Be Real in Your Marketing

If you surf over the internet you will come across so many opportunities.

People flashing Ferrari’s and villa’s in your face.
Pictures of themselves in front of expensive cars and beautiful beaches.

Look, some of it is might be true, but I think it is more realistic to think that it is to make you feel:

“YES I want that too!”

And that is oké.
On the other hand it can make you feel ashamed or feeling like you failed, only because you don’t have that.

What I really want to share with you is that you have to believe in yourself.

It is not about big cars or big houses for me. It is not about being a millionaire. I don’t say I don’t have these goals and dreams, but it is not the main thing.

It is not the reason WHY I do the things I do.

First priority is time freedom.
Time to do the things you are passionate about.
For me that is time to spend with my kids in the playground or better said kid, because Sem (my oldest) doesn’t want to go to the playground anymore!
And realizing that makes me want to hit my goals even harder.

Lets talk about marketing.

If I say “talk about marketing” then there is of course a lot to talk about, but as you could see in the video it’s about being real.

Being you.

You see, people buy from people who they know, like and trust.

So my advice to you is to be yourself Be authentic, don’t brag or show off, but give value.

If you have a big and expensive car, by all means show it to the world, you probably worked very hard to get it.
But if you don’t, then don’t.

Help people solve their problem.

If you help people solve their problems, the struggles they face.
They will come back for more and that is the way you will create a following.
You’ll become the resource.

How to brand yourself online

How do you do that, you ask? Well, you definitely need a home on the internet, a blog.

For example the blog you are on right now. Y
our blog is the place were you can tell people you story and share your tips.

It is also the place where you can show the world what you have to offer.
You see the banners on your right site?  That is how we make money with this blog.

And I’m driving a Skoda!
But I do have time to spend with my kids, apparently when everybody else is at their job.

All Because of an automated system that allows us to create an income online.

Work will always come again, but childhood won’t


  • Be real
  • Be you
  • Be authentic
  • Help solving problems

and you will bound to be successful

Talk soon Dirk

p.s This is the system I use that taught us how to market and leverage the internet

How To Deal With Failure

How to deal with Failure


I think the biggest obstacle in your way in accomplishing anything extraordinary could be the fear of failure.

 If you are really honest? What can happen?

If you think about it, without failure you would not be able to get any further in life. It’s because your mistakes that you grow, right?


Ask any successful person and they will tell you, they got to where they are now by a long series of trail and error. A long journey of falling and rising again.


You see, when ever you fail at something, you have to find out what went wrong during the last attempt and fix it in the next. If you keep repeating this process, you will get better and better every time.


This is what you can call a Success Formula!


Remember when you couldn’t even walk as a baby? First you could only lie down and then there was that moment you started to crawl and the tried to pull yourself up. And after a lot of “falling back on your knees” you finally where able to stand!!! And after that came walking and running!


Again with riding a bike or even the way around your Iphone ( or android J)


So if success is that easy then why isn’t everybody successful?
Simply because some people experience their failure as such a painful episode in their life that their whole system will just shut down.

They simply forget to rise after they fall and so they never reach success.



How to deal with failure so that you can become successful in your life.


Lets go over the approach for dealing with failure, Step by Step.


In order to go around your beliefs of failure you have to actually change those beliefs.

Get rid of the old ones and implement the new beliefs.

Understand that failure is just a method of your “system” to avoid danger. Doing something new….Your body will object, it will want to stay in that secure surroundings. It’s your system that want to prevent you from get into trouble.


You must be aware that success is a matter of failing many times until you find out what works.


But how to change your beliefs about failure?


And how to embrace it instead of fearing it


Tip #1? Surround yourself with successful people. Read about success stories of successful people. People who live the life you want.

Your subconscious mind will absorb the idea. Did you know that your mind can’t see the difference between what you tell your mind (your thoughts) and reality?

So if you keep telling your mind a different and successful story, it is likely that it will act upon.

If others can do something, then so can you. Because they are no different then you they have certain better skill sets.


And a skill set is something you can approve, learn.

I mean, before I started this online money making adventure with Muriël I didn’t know anything.

And now? After failing hundreds of times? We have a team of like minded people working with us. We can now share these experiences and turn them in something beneficial.



You have to learn how to become emotionally stronger: Lots of people fail to continue trying because they find failure emotionally devastating. But in order to have success it looks like that you have to fail. So it makes a lot of sense to develop emotional strength so that you can withstand failure.


