Surviving the Entrepreneur Roller Coaster is Deciding YOU WILL!

Ups and owns, all part of the plan

Do you know that feeling, sitting in a roller coaster,
feeling freaking scared AND excited ?


Sitting in this Entrepreneur Roller Coaster is giving me ups and downs.
And most of all energy to take the next round …..

To think like that helps me to deal with the mental ups and downs,
of the entrepreneurial life in the medium stage …
It started a year ago with my love Dirk.
We decided to go for freedom and our escape from the Rat Race.
And we stepped into the most excited adventure of our lives!

Just when I feel like I climbed a high peek,
the fall is so scary deep ….
But it goes up again, faster than you imagined.
And seeing it coming and look into the deep with wide
open eyes helps !

When you just take the road of an entrepreneur,
you might feel the same once in a while, right?

But listen! It’s worth it!
Think about the freedom you so much desire.
The adventure and creativity and free spirits you will meet
on your way.

IMG_0451Meeting our iPAS2 mentors Kimberley and Scott was THE start of
many breakthroughs.
Mental and financially breakthroughs.
They are free spirits, with a strong belief and will to succeed living their dreams living as expats Thailand .
And being able to travel the world.

Spending time with them on the Las Vegas Global Entreprenerial Event, was necessary for our mindset.
Being around with like minded people helps you to survive the entrepreneurial roller coaster!

Entrepreneurs need a strong why

What’s your why?

Do you know why you want freedom? Prosperity ? Wealth?
Do you know why you have to put a lot of efforts for a while,
for a life full of fulfilled dreams?
Think about your why, write it down and focus on it.
It will help you to reach your goals. That’s the entrepreneurial life!

And this is my why 🙂IMG_0511

My fantastic family life.
They deserve my time and attention.
No fun to have kids without time spending with them. And I want to be able to take care of them, buying healthy food, education, medication.
And most of all showing them the world.
There are many beautiful places I like to show those two
beautiful souls. And share that with my love and business partner Dirk.


And therefore I believe that
Surviving the Entrepreneur Roller Coaster is Deciding YOU WILL!

Come on, others can do it,
So YOU can, we can and we can do it together!
Just go through it, learn, implement, teach and set lofty goals.

We will only look ahead, no way back to the Rat Race, our old life, the 40 years plan,

What are your dreams and passions?

Dig them up from your heart.
Write about them,
blog about them and share it to the world.

And with your Kalatu Blog you can earn your freedom,
and the video below will exactly explain how!

Or start your 21 day blogging challenge right away!

Talk soon,
and bye from Holland ,

~Dirk and Muriël