Top 10 Adventages of Making Money Online 2015


This is our personal
top 10
advantages of making money online 2015

It helped us to change our life in
so many good ways.

We hope you can benefit from it.
Specially people who are afraid or skeptic about
new ways of creating massive income
online these days.

Most people can all see the possibilities
of spending money on the internet.
By reading this top 10  you might see
the bigger picture of how making money
on the internet can make the difference!

  • 1.
    There is 24 hours a day a global active market for you out there to do business with.

    Your customers can order products whenever it is convenient for them.
  • 2.
    Limited time schedules belong to the past.

    No more rush hours in traffic, no more quality-time-missing your children/family/friends. You can work whenever you want, and wherever you want. You only need your laptop and internet.
  • 3.
    There are thousands of different ways to make money on the internet.

    Just use your creativity and go for it!
  • 4.
    It is YOU who is in charge of how much money you make.

    The sky is the limit, because cashflow is non-stop on the internet. Just learn how it flows into your bank account.
  • 5.
    You are not dependent on the economic situation of the country you live in.

    On the internet there is always a market for something.
    Find out what it is and get your profit out of it.
  • 6.
    You are not dependent on your boss.

    Don’t put your future in the hands of your boss. You might never know if you still have the job next year. Build your online business TODAY and strengthen your financial situation for tomorrow.
  • 7.
    Low cost.

    Marketing products on the Internet costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlet. You do not have the recurring costs of property rental and maintenance. You do not have to purchase stock for display in a store. You can order stock in line with demand, keeping your inventory costs low.
  • 8.
    Social media.

    Internet marketing enables you to take advantage of the growing importance of social media. Who is not already familiar with Social Media?
  • 9.
    Become financial free.

    There are so many ways of building a huge passive income every month. Why should you not want this??
    No worries about the education of your children, your low pension or other large large future issues.
    It makes is possible that you don’t have to work because you have to, but because you want to.
    It makes it possible spending time doing all things in life you really LOVE.
  • 10.
    We think there is not 1 better reason NOT to make money on the internet that is stronger than reason 1-9
    🙂 .

    So what you you think of the 10 reasons?
    Did we forgot a few?
    Please share your thoughts!
    Talk soon!

    Dirk & Muriël


Hi everyone!

Perhaps a bit of proof might help you
to REALIZE this train is running.
But you have to decide
to come along with us or not.

Our international team is growing.
Many very different people are
getting the online success
they dreamed of and never had before.

They are newbies and
there are veterans among them.
It can be you !

The first foto is our Gmail backoffice
on the

Third of Januari 2015 :-).





cathy poits










Our system is amazing
and for all of us
there’s no way back !

Why giving up when something is really
working amazingly well.
The sky is the limit!
Working around the schedules
of our kids did it for us.
But HE!
Building our team and
earning commissions is
just great….. 😀

There’s lot’s more to show you.
What are you waiting for ?

Join our great community of
blogging internet warriors .

Talk soon!

~Dirk & Muriël

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Three Simple Steps on How to Start a Blog That Ranks


How to start your blog

We always thought that starting a blog was very difficult.

That you had to know how to build a website and that you needed to know everything about coding and HTML.

Or that you have to pay somebody else to build that website for you. This will cost you easily hundreds of dollars.

This is not very encouraging.

So? What are your options?


There are three simple steps to follow

Step one:

You’ll need a blog. a place where to tell your story

There are free options and paid options.

Free options:,,, are just a few examples of free blogs.

Lets say that you build your own WordPress blog and you started blogging.
You want people to find you story, but before your blogs are “ranked” in Google you have to make sure that your SEO is right and have to create many “backlinks”.

Backlinks are links on other websites back to your blog, preferably sites that Google sees as very important and create a lot of content and more links.

It can take you up to 18 months to get some good results and I don’t think you want that.


Paid option:

The only one I know of  is the Kalatu blog. Kalatu stands for “telling your story”

This is a Viral Blogging System.

See it like this:

Your own WP blog; one URL and one blogger (you)

A viral Blogging System; one URL and thousands of bloggers. (You can use your own custom domain name and still benefit from the authority of the system)

Can you imagine how many links are going are going back and forth?


Step two:

Choose a custom domain name.

An domain name or URL or web address is just like a real address, your home address. In the offline world, if you give people your address, they’ll know where you live.

It’s the same thing on the internet. There are many places where you can buy your domain name. Personally I buy my domains at Hostgator.
It is a process that is not difficult, the website will guide you through it.