What helped me is meditation. Years ago I started practicing Vipasanna meditation.

I practice daily for about 20 minutes. Longer is better, but that doesn’t fit into my life right now or at least I choose to not let it fit.


Vipasanna meditation helps you to see the thing how they are and not as you want them to be.


And when you do fail, allow yourself to feel miserable. But know longer then a few days. Stay in bed and feel miserable, but get up an get your act together. Express your emotions after failure: Express your emotions, don’t suppress them but put in mind that you must rise again


 Getting back on your feet.

After the few days of feeling miserable it’s time to get up on your feet.

Find out what went wrong and try again, with the end in mind.


After you accept what happened its time to go for the second attempt but first you should find out what went wrong during the previous attempt then try again while putting this information in mind.




So, dare to dream big and go after it. And when you Fail? Always Fail forward and you’ll be oké.

Surround yourself with like minded people and find a mentor. Who is willing to guide you through the process.

Be consistent and you’ll bound to be successful.



P.s. Muriël and I started to go after our dreams. We want to be with our children and travel to beautiful places with them. being the most influential people in their lives.

We found a system that we where able to tap into. The system did not only teach us how to market online,but more important it surrounded us with a community of people who are willing to reach out and help.

If you want to learn more about this system you just click here and can relax and watch 2 short video’s.

and if you don’t? Thanks for being here, I appreciate you.


Mythbusters For Overcoming Common Problems With Starting Your Online Business

It happens quite often that people are starting very excited with their online business BUT,
get stuck with feelings of skepticism and doubt just before the moment of taking action.
And it makes sense!

This happened to us when we started our online business ……….
That’s why we understand that this happens and we understand questioning people.
We know how to overcome it.
Therefore we love to share our insights with you if you are at this point right now.

We realize that thinking from a perspective of an “outsider” or “newbie”
-of the system that we’re working with- ,

there is often little social proof  & a community close YET to back people up in making a decision to get all in with their business.
(Oops, long sentence sorry!)

In our case, there were only 2 people we knew before starting and that were our mentors.
We knew them both and trusted them. They researched the system well so we knew that there was no danger zone or scheme or something like that.

It can be worse and that happened to us.
Welcome in our Real Life Soap 🙂

And that is being highly discouraged and warned by friends and family, because all of them are not familiar with online businesses. We were the first ones with this.

We believe that people are afraid to step outside their comfort zone and will happily  project that on you.

Anyway, they also care about us but, their fears almost discouraged us completely. We almost quit.

People around us were afraid about this “online thing” and warned us for the most “doomy scenarios” .

YES, even the word “sect” was mentioned (Really, NO joke LOL).

Thank G.D we listen to daily audio’s to boost our mindsets to be able to deal with negative energy sucking influences, from others but also from our minds.

Well, the next few things helped us to believe in the process of the online system AND helped us and our team members to overcome their objections.

Hope it will benefit you guys on your way to your success and freedom !

    • Get to know and connect with other people who are successfully working with the system
      How? – Visit Google Hangouts
      – Connect with people on Facebook and see what they have accomplished
      – Go to company events and see with your own eyes how ordinary people have been able to change their lives for the better!

    • Next one will be end of this month in Nashville. (April 2015)
      Are you coming with us?

      This recent Google Hangout from last Tuesday for example, is a perfect one to watch.

      Our friend Layla Black (7 figure earner using this system !!) interviewed our friend and business partner Kim Justice. A blast!! And a real -have to see it Hangout-

      Here you can watch it to overcome objections.

  • Look at social proof so you will learn that the products that you are about to sell, are profitable.
    We will first talk about the Kalatu Viral Blogging system that is one of the products that our system offers as affiliate product. Looking at this screenshot, you will see that there are thousands of people looking in Google about “how to start a blog” , “blog” and so on. Just have a look at these screenshots from Google Keyword Planner.

    This shows how many people every single month are looking for these exact words. Cool numbers right? Those are just a few quick examples, and there are so many more! And pretty profitable.Schermafbeelding 2015-03-25 om 23.41.21Schermafbeelding 2015-03-25 om 23.41.06Schermafbeelding 2015-03-25 om 23.40.25


  • This awesome E – book for example, written by Eben Pagan explains very clearly that content marketing is one of the 3 most profitable niches right now. So the online marketing trainings that our system sells as affiliate products, just hit the bulls eye!


