How Audible Books Changed My Live

How Audible Books Changed My Live

Although listening to stories is as old as mankind, audible books are something new to me.

I have this “condition”….I find it very hard to read one page in one go, let alone 2 pages. Some say that I am a little hyperactive 🙂

My father told my that he had the same, but it never stopped him from finishing his university degree and being a psychologist his whole life and still read multiple books a month.


I remember the time a was still studying and had to read a lot of books. It always took me a long time and I noticed that I didn’t registered everything I read.

After I graduated I didn’t touched a study book for a long time.

We traveled and after two years I started my own restaurant. I got caught up in working 90 hours a week, because I  always thought  that that was the way to get somewhere. That was also what people around me complimented me on.


I did this for about 8 years and then I got the opportunity to buy  a second restaurant. Great! I thought  🙂 But there are only so many hours in a day. 

Within zeven months we hit bankruptcy with the second restaurant. I was not able to divide myself between the two businesses and there were a lot of “dead body’s in the closet”

Our main business, restaurant number one Het Heden, was saved in the end, but money wise I had been put back about five years.

I knew that in order to provide for my family I had to think of something. I only worked for a boss for about 4 months in my whole life and the idea of doing that again horrified me and being in debt the coming 10 years as well. 

So, I started looking online. There are so many opportunities out there, that I almost quitted before I started!
Maybe you know that feeling….

Luckily good friends of my showed me the way to blogging. Blogging is a great way to create an audience  and if you have enough “eyeballs” on your blog you can actually sell stuff through your blog by using banners.

You can sell your own product or somebody else’s product.

I didn’t have a product, so I looked for an opportunity  that was easy, affordable and do’able. 

I stumbled upon a viral blogging system witch you could try out for 7 days for only $7.

I never left, with this system you can cash in on your passion, so to say. You can use the blog for any business your in.

Beside a new business to secure our future I also knew that I had to change. Working for 90 hour a week is not the solution.

The beautiful thing of this blogging system and the company behind it is that it comes with a lot of personal development.

And that’s where it al started with the audible books.

For me to change, I knew that I had to read. They say one book a week, but with my concentration it was more likely one book every six month. And because you never really get into the book you start a new one halfway.

I kept trying and I kept reading. This company also provides audio’s. Motivational audio’s and I listen to them every day, it is easy and fun. You can even do that while riding on your bike or in your car.

I listened to “think and Grow rich” on youtube.

And now, since a few day’s a found Audible books.  I don’t know why I didn’t thought of that before but I love it

One of my first audible books are Awaken the giant within from Tony Robbins.

Now I have acces to al these books and I grow as a person and now there is nothing that can stop me from hitting my goals.

There is an App, so you can listen to and have acces to your library when and where ever you are. 

I can really recommend using Audible books. Not only have they great inspirational books, but of course they have fiction, romans every kind of book you want. About 150.000 titles.

 Hope you treat yourself on the best gift you can give to yourself and that is knowledge.

If you don’t grow, you are shrinking!

Thanks for reading my post. If it was helpful, leave a comment below.