If you click on “domains” you’ll find a search bar. There you can type in your domain ideas and hostgator will check if it is available.

Step three:

Decide what you want to blog about. Pick a topic that your are really passionate about.

Why? Because you want to create an audience, you want people to follow your work and comment on your articles.
Not only that, writing about your passion makes it more fun and easy to do.

So, pick a topic that suites you.
A topic that you really love and know a lot about.
If people come to you blog they come there with a reason, to learn about something where they were searching for.


Start blogging today

Without a blog, you are basically homeless on the internet.
A blog  is a great way to get your story out and it helps bloggers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers an other E commerce businesses adequately and rapidly to advertize there product or services online.

The Viral Blogging system we are talking about is a done for you blog.
You just have to make it pretty, give it that personal touch that makes it yours.
It is literally set up in minutes.

It is also a blogging system that is easy to monetize. You can promote your own product or you can promote and sell the blogging system itself.

The only thing you have to do is to create good and unique content and get people to your blog.

If you want to know what blog we use, go here and learn how to build a profitable blog in 21 days or less.

Or fill in the form and start blogging today.


~Dirk and Muriel


11 tips; How to Promote your Blog on Facebook

Using Facebook to get eyeballs on your blog can be a great strategy.
Please allow me to give you some tips so you can get to your goals a little bit faster.

These are my 11 tips:


#1. Your profile picture

Always use a picture of yourself, preferably one where you look in the camera, without sunglasses. This helps building trust and it helps people make a connection with you.
If you have a logo, you can use it within the cover image.


#2. About me

You can use the ‘About Me’ section to introduce yourself.

This also the place where you put a clickable link to your blog.

If people like what they see on your timeline and want to visit your site, you don’t want them have to search all over to find your URL.


#3. Sharing

If you want to promote your blog post, don’t just share the link.

Make it appealing for them to click through. At pictures, write a teaser.

You can share other people’s links within your niche. Ask questions, and be sure to respond to questions and comments others leave.

But you need to share content if you want to receive participation.

If you don’t have any new content to share, you can always share older blog posts. Not everybody will follow your blog on a regular basis. And not everybody sees all your Facebook posts.


 #4. Share and promote your facebook fanpage

  • It is important to have social media icons on your blog that link to your page.
  • You can and you should Tag your page on Facebook where you see fitting. This can be done in groups you belong to, it’s a great way to introduce yourself. If you don’t belong to any groups yet, make sure you do from now on.
    Groups are a great way to meet likeminded people who will be interested in your story
  • Ones in a while it’s good to share your posts from your fanpage on you personal page.
    Don’t post all your blogspost on your personal page, because Facebook does not like that and will remove them all. Especially if you monetized your blog like we did. I will tell you more later about how to do that.
  • There are also Facebook link party’s. Like #Fanpage Friday. Search on Facebook with hashtags and you will find a lot of them.


#5. Timeline update

Keep your timeline updated. If somebody visits your page, you want them to see fresh content. Let’s say it is July and the first post they see is from April, it doesn’t give the impression that you are very active and there not very interesting.


#6. Widgets

Using widgets on your blog is a great way to get “likes” Visitors on your blog. If people like what they see they can ‘like’ it right from your blog instead of leaving your blog to go to your Facebook page.

People are more likely to click that button if it is right in front of them. Depending on what kind of blog you use, you can find a lot of tutorials on Youtube.
However it is easier if it is already done for you. We use a viral blog that is already set up for you.
You only have to do the layout.
But I’ll tell you more about this great blog later.


 #7. Scheduling Posts

The best way to post your blog post on your page is manually.
Using third party is something Facebook doesn’t like, because they don’t want people to leave Facebook.

Using a third party like Hootsuite, it is likely that your post won’t get a lot of exposure. But still, if you want your links to go out more times a day 7 day a week, I can recommend Hootsuite.


Facebook has a feature that is called the “scheduler”

The problem here is that you can only use that on your personal page

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the status update box on your Facebook page and enter your content.
  2. Click the clock icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the posting interface.
  3. When clicked, you will see an option to select “year” from a drop-down menu. Posts can be scheduled up to six months in advance.
  4. When done, click the “Schedule” button located in the lower right-hand corner.


If you joined a lot of groups and you want to post in them it is very handy to use an auto-poster.

The one we use is called “Push Button” It will post your link and an image and your message in the groups you ad to your account. It will post every 5 or 10 or what ever time schedule you have set up. This is important, because if it is all at ones Facebook will think you are a robot. And again Facebook doesn’t like that and you will be put is Facebook jail.
So, make sure to get an account with Push button.