Schermafbeelding 2015-03-25 om 23.51.56



Schermafbeelding 2015-03-26 om 00.12.15



  • Open your eyes and see others people’s results
    See income disclaimer, because results are not typical
    SAritaProof mu en diPR
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    And meet others besides us Dirk and Muriël, who all share their successes and how they did it, working with our system.


Before we finish up this blog post,
we would like to say this to you:

You are thinking about starting with this system
OR you already did start with us and you are figuring out if it’s the right decision or not?

The best part of all is that the decision of going all in is up to you ….
If you are serious with braking free from the 9-5 and give your dreams the best chance,
then there must be a turning point right?

We love to reach out to you with information and guidance.
We mentor our team along their way, working together.
You are welcome to join us on this amazing, thrilling and not average journey.

But the real step to take action can only done by you.
And every new day you need to take that decision again.
Consistency is a magic word in our community of globally connected entrepreneurs.

This is were you start working with us if you are ready for it now.
(follow all steps after watching the video get your credit card and fill in the form. We will contact you within 24 hours after completing these steps)

And for our team members,
Get into your back office, look around and
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You will thank us later!



We believe in you, we appreciate you.

Talk soon,

Please leave your comment below or contact us if you have any questions.



Wealth is a Decision


As parents Dirk and I are proud to see
our 5 and 10 year old kids grow up.

That’s a great journey on itself 🙂
And thanks to our pure kids we learned that adults
can over complicate
– making important decisions to accomplish great goals – !

This is why ….

Nick, our 5 year old son is learning how to swim right now.
He never says, “I will try to learn it”.
He already decided he will!
The only reason WHY he’s in the water 2 times a week
is because he decided to get his diploma with swimming,  period.

His teacher told us (of course we are proud parents 🙂 !!!!!)
that because he has so much fun with swimming
and he’s so motivated to practice and doing all difficult exercises,
he will reach his goal soon.

Do you think Nick is worried about the chance of drowning
or failing with this?

Well NO!

nothing more nothing less.
ALTHOUGH learning how to swim is hard.

The decision to strive towards your dreams is as simple (not easy),
as the decision for a child wanting to ride a bike or learn how to swim.

So if we pee in our pants for something new and exciting
that looks like something impossible ….
Let go of our fear and go for your dreams
or you will hold yourself back forever!

The outcome of your actions is created in your mind!
All great successes start with a strong decision.

Wealth is a decision and it all starts within you,
in your mind.

Everything started with a thought.

We invite you to listen to these empowering stories
in this episode of our weekly Monday TWTWhangout$.

Listening to others people stories,
who were able to create wealth can be a great trigger
for your brains.

Their tips and trainings can give you just that bit of help
you are needing to get right on track.
You are able to do exactly what they did, step by step,
up to accomplish your ideal lifestyle.

WE see our son Nick always looking at the big boys
who already can swim.
That’s his example, that’s what’s giving him a lot of input.

Braking free from the 9-5, from the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle,
is freedom,

Being able to swim is freedom,

Being able to be wealthy is freedom.

And it both started with a decision, right?

So we suggest you don’t over complicate things.
Perhaps you are investing in trainings, in time, in books ?


Did you invest in taking the time to make a true and strong decision,
right from your heart to become wealthy?


This is the time!

Go for it!

Watch our replay above
and start your road to freedom here.


We believe in you !


~ Dirk and Muriël


7 Warning Signs That Your Are Settling For Less.

First I want to share a little trick with you that will definitely make you happy.


Did you know that according the Harris Poll® Happiness index,
more then two third of the American population is unhappy.

Unhappy with their job,
unhappy in a relationship or just unhappy in general.

And we are not talking about mentally illnesses.

It’s ridiculous!
I mean if you are in a situation where you find
yourself being unhappy and it doesn’t get any better,
no matter what you do.

Change the situation, go in a different direction.

But sometimes you get so comfortable
or the complete opposite,
very scared and you do nothing at all.

You know, every human being has the birth right
to live an abundant life.
But, because of all the experiences in life
that are not always that nice you build up
a believe system.

Especially when you got hurt in the process
you will convince yourself that you do not
deserve this or that.

You will be limited and not get to
the success level you mend to reach.

Here is a list with symptoms.
If you recognize signs, than you’re settling
for less than you deserve.


  1. Lack of Energy

You are tired all day even though you are getting
an 8 hour nights rest and are in good and healthy shape.

