7 Must Obey Criteria For Building Your Gurustyle Online Business


Financial security.
Peace of mind and lots of freedom.

How your life would be like when this is in your reach ?

Really, you don’t have to be a guru to make this a reality.
You want to make money online, but how are you going to do that? Where to begin?

Today, we are not going to talk about how to promote your online business and how you can do the marketing. If you are looking for information how to do that then read this article.

Now today we will talk about where to begin. Because in order to make money you need either a product or a business opportunity to to sell / promote.

How and where to find a product?
In this article you will find more answers.

Business opportunity that will be the topic of today!

We believe that there are 6 criteria you  must NOT ignore.
Put on you business hat and go over them before you make a decision about joining a business opportunity.

Got your hat on?

Good, here we go!

The 7 criteria for a good online company / opportunity

1. There must be a high demand product. What do I mean by that? Well:

  • There must be a lot of buyers. It should involve a large market.
  • It should be a service based product, because you don’t want to store boxes full  physical products in your living room.
  • A third party delivery, who will take care of everything after somebody made a purchase.
  • And, of course, it should be accessible online.

2. Make sure it is an established Company

  • The owners / CEO are experienced and known in the industry.
  • The company is forward thinking. There is a clear vision for the future.
  • Very important: is there enough cash flow. Are all the affiliates being paid. (when you Google this question, you’ll find your answer.

3. Strong leadership. Another must.

  • Are the leaders within the company also following what the company says. I mean, if your sponsor says you have to this and that in order to succeed, but meanwhile they are doing something else. It’s not right.
  • The leaders in the company must be accessible. Not that you can call your sponsor all the time and expecting them to pick up, but there must be ways to reach out to them.

4. Simple and affective Comp plan.

  • The comp plan of the company must be completely transparent. the comp plan is the way the company pays out the commissions.
  • The company must pay the commissions on a regular basis and without delay. If you made a sale today, you want to be paid today, right?  It is normal that there is a holding back period in case of people wanting a refund.

5. World Class Training

  • There must be step by step training provided. So that you know what to do in order to succeed.
  • The training must be offered through a variety of media. Like video and webinars and  physical live events.
  • The training must be so that anybody can do it.

6. Front end back end products

  • There must be a low cost front end product. A low cost product will enable you to get people started.
    Example: a $7,  7 day trail.  People can get to try your product / service, risk free. (if there is a money back guaranty)
  • There must be follow up, higher priced products for you to sell. This will enable you to make big commissions.
  • It is easier to get somebody to buy again then it is to get them to make that first purchase.

7. Community

  • Because, as you may know, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So a community of like minded people will help to stay focused.
  • Another reason is that when you are making money online, you do that probably alone from home. It is important for you to stay connected with like minded people.
  • A community will help you out.
  • A community will support you.
  • A community will motivate you.
  • and it is the perfect place to ask the  “how to do” questions.

Some answers you will find on the website of the company, like the trainings provided.
But a companies website will never say:

Please join here, we never pay out a commission when you make a sale! Join today!

How crazy would that be 🙂

It’s best to use Google.

But be careful, sometimes when people don’t succeed in there journey, usually because they didn’t take the action and therefor nothing happened, they are pointing their finger to everybody else but them.
So they will say things like “don’t join, it’s a scam!” or other negative things.

Try to find objective reviews. Reviews that are just explaining the facts. Like this one.


Muriël and I have seen a lot of opportunities coming by and because of all the mistakes we made we now strongly believe in these criteria.

At this moment, February 2015, there are only 2 business opportunity that offer these criteria.

And that is iPAS2 and Empower Network.

And the best thing about it is that they work closely together.

Watch the Empower Network presentation hereOr if you are already familiar with Empower Network, get your Kick Start Kit now

Watch the iPAS2 presentation here, a simple 6 figure shortcut.
Or if you are already familiar with Ipas2 Start here


Did you already start your online guru business? If yes? does your business opportunity meet the 7 criteria?
If you have any questions, leave a comment below.