The 6 Best Surly Fat Bikes 2014

The six Surly Fat Bikes:


Number one of The Surly fat bikes:

The Ice Cream Truck


Number two of The Surly fat bikes:

The Ice Cream Truck Ops.


Number three of The Surly fat bikes:

The Surly Pugsley



Number four of The Surly fat bikes:

The Surly Pug Ops



Number five of The Surly fat bikes:

The surly Pug SS



Number Six of The Surly fat bikes:

The biggest of all!

The Surly Moonlander




My Personal favorite of all the Surly fat bikes is the Surly Moonlander. There is nothing that can stop you!

Grieving Process of Children and What Parents Can Do

As a parent I feel very responsible for guiding our children trough life.

In nice situations is not hard to do that.

I love to teach them how they should pet a cat
and how they can brush their own teeth 🙂 .
But learn how to deal with death
and losing a beloved person of cancer

is also part of my (& Dirk’s) responsibility.

Right now my stepmother is living in a hospice,
dying from cancer.
My dad is is sitting right next to her day in day out,
trying to keep up with the speed of death.

I really cannot change this situation.
But I do have influence in the way our kids develop
a healthy grieving process.


I discovered this great book that’s perfect for small children

to read them.
It’s called ”Badger’s parting gifts”, written by
Susan Varley.
But also ”grownups” like our 10 year old daughter Sem
likes to listen to the story of the badger.

So if you need a good idea for yourself
or for somebody you know,

who’s in the same situation of losing someone your children love.
Share this blogpost with them on social media!

Read your kids books like this one!
Help them deal with all aspects of life,
like death……..


We’re so thankful that we can be there for our children,

because we do not have to be at work
far away from our children’s lives

5 days of the week.

Very thankful that our businesses are running
amazingly well,
thanks to the online marketing we take action with
in a blogging community we joined a while ago.

Dirk and I are committed to share with you
what we know

about creating an online business,
and seeing as many parents come home as possible…..
To be able to read their kids books every day,
to spend lot’s of time with them
to guide them through life not only 2 days a week,
but 7!!

If you are ready to learn about making your online business a success,
so you are the boss of your own time and
work around the schedules of your kids….

Click on the banner below or next to this blogpost.

An take action!

Life is yours,
use it well and spend time as much as YOU want
with the people you love most.

Talk soon!





How to define perception.

What is the difference between perception and reality?

Who is right and who is wrong, it’s just a question of perception.

Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s both right



How to define perception?

The word perception is used in social transaction as my perception versus your perception. Meaning, my distortion versus your distortion.

The word perception is not supposed to have anything to do with a particular individual.

Perception means “to be able to grasp what’s there, the way it is.”


If reality enters you without distortion, that is proper way to define perception, the rest is distortion.

What a magician does is effectively distort someones perception. For a period of time. what is wonderful, because we are entertained and we love it.

It is very important that people, especially the young generation should bring this into their lives that you don’t look up to anything, nor look down on anything.

You don’t suck up to anything nor spit on anything.

Just learn to except life as it is.


Define perception.

Seeing the reality the way it is and not the you want it to be.

If you look at life the it is you will see that every leaf on a tree is unique and that every human being is unique.

That every little thing in the universe is unique.

If you experience the uniqueness of life, it never gets old for you and nor will you get old for this world.


So if you is the rat race, there is a lot of distortion. Are you then able to see things the way they are? of course it’s your perception. 🙂 



4 great how to Define Perception Quotes

It is all about the way you look at things how you define perception

  1. There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.

    Aldous Huxley
    It’s your choice.
  2. There is no truth. There is only perception.

    Gustave Flaubert
    Nobody’s right.
  3. Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone.

    Martina Navratilova
    If you thinks you can’t do something, just change your perception.
  4. Perception is created and twisted so quickly.

    Louis C. K.
    You are in control.
if you think that there is no way out, it’s all about perception.
Listen daily to positive audios.
The things you listen to, the things you read and the people you spend the most time with determine what your perception is about the world around you.

The Lesson I Learned From 10 Day Vipassana Retreat and Buddhist Sayings

Why Birds Feast After A Big Destroying Storm…


In order to change, you have to know yourself


 Ten years ago I attended a Vipassana 10 day course for the first time.

I was tired, restless and I just became a dad.
My relationship with Muriël had a lot to endure and we were on the edge of breaking up.
And on top of that I just started my first business and in that time I was still convinced that working 90 hours a week was cool.

So, something had to change.

My father went six months before and I always wanted to do something like this. Only I never new what it was called.

So I went….

I finished the 10 day course, because there was no way that I was going home early. Trust me, there are a lot of moments you want to leave.

With Vipassana you are training your mind
You mind is not used to it, so it resists.

But, as I said before,  I didn’t gave in and finished the 10 day course.

I am the kind of person that finishes what he starts.

Vipassana is about seeing things the way they are and not the way you want them to be.

And the most important lesson I got from Vipassana meditation is what we call “Anicha”

Anicha…Everything comes and goes.
So no matter what situation your in, it will pass.

This one word with it’s profound meaning got me through a lot of bad times.
Every time something bad happens I always tell myself “this also will go away”

It made my life more peaceful. No more out of control stress, I sleep better.

It is also the reason that we are always so consistent in what we do.

I’m very happy that we have a laptop life style. This gives me the opportunity to go for a 10 day course when I want.

Meditation is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. It makes you see things more clear.

 Now, ten years later, I still practice Vipassana meditation on a daily basis.

Muriël and I are still together and even my oldest daughter practice meditation.

And we opened a completely new door to a free and balanced life,
working on our personal development AND earning our income from home on autopilot, also when we’re 10 days from home ….