If it is not a shortage of vitamin D3 it could be
that you are not happy with your daily tasks.

If you do what you are passionate about than life
will give you energy.

But if you get tired early in the day or even have
trouble getting out of bed, your life isn’t giving you
the excitement and energy you need to make it
through the day. You’re either bored or you are
doing something that does not suit you at all.

Tip: Make a change. Try new things.
But first I would recommend you to go to the gym.
Physical exercise give a person energy.
You can use that energy to make that change.


  1. Procrastination

Procrastination is your biggest dream killer.
It is always something else first.

First I’ll do this and then I’ll…… Or… After, then….

And it will be like that for ever.
As you can read in my other post about procrastination,
the biggest reason for people to do so is the fear of failure.

It’s all due to past experiences, the fear of it happening again.
So by not starting, you can’t fail.
But as Tony Robbins always says:


I always ask myself “what is the worst thing that can happen?”

And the perfect timing doesn’t exist, there will always be something….

“Someday” is worse that “after.”
You keep saying that you’ll pursue your dream someday.
It really means “when some unknown thing happens,
I’ll do that thing I really want to do.

Tip: Remember that not doing something
is a choice. So that means that you can choose differently.
Stop wasting time and just get going!
Because, before you know you are settling for less.


  1. Blaming others

It’s the economy, the weather or because they
did this or that. But never yourself, No…your perfect!

Well, I’m sorry my friend, but you and only you
are responsible for where you are in life right now.

Rich people aren’t bad, they probably worked their *ss of.
(did you know that 85% of the millionaires are self made?)
They didn’t steel your money!

Every successful person got dirt kicked
in their face at some point, probably several times.

You might hate other people only because
they have achieved something — their lifestyle,
their money, their relationships.
You think people who have succeeded are greedy,
lucky or dishonest.
This keep you settling for less, and puts up
an artificial barrier to success.
You are training your mind to believe the lie
that success is for greedy, lucky and dishonest people.
Since you are probably none of those things,
your subconscious mind is learning that success
is not for you. Because how can you receive what you resent.

Tip: Celebrate other peoples success.
Celebrate what you would like to have.

Ask yourself the following question:
What can I do different in order to make a change
and get myself out of this situation.
Ask yourself this question every morning
when you get up and every night when you go to bed.

You’ll see that eventually the answers will provide themselves.


  1. Feeling insecure and doubtful

These feeling can be make you numb,
but they should not make you settle for less.

Nobody said things were going to be easy.
Things are probably hard, but almost always worth it.

The fear of failure is so strong in most people,
that they are not able to move forward.
So they are stuck and therefore unhappy.

Don’t mistake hard for impossible.

Tip: When you catch yourself saying,
“I can’t do that,” punch yourself in the face.
Then ask yourself if you actually can’t do it
or are just saying that because it’s hard.


  1. You dream a lot, but never take action.

You dream a lot about what you want to

achieve, but you take little or no action. You think about it, but don’t do it.

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts.

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts. Believe in you dreams and make the, come through.
You don’t want to say on your deathbed “ I’m happy that I dreamed of this whole my life and never took action on it.


  1. You think it’s OK to play small

Some how you tell yourself that settling for less is OK. You make up the most wildest excuses for why it’s OK to keep playing small.
You actually believe that playing small is safer and more practical.


What can I say? If you are really happy where you are at,
no problem, but if your not…. GET REAL!!!

Play the game to win. You might lose.
But losing is part of winning and failure
does not exist, there are only lessons to be learned.


  1. Food, alcohol, gossip and TV are the highlight of your day

Coming home from the job you hate,
you get yourself a beer eat fast food
and you won’t come of the couch for the rest of the evening.

Are settling for this???

Seeing your life passing by.

Don’t you have any passion?
Go after something you really want.

Where do you settle for?

Personally I won’t settle for anything less
then freedom.
That doesn’t mean that I’m not happy
with where I’m now,
but I keep resetting my goals in order to keep
my dreams alive.

I want to see my kids grow up and I want
to be able to give them everything they need
and be there at every milestone in their life.

After years of struggling in the restaurant business,
I made a decision to go after my dreams.
I did a lot of research online and I found a system
that I was able to plug into.
This system lived up to the 7 criteria an online business
was suppose to meet.

If you want to learn more about the system I use
to free myself from the daily Rat Race,

Go here: prosperity4lifestyle

Be consistent, Be Happy.

