Revealed: Secret Guide to Fast Success With Private Label Rights products

Using a Private Label Rights Product as a way to get leads

When building a business you need what call a “lead magnet” for lead generation and as the beginning of your sales funnel.

A lead magnet is “something of interest to give in exchange for somebody email address”

Provided that the product is of high value, a PLR product would be an ideal way to do that.

Not only of high value, but also, of course, related to the business and nich in question and helps to solve a problem.


You can give the Private Label Rights Product away

A Branded Report on List Building is a Private label Right product we would use.

You would give away the report (Branded with your company name and details inside it) in exchange for an email.


The PLR product would

A: help you to build a value relationship with your prospect and

B: they would have more tendencies to buy further products or services from you.


You can sell the Private Label Rights Products

You can, if you found the right product in your niche and if there is a demand for it, sell them.

You can do this as the beneficial owner or by promoting the Private Label Right product for a PLR provider.

This can earn you some useful money towards a marketing budget for your primary business.




We recently shared a private label rights product on list buiding with our subscribers to introduce them to this phenomenon.


Where Can You Find Private Label Right Products

Google is the most obvious way to search for “private label rights” or “PLR”

It will bring you to various providers.

But as I said before, do your research and look for reviews and testimonials and buy the product yourself first.

A respectable provider will have a refund option available so that you can see for yourself if it would be a good fit for your subscribers, prospects and potential prospects.

One important lesson we learned in the beginning of our online career was to only recommend PLR products we used ourselves or which where highly recommended by people we knew and trusted. 

This is a principle when followed, you can’t go wrong!

The best Private Label Rights providers will be membership sites where you pay a monthly subscription to have first access to their product range

The one that we use is HQPLRStore

We recently started using their range of PLR products to add value to our subscribers and to use as a lead magnets to our primary business

There are many benefits of using private label rights products to build your business.

Just do your research first and ask yourself the question “would I find that of value?”  If the answer is YES then it’s likely your subscribers and potential prospects probably would too.