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Secret of Asking the Right Questions Revealed for Achieving Success



While I was reading the book ”Awaken the Giant within”
by Anthony Robbins,
I almost fell of my chair when I discovered
one of the secrets for achieving success in business!

Also did I discovered
what I did VERY wrong …..
trying to become successful with making money online.
But now I know 🙂 how to take action.

And you can learn it as well,
because it’s simpler than you ever imagined!

here is your answer:
Guess you never thought about asking the right questions
to achieve the success you always dreamed about!?

You really have to ask questions that triggers your brain
to find the answers that will help you achieve your goals!
By asking clear and deep questions,
your thoughts, feelings and actions will focus on
what you ask.

So never ask questions like: ”Why am I so lonely”?
Then, your brain will focus on that answer and find references
to back up the idea that there is a reason that you’re lonely.

Do ask :” How can I make a new friend this week”?
And your brain computer will trigger all your senses to
find the answers.

Of course it’s also the art to be able to
recognize the answers and how to take action.
Therefore you must stay concentrated on your goals.

Write them down,
say them to yourself daily, loudly,
visualize them,
believe in them!

Our brain is an amazingly beautiful
d computer.
Use it well!

This is the system we found
after asking the right questions


it increased our level of online success immediately
after we took action on it by starting the 7days trial for $7!

Perhaps it is something for you too?
Here you can start your 7 days trial,
check it out before this $7 offer expires!

Really hope this blogpost will benefit you.

Love to hear what you think of it.

and read Anthony Robbins!

Great for a strong mindset-
the core of success.

~ Muriël

How to get out of the rat race in 2015

 How to get out of the rat race

A few weeks ago I went to visit a friend who lives a one hour train ride from where we live.
Of course I won’t judge, but when I arrived on that train station around 6 pm I was shocked. Thousands of people rushing to get home or where ever they were going.

I, who has always been a restaurant owner, usually never travel around these hours. Same as going to an IKEA on a Saturday, some things you just don’t do.

But there are always these moments that you either end up in traffic or in a big store.

It just looks and feels like the biggest rat race there is.

This is what wikipedia has to say about the rat race

“A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of the futile efforts of a lab rat trying to escape while running around a maze or in a wheel.”

I stood aside and stead watching the crowd passing by.

The next question raised to my mind; “how to get out of the rat race“?

The majority of the people are stuck.

As explained in the video

broke people getting broker,

middle class people remain stressed out

and how rich people getting richer.

In order to get out of the rat race, you have to understand how people spend their money.

Before we begin, a few important financial terms:

Cashflow = money you bring in
Expenses = money you spend

Assets = something that pays you
Liabilities = somethings that cost you.

How the broke spend their money

I don’t mean the homeless people or something like that, but the majority of people that live from paycheck to paycheck and never seem to have any money left. There is usually more month left then money. unfortunately, many can relate to that.

On pay day broke people buy “stuff”. Things that are cheap, that you don’t really need. These are called “expenses”

Broke people never really educate themselves on assets and liabilities. They can justify buying the stuff by claiming it costs so little.

Over the years that is all they have “stuff” The problem is that there cash flow never produced or created more cashflow.

There is no judging here, but there are a lot of financial problems that are not really necessary.

Creating wealth isn’t a mystery, it’s a formula. The only reason that someone is not creating wealth is either someone don’t know the formula or they don’t apply the formula.


How the middle class spend their money

liabilitiesThis is the group of people that society mistakenly things are rich. Yes they often have a six figure income and many of them appear rich, but that is only on the outside.


But it is what they buy with all that money that keeps them prisoners of the middle class.

The middle class spend their money on liabilities. Things that cost you money.

Like boats, cars, houses, airplanes and credit card debts.

It’s often the extra expenses that are the problem. you do a down payment for the car. That’s oké, but then there is insurance, maintenance and gas etc etc. And those extra costs are extra expenses, maybe put on a credit card. Book a holiday on there credit card or a new Rolex watch.

In the end the expenses are equal or more then the cash flow coming in.

Meaning that they have to go to work in order make more money just to cover there liabilities.

Another important issue with both broke and the middle class is that their cash flow is depending on their own effort.

Meaning that they educated themselves to exchange their knowledge and expertize for someones money. And most of the times the money they make is the highest taxed form of income.


How do the rich spend their money


Rich people acquire assets. And an asset is something that pays you.

If you want to get rich. Buy assets that earn you more money.

The circle looks like this.

From the cashflow you buy assets. And from the profits you buy more assets and so on and so on.

The rich spend their money on things that produce more money.

Like: Stocks, bonds, Real Estate, but also education is a great asset.

If you learn something that produces more money for you, consider it an asset.


There is this famous quote, maybe you heard it before.


If you think education is expensive, try stupidity.”


So….How to get out of the rat race

Investing in your education is the most valuable asset you can acquire. If you belong to the “broke people” there is no room for big investments in stock or Real Estate.

But education is something where you can start with little money.

Educate yourself, learn how to think differently, bigger. Learn how to be successful.
If you go here, you’ll get to see what brought us the success we wanted.

This is the place where we started our education.
The trainings provided taught us everything there is to know to start making money online.

With that money we bought the necessary assets to create more cashflow.

And of course if you can do all this with your passion, great.


Start your education here and get out of the rat race in 2015


Did you know that the way we got out of the race started online? We learned how to make money online. Our biggest asset now is a smart system that automated our business makes us money instead of costing.

But, I hear you thinking “yeh right, sure you do”

Well, I can tell you this, if you keep saying that than nothing ever will change. so if you are happy in your rat race, by all means stay there.

And when you had enough and you want do the things you really want to do in live.

See for yourself if it is Truth or Hype.