Don’t settle for less,

you deserve better.

Take one step today


Vitamin D3; The Benefits and Their Great Side Effects

“Only if your shadow is shorter than your own length,
the sun is able to create vitamin D-3 in your skin.
If not?
It doesn’t make any difference if you would go outside
naked on a sunny day”

(Dr Reinhold Vieth, mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto Canada)



What is vitamin D-3

Vitamin D-3 is been made in your skin
with the help of the UV-B radiation of the sun.


More and more studies are being done
and it becomes clearer and clearer
what the effect of this vitamin is.
Or what the lack of it means for your health.

Vitamin D-3 is not in your food!


How do you get vitamin D-3

As I said before,
it’s through the sun we get this vitamin.
People used to think that the exposure
of your hands and face for a duration
of 15 minutes daily was more then enough
to keep a healthy level of vitamin D-3 in your body.

 This is not true!

Especially not in places like the Netherlands
or Northern America and Canada.
Not even if you would be outside
al day in winter time.

Only from April till September ( northern hemisphere)
the sun is strong enough.
But during this time the sun
is often blocked by clothes of sunscreen.

So still no vitamin D-3.
In these months you should be
naked in the sun for about 15 minutes
daily between 11 am and 3 pm
to have a positive effect.

Why I take Vitamin D-3?

For years I had to deal with depressions
every winter.
No energy, no happiness,
I didn’t want to come out of bed.


My business always went bankrupt
in the winter.
Not for real of course,
but I was convinced it would.

This started every year around September.
They call it SAD,
what stands for “Seasonal Affective Disorder”.
And Sad it is.

What really used to help was daylight.
Going on holidays to warm and sunny country’s
or where there is snow, nice and bright.

But there are also a lot of different artificial lights.
Depending how strong the light was
you would have to sit about 20 minutes
to half an hour right in front of this light.

For a long time it helped,
but it was still a struggle to get through the winter.
Not only for me,
but also for my wife Muriël
and my 2 kids.

My father had the same condition
and also had to deal with himself.

Until our discovery of Vitamin D-3!!


I’m not kidding!
2014 is the first year I’m taking
a high daily dossis of vitamin D-3,
about 200 micrograms.


The result is that I am
a happy guy with a lot of energy.


Enough energy for playing with my kids,
go to the gym,
running a restaurant
and building an online business at the same time.


Side effects D3
A highly dosis for a longer time
can cause the calcium level to raise in your blood.
You can check your blood
to be sure what how much you need.
Be aware that most dokters use different
standards about what level is common.
Benefits D3
It reduces the chance of a lot of deseases
like cancer or diabetics.

There are a lot of other benefits
and probably also side effects.


Click here,
for what I think is a great article about vitamin D-3


My life became so much brighter and happier,
just because of this vitamin.

Hope this blog post helps you
and that you can benefit from it.
The world is not coming to an end!

Be happy, take vitamin D-3
Talk to you soon,


PS. I use all this happy energy to build an online business. Why you ask? Because I believe that a person should be free.

Especially if that somebody is a parent. He or she should be there for their children and therefor that person needs to be able to work around the schedule of their children.

I make a living with blogging while my kids are at school or asleep and because of that I get to play with my kids and be there at every big milestone in their life.

If you want to learn more about the system I was able to plug into and set myself free from the daily Rat Race, click on the this link.


10 Things Successful People Do Every Morning

Feel inspired to rise from the grind

Do you feel you need some help to start a brand new day,

a fresh new week, or even a completely better lifestyle?

-Who doesn’t need some fresh input sometimes ?

Everyone does, EVEN successful people!

We found this 2 minute video for you,
to give you a little push into the right direction …..

To your success!


Some Other Things Successful People
Do Every Morning

Step back from things and people that keep
you away from your desire, your dreams.
And do surround yourself with positive
and successful stories and people.

Surround yourself with the givers and not the takers.
Not with the people who say “I can’t”, but say “I CAN”.

Tap into your energy, from within!
because people have all success inside

We have one life to live (at least that we are aware of …)
and it’s  is GIVEN to you.

are you living it the way YOU truly want to live it every day ?


If not ….
why not make it work now ?
Or you will regret it later!

Successful people make the decision every day to
hold on to what’s making them happy and create a constant
flow of more energy, more success,
to develop and learn and give more.

They give to others and do not harm others.