 #8. Timing

When to post…..
The best time to post on Facebook is early morning or between work and lunch/dinnertime and around bedtime (11 pm).

This could be different, depending on who your audience is. But for most people, this works. It’s the time people grab there phone and check there Facebook.


 #9. Be You

Be yourself and keep it real.

People like to see You, get to know You.

Especially if you are promoting a business opportunity, keep in mind that people don’t join businesses, people join people.


#10. Content

Always deliver good content. Create value.

In that way you’ll answer to other peoples questions and problems.


#11 Cash in on your Passion

bannerSkyA blog is a great way to promote your product.

But you want to blog, you want to write about your passion and you don’t want to build a website or spend a lot of money to have somebody else do that.

We use a Viral blog what makes it easier to be found in the search engines.

Widgets like Facebook buttons are already there for you. Also the banners, which you can change in your own custom made banners

It can be very profitable to monetize your blog.


If you want to know how we make money with blogging and Cash in on our Passion. Go here and start blogging today

Can You Really Succeed with “Keep it Simple Quotes” ?

Hell yes you can succeed with it!

If you are in a process that you set a huge goal
and you are learning new things,
there will be lot’s of moments that you will get
some kind of mental setback…..

It’s normal,
but you need to look for things that keeps you going.
Giving up will NOT help you to go for your goals,
although the evil voices in your head are telling you to give up.

So what can you do in times of mental setback ??

Well, what about

  • Reading inspirational quotes
  • Watch motivational video’s
  • Talk to people who will listen
    and help you to reset your powers.

This is our message to you 🙂 LOVE to inspire you!!

And we like to present you
a few of our favorite

Keep It Simple Quotes
to help you organizing your mind,
that’s perhaps
complicating things right now.
Here you go

Keep it simple 2


keep it simple 3


keep it simple 4


Keep it simple 5





Keep it simple8


Keep it simple 7

We hope you can benefit from this content?

Let us know what you think of it ………

Thanks !

~ Dirk & Muriël

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Monosodium Glutamate Side Effects; E621 in Europe

Monosodium glutamate side effects.


Did you ever wondered why it’s so hard not to finish that bag of chips?

Almost every kind of chips, except the natural ones, contain Vetsin.
This is an additive that will make you want to eat more.

Because it will cause you to eat more and therefore to obtain more calories, there is a strong connecting to obesity and diabetes.


Vetsin is a source of Natrium-Glutamat, in Europe called E621.

Excessive use of this product, of the E621, is the cause of migraine attacks, panic attacks and swollen limbs and lips and many other symptoms.

Despite the similarities in the symptoms that people experience, major research into the harmful effects of E621 stays off until today

This is mainly due to the lack of sponsorship from the business community , which is usually responsible for such research.

Meanwhile the food industry indicates that claims about the health risks of flavor enhancers are questionable because of the quality of the existing research and unreliable research .


Why is there monosodium glutamate in our food?


Even though there are many health risk claims, the monosodium glutamate

and many other additives are a very popular ingredient in the food industry.


It’s almost impossible to get a savory snack, sauces or microwave meals without artificial added flavoring.


I think that is weird, because when was the last time you added Vetsin to you home cooked mash potatoes?


Other words for Vetsin are:

  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Sodium 2-aminopentanedioate
  • Glutamic acid, monosodium salt, monohydrate
  • L-Glutamic acid, monosodium salt, monohydrate
  • L-Monosodium glutamate monohydrate
  • Monosodium L-glutamate monohydrate
  • MSG monohydrate
  • Sodium glutamate monohydrate
  • E621


Health issues because monosodium glutamate


Research indicates that people do develop health issues because of the (excessive) consumption of monosodium glutamate (E621)

Results vary big time. Where one research will say only 1 or 2% of the subjects develops health problems, the other will determine that 22 to 25% creates health issues directly related to the use of Vetsin.


There are a lot of health issues related to the use of Vetsin, but there is not a lot of willingness to do the necessary research.


Logic….these researches cost a whole lot of money and these kind of researches are usually paid for by the food industry.

And the food industry does not benefit in any way of these researches, especially if the outcome is negative.

Additives are could for business!

For lack of consistent and reliable research data, doctors rarely make a connection between the issues and the consumption of monosodium glutamate (E621)

Health complains are not taken seriously and patience keeps walking around with their health issues.


Migraine and monosodium glutamate

A lot of people experience strong headache or migraine like symptoms after eating Vetsin. Together with swollen lips these are the most common symptoms.



