7 Shockingly Easy Ways To Increase Your Poorly Affliliate Marketing Income

Affiliate marketing is amongst the most popular ways to make money online.

You probably now what affiliate marketing is , but just a quick note for those of you who have not:

Affiliate marketing basically means “ To promote and sell other peoples product”

And when you sell a product you receive a commission.

A lot of people have made attempts to make money online this way. And there a lot folks how make a descent income from doing so and there are even people who got really really rich, because there is no limit to what you can earn.
Unfortunately, the reality is that there are even greater numbers of individuals who do not succeed in this industry.


And that is exactly the reason why I write this post.
You started in this industry because you have a dream.
You wanted an extra income so you could the things you really want.

This article is for those who are in the affiliate business and have no or little success and want to learn more about how to increase there sales or for those who just began and want to avoid the often made mistakes.


Being in the affiliate marketing

You must realize that as affiliates, we have the benefit of selling products with a lot of benefits, super customer service care, great loyalty programs and fast and easy shipping etc etc.

The companies behind the product will handle all this. They also provide you with all the promotion materiales.

Many affiliates believe that their products will sell themselves.
They believe that if people would just give them a chance and just click on the affiliate link, they would see what the product is and then they will just buy.

But in real life your customers DO NOT know all this great information and, they DO NOT trust anything about you or the products….. yet.

Please realize that this can be of great advantage for you. You have can use your creativity  to start telling and showing people the amazing benefits of your company and products.

Think of all the thousands of other affiliate who are promoting the wrong way.

They are just showing pictures and the affiliate link and they are no creating valuable content.


Where to find a product for you affiliate marketing.

Of course if you want to start making an income with affiliate marketing you need a product.

But where to find that product and what is important to know.

There are companies/websites that offer affiliate products in every sort of niches, like:

  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • Amazone.com

These are just a three very big ones and there are a lot more.
Often companies have an affiliate program or partner program.

You could Google a certain product or topic in combination with the word “affiliate program” or “partner program”. You will see how many opportunities there are.

 Oké, there are thousands of products to choose from, witch one to take?


Choosing your product

Now that you discovered that there are a lot of possibilities….where to start.

Well, this is what I discovered to be an important criteria.

Pick a product that has a low cost front end product and several high priced back end products.

What do I mean by that?

Well, see it like this.

A low cost front end product, like for example the possibility for people to try the product for 7 days for only $7 enables people to get to know your product in a risk free environment.
Even better if it is combined with a money back guaranty.

It is proven that it is easier to sell people again than it is to sell them the first time. Ones folks bought your first product you can present them with the other, high end, products.

If you really want to leverage the internet, I advice you to choose a product/business opportunity that has a strong and clear compensation plan

A compensation plan is a plan of how the commissions are computed and explains in what way they are being passed up.

Good examples of opportunities like these are Ipas2 or EN



 How to increase your income with affiliate marketing.

 This has always been one of my favorite subjects to think and write about. And like everything else, it always starts with asking yourself a question.

 How to……

Maybe it is a good idea to point out the “How not to” first.

And if this is the way you promote, then no offense, but please stop wasting your time and money.

A quick note;

Whether this is your first time on our blog or if you have been following us for years, please understand that our number one goal is to help you succeed in your business. Muriël and I have been online now for a long time and we made a lot of mistakes on the way.
Our goal is to help you to avoid making these same mistakes.

A mistake we see affiliates often make in the industry is for them to take the easy way out.

Affiliate companies will provide you with the necessary promotion materials like, images and newsletters.

Here lies the trap, the reason why so many people do not succeed.
Take in mind that you are not the only affiliate who is promoting this product and even more important….

People buy from people they

So if you just post the provided images on your Facebook wall or spam people with the pre-written emails or product stories.

Ask yourself the following question

“Is this really telling my potential customer anything?” “Would I be tempted to buy?”

Of course you won’t!

Look, two things.

First of all, when you buy something yourself, you want to know what a product is like before you pay for it.

Your  to do the legwork of creating content that is going to show and tell them how it solves their problems in life.

People expect you to do that, so make it your responsibility.


And secondly, Often people have no clue about your product and do not feel a need for it in their life. They do not see the connection yet. You have to create compelling content or else you will lose sales.
SHOWING people how your product solves their life problems will increase your income in affiliate marketing.

How to unwrap the mystery and increase your income with affiliate marketing.




I will go through 7 simple must knows/haves/dos to show you what you have to do, in order to succeed.




  1. Know, like and trust your product.

    If you are promoting a product or service you have to be familiar with the product itself.
    Buy it, use it and get to know it.
    Only then you can really promote it. Only then you can be enthusiastic about it.

    I mean, can you actually sell a product and make money, if you have never used the product?
    Of course you can join any company that you want, but the most important question is, WHY did you join that company?

