How I Used this Problem Solving Technique to Overcome Difficulties

The reason that I post this blog
is because I’m positive that there would be
less sleepless nights,
and less worrying
if people learn to become proactive!

And I believe that people would love to changeworry
that feeling of fear and doubt for what’s coming,
because it makes them unhappy and stressed.
But they are just not aware of how easy it is
to take course of their own destiny.

Most people just wait for what is coming.
They do not prepare for worst case scenarios.

Just read this definitions and see the difference
and think for a moment in which of
the 2 definitions you recognize yourself most ?

“To be reactive is to be ready to react or respond
to something else — as opposed to ready to act on one’s own.
A person who’s reactive does things only in response to others”ok

Read more …

“The adjective proactive can describe a person who
get things done.
If you are proactive, you make things happen,
instead of waiting for them to happen to you.”

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reac proac tekst

Do you see the difference?
I believe that peoples fears can be deleted,
by learning how to act proactive.

For example,
in case of the treat that you might lose your job…
you can worry a lot and sit and wait,
do your best at work and hope for the best.
Tomorrow you will see what happens…..
(Reactive approach)

You can also take the situation as it is.
You can always lose your job!
But you do not sit and wait it to happen!
Research in advance for another way to earn an income,
start networking, learn new things in advance to use
when the day comes that you need your new skills.

The second approach decreases your fears
about being dependent on your boss.
Now you looked ahead and took control already!

Hope this will benefit you.
Love to inspire you by sharing it in our blog.

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Talk soon,

Dirk & Muriël

2 Awesome Motivational Quotes

I share these quotes today because we need some motivation one’s in a while
  1. We learn from our failure, not from our success

    Dirk and Muriël
    We often have to be in a bad situation before we change. Being in your comfort zone doesn’t help
  2. Dreams don’t work unless you work

    Dirk and Muriël
    Nothing happens by itself.
please share these great quotes because it might help your best friend.

2 Great Motivation Quotes

You can’t go through life without an great motivational quote ones in a while
  1. You never fail! You only learn!

    Dirk and Muriël
    Failing doesn’t exist.
  2. It all starts with a believe. Believe and you will achieve.

    Dirk and Muriël
    It’s the power of your thoughts that make the difference
It keeps me going. I know I will get towards my goals

How to redirect or mask your domain name in Hostgator in 2015

This is a easy way to redirect or mask your domain name.

Masking can be useful
if you want people to see your sexy URL instead of the affiliate link with the id?= etc etc.

Dirk designed a step by step tutorial that is easy to understand &
It is easy to apply the steps yourself after watching the video.

Feedback helps us to improve our mindset & marketing resources.
Comments on our video are welcome.
So please comment down here

Talk to you soon,

Dirk & Muriël

Our Lizard Brain, The Primal reaction

Yes, you have a primal brain too.

The human brain is still an area where much research is still being a carried out. There is so
much to the brain that we still do not know about and yet from the information we do have
we are able to achieve so much.

The reason I came to this subject is because of the article I wrote about call to actions and why you have to use them in a certain way.

The Primal brain also known as the Reptilian brain is the oldest part of the brain and is responsible for ensuring our safety.
It’s the part of the brain that aims to keep us safe and protect us from everything  around us.
It helps us to decide what we don’t and we like based on first judgment.
It’s the part of our brain that activates us when in danger. But it also the part of the brain that make us see the call of action.

In one page article, you have to make sure that there are at least three call to actions.

The first two are standing out a little, but still more or less blending in.

It’s number three that really has to stand out.

You see, it’s our primal brain function that takes over here.

No matter how smart you are, there are certain situations in life when your brain reacts from a primal point of view.

Fear is one of them. Without that primal instinct you would jump aside if a car almost hit you.

It’s the same with call to actions.

While reading your article, the reader will see the first two, bur probably not respond. When he or she comes by the third one and this one really stands out, he or she is more likely to respond.

If somebody is online for a while, surfing the internet, numbness will ac cure. They go through your article and Boom There is your third call to action.

Awake again by the fact that the call to action stands out and by the fact that there is someone is telling them what to do


I love writing and reading about these subjects and I use this great blogging system to express myself.

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12 Tips for Creating the Best Call to Action

You are a great writer, you create beautiful and interesting content. You know exactly how to describe your product and you even know how to drive a ton of traffic to your blog.


A killer Call to Action makes the difference between having success in your business or living a long life in slavery.

It’s the Call to Action, that makes your business grow and expand to levels beyond your imagination.


In any written article or advertisement where you want people to take a certain action, you have to tell them what to do.

A call to action (CTA) is the critical part of your content marketing. It’s the trigger that leads the visitor to engage in a meaningful next step with your organization — whether that step is engaging your prospect in the comments, finding more content, or buying your product or service.

Once your audience is hooked to you or to your brand, they want and need to know what steps to take in order to obtain your product or service.

Good call to action phrases act compass leading potential customers directly to your business.



In my other article I talk about the Lizard brain of man. And why it is so important, where and how you place your call to actions.


But here and now I’ll give you 12 tips for writing the best call to actions.


