19 Blogging Tips and a Simple Solution

Blogging daily….
That’s what you need to do if you want your blog to rank in the search engines,
you have to create content every day.

But where to get the topics? What to write about?
That is a question we get a lot.

And because we got this question a lot, a new topic was born!
nr 19……


19 tips for creating great content and brand yourself as the expert.


1. Current Events:

Write about something that is hot with your audience.
Or what is a topic of interest within your niche.

For example: you are a tax adviser and you use your blog
to brand and promote yourself.
You could write about a change within the law about tax related subjects.
Explain how this will effect certain people within a certain niche.

Or you are a golfer and you blog about the world championships that are being held that week.


2.Tips and Tricks:

Write about a certain topics and give a list of tips in order to solve
an existing problem.

If you want comments on your blog,
you could ask your readers to add a few more tips they know of.

Example: 3 tips about “how to…….”


3. What to do in……list:

Write an article about a certain subject and create a list of things to do.

The reader can get inspired and is invited to take action.

Example: 10 things you can do to grow your business in
the summer holidays.

Or ten places to visit while in Rome.


4. Write a review:

It always works if you use a great product or have read a great book to write a review or summary. And share you opinion.

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5. How to’s:

How to’s are always a good start to thing of.

Find out what your audience is looking for, what are there problems?
It is very important to know your market.
You can learn about your market place in different ways.
Send out surveys through your email list or through social media.

And do a tutorial about the most asked question.
You can provide a list of how to “solve a certain problem” Step by Step.

You can, of course, support this with a instruction video
recorded with screenflow or Camtasia.

 6. Create a Challenge:

What ever it may be…. a blogging challenge, or a weight loss challenge.
The best thing about this is that you can provoke people to leave
a comment and to join the challenge.

7. Publish an interview:

Interview an established person in the business
and together with an interesting subject you have great stuff to write about.

8. Make a list… :

People love lists! Not that people are lazy,
but if somebody else wrote a list it is always helpful.

Example: the top 10 of the biggest bloopers within….
Or the 10 best Word press plugins of 2015 to get more comments on your blog

Think about…

  • Checklists
  • How to lists
  • Tips, tricks, ideas
  • Summary
  • Reviews
  • FAQ
  • Best / worst
  • Fastest / slowest
  • Prettiest / ugliest
  • Etc etc

For a Small Business Owners it is Unthinkable Not to Have a Website / Blog.
You Need an Online Presence as Much as You Need an Email and Phone Number.


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9. Time savers:

Show your readers how they can shave time doing something in a different way,
concerning a topic they are interested in.

Example: How to quickly implement…..
How to empty your inbox everyday…..How to create more time for your children.

10. Answer questions, problems, needs and frustrations:

In business and in private, peoples lives are full of struggling.

It is always nice if you can help somebody out.
The best thing, of course, is when you can provide that person with a solution.

Again it comes back to knowing your market.

If writing is not your thing….a vlog is the perfect solution.
A vlog is a video blog.


11. A list of common mistakes:

People don’t like to make mistakes and that why an article as such is so popular.

You already did the research for them so that they can prevent themselves
of making that mistake.


12. Your story:

Your blog is your home on the internet, it’s also the place where
you can brand yourself.

Writing about what moves you, where you are coming from and where
you see yourself going is what people want to read.

Especially if you use your blog to sell products this is important.
People buy from people who they know, like and trust.

13. Feedback blog:

Ask your readers for a feedback.
You want to deliver better quality and what better way than to ask your audience.

 14. Pros and cons:

Write a article about a certain subject (know your market) and put all the pros and cons next to each other in a sheet.

Also great to ask to readers to respond or add to the list


15. About a lesson you learned:

Write about the thing you have read or studied.
Explain to your readers what you have learned.
By explaining it to your readers, you will understand it even better yourself.

It’s best when you learn, implement and teach.


16. What nobody says:

This works particular well to drive new readers to your blog.

Example: Everything your tax adviser doesn’t tell you……

It will make people curious.


17. Case study:

We like to test things different online tools. Some work and some don’t.

Write about your experience and or the results you got from them. This is valuable information and could trigger people to buy the product. Very nice if you are an affiliate of that product.


18. Ask your readers:

It’s like with a lot of things, just ask.
Why not ask your readers what the would like to read about?
Maybe ask them a question first like “What is your biggest frustration?”
When your ask explicitly you’ll bound to get an answer,

 I hope these ideas will help you,
but I know out of experience that it can be a challenge every day.

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suggestions about what to write about?
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Definitely if you just got started it is a difficult task.

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