4 Inspirational Quotes On Family and Life

Life is life,
and life flies when you have a dynamic family life….

a man

So we regularly like it to “stand still for a moment” ,
and realize the beauty of having a family and living together
in all thinkable situations.
That it’s precious and we don’t want to miss any of it!!
For example:

Having fun and hang around with each other

Sharing our deepest feelings when we feel sad

Biking on 1 bike (lol, watch our video above
and see how Dirk and the kids cruise through The Hage…)

Celebrating birthday parties together

Celebrating the birth of a brother of sister

Sharing our grief when a close family member dies

Just having breakfast together and feel privileged
to enjoy a new day, although we feel grumpy 🙂

We love to read your favorite example of a family moment that’s printed in your mind!
Feel welcome to leave them down here in Comments.

And we love to share a few of our favorite
Inspirational Quotes On Family and Life:


We love this one,
because children are born
with the loyal love for their parents.
It’s a beautiful gift.
Makes us very sad that there are parents who
do not honer that gift,
and break the souls of their children by for example abusing them….
Luckily, many parents do provide warm nests for their kids 🙂 !


Love this quote,
because we know this feeling!
After our big financial setback and almost hit bankrupty (last year),
we still felt so rich because the love in our family never stopped.
It felt very precious and there’s no price for that.


This one so true for us….
We tell ourselves every day that we’re thankful for having each other.
That “safe” and fundamental feeling gives us strength
to explore life as if we have nothing else to lose,
as long as we have each other.

Walking on our entrepreneurial path we often think like this.
And therefore we’re not afraid to step out our comfort zones,
but our children are holy and comes on 1st place!!


This one is all about realizing that all you do now is most important
for your children
It fit’s totally our family vision and the reason for the entrepreneurial
path we’re walking on.
Because now our kids need us,
now they are still growing up.

So what’s the use of being away from them
because of a job,
when it’s also possible
to make money online from home!!?!

We love to be entrepreneurs 🙂
And we love to tell others all about it,
so other parents can also come home in 2015,
making money online.

This is how we are able to be at home
with our kids when they need us.

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spent as much time as  your kids need,
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Make fun 7 in staid of 2 or 3 days a week as a family!

What’s keeping you?
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Talk soon 🙂


~ Dirk & Muriël