    If you know this and share this with the rest of the world, there will be other people who will recognize themselves, lock arms with you and buy.

    So, now do you believe that actually knowing your product and company before you try and sell it, will help you?
    I hope so, because the answer is yes, an absolutely yes!

  2. Have a home on the internet

    One of the 3 must have tools for an internet marketer is a blog.

    If you do not have a blog, consider yourself homeless on the internet.
    If you want to build or increase your income online, you have to increase your visibility on the internet. Having a blog / website is as important for the success of your business , as having a phone. Make sure you start one today

    How to use your blog for your affiliate marketing.

    A blog post with sequential images is an easy way to explain your product and is works perfect for products that include a step-by-step process that isn’t too complicated.
    You provide people with a simple step-by step guide to show how to use your product. This is a great example of an article like that.

    If you have a Mac computer, simply pressing cmd+shift+4 and dragging a box around whatever you’d like to take a screenshot of is the way to go.
    For better quality screenshots you can use Snagit. And if you want to make custom made images yourself this is a great free tool.

    We always tell our team members and clients about how blog posts serve as ever lasting content.
    Long after your social media post is gone, a blog post will still be able to be found and relevant on high traffic sources such as Google or Yahoo.


  3. Video

    You tube is the second largest website in the world and the second largest search engine. Can you imagine the power it has.
    As I said before, people buy from people they know like and trust and what better way to introduce yourself through video.
    It is really easy to produce a video. You don’t need expensive cameras. You can your Smartphone and have great results.
    Through video people will not only get to know your product , but also you and in the world of stranger danger on the internet and everything online is a scheme, you cannot ignore the fact that people want to see a real person
    This is how they get to know, like, and trust you.

  4. Google hangouts

    Google hangout are videos on steroids….
    No serious Google hangout is great, it gives your audience the ability to join you.
    They can ask you questions and when your audience becomes part of the action, everything changes.
    They will not see you as that salesperson, but more like a teacher who is willing to take time and be there for your customers.
    The other powerful fact about Google Hangouts is that it is been recorded and published on You tube automatically.
    So even after the live presentation it is still out there on the internet. And if you combine this with your blog you have one powerful affiliate marketing machine!

    If you decide to use and accelerate with Google Hangout, don’t just make it a non-stop sales pitch about your product. The trick is to setup the Hangout with the end goal in mind, not the particular products that you’re going to recommend in it.
    That way, again, the Hangout becomes a valuable resource – not a pitchfest.

    Always lead with value….if you prepare your hangout make sure that you have a valuable teaching in mind.
    Teach your audience something they don’t know and use the time you have with to show them how they need your product in their life.

    Now you have solved a problem and this answer is on You tube to be found by others.

  5. How to “unscheme”

    Even though people use the internet daily, even to there shopping. There is always this distrust.
    So through video and Google Hangouts people get to know, like and trust you and they get to know the product too, but there is still one thing missing.

    They are not convinced about the product yet, they saw everything and the understand how the product works in theory, but will it work for them? Did it work for others?

    A powerful method is using “social proof”.
    Social proof is any piece of content that a person has provided you on social media, email, video etc.

    Please understand that people follow other people.
    So when you prove to others how it changed the lives of those around you, other people will start to understand how valuable your product will be in their life as well.

  6. Listbuilding

    No matter what business your in, building a list is crucial.
    A list? Yes a list…
    A list is basically a list of personal information about potential customers. Names, emails and sometimes phone numbers.
    You collect this information in exchange for something of value. A free report that solves a problem, a free video, a piece of software, you name it.

    Ones you have build your list, you can start to build a relationship with them.
    In our starterskit I will go deeper into this subject and the importance of this.

    Get your starterskit here.


  7. Be the resource

    If you want to increase your income with affiliate marketing, you have to become a resource.
    People have to recognize you as the “where to go to” person. The one who solves their problems, who answers their questions.
    This is why you need a blog. The blog is where everybody will go to.
    Using your blog for them to go to.
    When people come to your blog / site, you can show them videos, offer them Freebies, social proof, clickable calls to action, everything they need to know.
    And automatically recognize you as the expert.




We talked about

  • The benefits of affiliate marketing
  • Where to find products and which one to choose
  • The 7 steps you need to take to increase your income with affiliate marketing.
  1. Know, like and trust your product.
  2. Have a home on the internet
  3. Video
  4. Google Hangouts
  5. How to unscheme
  6. Listbuilding
  7. Be the Resource

What is your experience with affiliate marketing? do you have success? Did you create your desired income?
Let me know in the comments below.

In order to succeed online it from utmost importance that you use the right vehicle.  A vehicle that allows you learn all the steps mentioned above.
A vehicle where you are offered all the necessary training for you to get to your desired income goal.

This is the vehicle that got us there and thousands of others.
I know it will get you there too! Check it out!