Building Internet lifestyle 2015 in Las Vegas Part 1

On my way!

Yay! It’s time !!
And the moment is there to leave The Hague
and travel to Las Vegas.
On my own….
And that’s really weird!
But it’s perfect & I’m SO excited !!

In Las Vegas I will visit a revolutionary event,
that will last
for 3 days in a row.

Before I will tell you all about it,
and how this event will benefit our online business …

Let me share some family impressions
with you after I just left home …..
Because my family is part of my why
to build our internet lifestyle.

My sweeties!!! Dirk Sem and Nick.
Just got this picture while is was in my train and they were
having breakfast 🙂

uitzwaaifoto Miss them already,
but it’s worth it!

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Bye! Muriël,
tuning out now….

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