7 Warning Signs That Your Are Settling For Less.

First I want to share a little trick with you that will definitely make you happy.


Did you know that according the Harris Poll® Happiness index,
more then two third of the American population is unhappy.

Unhappy with their job,
unhappy in a relationship or just unhappy in general.

And we are not talking about mentally illnesses.

It’s ridiculous!
I mean if you are in a situation where you find
yourself being unhappy and it doesn’t get any better,
no matter what you do.

Change the situation, go in a different direction.

But sometimes you get so comfortable
or the complete opposite,
very scared and you do nothing at all.

You know, every human being has the birth right
to live an abundant life.
But, because of all the experiences in life
that are not always that nice you build up
a believe system.

Especially when you got hurt in the process
you will convince yourself that you do not
deserve this or that.

You will be limited and not get to
the success level you mend to reach.

Here is a list with symptoms.
If you recognize signs, than you’re settling
for less than you deserve.


  1. Lack of Energy

You are tired all day even though you are getting
an 8 hour nights rest and are in good and healthy shape.

If it is not a shortage of vitamin D3 it could be
that you are not happy with your daily tasks.

If you do what you are passionate about than life
will give you energy.

But if you get tired early in the day or even have
trouble getting out of bed, your life isn’t giving you
the excitement and energy you need to make it
through the day. You’re either bored or you are
doing something that does not suit you at all.

Tip: Make a change. Try new things.
But first I would recommend you to go to the gym.
Physical exercise give a person energy.
You can use that energy to make that change.


  1. Procrastination

Procrastination is your biggest dream killer.
It is always something else first.

First I’ll do this and then I’ll…… Or… After, then….

And it will be like that for ever.
As you can read in my other post about procrastination,
the biggest reason for people to do so is the fear of failure.

It’s all due to past experiences, the fear of it happening again.
So by not starting, you can’t fail.
But as Tony Robbins always says:


I always ask myself “what is the worst thing that can happen?”

And the perfect timing doesn’t exist, there will always be something….

“Someday” is worse that “after.”
You keep saying that you’ll pursue your dream someday.
It really means “when some unknown thing happens,
I’ll do that thing I really want to do.

Tip: Remember that not doing something
is a choice. So that means that you can choose differently.
Stop wasting time and just get going!
Because, before you know you are settling for less.


  1. Blaming others

It’s the economy, the weather or because they
did this or that. But never yourself, No…your perfect!

Well, I’m sorry my friend, but you and only you
are responsible for where you are in life right now.

Rich people aren’t bad, they probably worked their *ss of.
(did you know that 85% of the millionaires are self made?)
They didn’t steel your money!

Every successful person got dirt kicked
in their face at some point, probably several times.

You might hate other people only because
they have achieved something — their lifestyle,
their money, their relationships.
You think people who have succeeded are greedy,
lucky or dishonest.
This keep you settling for less, and puts up
an artificial barrier to success.
You are training your mind to believe the lie
that success is for greedy, lucky and dishonest people.
Since you are probably none of those things,
your subconscious mind is learning that success
is not for you. Because how can you receive what you resent.

Tip: Celebrate other peoples success.
Celebrate what you would like to have.

Ask yourself the following question:
What can I do different in order to make a change
and get myself out of this situation.
Ask yourself this question every morning
when you get up and every night when you go to bed.

You’ll see that eventually the answers will provide themselves.


  1. Feeling insecure and doubtful

These feeling can be make you numb,
but they should not make you settle for less.

Nobody said things were going to be easy.
Things are probably hard, but almost always worth it.

The fear of failure is so strong in most people,
that they are not able to move forward.
So they are stuck and therefore unhappy.

Don’t mistake hard for impossible.

Tip: When you catch yourself saying,
“I can’t do that,” punch yourself in the face.
Then ask yourself if you actually can’t do it
or are just saying that because it’s hard.


  1. You dream a lot, but never take action.

You dream a lot about what you want to

achieve, but you take little or no action. You think about it, but don’t do it.

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts.

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts. Believe in you dreams and make the, come through.
You don’t want to say on your deathbed “ I’m happy that I dreamed of this whole my life and never took action on it.


  1. You think it’s OK to play small

Some how you tell yourself that settling for less is OK. You make up the most wildest excuses for why it’s OK to keep playing small.
You actually believe that playing small is safer and more practical.


What can I say? If you are really happy where you are at,
no problem, but if your not…. GET REAL!!!

Play the game to win. You might lose.
But losing is part of winning and failure
does not exist, there are only lessons to be learned.


  1. Food, alcohol, gossip and TV are the highlight of your day

Coming home from the job you hate,
you get yourself a beer eat fast food
and you won’t come of the couch for the rest of the evening.

Are settling for this???

Seeing your life passing by.

Don’t you have any passion?
Go after something you really want.

Where do you settle for?

Personally I won’t settle for anything less
then freedom.
That doesn’t mean that I’m not happy
with where I’m now,
but I keep resetting my goals in order to keep
my dreams alive.

I want to see my kids grow up and I want
to be able to give them everything they need
and be there at every milestone in their life.

After years of struggling in the restaurant business,
I made a decision to go after my dreams.
I did a lot of research online and I found a system
that I was able to plug into.
This system lived up to the 7 criteria an online business
was suppose to meet.

If you want to learn more about the system I use
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Go here: prosperity4lifestyle

Be consistent, Be Happy.

Don’t settle for less,

you deserve better.

Take one step today