5 Keys for Dealing With Fear and Doubt 2015

Hello dear people!

Did you know that our brain works like a computer?
And it’s even better !
But you have to know it’s user manual.

You regularly have to reset it from
garbage that slows it down.
You also have to program your brain
with new information
that can help you solve your problems,
to get over your fear and eliminate doubt.

I regret seeing people struggling
not knowing how to solve their huge problems
and not taking the right action to solve it!

Often it’s lack of knowledge about their own power
that stands in their way of the solution.
And most people to overcomplicated things
and listen to their fear.
Being surrounded by others who are confirming you
that it’s a really bad situation you’re in, that it’s scary,
telling their version of a even worse scenario
…… it will get your mindset DOWN!

Most people forget that they have all answers inside
their brains to be able to solve bad situation
and overcome fear and doubt!

Therefore I really want to inspire you
ALWAYS to trust upon yourself,
recommend you to surround yourself
with positive people who
are able to see the glass half full in staid of half empty.
Listen to success stories
in staid of dooming scenario’s.

Most important thing is tell yourself
that you are in charge of your life
and you are  in charge of how to act.

Fear are stories we tell ourselves.
BELIEVE in yourself,
BELIEVE in your power to CHANGE
believe in your power to overcome your problems
and decide that you will take action.

Try to see fearful things like a challenge ,
in staid of an enormous problem.

So here are my 5 keys to deal with doubt and fear.

Make the decision to be responsible for everything that happens to you !
Accept that you are in charge of your own happiness and sorrow.
Take action yourself & don’t blame others for your problems.
You always have a choice how to act upon a problem or fear.
Decide you’re capable of fighting fear, and doing the unthinkable.

Surround yourself with positive energy
Listen to positive stories.
Read inspirational books.
Skipp doom scenario’s of others,
don’t let that influence your state of mind.
Reset your brain and see a challenge in staid of an huge fear.
Eliminate negative people, and bad news.

Brake the pattern of being in a state of fear and doubt
Act like you are really confident although your not,
and your brain will create a physical response
by doing this repeatedly.
Your feelings will follow when you label your
fears and doubt differently.
You can train yourself doing this also it might feel a bit weird.
I know it works so just trust me on this one.
Talk to yourself in the mirror and say that you can do it!

Change your attitude towards failure
Overcome problems, fear and doubt by seeing
challenges in staid of huge problems.
Don’t blame yourself making mistakes.
See your path to your goal in milestones.
You need to fall down to learn new things.
It’s part of a learning process.
There’s endless brain capacity to to learn new skills.

Fight self sabotage
Know that you have to remind yourself DAILY about your goals.
This is just how our brain works.
We have to remind it daily.
When the going get’s tough,
you have to fight self sabotage,
otherwise your fear will take over.
And remember that you are not your fear,
fear is a temporarily state of mind that needs to be eliminate to
achieve your goals and solve huge problems!

Please let me know if this blog post is helpful for you?
Perhaps you have tips?
Missing info that you want to write in the Comment section?
Appreciate your feedback

Bye for now !


My inspiration comes from authors like Robert Robert Kiyosaki,  Anthony Robbins,  Napoleon Hill, Tim Ferris and a few other amazing authors.
And I listen daily to empowering mindset audio’s showed on the banner right below this blogpost.
I believe it would benefit everyone to achieve your dream goals to listen to an endless library of mindset empowering “brainfood” audio’s.