Wealth is a Decision


As parents Dirk and I are proud to see
our 5 and 10 year old kids grow up.

That’s a great journey on itself 🙂
And thanks to our pure kids we learned that adults
can over complicate
– making important decisions to accomplish great goals – !

This is why ….

Nick, our 5 year old son is learning how to swim right now.
He never says, “I will try to learn it”.
He already decided he will!
The only reason WHY he’s in the water 2 times a week
is because he decided to get his diploma with swimming,  period.

His teacher told us (of course we are proud parents 🙂 !!!!!)
that because he has so much fun with swimming
and he’s so motivated to practice and doing all difficult exercises,
he will reach his goal soon.

Do you think Nick is worried about the chance of drowning
or failing with this?

Well NO!

nothing more nothing less.
ALTHOUGH learning how to swim is hard.

The decision to strive towards your dreams is as simple (not easy),
as the decision for a child wanting to ride a bike or learn how to swim.

So if we pee in our pants for something new and exciting
that looks like something impossible ….
Let go of our fear and go for your dreams
or you will hold yourself back forever!

The outcome of your actions is created in your mind!
All great successes start with a strong decision.

Wealth is a decision and it all starts within you,
in your mind.

Everything started with a thought.

We invite you to listen to these empowering stories
in this episode of our weekly Monday TWTWhangout$.

Listening to others people stories,
who were able to create wealth can be a great trigger
for your brains.

Their tips and trainings can give you just that bit of help
you are needing to get right on track.
You are able to do exactly what they did, step by step,
up to accomplish your ideal lifestyle.

WE see our son Nick always looking at the big boys
who already can swim.
That’s his example, that’s what’s giving him a lot of input.

Braking free from the 9-5, from the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle,
is freedom,

Being able to swim is freedom,

Being able to be wealthy is freedom.

And it both started with a decision, right?

So we suggest you don’t over complicate things.
Perhaps you are investing in trainings, in time, in books ?


Did you invest in taking the time to make a true and strong decision,
right from your heart to become wealthy?


This is the time!

Go for it!

Watch our replay above
and start your road to freedom here.


We believe in you !


~ Dirk and Muriël