11 super easy to make mistakes when starting an online business

Starting a business online….

What goes through your mind if you read something like that? You think it is fiction? or do think that you could do it too?

And live your life on the beaches of the world!

Well of course you can!

Everybody can, but not everybody will. If you are determined to succeed, nothing will or can stop you.

But, building a business online is like a roller coaster,  it has its ups and down….!

To help you out I created a list of  10 mistakes you will hopefully avoid making after reading this article.

1 ) Waiting too long to get started

Procrastination is your biggest dream killer.  No really, if you think of it. We all have dreams right, but unfortunately, most of those dreams will fade away. W’ll find excuses why not to get started. `

We humans have alibis for not getting started.

It’s such a shame, because it is your dream and as Napoleon Hills says

What the mind can conceive, the body will achieve

The circumstances are never perfect. It’s like have baby’s, there is no perfect moment for that.

Just get started and learn on your way to success.

Remember….Every step you take is a step closer to your goal.

You know, some people simply talk themselves out of creating a business online because out of fair. The fair of not succeeding. What is graze because by doing nothing, nothing will ever happen. And ask yourself, is that the success you want?

Whatever the reason, this is a fatal trap. If you’re building a business, you need to put your business hat on.

The biggest risk you’ll face ones you get started and stay consistent is that you will succeed.
So, get started and take massive action.


2) Solving an unimportant problem.

Business is about solving other peoples problems. This may sound dramatically, but it is what it is.
People are searching for answers for their issues and if you have the answer, you’ll have business and therefor make money.
But…..If the problem your business solves is important enough and nobody is searching for your solution, your online adventure is doomed to fail.

So, when you want to build a guru style online business, make sure there is a huge demand.


3) Not really listening to customers.

It’s not about you! People don’t care about you.
People like to hear, talk and speak about themselves.
What do you do if somebody shows you a group photo where you are on? The first thing you do is to look for yourself, right? I know I do…

Listening to you audience is important, it makes them feel important.
Besides that and even more important is that you hear what their needs are.
This way you can figure out what their problems are and offer them your solution

Really listen to them. Not only to them who joined you, but listen to the ones who ask for refunds or buy your product but don’t use it.
Listen to the people who tell you they won’t buy, and find out why.

They have all the answers, not you.


4) Not standing out of the crowed

If you promote a certain type of business, but you are not the only one the chance is that everybody is promoting the same pages, the same websites.
You have to build your own funnels, your own landingpages. your own killer capture machine.

In most markets, customers have different options to choose from. If your business has

competition, you have to give your potential customers a reason to choose you over another.

One rule I always remember is “people buy from people they know, like and trust.”

So, once you “captured” their information, you can start to build a relationship with them and truly nurture that relationship.
You can do that by providing value.
You have their information, so you can send them emails witch will redirect them to you home on the inernet.


5) Not having a home online

If you having a birthday party and you invite people over, you will provide them with an address, right?
It’s the same online.
If you want people to see your offer, you’ll have to invite them.

Having a Blog/ Website is absolutely critical for your online business. You could try and build it on your own. Or you could just CLICK HERE to activate yours today.

This is where people not only get to see your product, but also get to meet you. this is where you brand yourself.


6) Choosing a topic you’re not passionate about

If you want to succeed on the long run, you’ll have work with your passion. Then it will be something you want to do instead of it being a burden.

Cash in on your passion is the best thing that can happen to you, because whatever you choose to focus your business on, you’re going to need deep subject knowledge, fresh creativity, and ongoing enthusiasm.

Oké, maybe your business isn’t your #1 “passion” or life’s work

(most of us have more passions in life), but don’t make things impos sible by choosing something you don’t care about.

If you love your topic, stamina won’t be an issue. If you love your topic,

creativity will flow, and influence will be easier to build


7) Starting with vastly wrong expectations.

Building an online business isn’t the same as pushing a magical button and get rich quick. Those buttons , don’t be shocked, do not exist.
Building an online business won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick. Building a successful business is a massive undertaking.
These are the hard truths that most people rarely talk about.

You see, Overnight successes almost never happen. Your original plan will probably have to be completely re-written, maybe multiple times.

you have to ask yourself:

Will building this business still be worth it if it takes years to get there?

Talk to people who are already there where you want to be. Ask them about their journey towards success, ask them about the stress about hardship. Everybody has their story.


8) Spending too much time thinking and not enough doing.

“Genius is 1 % inspiration and 99%  perspiration.” Thomas Edison.

It’s a little bit like procrastination, but instead of doing really nothing, you just think a lot about it.

When your thinking / doing ratio is somewhere around 80 / 20 well, then think again……and take more action.

you have to be in a CEO mode AND a worker-bee mode in a one persons business.


9) Not having a community

Starting you own business, online or offline, it will always be a challenge.

A challenge not everybody understands.
Your friends and your family will not always share your vision. And especially in difficult times they will lead you away from your path, the path to your dreams.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

So, for you to succeed, you need to spend time with like minded people. There are countless solutions for that.
There are groups on Facebook or forums online.
Listening to audio’s from people who already have the success you want is also a great way to that.

The only reason our business exists today is because other entrepreneur encouraged us to keep up the good work


The more connected you become with other entrepreneurs, the more normal your quest becomes. You’ll no

longer feel crazy or alone, and you’ll realize that we all face obstacles just like you’re facing.

Having someone who holds you accountable is of utmost importance for your success

Reach out to other entrepreneurs  and ask

them to meet weekly. Share your struggles and goals.

This simple process is so powerful


10) Confusing a your blog / website with a business

Although I said before,

having a Blog/ Website is absolutely critical for your online business. You could try and build it on your own. Or you could just CLICK HERE to activate yours today.

The blog itself isn’t your business.

A blog is an amazing and must have platform for sharing your ideas, connecting with people and growing an audience.

But it is the same like Youtube, Facebook or having a podcast or any other place you might publish content for free.

They are tools!!! Very important tool, but never the less, they are tools.

Giving away free content isn’t a business. It’s a tool for building influence.

You’ll need a more direct plan for earning an income if you want your blog or podcast to pay of.


11) Not getting started at all.

This is perhaps the biggest mistake of all.

Just never start, not even having an idea. You become that person who talks and talks about starting a business for years and never does anything thing about it.

It’s easy to get so worried about all the possible mistakes that you never get started at all.

But that’s the only way to guarantee failure.

Starting an online business doesn’t give you guaranties — it takes a lot of guts and intelligence and

heart and hustle — but you will get better over time

ONLY……if you start.

The best way to ensure you’ll succeed is simply this: don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

There are no mistakes, there are only lessons

Mistakes are part of the process.




There are many mistakes you can make, but don’t worry. Without making mistakes you won’t really grow!

Now that you have a little shortcut, you can avoid these 11 easily made mistakes. And yes, now you have  room for others to make.

Embrace them and learn from them.








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