What successful People Know About the Importance of Routine

To learn new skills,
you need a routine to go help yourself
through the learning curve.

If you want to change or achieve BIG things
you really must hold on to routine,
without making excuses!

Listening to your excuses
and not taking action on your routines ………..
will get you to half or no results and
a ticking clock that won’t stop
and more time will go by
before you reach your goal
no matter what it is!
And I bet it will make you feel bad, sad,
or even unhappy.

The greatest ballet dancers,
most successful business people, best actors ………..
their routine helped them to achieve
the success they always wanted.
They focused & took action.


routine 2

So let me help you here
and coach you in the right direction.
By telling you my story
[3.33 minute YouTube video above]

Step into your energy,
use it and focus on your goal.


So after a long intensive day
EVEN today after a funeral,
Dirk and I will be there for our team
and for our online business.
And it doesn’t costs us a lot of energy,
because we use our routine to keep us going.

For all entrepreneurs who need a boost:
–> Did you listen to the Empower Hour yesterday ??
Lisa asked Meredith what strategy she used to
sponsor 62 people in her first 90 days online …………
Guess what her “secret” is?
answer ————————————-> Routine

This is our daily routine in our online business
And let us inspire you to create a routine like this as well 🙂


  • We are thankful for the new day
  • We shoot a video
  • A daily blog post will be written
  • that we will syndicate online.
  • A daily e-mail message will be sent
    to our team/ people in our email list
  • And after responding our e-mails
  • Connecting with our FB friends
  • Connecting with our team members
  • We will listen to a training
    that will teach us new things
  • that we will implement tomorrow
    in our online business
  • Before we fall a sleep
  • We will read for at least 30 minutes
    a personnel development book
  • We meditate for 30 minutes

And that is that 🙂

Hope you will benefit from this blog post.
Please tell us?

Talk soon,