Heart disease monosodium glutamate

It is not scientifically been proofed, because there hasn’t been a lot of research, but they relate monosodium glutamateheart rhythm disorders and palpitations

Personally if I eat something with E621, I can’t sleep for abot 24 hours. My heart starts beating fast and I have a constant thirst.

Swollen limbs are also very common.


Obesitas and monosodium glutamate

Obesitas is many times caused by lack of exercise and excessive consumption of to much calories.

It’s hard to eat a few bag of chips, but because monosodium glutamate stimulates your appetite, you’ll keep eating.

So you could say that indirectly monosodium glutamate is the cause of diseases like diabetes and obesities.


If I do my shopping, I always pay attention to what I buy. I always read what is in the product.

And definitely avoid monosodium glutamate and other added flavouring.

If I’m not sure, there is an app on my phone called “Enumbers” ( Enumbers are additives approved by European Union and Switzerland)


It’s not always easy and sometimes the food is more expensive.

But isn’t your health priceless?

Or the health of your kids?

 If you want to know how we can afford the best food today and in the future, you might want to check this out.

5 Keys for Dealing With Fear and Doubt 2015

Hello dear people!

Did you know that our brain works like a computer?
And it’s even better !
But you have to know it’s user manual.

You regularly have to reset it from
garbage that slows it down.
You also have to program your brain
with new information
that can help you solve your problems,
to get over your fear and eliminate doubt.

I regret seeing people struggling
not knowing how to solve their huge problems
and not taking the right action to solve it!

Often it’s lack of knowledge about their own power
that stands in their way of the solution.
And most people to overcomplicated things
and listen to their fear.
Being surrounded by others who are confirming you
that it’s a really bad situation you’re in, that it’s scary,
telling their version of a even worse scenario
…… it will get your mindset DOWN!

Most people forget that they have all answers inside
their brains to be able to solve bad situation
and overcome fear and doubt!

Therefore I really want to inspire you
ALWAYS to trust upon yourself,
recommend you to surround yourself
with positive people who
are able to see the glass half full in staid of half empty.
Listen to success stories
in staid of dooming scenario’s.

Most important thing is tell yourself
that you are in charge of your life
and you are  in charge of how to act.

Fear are stories we tell ourselves.
BELIEVE in yourself,
BELIEVE in your power to CHANGE
believe in your power to overcome your problems
and decide that you will take action.

Try to see fearful things like a challenge ,
in staid of an enormous problem.

So here are my 5 keys to deal with doubt and fear.

Make the decision to be responsible for everything that happens to you !
Accept that you are in charge of your own happiness and sorrow.
Take action yourself & don’t blame others for your problems.
You always have a choice how to act upon a problem or fear.
Decide you’re capable of fighting fear, and doing the unthinkable.

Surround yourself with positive energy
Listen to positive stories.
Read inspirational books.
Skipp doom scenario’s of others,
don’t let that influence your state of mind.
Reset your brain and see a challenge in staid of an huge fear.
Eliminate negative people, and bad news.

Brake the pattern of being in a state of fear and doubt
Act like you are really confident although your not,
and your brain will create a physical response
by doing this repeatedly.
Your feelings will follow when you label your
fears and doubt differently.
You can train yourself doing this also it might feel a bit weird.
I know it works so just trust me on this one.
Talk to yourself in the mirror and say that you can do it!

Change your attitude towards failure
Overcome problems, fear and doubt by seeing
challenges in staid of huge problems.
Don’t blame yourself making mistakes.
See your path to your goal in milestones.
You need to fall down to learn new things.
It’s part of a learning process.
There’s endless brain capacity to to learn new skills.

Fight self sabotage
Know that you have to remind yourself DAILY about your goals.
This is just how our brain works.
We have to remind it daily.
When the going get’s tough,
you have to fight self sabotage,
otherwise your fear will take over.
And remember that you are not your fear,
fear is a temporarily state of mind that needs to be eliminate to
achieve your goals and solve huge problems!

Please let me know if this blog post is helpful for you?
Perhaps you have tips?
Missing info that you want to write in the Comment section?
Appreciate your feedback

Bye for now !


My inspiration comes from authors like Robert Robert Kiyosaki,  Anthony Robbins,  Napoleon Hill, Tim Ferris and a few other amazing authors.
And I listen daily to empowering mindset audio’s showed on the banner right below this blogpost.
I believe it would benefit everyone to achieve your dream goals to listen to an endless library of mindset empowering “brainfood” audio’s.