Building Internet Lifestyle in Vegas Part 2


Why is Dirk not coming?

Dirk really wanted to come with me.
But we decided to split up
for the weekend:
So he can be there for our 2 kids,
Sem, our 10 year old daughter
and Nick, our 5 year old son.

They will spend time together
during a holiday weekend
in the countryside, while I will tune in
the energy and trainings
in Las Vegas .

The great thing about working
together with Dirk and be the parents
of our 2 kids….
Is that we are able to split up like this.
Dirk can charge the family battery,
while I will fuel myself with the energy of
being with our fellow internet warriors.

And taking it back home.

I love to tell you how Dirk and I got here,
in this adventurous online lifestyle,
working as a team and building a team
as a couple in an amazing company.

Can you believe our online path just started
with blogging??!!

It’s telling others what you love, what you do,
what you want to share,
and be able to share valuable info to people
who love to read about it!

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