1. Know your prospect and know what they need.

A call to action is founded on the solution of your prospects problem. First you have to understand what you can offer your audience. Even more important is knowing why they would need it.

If you master this skill it is more likely that your prospect will follow your instructions.


2. Use imperative verbs and phrases.

Actionable words are there in many forms and so do the call to action.


Almost every call to action includes a verb–but some verbs are stronger than others.

Action words and phrases make your prospect to perform a task and that is the one and only reason of a call to action to begin with.

Actionable verbs are verbs that can be carried out by a person in the most literally sense.


For example:

“Visit our website now” – this is actionable because “visit” is a verb that can be carried out by a person.

“Give us a visit to our website today” – The word “give” would normally be actionable, but not in this case. You can’t literally hand someone a visit.


3. Clarity is of utmost importance.

I f a call to action not understood by your audience then it loses it’s effectiveness.

Make sure that the call to action stands out. Bigger font, different color, underlined are typical ways to make a call to action stand out.  

A picture in the form off a button is also effectively.

But not only should it be visible appealing, the message itself should be easily understood.

With a good call to action, there is no doubt in what action to take.

It spells out exactly what the audience should do and how it will benefit them.

Basically it should say “do this now!”

4. The call to action should be easy.


Your reader should be able to perform the task without any difficulties. For example, if the call to action is “Call us today” then make sure that the phone number is right there.

If you want hem to visit your website, make sure the URL is provided, preferably as a hyperlink.


If you want them to visit you local store, provide the direction with for example Google maps.


5. KIS….Keep it Simple.

The call to action is the most effective if it implies just one task.

If you apply multiple call to actions asking your audience to perform different tasks, you’ll create confusing and they most likely loose interest.

If there is no other way and you have to you multiple actions, make sure that there one that standout and dominate the others


6. Put a clock on it.

It’s good to create a sense of urgency in your call to action. This time limitation makes your CTA stronger.

With the sense of urgency I don’t necessarily mean a time label, but more an emotional experience.


“call today” versus “call us any time”

“start your XYZ now” versus “start when you are ready”


7. Tell your reader what is going to happen.

Your reader want to know what will happen if they do what you want them to do and how doing so will benefit them.

People who visit you for the first time will be skeptical and most likely distrustful. They will not follow your instructions unless you provide them with more information on what happens after doing so.


“Call us today” versus “Call us today and we’ll help XYZ.”


8. Make an offer nobody can refuse.

Your audience is skeptical and cautious and by making them an offer they can’t refuse, they re more likely to take action.



Like: “if you order today, you’ll get a 50% discount” or “if you decide now, you’ll receive XYZ for free”

Be clear in your call to action if there are any limitations to your offer, such as a time limit or per-customer limit.


9. Repeat your call to action several times.

A good way to integrate you call to action in your article is to use the art of repetition. Depending on the length of the article, I recommend you use at least three call to actions on every page.

The first two will blend in the text, but still noticeable and the third one will stand out. Bold, red, bigger font, right there!


10.Use Buttons, pictures and colors.

It is more efficient when the call to action stands out of the rest of your design

Make the call to action a different color or use a different font, bigger, bolder, underlined etc etc.

Another powerful tool is using a graphic.

This could be in the form of a button with the CTA written on it. An arrow is also a strong suggestion.

The call to action should stand on its own.

Leave enough white space to so the call to action is not overcrowded.


11.Size does matter.

A call to action must be slightly bigger than the surrounding paragraph text so that readers recognize it as something to notice.

This also makes it easier to scan and read. Your viewer will first scan your article, a large call to action ensures that they will find it easily if they look at the ad later.

If you increase the font with 15% up to 20% font size compared to the rest of the paragraphs (not compared to the headings)


12. The Follow up.

When somebody actually perform the task you were demanding of them, you’ll have to make sure to keep your promise.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that it’s easy for them to follow the next step towards a sale or conversion.

And the next step.

And the next step.




Creating good call of action demands a lot of practice. You’ll have to test what works and what doesn’t.


But by creating value first, you’ll earn the trust of your reader. So lead with value.


I have one strong call to action for you and it sounds like this.



“scrowl down and let me know in the comment box, if this article was useful for you




How to Create Attractive Subject Lines for Emails and Blogposts


Using attracting subject lines can help you to optimize your email
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Doing What You Love and Getting Paid for It ?

This kind of days, spending time together with my family,
running on the beach and play football, eat a fish in our favorite
restaurant …..

Our kids, my husband and I, laughing a lot, making jokes,
listening to each others stories,
People often call it quality time.
We rather love to call it “passionate living”, doing what you love!

It seems  so “normal”
but it is not!
Because we are brought up in a world where our dads were a lot
from home to work.
Mom stayed with the kids and we only had “family times”
during the weekends.

We decided to brake this pattern.
We do not accept that we have to bring our kids to daycare.
…….. We want more free time together! Because week-end are not enough!!

If we were not fighting for our freedom, our free time,
we would be at work 5 or 6 days a week.

This is history now, and we’re so proud to keep up this value.
We’re finding our way on the entrepreneurial path.

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spending a lot of time together ….

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Why You Need To Start Blogging ?

Why you need a blog


We blog a lot, we love blogging.

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