There are much MUCH more other things they do ….

but most important now,
is that you find the right resources to boost your mind,
to hold on
and build your brand new day on as well.

We are so happy that our business online system
provides us mindset
to be able to listen to every single morning.

Like all successful people are doing as well!
It helps to create success from the inside.




Talk soon!
Dirk and Muriël

9 Reasons Why Not Being On Social Media is Harmful For Your Business

Can you imagine that there are still businesses that are not really active on social media?

Businesses that are still not (2015) embracing social media for their marketing and branding strategies?

 We are not talking about having a blog or a dynamic website. Which are crucial to have.

No we are talking about having a active presence on a variety of social media Platforms.

Think about Facebook, Youtube, instagram or Twitter.


“Not having the right social media channels for your customers to reach out to you is the 1995 equivalent of not having a phone line,”  Cassandra Hayes at


I really want to press upon you that not being fully engaged on Social Media can really harm your business.


Here are 9 compelling reasons why:


1.) People won’t know how awesome your business is

As a small business owner you can use the social media platforms to show the rest of the world how satisfied your existing customers are.
Lets say you have a loyal and steady local customer base, but you want to expend. What better way then to use your social media to share testimonials of happy customers.
People will get to know, like and trust your business and will more likely engage.


2.) You can keep track of what people are saying about you online.

People are more likely to share a bad experience. And what better place is there then to do that on Social media. Often a big audience and people love drama.

Without having a presence yourself, how can you keep track of this.
If you are present, you can interact with the unhappy customer and see if you can turn things around. This has two affects. One, you turn a unhappy customer into a happy customer and two, everybody else will see that you care and that your company will do anything to provide a happy customer experience.


3.) You missing out on a method for engaging with your target audience.

Small businesses thrive on communities that are build around their brands. They need a loyal customer.


Social media like Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to inform customers about product updates and events. It is also the place to engage in a more direct way, by doing surveys and just ask what you can do for them.

A small business that lacks a social media presence must work much harder to engage its customer base.


4.) Saving money on advertizing

Traditional advertising is more expensive than marketing on social media.

Not only is it much ore cost effective, you can also target your audience much more precise.

Placing an ad in the local newspaper, will show up for a very broad audience. When placing an ad on Facebook, you can select your audience in a way that is impossible in the offline world.

You can really narrow it down to only those who are interested in your product or services.


5.) You are the expert, but who will know?

It’s likely you’re an expert in your particular field of business.

But who will know if you don’t have a presence online?

Small businesses regularly create and promote content of value to their followers, in the process building a reputation as an industry thought-leader — which adds credibility when they reach out to prospective customers.


 6.) It’s hard to spread the word about new products or upgrades.

You have a new product or an update. Or if you are a restaurant owner and you have a new menu. How are you going to let the world know about it.

You can use Facebook and other channels to announce the major updates. You could event invite people to test drive the new product or to a tasting event in your restaurant. The feedback you receive in return, you can use that as social proof.


 7.) Staying on top of your competition.

If you are not on social media, that doesn’t mean that you competition isn’t as well.

If they are smart, they will be. Keeping track of the social media activity of competitors enables you to stay informed about their marketing efforts and who their customers are.

This information, you can use for your own marketing campaigns


8.) It’s a great way to recruit new quality employees.

Social media is a great tool for recruiting new staff members.

As a restaurant owner I use to advertize on Facebook, every time I needed new staff.
Knowing that the employee will check out the employer,the employer can do the same.

Besides that, having a presence on social media will make you company more attractive for people to apply for an opening.


 9.)Creating a bridge

Businesses can use Social media to redirect their audience to their blog

 I assume that you have a blog. Having a blog is the number 1 tool you need in your business. This is where people can go and get to know, like and trust you. If you don’t have a blog and you take your business serious? Get your ready to go blog here.

You use they social media to build an audience of raving fans and every time you have an update, you announce that on the social media and from there you redirect people to your blog.

On your blog you can present people with all sorts of offers or valuable content.

It is never to late to start being present on social media. Look at social media platforms your customers follow and start building your own community of fans and friends alike.

Do you have a business and are you on Social media? If yes; how is that working for you? Let me know in the comment section below.
And no?….What are you waiting for!



If you want to know how I integrated Social media in our blog, without being an expert in building websites or paying 100s of dollars for it?

I recommend you watch this video and start your blog today and share your expertise with the rest of the world.


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