well so we knew that there was no danger zone or scheme or something like that.

It can be worse and that happened to us.
Welcome in our Real Life Soap 🙂

And that is being highly discouraged and warned by friends and family, because all of them are not familiar with online businesses. We were the first ones with this.

We believe that people are afraid to step outside their comfort zone and will happily  project that on you.

Anyway, they also care about us but, their fears almost discouraged us completely. We almost quit.

People around us were afraid about this “online thing” and warned us for the most “doomy scenarios” .

YES, even the word “sect” was mentioned (Really, NO joke LOL).

Thank G.D we listen to daily audio’s to boost our mindsets to be able to deal with negative energy sucking influences, from others but also from our minds.

Well, the next few things helped us to believe in the process of the online system AND helped us and our team members to overcome their objections.

Hope it will benefit you guys on your way to your success and freedom !

    • Get to know and connect with other people who are successfully working with the system
      How? – Visit Google Hangouts
      – Connect with people on Facebook and see what they have accomplished
      – Go to company events and see with your own eyes how ordinary people have been able to change their lives for the better!

    • Next one will be end of this month in Nashville. (April 2015)
      Are you coming with us?

      This recent Google Hangout from last Tuesday for example, is a perfect one to watch.

      Our friend Layla Black (7 figure earner using this system !!) interviewed our friend and business partner Kim Justice. A blast!! And a real -have to see it Hangout-

      Here you can watch it to overcome objections.

  • Look at social proof so you will learn that the products that you are about to sell, are profitable.
    We will first talk about the Kalatu Viral Blogging system that is one of the products that our system offers as affiliate product. Looking at this screenshot, you will see that there are thousands of people looking in Google about “how to start a blog” , “blog” and so on. Just have a look at these screenshots from Google Keyword Planner.

    This shows how many people every single month are looking for these exact words. Cool numbers right? Those are just a few quick examples, and there are so many more! And pretty profitable.Schermafbeelding 2015-03-25 om 23.41.21Schermafbeelding 2015-03-25 om 23.41.06Schermafbeelding 2015-03-25 om 23.40.25


  • This awesome E – book for example, written by Eben Pagan explains very clearly that content marketing is one of the 3 most profitable niches right now. So the online marketing trainings that our system sells as affiliate products, just hit the bulls eye!


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  • Open your eyes and see others people’s results
    See income disclaimer, because results are not typical
    SAritaProof mu en diPR
  • Watch our Google replay TWTWhangout$ here
    And meet others besides us Dirk and Muriël, who all share their successes and how they did it, working with our system.


Before we finish up this blog post,
we would like to say this to you:

You are thinking about starting with this system
OR you already did start with us and you are figuring out if it’s the right decision or not?

The best part of all is that the decision of going all in is up to you ….
If you are serious with braking free from the 9-5 and give your dreams the best chance,
then there must be a turning point right?

We love to reach out to you with information and guidance.
We mentor our team along their way, working together.
You are welcome to join us on this amazing, thrilling and not average journey.

But the real step to take action can only done by you.
And every new day you need to take that decision again.
Consistency is a magic word in our community of globally connected entrepreneurs.

This is were you start working with us if you are ready for it now.
(follow all steps after watching the video get your credit card and fill in the form. We will contact you within 24 hours after completing these steps)

And for our team members,
Get into your back office, look around and
get all in within 7 days for the best leverage, trainings, discount and a lot more great value you don’t want to miss.
You will thank us later!



We believe in you, we appreciate you.

Talk soon,

Please leave your comment below or contact us if you have any questions.