How the power of thoughts changed my life.

In the winter time the days get dark here in Holland. And there is this condition called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
I use to have this. It’s because the lack of daylight,so I use to be in front of artificial daylight the whole winter for at least an hour a day.
At the same I hardly had any energy to accomplice anything.This year is the first year I am experimenting with vitamin D3. That is the vitamin you get from the sun.

I can tell you now….It works!!!!

I have energy and most of all….I have a positive mindset.
This is the reason why I wright about this topic today. If you have positive thoughts, positive things will happen.


As I said before, life in wintertime has always been a struggle for me. Not only for me, but also for everybody else around me.
And the worst thing of all was that my thought were dark and negative. So nothing good happened in the winter for me.

My father advised me to start the vitamins, because it helped himself a lot.
So after all these years I started to listen to my father 🙂

Something had to change

Now everything is great! I can’t say otherwise.
I have energy, I feel happy and I get things done!

Having a positive mindset is so important if you want accomplice anything.
They say “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”
So think about that…with whom do you spend the most the with?

No need to throw your friends 🙂 Just make sure you listen to the right people.
People who are already there where you want to be.

Love yourselves and start now

3 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays On A Budget 2014

Christmas is almost there.
Not everybody has the luxury to make it an abundant feast with presents and fancy diners.
But that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the holidays. You just have to re frame it.
  1. Host a swap

    Swaps can be fun and take the pressure off of buying gifts for everyone. There are many different variations,
    My favorite is the cookie swap.Everybody bakes there own cookies or cakes and then you share them with your friends. Buy festive containers in bulk, or ask guests to bring their own.
    Or wine and beer swaps, Everybody brings a nice bottle of wine or there favorite beer.

    hack image

  2. Focus on an activity

    More and more people will celebrate Christmas from home this year.
    But instead of making the gifts the main thing, they are more likely to concentrate on an activity.
    what do think of decorating cookies or a gingerbread house, singing carols, attending a holiday concert or going ice skating and sipping hot cocoa afterward.
    Creating family pictures with or without the pets in silly holiday costumes can be fun, too (although, less so for your pets).

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  3. Celebrate after the official holiday.

    the days leading up to Christmas are always so hectic. So why not ignore them and wait until it’s over.
    After the holidays you can exchange gifts and there are always the after christmas sales.

    hack image

Being on a budge around Christmas is not something you wish for. Especially if you have children.
You want to be able to spoil your loved ones.We where on a budget ones, but we decided to change that forever. We started blogging to get our story out in the world.
We started to cash in on our passion.
Now we are able to spoil our kids during the holidays.

How To Become Happy

Fight unhappiness now, life is short.
  1. Lifestyle

    Believe that you can decide to become happy


Share positive thoughts with the world and inspire others!
Start blogging about your idea’s, get viral and help others to get positive powers too 🙂